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I reviewed:

The Unwanted by andHeavenfell (Chapter Ten)

Ione by Eva Rieycoit

At The Bottom of Everything by Backseat Benediction (Chapter Two, Three, Five)

Review Bones and Shadows? I'd appreciate it, and I always return reviews.

6/8/2010 #1,141

hi g

6/9/2010 #1,142

hi guys i bring reviews :)

Rise From The Ashes chp3 by Broken Cross

The Many Complications Of Life by thePhonyOversized

Treasured Memories by Northern Warrior

i would really appreciate reviews on any of my stories :)

all reviews are returned

6/9/2010 #1,143

I reviewed:

Shade by Broken Bird

PhoenixDragon by Deli .x. Aly

Tennis Victory by Vienna's Sweetheart

Remember Me by Vienna's Sweetheart

The Hashims Part 1 by Vroooommmmmm

Lockwood Forest by N.E Olsen

Persephone's Flight by AvidWriter-92

Pitter Patter by Vienna's Sweetheart

Our Time by Vienna's Sweetheart

That's all for today. Anyway, please can I have reviews for The Unwanted? I return most reviews by the next day :)

6/9/2010 #1,144


Rise From The Ashes by Broken Cross (Ch. 2 and 3)

The Unwanted by andHeavenfell (Ch. 5 and 6)

Brain Scrap; Poetry by Lianoid (Ch. 1-3)

Wish Star: Nagareboshi by Vernelley (Ch. 1 and 2)

The Mindless Ones by Kackex (Ch. 2)

Voice in My Head: Beta by 12.1 Jigawatts (Ch. 3)

Ascension: Ad Initium, Ad Finem by weary writer (Ch. 1 and 2)


Seeking reviews for I Never Said I Was Brave, all reviews will be returned.

Summary: Magic will spin here, skittering across floorboards. It'll twirl to the ceiling from an exhaled breath. Contains vampires, witches, and shapeshifters. Modern apocalyptic setting. FSSA Nominee. La Campanella Creativity Runner-up.

Example of reviewing style: here

6/9/2010 #1,145

Hey, everyone... :D

Here's what I reviewed from yesterday and today so far...

Chpt 12 of "Rise From the Ashes," by B. Cross. :)

"Come with Me to the Desert Place," by Lianoid.

"Enter the Place in Which We Fall," also by Lianoid. :)

Chpts 3-7 of "A Rose For Time And Space," by A. Barone. :)

Chpt 2 of "Chasing Perfection," by esurio08


Chpts 1-2 of "Thief," by Broken Bird.

All are lovely stories/poems... I highly suggest that you check them out, if you haven't already. You won't be disappointed! :D

So, I'm requesting reviews for "Two Similar Worlds."

It's a story that I'm working on with my dear friend William, who is such a nice person and helped me figure this site out a couple months ago. :) Anyways... We decided to upload our roleplay experiment on here, so it's pretty much a pseudo-RP that you might find on the forums on here... :P We thought it was cool, and would really appreciate some review love. :D

@Lianoid. Awesome! I'm glad that I'm on your top priority list. :P Yay! I love getting reviews. :D They make my day. :)

Oh, and also, I've entered June's WCC. :) Here's the link to my piece, and if you liked it, then please vote for me here. :))) It would be so awesome if I won, but I'm up against some pretty fierce competition... :P Trust me... Lol. The poll's are open until the 14th of June, so you can vote until then!

So, vote! :)

Thanks again!!!

~Avid. :)))

6/9/2010 #1,146
Kobra Kid

Hey Gossip! I have had time to review...

Bones And Shadows (Three Chapters) by Inauspicious Stars

Lonely Heart by HappyLittleWench

Chasing Perfection be esurio08

The Moon by dreamergurl-02


I would love reviews on Rise From The Ashes! Of course, I return all reviews as soon as I can! Thanks everyone!

6/9/2010 #1,147
1.21 Jigawatts

OK happy Wednesday everyone. By the way, this is the user formerly known as 'limited.or.no.connectivity', just FYI.

It's been a while, and I've only managed to get one review done since I've been busy:

I reviewed The Unwanted (Ch.1) by andHeavenfell.

I still owe, as far as I know:

Dreamers-Requiem (9)

lookingwest (1)

Once again, reviews on The Voice in My Head: Beta are welcome.

6/9/2010 #1,148
Sercus Kaynine


Calling All Heroes by Blade100 (ch.4).

Two Similar Worlds by AvidWriter-92 and William G Thorne (ch.1).

I'd love reviews for The Wildest of Tales, preferably later chapters. If you'd like me to return a review, just ask.

6/10/2010 #1,149

Actually managed to find some time to review!

So far I've got...

The Unwanted (ch. 2) by andHeavenFell

The Wildest of Tales (ch. 2) by Sercus Kaynine


I still owe andHeavenFell another review and I think I owe Vernelly a review from a while ago.

