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Kobra Kid

Hello once again! I only had time to review one other fabulous story...

Minor Talent by Dreamers-Requiem


Once again, requesting reviews for Rise From The Ashes and/or Reborn.

I am only 5 reviews away from 500 for RFTA! Whoever posts the 500th will be repaid with 5 reviews! :D.

Also, I am still in search of a few review buddies. (You review all chapters of RFTA and continue to, and I'll do the same for your story) :D. Please PM me if you're interested!

Thanks! :D

6/23/2010 #1,201

Hello~ I spose I've been away for awhile, haven't I? Oh well...

I reviewed:

Family Fun by FlamingInk57

The Wildest of Tales by Sercus Kaynine

Anyways, reviews on Bones And Shadows or Lucky Number Seven would be much apprecieated, and I'll get back to you ASAP.

6/23/2010 #1,202
Kobra Kid

Goodmorning Gossip!

I just woke up, so I haven't reviewed anything yet. I'll be back later after I sort out some things. In the meantime, reviews for Rise From The Ashes would be awesome and returned! If that's not your cup of tea, then please review Reborn.

Also, congrats to Xx-Angel-of-Shadows-xX for posting the 500th review for RFTA! You will be repaid today! :). But thanks to everyone else who reviews also! I really, really do appreciate it! :D.

See ya later everyone!

6/24/2010 #1,203
Kobra Kid

Hello once again Gossip! So far, I have reviewed...

The Dreamer by Angel's Requiem

Lake Effect by Victoria7401

Devil's Play by wounded petals

The Children, Ice Skating, Portrait Of A Daydream, Portrait Of Music, Nothing by Xx-Angel-of-Shadows-xX

Secret Stalker by Just Silly Me (Two Chapters)

To Be Still by Adonnen Estenniel (Three Chapters)


Reviews for Rise From The Ashes would be amazing and paid back asap! Or, if that's not your cup of tea, reviews for Reborn will be repaid as well. :).

Still looking for review buddies! PM me if you're interested! :D

6/24/2010 #1,204

Looking for some reviews for my story. Want someone to actually read all eight of my chapters to tell me what they think of my story so far? I would appreciate it. Thanks.

Its called " The Changes in Life."

6/24/2010 #1,205
Kobra Kid

I have also reviewed...

Secret Stalker by Just Silly Me (Two Chapters)

Broken Wings (2), hostage, Top Of The Stars by Creeping Collarbones


That's about it for me today! :).

Reviews for Rise From The Ashes would be amazing & paid back when I get a chance! I'm planning to update tomorrow, but we'll see how that goes. :).

If RFTA isn't your type of story, though, then please review Reborn! Thanks everyone!

6/24/2010 #1,206
A. Barone

Read chapters three and four of Set Me Free by Vernelly.

I would like reviews on A ROSE FOR TIME AND SPACE which is my newest work in progress. It's a time-travel love story told from the point of view of Roslyn James as she goes travelling through time with Chronos. The chapters are around 2-4k long and I would love to get some feedback.

6/24/2010 #1,207
Kobra Kid

Hello all!

I haven't reviewed anything, YET. :).

I would just like to inform everyone that I have updated Rise From The Ashes! :D. All reviews for that story will be returned as soon as possible!

Also, I am still looking for review buddies! So, please PM me if you're interested! Thank you!

6/25/2010 #1,208
Kobra Kid

Hello Gossip! I have reviewed...

Dreams Of Despair by JMEM1

Coffee, Embrace, And Another Love Story by MeAsIAm

Our Remembrance by AvidWriter-92

Things That Go Bump In The Night by Netty-chan214

Baby Nick by Phantom Rottweiler

Wish Star: Nagareboshi by Vernelley

Children Of Winata by Narq (Three Chapters)


I have just updated Rise From The Ashes! Reviews for that would be amazing and returned!

PM me if you want to be my review buddy or if you are interested. :).

Have a great day everyone!

