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Thanks for the reviews that people have given me=) Big cheer for you lol. I would just like to ask if you could review some of my other stories especially 'Fighting Love' and 'Skies of Love' and if you see any mistakes, please point it out. MERCI MON AMI. :D

1/11/2010 #331

Hey, check out why she won't talk by white wolf97 and When it all falls down by sealednectar. Good stuff. Would review more but i got practice. Get back when i can. But while i'm gone please review The Door and Betime Prayers. Apparently a good scare, even if your not big giant horror fans

1/11/2010 #332

Reviewed Bedtime Prayers !!!

1/11/2010 #333
AC Colins

I read The Life... awesome. I suggest everyone goes and takes a peek.


1/11/2010 #334

Could anyone review any of my stories please! just go to to my profile and take your pic!

I'll return all reviews as soon as possible!

and also check out my lovely cookiewolf's stories, theyre hilarious and brilliant!

1/11/2010 #335
Lee Daniel

I read the first chapter of Bolt from the Blue. It is very catchy and I like the authors style. Once again, please R&R either Operation Barbarian or if you prefer more action and a really bad guy, check out Like A Suicide. I will return reviews shortly after replying to them.

1/11/2010 #336

Hello again,

I just wanted to apologize for those who have reviewed my Guerrilla Smoke and have yet to receive a review from me. I promise I will work on it. I think there are only a few of you!(:

I wanted to let everyone know, that while I will continue to ask for reviews, as they are always nice to read, I won't be able to read as much as I have been. Classes started up again and I work right after class. I promise to at least reply to a review, but I can't guarentee that I will be able to reciprocate if you do give me a review. The 8 that have given me a review, will see something in return on their stories. I just really want to make sure I'm taking proper time to read and review all that I can. I am aiming to write really good review for these authors. I value quality over quantity(:

If I have reviewed something I would appreciate a review back. I understand my style and story isn't for everyone, so if you don't like it and didn't want to continue reading or finished and it didn't do anything for you, please let me know in a review. Offense will not be taken.

Happy reading and reviewing!(:

PS. I have a problem with the readability of this site, so I posted a link in the 'Links for Writers' thread. It makes reading stories on here so much easier(:

1/11/2010 #337
AC Colins

Would anyone be willing to read and review 'The Pantheon' ? I'm having a blast writing it, but I'd like to know if it's turning out or not.

I'm much obliged.



1/11/2010 #338
00.03 The Rumor

would love any reviews on vacantly occupied.it's my first story and it's only started so I'd like feedback to work with.

1/11/2010 #339
Anon Author

I reviewed The Pantheon by AC Colins. It was very interesting and I'll read more later.

If you guys would review my story Eighteen (it's my only one), I'd really appreciate it. :D

1/11/2010 #340
June's vampire

hi, i just reviewed journal of a demon

could someone please review my story eternally damned, forever haunted.

1/11/2010 #341

Since I last posted, I have read:


Sleepless Beauty

Riding with Strangers

Sense of Urgency

Operation: Barbarian




The Door

Cherri Raindrop

The Voice


More to come when I have time to do some more reading. Classes are back in session for me, so I need to plan accordingly for time management.

I have a variety of different stories that you can read. As I mentioned before, I would really like some feedback on my story Fairy Tale Dreams Gone Awry. If the seventeen chapters I currently have posted seem a bit too intimidating, you are more than welcome to either read the first couple and tell me what you think and then continue only if it's something that interests you, or read something else entirely.

I have many different one-shots and some other full-length stories that may be more up your alley. Many of them have some kind of supernatural element (Bolt from the Blue, A Bit Touched in the Mind, Child of Prophecy), but I do have some (Shattered Dreams, most, if not all, of my one-shots, such as Fair Trade, Principle of the Matter, or Unfading Beauty) that are completely devoid of any magical elements if supernatural is not your thing.

If stories consisting of romance isn't your thing, well, then, I do have some poetry. But I don't really consider myself a poet, so read those at your own risk!

If you're interested in my own life (I don't know why you would be!), you could read: Chance Encounters of the Male Persuasion, which are short vignettes about random guys I run into, or Love, Hate, And Ale-8, which is in no way autobiographical, but the setting is the college I attend.

That's all I have for now. I look forward to receiving some reviews! I don't want to be a forum-spammer. So just remember the polite writer female person who has only posted a couple of times, loves to read other people's works, and is known for returning the favor of reviews!


