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white wolf97

updated chapter 2! on why she wont talk

1/7/2010 #121

Please review A Truthful Lie...i love critisim, and i'd love to know what you like and don't like about it....can't improve it unless i get a bit more feedback. thanks

1/7/2010 #122
white wolf97

reviewed a back to square one, pretty bood, you guys should read and review it

1/7/2010 #123

i would also like some feedback on a poem of mine. ' Sun up, To Sun Down' no reviews yet so i'd like to know what people think of it. Thanks

1/7/2010 #124

Reviewed Sun up, to Sun Down by Elyssa Gosling.

1/7/2010 #125

hey, I'm new here...

I'm fond of giving reviews to story i happen to read but I also want to hear something from you.

i have a story that i'm currently working on in entitled "Entangled" http://www.fictionpress.com/s/2725181/1/Entangled.

I'd be very glad to receive reviews.


1/7/2010 #126
white wolf97

read and reviewed entangled, liked it, but it was a little weird

1/7/2010 #127

Just yesterday, I uploaded a one shot that I recently did and I'm very unsure about it. It was musically inspired by the song Hands Clean by Alanis Morisette, and it really relates to the music. Anway, if have the time and would be so kind as to help me become a better writer, it would be greatly appreciated.

The OS is called HaNDS CLeaN.

(I despise WHeN PeoPLe WRiTE LiKe THiS but, for some reason, I thought that for some reasno, it flowed with the story.)

1/7/2010 #128
Captain Warui

Wow, this seems like a pretty sweet idea. I could always use more feedback. The story I'd like to be reviewed is called Voodoo Rachel. Although I have multiple stories it's the one I've done the most work on.

1/7/2010 #129

read and reviewed. "Why she wont talk"...:)

1/7/2010 #130

Reviewed A Truthful Lie, Chapter One

Reviews will be returned, if I'm behind, I do apologize. Send me a PM if I have forgotten you.

My story is Guerrilla Smoke. Here's a blurb:

A young woman, Millie, depends on two things to let her know she's alive: cigarettes and a odd, but quick reoccuring dream. Suddenly, her dream begins to change as an unknown force tries to lead her down a path to start living again.

General - Fiction Rated: T - English - General/Fantasy - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,562 - Reviews: 4 - Updated: 1-6-10 - Published: 1-6-10It is an unfinished chapter, just FYI. Any advice or criticism is welcome(: 1/7/2010 #131

read and reviewed Entangled It's original and different...a few errors need correcting like missing words and spelling, but it doesn't sway you away from the story, and what you're trying to get across. It's good

If you're a vampire fanatic like myself! Check out my story that's a work in progress Sleepless Beauty. A romance. It's first person narrative based on a 18yr old vampire girl Indica Freemon.

1/7/2010 #132
Russell Figgins

i would really appreciate reviews for my four stories i have up.

Kroger Kurgans, Bear Slayer

Kroger Kurgans, Bear Slayer Chronicles(the sequal to the first)

The journeys of Iain Baird

David Cross the Jack of Diamonds.

the more reviews i get help me to want to write more because just one or two from the same person doesn't really help me with writing at all because i have no motivation if only one person reads my stories.

1/7/2010 #133

Hi, I'd like to get some constructive criticism and hear about what your interpretations are of my poem called Love Beats. Thanks in advance!

1/7/2010 #134

thanks! and i really hope you read the rest of the chapters! :)

1/7/2010 #135

Thanks for the reviews i got for ENTANGLED.

This is also another story that i made...


I'm really having a hard time to continue this one and thinking that maybe your reviews will really help me. thanks a lot.!

1/7/2010 #136
white wolf97

i've got chapter five up, for all of you who like dramatic scenes with alot of crying, yelling and stuff that will make YOU cry and yell, read chapter five of why she wont talk, but only if youve read the previous chapters

1/7/2010 #137
white wolf97

im out, remember please read why she wont talk its a wonderful story about a girl named meer who moves to wyoming and meets the boy of her dreams. sounds pretty boring rigt? well then she gets attacked by another boy and her life spirals down into turmoile. can the boy she met help her out of it? read and see!

1/7/2010 #138

I got to review "David Cross The Jack of Diamonds" & "The Journeys of Iain Baird"

1/7/2010 #139
THis doesn't even exist

I believe this is how I do this...

My story Dream Catcher is pretty good in my opinion, but I only have 3 reviews from 1 person, and I would really love some more.

Also, any of my poems or stories. but DC is the main one I'm thinking about

Reveiws will be returned :)


1/7/2010 #140

Whitewolf97, I read the first three chapters and reviewed: Why She Won't Talk

1/7/2010 #141


Truth Kat's Story by mcafearie...sorry if i have misspelt...


The Journeys of Ian Baird by titanwolf - I recommend this as a must read...


Back To Square One by Not OVer You - a good read...

The Colour Red by PencilSketch

1/7/2010 . Edited 1/8/2010 #142

Min Ki is a spoilt idol whereas Yang is the daughter of a gang leader. When one day her brother left home, she was to carry her father's title. However, in order to be a gang leader, she needs to bring Min Ki, a Korean idol to join her gang. Is it fate for them to meet or is it just an unfortunate accident? What would be their end?? Please read my story 'Teach Me How To Smile'. Reviews are LOVED. Cus your awesome hehe~

1/7/2010 #143
Not Over You

I reviewed Entangled it has very interesting storyline.

And, I wanted to thank anyone who reviewed my new story and I'll do my best to get review your stories as well.

1/7/2010 #144

I reviewed Back To Square One.


BTW, I updated "Miranda's Adventure" Chapters 1 thru 6 to make things more understandable a bit. If anything that needs correcting or any characters or storylines need reworking, please PM me.

1/7/2010 #145

I've reviewed Guerrilla Smoke by bookwormbelle.

Please check out my stories too :)

1/8/2010 #146

Reviewed The Journey of Iain Baird by TitanWolf. I really enjoyed it :)

1/8/2010 #147

Thanks for the earlier reviews for my story.

I'm just going to rewrite the contents of my earlier post:

Title: Breaking the Adamant Chain

Genre: Fantasy/ Sci-Fi/ Adventure

Rating: T

Blurb: (Set in the year 2020) A young man is stripped of human emotions and memories. He is now loyally serving the most powerful man in the world, who happened to be his archenemy during his 'human' days. When he is assigned to kill a rebel girl (who has some mysterious connection with him), will it spark his desire to find his former life?

1/8/2010 #148

Oh, please check out How I Became A Vampire Young librarian and aspiring writer, Sam, finds herself facing a real mystery, complete with one suspicious, enigmatic James, her new night class lecturer.

1/8/2010 #149

oh please check out The Hashims - Part -I The Summoning

i ve posted prologue chapters-1to3


It is an RP based fantasy fiction with a tid bit of romance, inspired from the Gothic Series, it is about a young boy who must find out about a magical cult that disappeared a hundred years back and summon them to launch an assault upon the battle hardy enemy, who was responsible for their disappearance. The enemy has arisen again and is creating something which can cover the world in darkness and shadow. Will Eothan be able to stop the enemy? Read on....

1/8/2010 #150
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