6/25/2010 #1,209

A-ha! I'm back! :DDD

I'll try to repay the lovely reviews that you've all given me, after catching up on my many hours of needed sleep. :P

I've also written a few outlines for Persephone's Flight and Our Remembrance, so I should be cranking out those chapters by the middle of next week. :) Oh! And I've written a few short emo(ish) poems. :D (I've decided that I can't write a happy poem to save my life... :P)

I was going to write out a list of all the reviews that I owe, and people that owe me, but I accidently clicked out of the tab, and I'm too damn tired to rewrite it. :P


Reviews for: "Sanity," "Dependent on You and Your Memories," or "Haikus and Other Short Stanza Poetry" is appreciated so, soo much! :D (I'm on such a poetry kick, it's not even funny... :P)

~Avid. :)))

P.S. Love you all! :D

6/25/2010 #1,210

Hi all, read and reviewed:

Rise From The Ashes ch 15 by B. Cross

Calling All Heroes! ch 6 Blade100


I'll be reviewing more later on, hopefully. I'm on holidays but holiday homework is a killer :/

In the meantime, reviews on the Wish Star series or Set Me Free would be great. Thanks =)

6/26/2010 #1,211
Kobra Kid

Hello Gossip! I have reviewed...

Statue Girl by Creeping Collarbones

Jack, Untilted For Your Convenience, You Only Get To Live Twice by short circuit

Blocked, Screaming Infedelities by a twist in my story

Children Of Winata (3) by Narq


I might be back later, I'm not 100% sure yet. :).

In the meantime, reviews for Rise From The Ashes would be amazing and returned! I just updated yesterday, also!

Review buddies? PM me if you're interested. :D


6/26/2010 #1,212
Kobra Kid

Ughh, I'm running on three hours of sleep so I didn't have much concentration to review a lot today...

Perceptions by AvidWriter92

Creatures by Electronic Heart

Heartbreak by Nelo.AXS


I don't know if I'll be back later. I have yet ANOTHER grad party to go to so God help me. xD.

Anyways, I would LOVE reviews for Rise From The Ashes! If that doesn't float your boat though, then please review Reborn. All reviews are returned! :)

6/27/2010 #1,213

My internet died. So, I couldn't review yesterday. But I'll review now.

Hehe, I'm actually watching the World Cup now, so let's hope I don't get distracted in my reviewing...

6 Ways From Sunday by EL.L0B0.L0C0 (2 chapters)

Phoenix by HoodedStellaish

I Never Said I Was Brave by lookingwest

When I First Met You by Piptik

Children of Winata by Narq

Fairies by Xx-Angel-of-Shadows-xX

Write My Heart Out by waitingforwhatever

Illeyna by Tymcon

Heartbreak by Nelo.AXS

He Loves Me Not by Adonnen Estenniel

Jack by short circuit

Screaming Infidelities by a twist in my story

Top of the Stars by Creeping Collarbones.

Things that go Bump in the Night by Netty-chan214

A Rose for Time and Space by A.Barone

I think it's safe to say that I reviewed a lot today...

Ugh. England lost 4-1. How embarassing. *Moves countries* (I don't normally watch football, but I wanted to see if England would indeed fail. Guess what. They did.)

Anyway, can I have reviews for The Unwanted? It's eleven reviews away from 300 reviews =3. I'll give three reviews to anyone who posts the 300th review~ Yeah. Bribery. Wahoo.

I need to go now... Bye bye, people.

6/27/2010 #1,214
Sercus Kaynine


chapter twelve of I Never Said I Was Brave by lookingwest

chapter four of The Voice in My Head: Beta by 1.21 Jigawatts

chapter six of Calling All Heroes by Blade 100

Screaming Infidelities by a twist in my story

chapters three and four of Coffee, Embrace, and Another Love Story by MeAsIAm

chapters eleven, twelve, and thirteen of Shadows by Lianoid

Trying to catch up to the later chapters of some stories, haha. I'll get there eventually. In the mean time, reviews for The Wildest of Tales would be greatly appreciated.

Summary: Nothing is ever as it seems at the Circus of the Belles. Here, the ringmaster is a witch, humans become animals and animals become humans, stowaways become performers and performers become stowaways, and every show contains a hint of magic.

6/27/2010 #1,215

Hello everyone! :D I've managed to repay most of my reviews today from the week I was gone. :D (I only have one left, and then a bajillion for Vernelley and weary writer... I still haven't forgotten you! I'm just really busy. I promise I'll get to it soon! :D)


"Fear Of The Dark," by Sputnik (repaid review.) "Nowhere," Chpt 1, by Agent.Frappuccino. ("...") "Silver Glass," by Adonnen Estenniel. (...) "He Loves Me Not," by Adonnen Estenniel (...) "Let's Be Friends," by short circuit. (...) "Nochnayia Lubov," Chpts 1-2, by sophiesix. (repaid one review, gave another.) "Forget Me," Chpt 12, by andHeavenFell. (repaid review.) "Rise From The Ashes," Chpt 15, by B. Cross. (...) "Reborn," Chpt 1, by B. Cross. (...) "27 Club," Chpt 1, by Experiment101. (...) "The Weed," by YasuRan. (...)

