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Hey dudes, read and reviewed:

The Unwanted


The Wildest of Tales


Journal Of A Demon

Bones And Shadows

Set Me Free

Vampire and The Romantics

Caught In the Rain

All great reads.

It would brilliant if any one would review

One Big Mess - He slowly leaned in. "I'm a mess, my mom won't stop drinking, I can't take care of my own sister and I have trust issues, you don't want me." His lips were so close to mine. "I don't care beacsue you're my mess," he said and caught my lips in his.

Or any other story.

All reviews will be returned. Thanks dudes.

6/15/2010 #1,171

Hello everyone! Today, I reviewed:

Lost in Radio Static by Creeping Collarbones

Bite by Darknessfalls-1120

One Big Mess by FlamingInk57

Seven Point Oh by Word Player

My House by Adonnen Estenniel

The Dreamer by Angel's Requiem

The Beautiful Cold by flight06

The Wildest of Tales by Sercus Kaynine (4 chapters)

Monsters by PoetryQueen

Anyway, that's all I'll do today.

Can anyone review The Unwanted? I return all reviews by the next day, so drop me a review? Thanks for all the reviews so far, they make my day ^__^.

6/15/2010 #1,172

I'm a little confused. Why do the rules at the beginning of this forum say that you don't have to review the person before you, but then at the bottom it says that you do? Which one is it? If it's the second, might I suggest a mod edited it? I've reviewed a few of the people's work who have posted here; so I'm going to go ahead and post a request. I pay back reviews and all that jazz. If this post is terribly offensive, and I'm going against the rules, mods, feel free to delete this. Sorry, but I don't deal well with conflicting instructions.

Requesting reviews for Shadows since I recently went through and edited it.

Or, if you're not down for an epic journey: Enter The Place In Which We Fall

6/15/2010 #1,173
Kobra Kid

Hey everyone. I'm still alive and I've been reviewing quite a lot, so I won't list them. :).

I have just posted a new story, Reborn. It's supernatural, so if you aren't into that then please review Rise From The Ashes, my adventure story. :).

All reviews are returned! Thanks! :)

6/15/2010 #1,174

Hey, Gossip... :D

Today I've been kinda lazy. :P I've been trying to work on my stories more...

So, I've reviewed:

chpt 1 of "BITE" by Darknessfalls-1120.


"Noxious Hypocrisy," by Lianoid. :)

(Both are really well written; I would suggest you to check 'em out! :D)

(If I do owe you a review, then PLEASE tell me so. :) I think I only have a few people to repay, but I may be wrong... :/)

Anyways... Reviews for "Our Remembrance" or "Two Similar Worlds" are greatly appreciated and returned. :D


6/15/2010 #1,175

I reviewed:

Who's The Devil? by Snakefang

BITE by Darknessfall-1120

Seven Point Oh by Word Player

The Weeping Willow by Sercus Kaynine

The Circus by Sercus Kaynine

The Beautiful Cold by flight06

A Child's Prayer by PoetryQueen

Villain by weary writer

Scientifically it was Asclepias by Rowania

The Dreamer by Angel's Requiem

Hmm... Reviewing whilst your talking to three people at the same time on MSN is not very easy...

Anyway, drop me a review on The Unwanted and I'll return it by the next day =)

6/16/2010 #1,176
Kobra Kid

Hello Gossip! Today, I have reviewed...

Scientifically it was Asclepias by Rowania

Play The Game by Dreamers-Requiem

Damnation by Angel's Requiem

Twister by PoetryQueen


Any reviews for Reborn, my new story, or Rise From The Ashes would be loved and returned! Thanks!

6/16/2010 #1,177

Hi all

I decided to sample a few new stories today, plus some old favourites.

Finding Mikail - pencil sketch. (chap 15 - 16)

"Our Remembrance" - AvidWriter-92 (chap 1)

Shadows - Lianoid (chap1)

One Big Mess - FlamingInk57 (chap 1)

The wildest of tales (chap 8)

I'd love reviews on Shimbalama - Real Fantasy. The newest chapters are teh most fun and least reviewed.

All reviews returned.



6/16/2010 #1,178

Figured I'd check out

Bhargava the Life of a Warrior by Vroooommmmmm, too. Even though he asked for reviews with doing any first... Naughty. Anyway it has an epic sense to it, so far.