6/10/2010 . Edited 6/10/2010 #1,150

Wrist hurts too much to stay on too much to review :P Stupid bowling balls.


Rise From The Ashes by B. Cross (Chapters Three and Four)

Anyone care to review Bones And Shadows? I repay all reviews.

6/10/2010 #1,151

Hello, all newcomers! :D Nice to see that people have joined the forum! :P Ah, the good old days... xD

Anyways, I've only reviewed one thing today... *gasp*

"The Science of Sound," by Sercus Kaynine.

I've been quite busy lately; more tired than anything...

So, thank you to all of you who spent the time to review any of my stories!!! :) I really do love it when I see I have a review. :D

That being said... If I owe you a review, please message me as soon as you can... (I lost my little notebook that I kept all my review totals in... :/ So, yeah... :( )

So, if I haven't repaid you back yet, that's why! :P

Reviews for "Two Similiar Worlds," (just uploaded a new chapter. :D) or "Perceptions," (for the June WCC :D) are most appreciated! :D

(If you do like my Perceptions story, please vote for me!!! Link: It's open til the 14th... *crosses fingers*)

Thanks! :P

~Avid. :)

6/10/2010 #1,152
Sercus Kaynine


Bones and Shadows (all 11 chapters) by Inauspicious Stars.

Reviews for The Wildest of Tales would be greatly appreciated. Later chapters need some love!

6/10/2010 #1,153


A Rose for Time and Space ch 5-7 by A. Barone

Persephone's Flight ch 3-9 by AvidWriter-92

The Unwanted ch 10-11 by andHeavenfell

Caught In the Rain by dragonflydreamer

Vampire and The Romantics ch 12-13 and Ex Nihlo by lookingwest


Feedback on Wish Star or Set Me Free would be much appreciated. (Please note that Set Me Free is on its first draft, so not everything's up to scratch.) Thank you :)

6/10/2010 . Edited 6/10/2010 #1,154
Sercus Kaynine


The Unwanted (ch. 1 and 2) by andHeavenfell

Thief (ch. 1 and 2) by Broken Bird

Reviews for The Wildest of Tales would be awesome.

6/11/2010 #1,155

Hmmm... I'm glad it's the weekends now. I had such a stressing week...

I reviewed:

Shade by Broken Bird

The Wildest of Tales by Sercus Kaynine (2 chapters)

Phoenix by HoodedStellaish

Do I Laugh or Cry? by Mintiee

The Eternal Grail by Mr Ragna Badguy

The Moon by dreamergurl-02

The Library by NB-writer

PhoenixDragon by Deli .x. Aly

That's all I'm doing, I want to get off the laptop now... I'm hungry... Anyway, pretty please review The Unwanted? I'm rather addicted to checking my emails, so I review back almost every day =D. OH, and I'm nearly at 200 reviews!! Whoever gives the 200th review gets three reviews from me in return.

Oh the joys of bribery.

Summary: She killed his parents and crushed everything that had ever mattered to him. Somehow, he didn't expect her to fall in love with him either. Meanwhile, his sister tries to search for him. Instead she's pulled into a journey of curses, betrayal and tragedy.

6/11/2010 #1,156

Read and reviewed:

Rise From The Ashes ch 14 by Broken Cross

The Wildest of Tales ch 7 by Sercus Kaynine

That's all I've done for the moment, I may get around to more over the weekend.


Requests as above. Thanks :)

6/11/2010 #1,157

I'd really appreciate a review on Chasing Perfection :D

I'm new here, but yeah, I always return reviews whenever I find time :)

6/12/2010 #1,158

Well, I've been a long time away from this thread, mainly due to the fact I have re-entered the world of misery and subjugation we call 'Employment'. Anyway, I digress.

I have reviewed the following recently:

Vampire and the Romantics (ch1) by lookingwest

The Unwanted (ch1) by andheavenfell

The Wildest of Tales (ch1) by Sercus Kaynine

All were good reads that encouraged me to read onwards.

There may be more reviews today, depending on how drunk I get watching England vs USA this evening (1930 BST, 1330 ET for those that care). A victory means no more reviews today, because I'll be paralytic, and a defeat means reviews will probably be forthcoming.

By the way, if anyone fancies reviewing any of my stories, then I will not be ungrateful and will return reviews as soon as I get the time, or I sober up, whichever is the soonest.



6/12/2010 #1,159

I updated The Unwanted. So any reviews for that story will be repayed as soon as possible! I'm nearly on my 200th review too, so whoever posts that will get three reviews from me.

I reviewed:

Perceptions by AvidWriter-92

Cigarettes by Avidwriter-92

Rise From The Ashes by B. Cross

Haikus and Other Short Stanza Poetry by AvidWriter-92 (2 chapters)

Fear Of The Dark by Sputnik

That's all I'll do today... I'll try to do some more tomorrow, but I have a lot of homework... Damn school.