Phew! :P That being said... The following people still owe me reviews.

Lilchany (3) waitingforwhatever (1) CreepingCollarbones (1) Arastel (1) cheveux roux (2) Angel's Requiem (3) *** These are older ones... (I'm not sure whether or not if some of these people are still active, or are even on RH.) HoodedStellaish (1) (Not entirely sure about this... :P If I'm wrong, just let me know. :] ) Broken Bird (2) sarahhh. (4) A. Barone (6) She's A Mean One (1) Criminal Behavior (4)

I still owe the following people...

dragonflydreamer (1) (On Alert.) wearywriter (7) Eva Rieycoit (5) Vroooommmmmm (7) Vernelley (12 D: :P) MeAsIAm (3) esurio08 (1) (On Alert) Wow. Sorry for such the long post... *Looks around* I just wanted to make sure I had everything in one spot. :P Oh, and if you think that something is wrong, please PM me. I'll recount, if I have to. :D

Reviews for "An Escapable Confinement" are greatly appreciated, and returned when I have the time... (and after I've shaved off a few of the ones above... yikes! :P)

See you all tomorrow, Fellow Fictionpress-ers! :D

~A.v.i.d. :)

6/27/2010 . Edited 6/28/2010 #1,216

I read and reviewed An Escapable Confinement by AvidWriter-92 (Sweet poem). I have also read the first chapter of A Rose for Time and Space by A. Barone (Very Doctor Who. I like it).

I would appreciate reviews for my stories. Calling All Heroes is a superhero story, and I'm trying to establish a sort of superhero multiverse with it, so I would love for people to take the profile skeleton on the first chapter and use it to make some superheroes that I could use later one. The story is about a group of superheroes being thrown into another dimension where superheroes and supervillains went to war, and the heroes lost.

My other story, Zero Squad: Season Two, is about teenagers with attitude who fight the forces of evil with special armors. There are five of them, and they each wear a different colored armor, with different weapons and powers. As you may notice, Power Rangers was a bit of inspiration for this story, so if you liked Power Rangers, give my story a look. If you never liked Power Rangers, give it a look anyways, since it is a bit darker and more mature than that, with good action sequences and interesting characters. There's a recap so you don't have to read Season One.

6/28/2010 #1,217

Okay. Here's what I've reviewed for today... Might be back later, but not really sure. Lol.

"Wish Star: Kioku," chpt 1 by Vernelley.

"Set Me Free," chpts 1-4 by Vernelley.

"Wish Star," chpts 5-6 by Vernelley.

"Seeing What's In Front Of Me," by FlamingInk57

"Story of A Girl," by YasuRan. (really great poem. dark. I love it. :P)

"Stray," chpts 1-4 by weary writer. (amazing story. :D)

"They Love Me," by Blade100.

(These are all still me repaying reviews and I'm still not done... sigh. :P)

I still owe:

dragonflydreamer (1: On Alert, though. :P)

weary writer (3)

Eva Rieycoit (4)

Vroooommmmmm (5)

Vernelley (5)

Esurio08 (1 On Alert.)

MeAsIAm (3 + 5 extras. :P Am beta-ing her story, so do I still have to return reviews? :P What would you prefer, MeAsIAm? :) )

in theory (1: For June's WCC. :D)

People who still owe me:

sophiesix (1)

A. Barone (6)

waitingforwhatever(1? PM me if this is wrong... :P)

Broken Bird (2 But, I'm pretty sure he's not active anymore? :'( )


Reviews for "An Escapable Confinement," or "Hypnos and Morpheus: A Requested Poem" are greatly appreciated. :D

Thanks so much. :D I'm going to take a break from reviewin' and go take a nap and then after I wake up, write some new chapters. :D

*cracks knuckles*

See you all later! :P

~Avid. :)

6/28/2010 #1,218

I reviewed:

Journeyman Shaman by Aspiemor (Still owe you two more ;D)

I Never Said I Was Brave by lookingwest (2 chapters - this story is good. Read it.)