6/16/2010 #1,179

Hello All! :D

Today I've reviewed:

chpts 1-2 of "Scientifically It was Asclepias," by Rowania.

chpt 1 of "Seven Point Oh," by Word Player

chpts 1-4 of "To Be Still," by Adonnen Estenniel

"Twister," by PoetryQueen

"Swing Life Away," by Creeping Collarbones. (This review got cut short, :( So, sorry about this...)

chpts 1-2 of "BHARGAVA THE LIFE OF A WARRIOR," by Vroooommmmm.


Please review: "Two Similiar Worlds," or "Persephone's Flight."


~Avid. :)

6/16/2010 #1,180
Sercus Kaynine


chapter five of Scientifically it was Asclepias by Rowania

chapters six through twelve of The Unwanted by andHeavenfell

chapter one of Damnation by Angel's Requiem

chapter one of Reborn by B. Cross

Reviews for The Wildest of Tales would be appreciated!

6/16/2010 #1,181
Fox's Rose

I haven't had much time to read today, but I read and reviewed the story One Big Mess.

I would appreciate any reviews on my one-shot Whisper. I'll review anyone's stories if they review mine!

6/17/2010 #1,182
Kobra Kid

Hello Gossip. Usually, I would be all hyper and such, but I've been studying for my Biology and LA finals for the past fours. Ughh, so I haven't reviewed anything today.

In the meantime, though, reviews for Reborn, my new story, or Rise From The Ashes, my main focus, would be loved and returned of course! I have a half day tomorrow so I should be able to review and write. See the summaries below on my stories! :D


Rise From The Ashes: Immortality is a curse, not a gift. The Immortals, having walked the Earth for ages, are engaged in a never-ending war for mankind. For the past two hundred years, however, there has been an era of peace and harmony. But that's not until Alocer Shrekin, an Immortal bent on killing humans, returns to exact revenge on a young Immortal by the name of Keira Wilkson. As if inevitable, the war begins once again being sparked by Keira and Alocer's vicious battle. Now, the Covenant, whose sole purpose is to rid the world of mortals, are planning to reawaken the most powerful Immortal to have ever lived. Can Keira and her new friends stop them or will the world fall into the hands of evil?

Reborn: When Derek Cyren returns to Remirad Academy for his third year, he expected it to be another dull and boring one. But when a fellow classmate, Bill Wess, is viciously slaughtered, the whole academy falls into a state of disbelief, panic and horror. Just when things couldn't get any worse, there are more attacks on the students, and one student keeps on popping up after them. Grace Trenton, the new girl. No one else suspects that its her that killed Bill and are attacking the students, except Derek. But when he follows her one night, he never could have believed what was really happening at the academy, and what Grace truly is.


6/17/2010 #1,183
Kobra Kid

Ughh, hello Gossip. I have returned from hell itself. The LA and Biology finals were easy, but each of them consisted of an essay and two hundred questions. @_@. Haha, so its naptime for me. But I won't be able to review anything until Monday (which is the last day of school!) since I'm going away for the weekend and I'm gonna study like crazy. :).

I did manage to review Villan by weary writer though! :D.

In the meantime, though, reviews for Rise From The Ashes would be great! :D. Or if that's not your cup of tea, then please Reborn. All reviews are returned asap!

6/18/2010 #1,184

Hello Gossip~ It's Friday!!

I reviewed:

The Dreamer by Angel's Requiem (4 chapters)

Coffee, Embrace and Another Love Story by MeAsIAm

Who's The Devil? by Snakefang

Fairy Tale by Dreamers-Requiem

Scientifically it was Asclepias by Rowania

To Be Still by Adonnen Estenniel (5 chapters)

Othermother by DeeFective

Save This Song by waitingforwhatever

The Girl from Las Vegas by waitingforwhatever

Herring by SecretAgent99

Anyway, can I have reviews for The Unwanted? I'll review back, obviously. I usually review by the next day, so drop me a review?

The way I review is simple. I always tell you my honest opinions on the story/poem and what I think about it. I also like to balance things. In other words, if you give me a long review, I'll try my best to give you a long one back. If you give me a short review, then expect a short one back. It's only fair.

I'd actually like 300 reviews by the end of June... But that's a bit too much to ask for, right? A girl can hope ;)

Summary: Everyone knows that Gwendolyn is a heartless queen but somehow, Caleb manages to change her ways. Meanwhile, all Lucrecia does is pity herself. Throw her into a mad journey of curses, betrayal and tragedy, and she might just change...

