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You new to the forum? Or even to fictionpress?

Then this is the place to be.

Say hello, introduce yourself. Let everyone get to know you around the Gossip Forum.

[Strictly for welcoming yourself, not for chat.]

1/5/2010 . Edited 1/6/2010 #1

So I'll start....

Hello my names Kel. I'm here,so I can read more stories that I wouldn't often see on fictionpress because of how many there is. And here to review to and just to have fun really. I havent had a forum before so it shall be fun.

My obsession is Gossip Girl, the programme, I could not live with out it.

And my Idols Alyssa Milano.

And I love Chace Crawford, whos a georgous movie actor.

1/6/2010 #2
When The Leaves Turn

I love gossip girl too! snap!

but i prefer Connor Paolo, i have no idea why tho?

1/6/2010 #3

Well, i guess i'll be next.

My name is Anthony. Please don't call me that, I'd prefer M***. My alternate persona is Methereaper, so it's easier to say M***. Strangely, that's how i'm called at school too, except there i'm just another guitarist wannabe.

Well, i moved here from Fanfiction.net due to underappreciation an the threat of a hate club in my honor.

I figured it was time for more originality.

Anyway, As i've said, i consider myself an muscian. i write songs, so i guess that could be considered poetic.

My obsession is guitars, i own about seven of them. I don't know why. well, that's not entirely true. i have my own theory and philosophic point of view, so i guess i'll explain it.

Music to me is the most pure thing ever created. Just think about it, in this world it's the more accepted thing to go get high and cause trouble. It's disgusting.

Music=Life. Music is a language everyone should learn to speak. Music is a way of someone letting you know that no matter how bad you feel, there's others who feel the same or worse.

Guitars are used to create music. Guitars are amazing things. They convert vibrations into energy, and from energy to music. When you're playing, there's no genres. no differences.

My band's genre depicts that in our music. we created our own genre so we can set our own standards. We find the silence in the noise and crossover to a place where nothing matters. I guess this is making me sound like a freak huh? Well, if it hasn't we are the same whether you admit it or not.

School. Alot of people describe it as hell. For me, i can't agree.I tend to fit in anywhere so i never had to deal with bullies, but i can't help but feel bad for the people who do. I'll also take a moment to state that if anyone ever needs to talk, don't hesitate to let me know. just message via email, or the site.

Anyway, now that i've creeped you out, i'll bid you my adieu and return to the shadows where i will wait until i'm needed.

I am Methereaper. I exist.

1/6/2010 #4
Yoshino Maribara

Hi i don't want to say my real name so call me Yoshino :D I have a question If i write a story about an odst like from halo is it still fan fiction if it really has nothing to do with halo?


1/6/2010 #5

Well, i believe it would still be FF since it's from the same idea as Halo, but if u change things around u can make it original.

1/6/2010 #6

hey! the names ailani. ive been into writing since i was in the 3rd grade and its never left me. other than that im a singer and volleyball player. and a reader lol. i was really nervous to start posting my stuff, since ive been around, reading on fictionpress and ff.net for a few years, but im glad i did because its good to get feedback from people who arent your close friends and family.

cant wait to get to know some new people!!

1/6/2010 #7

Lol, welcome. if only i knew u in rl life, i need a vocalist.

Can't wait to read your stuff.

1/6/2010 #8

Heya everybody! The name's Jay!

I found this site from fanfiction.net--which I still love and go to and write on constantly, so feel free to check it out whenever you want. Same account name. I play drums and am in my school band, so as you can tell, I'm a Huge music lover and get a lot of my inspiration from it--musical genre doesn't matter much to me, so long as it's nice.

I prefer vampire, horror, fantasy, and sci-fi fiction stories. My favorite author of all time is Darren Shan!


1/6/2010 #9

I am MizKTakase! I write some good stories. Nice to meet you all.

BTW, my real name is Peter.

1/6/2010 . Edited 1/6/2010 #10


I wish ficitonpress had smileys like on IMDb. I'm always posting on IMDb boards. I have the same name there as I do here, so if you recognize me, HELLO!

I was on a competitive dance team for 3 years and danced on my college's dance team for one year. I work a lot and spend a lot of time at school so it's hard for me to find time to write. I wrote one story for ff.net. It was for the Southern Vampire Mysteries. If you want to read it, my name there is BookWormBelle04.

The story I have published here is the only one I'll be working on for awhile. I hope you all enjoy it. I prefer to get criticism from complete strangers than from people I know. It makes it seem more real and gives people the opportunity to really tell me how they feel without worrying about "hurt feelings."

I love movies and music and reading. I'm a sophomore in college studying psychology and biology. I plan to get my PhD in neuroscience(: I miss dancing. I was on a competitive dance team for 3 years in high school and danced on my college's team for ay year. I used to coach a team of youngsters, but unfortunately there were some things that happened this year that prevented that.