Chains of Hell by Rayne the writer

Creatures by ElectronicHearth

Cyn: Black Goddess by Experiment101

The Grey Witches by Dahlia Wolffe (2 chapters)

I'm pretty sure I still owe:

Mr Ragna Badguy



I'll try to return those tomorrow. If I missed you out, just PM me and I'll add you to the list~

Anyway, reviews for The Unwanted will be returned and loved. (I'll most likely repay anyone's reviews tomorrow, cos I'm just that cool).

6/28/2010 #1,219

Hi everyone, I've read and reviewed:

I Never Said I Was Brave ch 12 by lookingwest

Alphabet Short Stories ch 15 by Flamaij

An Escapable Confinement by AvidWriter-92

A Rose for Time and Space ch 10-15 by A. Barone


Some feedback on Wish Star or Set Me Free would be good. Thanks to everyone who's reviewed my stuff so far! =)

6/29/2010 #1,220

Off topic...

I found this AWESOME site... I think all of you should join it. :) Basically, you write a novel in the month of November. In 30 days, you write 50,000 words. (that's the minimum requirement. :P) The whole point is to try to just get a novel written, without doing any editing. Just write. :))) You have to start a new idea, and you can't write any chapters before Nov. 1st, but you can do research and write outlines... I'm joining! Are you? :P

Here's the link:

Check it out!

End off topic. :P


Okay. Here's what I've reviewed for today... This is all I'm gonna do for today. I really, really need to work on my stories. :D


"The Road Less Travelled," Chpts 1-2. by Eva Rieycoit.

"The Angel's Mistake," Chpts 1-2. by Eva Rieycoit. (Both of these stories are really, really good. :D)

"Wish Star," Chpts 7-12. by Vernelley. (This is an awesome story! I recommend it to everybody on this forum! Go check it out! :D)

"Smooth Jazz," by Sercus Kaynine.

"Unravelling," by Sercus Kaynine. (This is really cute. ^^)

"Nochnayia Lubov," Chpt 3. by sophiesix. (This is an amazing story. It's one of my favorites on here. :D)

"To Be Still," Chpt 6 by Adonnen Estenniel. (I love poetry, and this is really good. :D)


I still owe:

weary writer (3)

Vrooommmmmm (5)

MeAsIAm (5 for guessing right on one of my A/N's. :P)

in theory (1 For June's WCC. :D)

Idareutoguess (1)


So, I've definitely cut down on my tallies. Lol. Thanks for all of you being so patient with me. :P

If anybody's looking for a beta, I'd be happy to help... Currently beta-ing for MeAsIAm and skyflower17. ^^

If anybody is looking for a review buddy, I'd love to be one. :) I know how much people like receiving reviews... I will return the review quality that you give me. Just as a warning. So, if the review is really in depth and detailed, I'll kindly return the favor. :)

Currently in a review agreement with Lianoid and (pending for) Agent.Frappuccino. :)


Reviews for "A Short Story Discovered," or "Persephone's Flight," are greatly appreciated. :D

(: ~Avid. :)

6/29/2010 . Edited 6/29/2010 #1,221

I reviewed:

Who's The Devil? by Snakefang

Children of Winata by Narq

I Never Said I Was Brave by lookingwest

Fairy Tale by Dreamers Requiem

Journeyman Shaman by Aspiemor

Untangling the Web by Idareutoguess

Reviews for The Unwanted would be loved, loved, loved! I'll return your reviews the next day cos I'm cool like that ;)

6/29/2010 #1,222


I'm still going to try it out. :) Even if I don't complete the challenge (write it in 30 days,) I'll still have part of a novel written, and that's better than none, right? :P I plan to have most of my other works finished by then, anyways, so my new idea can have all my attention. :D


I'm planning to upload a new chapter of "Persephone's Flight" by Friday... I'm in the works of just writing it all out, and then Thursday will be devoted to editing (because it's pretty bad right now. :P)

Reviews on it are wonderful, if you haven't checked it out yet! :D (Reviews are returned. :D)

Oh, and I have a poll on my profile, so if you want to check that out too, that would be awesome!

Okay, I'll stop spamming. XD


~Avid. :D

6/29/2010 #1,223
Written In Red

Wow... It has been forever since I have been on this forum... I just reviewed Rise From the Ashes prologue-chapter 1 by B. Cross. I think the plots there and I'm hoping more elaboration comes as I progress in the story. I do plan to read more.