Genre: Fantasy/Romance/Adventure~

6/18/2010 #1,185

Read and reviewed:

Calling All Heroes! ch 5 by Blade100

The Reu Fables ch 1 by Alias Blue

Reborn ch 1 by B. Cross

Kid ch 35 by Alias Blue

A Rose for Time and Space ch 8-9 by A. Barone

The Wildest of Tales ch 8 by Sercus Kaynine

Vampire and The Romantics ch 14 by lookingwest


Feedback on any of my work would be appreciated, preferably the Wish Star series, Set Me Free, or any of my songs. Thanks :)

6/19/2010 #1,186

I've reviewed "Cigarettes" and "One Big Mess"

I'd like reviews over "The Infamous Misadventures", "The 103rd Place Poison Ivy Shouldn't Be", or "Apathy & Anger"

6/19/2010 #1,187

reviewed Apathy and Anger


can any1 review Bhargava?

6/19/2010 #1,188

Erm... I recently made a facebook, so I've been getting preoccupied with that (I'm getting horribly addicted)... I managed to write some reviews though, so here it goes:

The Mindless Ones by Kackex

The Dreamer by Angel's Requiem

Crashing Star Wish revised by waitingforwhatever

Math Hate Poem by waitingforwhatever

Behind Bars by cheveux roux

Hostage by Creeping Collarbones.

Come With Me To The Desert Place by Lianoid

That's all I'm doing... Oh dear, my addiction for facebook is getting out of control now. Damn it.

Anyway, can I ask for reviews on The Unwanted? I promise to review back the next day (unless the internet connection on my laptop happens to die or something).

6/19/2010 #1,189

Afternoon, Gossip... :D

I've certainly spread some Review love today. :DDD

I've reviewed...

"Comfort Betrays," by William G. Thorne (I love this. 3)

"Cliffside Cemetery," by Lianoid.

"Schizophrenia," by Lianoid.

"Creatures of Darkness," (Chpts 1-5) by sophiesix.

"A Strange Encounter," (Chpts 2-4) by Lilchany.

"My Eternity," by waitingforwhatever.

"All I Have To Do," by waitingforwhatever.

"The 103rd Place That Poison Ivy Shouldn't Be," by Arastel. (Hilarious. XD)

"The Officers," by cheveux roux. (This review got cut off, so if you're reading this cheveux roux, I'm sorry! :'( Does anybody know why this happens? Grr...)

"Midnight Blues," by cheveux roux.

"Disposable Heroes," by Dreamer's Requiem. (OMG. This is so epic. Check it out and give it some more reviews!)

"Secret Stalker," (Chpts 1-3) by Just Silly Me. (I love this idea... :D)

"The Dreamer," (Chpts 12-14) by Angel's Requiem. (another amazing story!) (Chpt 13's review got cut off, too. Grr... :( Sorry about that!)

"hostage," by Creeping Collarbones.

"Searing Vision," by Charel Lebl.

"Touched," (Chpt 1) by Charel Lebl.

"Mintiee's Scrapbook," (Chpt 2) by Mintiee.

That's all that I've gotten so far... :P I told ya I was on a roll today. XD

Just to let everybody know: I will be leaving Sunday, and won't be back until Friday... I have summer camp to go to. Yay! :P So, if I owe you a review, still (yikes!) please message me to let me know, and I'll try my best to return it when I get back. *phew...*

In the meantime...

Reviews for "Our Remembrance," "Two Similiar Worlds," and "Persephone's Flight" are all greatly appreciated, and will be returned once I get back. :D

Thanks so much guys (and girls. :P)

~Avid. :D

6/19/2010 #1,190
Sercus Kaynine


chapters 1-5 of Shadows by Lianoid

chapters 1-7 of The Dreamer by Angel's Requiem

Reviews for The Wildest of Tales would be appreciated!

6/20/2010 #1,191

Hello Gossip~ I'm in one of my rare happy to the max moods. Teehee~

Anyway, you lot don't care about my moods though, do you? Nope, you care about what I reviewed. Here you go!

I reviewed:

Nowhere by Agent.Frappuccino

Moonwalker by DeeFective

The Mindless Ones by Kackex

Secret Stalker by justsillyme (2 chapters)

Chains of Hell by Rayne The Writer

Right. That is all I'm doing... I'm really tired and sleepy now. Drop me a review on The Unwanted and I'll return it tomorrow. ;)

Bye Bye!