I will try to read and review as many stories as I can. I didn't like reading fanfic. It felt weird. I didn't feel quite right using someone else's characters. No offense to those of you who do write fanfic. There are tons of great writers out there!

Anywho -- Nice to virtually meet you all.

1/6/2010 #11


1/6/2010 #12

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!

1/6/2010 #13

Awesome, another music lover.

1/6/2010 #14

*high five* for music. I love all kinds of music. I have a very eclectic taste, but I think I prefer above all else, accoustic stuff.

1/6/2010 #15

Me, too. I started to like The Beatles now. But I'm more of a J-Pop & Contemporary kind of guy.

1/6/2010 #16

*high five* I like some rap. i'm more of a metal and classic rock though. I can't listen to alot of this new metal crap. they think screaming like they have no sense is cool.

What happened to music like Metallica, Testament, and Marilyn Manson? At least you could understand them.

1/6/2010 #17

Guys I've made a thread for you lot to talk in. Keep this for welcomers.

1/6/2010 #18

That's cool. it's all a source of inspiration.

1/6/2010 #19

haha. m***, if only i knew you, ive been looking for someone to sing for

1/6/2010 #20

Lol, sing it to the masses! (moving to chit chat forum)

1/6/2010 #21


I'm sealednectar from the UK:) I mostly love reading romance stories and poetry online, but I read mostly action/adventure, fastasy books when getting books from the library. Strange, I know.

Just want to say thank you for setting this forum up and hello everyone!

1/6/2010 #22

okay guys and girls, this is Varun here from India. I write short stories, fantasy fictions and action based novels. occassionally, I do pen down poems.

I am doing my postgraduate studies in computer applications to business, learning the different animation based softwares, aspiring to be a special effects programmer for post production in movies.

Other than the academic side, I am a fun loving chap, an avid reader and a writer for I find both of them equally relaxing, I love mostly fantasy fictions, with Lord of the Rings being my absolute favorite and none have been able to displace it. Apart from that I do like to read ancient scriptures and religion based stuff, and also suspense, crime and politics based novels. You can find the list of books and movies I like in my profile.

1/6/2010 #23

Hi, I'm Lindsey!!!

Um, okay, my passions in life are reading, writing (even though personally I don't really know what I'm doing with half of the stuff I write..) and running. I don't like to run for competitive stuff, but just running for fun is what I do. Oh, and I love to sing and listen to music, my iPod was stolen though so I have to wait to save up for a new one. Its a funny story all about being clumsy and forgetful and easily distracted... oh well. Anyways, I live in Korea and Move around often but I have been writing for about two or three years now and was coerced into doing this by a friend who told me she'd tickle me if I didn't *shudder* the Tickle Monster.... But yeah, thats me can't wait to read more stuff from you guys!!

1/6/2010 #24

Hi Lindsey! Welcome(:

1/7/2010 #25


I'm taerkitty, but answer to 'taer' as well as 't-kitty' or 't-cat.' If you say 'kitty', I'll bet many people will answer, so it's not as useful. If you Google taerkitty, it's probably me. I haven't seen anyone else use this nickname.

I like a wide range of fiction, mostly movies because I don't have the time or wakefulness to keep with a book these days. I've workshopped for since 2001 with increasing seriousness, but ... I'm a cat. How serious can I get?

I'm on Google Talk, MSN / Hotmail IM, and Yahoo! Chat with this as my email address, too. Feel free to add me as a friend / contact. I'm also on FaceBook and LiveJournal, but don't show up there much.

Feel free to PM me with stories you wish reviewed. I can't promise I'll get them done immediately, but I will get around to them. I'd rather not read 'fad' vampire and werewolf stories, High Fantasy or plain drama. I get enough of that in Real Life, so if the fiction has an element the supernatural / paranormal / magical in it, I'd appreciate it.

My favourite works of fiction are in my profile. Clicky!!!


1/7/2010 #26

Welcome, welcome taerkitty:)

1/7/2010 #27

I would like to thank Kel for inviting me.

1/7/2010 #28

hi, this is PencilSketchS, nice to meet you all. I'm a veterenary student, I'm South African, and my favourite band has always been Linkin Park. I love Lestat, I think vampire's sparkling like diamonds it weird, and I have a pet rat named Kimi (she's albino, very cute). I write tame slash stories mostly... don't be shy to check out my work.

1/7/2010 . Edited 6/3/2010 #29
Not Over You

Well Hello and thank you for inviting me!

Hmm. Where to start, well, I'm from the east coast. I'm a PR major, which is fun- well most of the time. I enjoy writing poetry, however, they are published so I wont be posting them here. I had way to many ideas to ever truly start a story. I have a notebook of plots, if anyone ever needs help on a plot feel free to ask.

My range of fiction is pretty open, however, I'm not a fan of characters younger than myself, I'll settle with 17, but when you almost 21 characters who are 15 and such I dont connect yet.

If ever needed Id love to give reviews and help whenever needed!

1/7/2010 #30
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