1/11/2010 . Edited 1/11/2010 #342

I have reviewed alot of peopels stories, again. Since it happens so often that I read loads you your stories.

The Pantheon,

Vacently Occupied,


Darn Fudgemuffins,

When It All Falls Down,


Reviews on my new story Riding With A Stranger, would be nice XD Thanks!

1/11/2010 #343

please review anything of mine. Although i would enjoy feed back on A Truthful Lie, and my poems A Reflection Through The Heart and Do You Remember. Thank you :)

1/11/2010 #344
Cookie D' Arabian Ostrich

Hello! First of all, a big thanks for telling me about this forum. ^.^

I hope my story "My Bishounen Highness" gets reviewed after posting here. Well, I think there are people who really read it, but of course I'd love to share it with everyone else. Not that I'm saying it's good enough, it's my first fiction story so I'm kinda clueless in putting my thoughts to words for it most of the time. Also, it's a manga story, so please pardon the weird stuff scattered everywhere.

But again, please review!

1/11/2010 #345

Hey try Eternally Damned Forever Haunted. Not bad at all. I reviewed.

If you would please review my stories, The Door and Bedtime Prayers i'd be much obliged. I've been told theyre good. Give me your opinon.

Thanks to all who have reviewed. I'm glad you thought they were good

1/11/2010 #346


So I've been reading all of the reviews on here so far... and I don't think enough people are reviewing other peoples stories.

So their has been a new rule added. In order for to ask people for reviews on here, you must atleast review one persons story, when asking for a review, if not folloed as instructed then you will not be able to gain reviews. Or even take part in the forum. Yes, it's sad when you really need reviews on your story, but you can't except people to review your stories if your not going to read theirs back. I and the mods here will be keeping a watch out for if this rule is broken.

- Now carry on reviewing xxx

1/11/2010 #347

I reviewed 18 and why she doesnt talk! They are both really good!

I would realy love reviews on my story Hallowed Hearts


1/11/2010 #348
Anon Author

I reviewed:

Eternally Damned, Forever Haunted by June's vampire

Riding With Strangers by K.M. Simpson

Hallowed Hearts by Bekalicious

All were really interesting and I'll definitely read more when they write it. :D

The Door by sw13 - I'm a retard who has to go to sleep in ten minutes and should've known better than to read a horror story. Very freaked out. I'm reading their other story during the day.

If you guys would review Eighteen (mine) I'd appreciate it! Thanks.

1/11/2010 . Edited 1/11/2010 #349

Reviewed SIN. It's pretty good and i'm looking forward to more.

Check out The Door and Betime Prayer's tonight. They'll get you thinking in the dark....hahahahaha.

1/11/2010 #350

Hm... To anyone whose story I said I'd review but haven't yet, please notify me.

I looked around, but somehow I feel that I forgot to review someone's...

1/11/2010 #351
Just Call Me Izzy

I would appreciate reviews to any of my stories or poems, but for stories mostly Broken, The Beginning of Wrong, or My Born Enemy

1/11/2010 #352

Reviewed "The Voice".

***Sorry, still grieving over Baby; I won't be on this forum on occasions.

1/11/2010 #353

I reviewed Horn. Interesting story.

Review my story http://www.fictionpress.com/s/2759134/1/The_Voice Hope you enjoy!

1/11/2010 #354

I'm not exactly struggling for reviews, but I would like more feedback than 'Great chappy! Update soon.' So a review on any of my stories would be great. Justice Slayer is the first in the series, but they can be read in any order. Full summaries are previewed on my profile.

I will review stories for however reviews mine. But please no peoms. I suck as reviewing poems.

1/11/2010 #355

I would like some reviews on my story, The Maiden.

I have reviewed 'The Voice'!(ps. my sister wrote that)hehe

1/11/2010 #356

I read the maiden and it is superb! Super great and it brings back memories. Go Aluna.

My sister is carrying the Olympic Torch! Woohoo!

Read my story! haha!

1/11/2010 #357

Guys I repeat, if you don't review a story, you cant be one given. ^^ read the new rule I added in.

1/12/2010 #358


1/12/2010 . Edited 1/12/2010 #359
AC Colins

I just reviewed 'The Maiden' and it's off to a really good start. Everyone should take a peek.

I'm hoping that y'all would take a look at my story 'Pantheon'. I've been trying to update everyday, so there's always more for y'all to feedback on.



1/12/2010 #360
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