Anyway, please review The Unwanted?

Summary: Everyone knows that Gwendolyn is a heartless queen but somehow, Caleb manages to change her ways. Meanwhile, all Lucrecia does is pity herself. Throw her into a mad journey of curses, betrayal and tragedy, and she might just change...

6/12/2010 #1,160

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6/12/2010 #1,161

Read and reviewed:

The Unwanted ch 12 by andHeavenfell

Chasing Perfection ch 1-2 by esurio08


Feedback on Wish Star or Set Me Free would be great, but if you feel like reviewing anything else that catches your eye, go for it ;)

I do return reviews, but quality depends on those I receive; the more helpful your feedback is, the more helpful (hopefully) the one you receive in return will be. Thanks :)

6/13/2010 #1,162

--Off Notee--

It's been a while.. but I'm BACK!

--off note--

6/13/2010 #1,163

anyone please review

Bhargava the Life of a Warrior


reviews ll be appreciated and returned asap

6/13/2010 #1,164

Teehee~ I'm rather happy today. I got a good bargain from the local bookstore. I bought a book for £7, and got another book for free. Both books are actually about fallen angels, which is a big plus, since I love those creatures. ANYWAY. I can only review for an hour today (Usually, I spend two hours or more...). I actually owe more reviews than usual, so if I don't repay you today, I'll do it tomorrow.

I reviewed:

Shadows by Lianoid (I still owe her two reviews because she posted the 200th review =D)

Who's The Devil? by Snakefang

Fairytale by Dreamers-Requiem

Do I Laugh or Cry? by Mintiee

Wish Star by Vernelley

The Good Student by Koki Enwai

That's all for today... I need my sleep. Ugh, it's monday tomorrow. *Headbutts nearby wall* Mondays are the bane of my existence.

Anyway, I'll review more tomorrow evening, so any reviews for The Unwanted will be returned tomorrow. Woo~

6/13/2010 #1,165
Sercus Kaynine


Skin Ink by YasuRan (ch.1). Lovely narrative and very different.

The Unwanted by andHeavenfell (ch.3-6). Fun fantasy story.

Reviews for The Wildest of Tales would be appreciated, preferably on later chapters.

6/13/2010 #1,166

Alright.. I've managed to review a few more things today. :)

Chpt 14 of "Rise From the Ashes," by B. Cross.

"Once upon a time kind of boys," by Creeping Collarbones. (Such a lovely piece... :') )

Chpt 1 of "Man who Fell from the Moon." by Experiment101.

Chpt 8 of "A Rose for Time and Space," by A. Barone

Chpt 14 of "Poems from the Psyche," by A. Barone.

I've been trying to write another chapter of Our Remembrance, so I can get it uploaded by tomorrow(Hopefully. :P) I'm really excited for this story!!! :D

So, reviews for "Perceptions," (written for June's WCC. :D) or "Cigarettes" (a new poem of mine) are greatly appreciated and reviews are returned when I find the time... :P

(Btw, if you liked my Perceptions story, please vote for me here. It's only through the 14th, so Vote, Vote, Vote! :D)

Thanks a lot, everyone. :D

~Avid. :)

6/13/2010 #1,167

reviewed cigarretes.

reviews for one big mess would be appriciated.

6/14/2010 #1,168
Alias Blue

Correct me if I'm wrong but I think the last time I posted on here was the 9th May. I took a break for exams. Anyway, since that date I have reviewed:

Broken Cross - Rise from the ashes (Chapter 2)

limited or no connectivity - The voice in my head: Beta (Chapter 1)


Nihm - Fallen Angel (Chapter 1) - I do recommend this one. She deserves reviews I think. :)

Himitsu to Senritsu: Haru no Senritsu (chapter 8)

I'd like reviews on Kid (Summary: dysfunctional teens with supernatural abilities - it is way less cliche than it sounds), or on a new story I've just put up, The Reu Fables (Summary: Biblical style fable with a twist).

6/14/2010 #1,169

I am in a euphoric mood today!! =D Anyway, I have a lot of reviews that I owe... Well, technically, it's not that much (Only about seven or so), but it's more than what I usually owe, so yeah. I'm gonna try and review all of them now.

I reviewed:

Shadows by Lianoid (2 chapters)

The Wildest of Tales by Sercus Kaynine (4 chapters)

27 Club by Experiment 101

Season Promises by Eternal Skies

Fallout by Eternal Skies

Canvas by Eternal Skies

Drummerboy by Eternal Skies

Butterflies by Eternal Skies

Haikus and Other Short Stanza Poetry by AvidWriter-92

Once upon a time kind of boys by Creeping Collarbones

She'll Be Gone by Broken Bird

Kid by Alias Blue

Right, that's all I have time for... Please review The Unwanted? I'll try to return all reviews tomorrow as always. =)

6/14/2010 #1,170
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