As for my own work. Many of you have read and reviewed The Nemesis Project andmany of you did like it. Unfortunately, I have the writer's curse and can't stick to one story. Then again, it's a common illness here on this site. I tried writing another story and guess what!? Nothing came forth... And again!? nothing... So, I've finally been able to focus long enough to start yet another story. It's called Underground Crusade and it's a story set in the future depicting the struggles of Christians who are caught in the midst of a holocaust of their kind. If you despise religion, DON'T read it. It is religiously charged and there is scripture involved. I think that if you're a Christian on this site you'll enjoy it more then most. It may or may not hit home for you. I'm looking for honest and interested feedback on the piece. Criticsim is welcome too.

Sincerely, Genesis Sage

6/30/2010 #1,224

Hello, Gossip :D

I haven't reviewed anything yet today because my writing Muse has been going crazy, and figured it would be better to not mess with it. :P

Reviews for "Persephone's Flight" or "Haikus and Other Short Stanza Poetry" (preferably chpt 17) are greatly appreciated, and returned. :D


Thanks to all who voted on my poll... It seems like mechanical pencils are in the lead!

I've also just made a forum about writer's prompts and challenges. If you're having some trouble, check it out. :)


~Avid. :P

6/30/2010 . Edited 6/30/2010 #1,225

I reviewed:

I Never Said I Was Brave by lookingwest

Eternal Grail by Mr Ragna Badguy

Silver Glass by Adonnen Estenniel

Love Equals Aches and Pains by Idareutoguess

Journeyman Shaman by Aspiemor

Haikus and Other Short Stanza Poetry by AvidWriter-92

Coffee, Embrace and Another Love Story by MeAsIAm

A Princess Decrowned by Melody-kun

Serenade of Night by Charel Lebl

I'm going to sleep now... Bye bye.

Reviews for The Unwanted will be appreciated and repayed back the next day~

6/30/2010 #1,226

hey everyone. :D I haven't been reviewing much lately, because I've been writin'. A new chapter of Persephone's Flight will be uploaded tomorrow. :D

Today i've reviewed:

"Ascension: Ad Initium, Ad Finem," chpt 1 by weary writer.

"The Only Exception," by Amethyst Penn.

"Y," by DeeFective.

~All are good reads; check 'em out. :D


Reviews for "Seven Sins Haikus" is much appreciated. :D

Be back tomorrow with a chapter update. :)))

~Avid. :)

7/1/2010 #1,227

I reviewed:

Children on Winata by Narq

Eternal Grail by Mr Ragna Badguy

The Mindless Ones by Kackex

The Only Exception by Amethyst Penn

Tenshi No Revolver by Experiment101

Pepper by Deefective

Satsimran by Piptik

I still owe:

Mr Ragna Badguy


That's is, folks. I'm tired...

Pretty please review The Unwanted? I return reviews the next day ;) My reviews mostly focus on my thoughts of your story/poem. I tend to look for grammar and punctuation mistakes too, but most of the time, I get distracted and start reviewing about your characters instead... I read any story unless they contain slash/yaoi... Yeah, that's it really.

Summary: Everyone knows that Gwendolyn is a heartless queen but somehow, Caleb manages to change her ways. Meanwhile, all Lucrecia does is pity herself. Throw her into a mad journey of curses, betrayal and tragedy, and she might just change...

Fantasy: Fantasy/Romance/Adventure

7/1/2010 #1,228
Kobra Kid

Hey everyone.

I know I've been AWOL for the past couple of days, and that's because of a lot of...issues concerning my family have been occuring. So, I'm going to take a small break from reviewing and writing. I have no interest in writing right now, but I know I will later once all of these problems are dealt with. Thanks for everyone who have been reviewing my stories, I really do appreciate them & I'll return them once I return.

Thanks everyone.

~B. Cross

7/1/2010 #1,229
Written In Red

Read and reviewed Haikus and Other Short Stanza Poetry by AvidWriter-92. I'm not a haiku kind of guy, but I was very pleasantly surprised by the six or so chapters I reviewed (Like ten or twelve or twenty or so poems I think) They were beautifully crafted.

Still looking (Desperately I might add) for reviews on Underground Crusade. Look above at my last post if you want information on any of my antics or any specifications on my work. Please and thank you give me your opinions. :)

7/1/2010 #1,230
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