6/20/2010 #1,192
Sercus Kaynine


chapters 1-10 of Shadows by Lianoid

chapters 2-14 of The Dreamer by Angel's Requiem

Did it Hurt, Baby? by dragonflydreamer

Butterfly Fingers by dragonflydreamer

Raindrop by Adonnen Estenniel

Go Bad by DeeFective

Life Goes On by MeAsIAm

Cunnilingual by in theory

Soldier Girl by improvisationallychallenged

Whutsisface by xenolith

Reviews for The Wildest of Tales would be lovely.

Also, I'm participating in the Review Game's Review Marathon this weekend. Check it out!

6/20/2010 #1,193


hey ppl this is my one shot...a murder mystery novel...please review.i ll review back asap...i will be on a small hiatus but be sure that i will review back when i get back to FP...reviews will be appreciated...

6/21/2010 #1,194

I bring reviews:

Secret Stalker by justsillyme (4 chapters)

My Angel of Hell by Rayne the Writer

Shadows by Lianoid (2 chapters)

Could My Life Get Any Worse? by Piptik

Illeyna by TymCon

Hero's Genesis by flight06

Empty Core by MeAsIAm

Our Remembrance by AvidWriter-92

Remain Sane! by Agent.Frappuccino

Phoenix by HoodedStellaish

As always, reviews for The Unwanted would be appreciated and returned. Not sure when I'll return them, but I promise you that I will return your reviews. Cross and my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my eyes- yada yada...

6/21/2010 #1,195
Alias Blue

Today I have reviewed:

AndHeavenFell - The Unwanted - (chapter 1)

FlamingInk57 - One big Mess

Sercus kaynine - The Wildest of Tales - (chapter 1)

:) - They are all decent reads. I think The Unwanted is my fav out of them.

I'd love it if I could get some reviews on Kid or on The Reu Fables.

6/21/2010 #1,196
Kobra Kid

Hello Gossip! I have finally returned since its SUMMER! :D Anyways, so far today I have reviewed...

Children Of Winata by Narq

Phoenix by Hooded Stellaish

Could My Life Get Any Worse? by Piptik

Chains Of Hell by Rayne the writer

My Best Friend (Three Chapters) by Just Silly Me


I know that I do owe a few more reviews and I will probably get to those either later today or tomorrow! :).

In the meantime, I would LOVE reviews for Rise From The Ashes AND/OR Reborn. All reviews are returned! Thanks!

6/22/2010 #1,197

Hoo, I'm back, and only ten days after the nuclear disaster against the US, and, by extension, the war against the machines that was the Algeria match. If we don't beat Slovenia then there definitely will be no more reviews, because I will be dead.

Ahem, anyway, have done some reviewing since last I appeared on this thread, and this is what I reviewed:

The Wildest Of Tales (ch2) by Sercus Kaynine

The Unwanted (ch2) by andHeavenFell

Vampire and The Romantics (ch2) by lookingwest

Our Remembrance (ch1) by AvidWriter-92

Once again all good reads which I will continue to R&R.


(SIgh)So once again we come to the t*** business of begging, so I'll just say that like all other authors, reviews are my meat and drink, I crave them, though whether its the massaging of my ego or being appreciative of all constructive criticism I haven't decided. Once again, I try to return all reviews, good or bad, and please try to review in more than one line if you can, although once again all reviews give me tremors in my underpants.



6/22/2010 #1,198

Read and reviewed:

Our Remembrance ch 2 by AvidWriter-92

The Wildest of Tales ch 9 by Sercus Kaynine

Josephology by lookingwest


As always, some feedback on the Wish Star series or Set Me Free would be good. Thanks :)

6/23/2010 #1,199
Kobra Kid

Hello Gossip! I have reviewed...

He Loves Me Not by Adonnen Estenniel

Bhargave: Life Of The Warrior by Vrrroooommmm

Lost In The Radio Static by Creeping Collarbones

Who's The Devil? by Snakefang

Portraits Of A Dream, Portrait Of A Nightmare, If Parody, The Candle by Xx-Angel-of-Shadows-xX

Cyn: Black Goddess by Experiment101

There Is A Witch Among You by waitingforwhatever

Fire Constellacar by Deli .x. Aly


Okay, I have three things to say. :).

1. I am only 15 reviews away from 500 for Rise From The Ashes. :D. Whoever posts the 500th review will be rewarded with 5 reviews in return! (haha, bribery again)

2. I would like at least two review buddies for RFTA and/or Reborn. That means that he/she reviews all chapters when updated, and I would review all chapters of anything of theirs. PM me if you're interested!

3. Any reviews for Reborn and Rise From The Ashes would be greatly appreciated and returned! :). Thanks!

6/23/2010 #1,200
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