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My names Keeley, i have a problem with spelling- it doesn't matter who it is, i have to correct them, grammar, not so much- i'm not the expert there.

It feels good to be on a writing website, I really need this.

I am fifteen, and i have been writing for about thirteen years-i have most of them.

Musical inspiration is Bright Eyes, Regina Spektor, Panic At The Disco, The Divine Comedy, and Iron & Wine (before he was T'lighted)

please review my stories, i would love to read and review anyone elses-it's just so hard to narrow down the endless supply here!


1/7/2010 #31
McKinley Cooper

Hey, I'm McKinley. I'm a writer...I paint, but not brave enough to call myself an artist, and I'm a vocalist.

I so agree with M***'s philosophy on music. I believe art is also an extention of a universal language, and poetry as well. You interpret it, you own it, and NO ONE can ever tell you that what it means to you is wrong!

I love to read and find good live music. I love to sit and watch people go by and imagine who they are and what they're thinking. Colors (especially van Gogh blues) send my creativity soaring, and so does being on the ocean on a board.

I can't wait to talk to new people...I'm a little reclusive...so hello, y'all. Yep, I'm from the South.

1/7/2010 #32

Hooray! Welcome!

1/7/2010 #33
Tomoyuki Tanaka

Um...hello. I'm Tomoyuki Tanaka. I'm a fan of manga, so I virtually live in the manga section of fictionpress.

Nice to meet you all, and I hope to learn from all of you. Thank you very much.

1/7/2010 #34

Hello and Welcome to all the newcomers to the Gossip Forum. I hope you all get some good reviews while you are here, as well as get some good reading in.

1/7/2010 #35

Thanks Kel for the invite into the forum.

Hi there I'm Emmett from Singapore. Writing is a constant in my life as it's one of the things I find the most satisfaction in doing. I keep a journal and thoughts about life; I think it helps expression and it keeps me sane. I've been a choir member since...forever? It seems like a very long time.

I joined fictionpress as I wanted to share my work and explore other lesser-known, talented writers. I write about anything; if a plot springs up in my mind I'll explore the possibilities of it being a story. It's extremely encouraging to get feedback from others who appreciate my work and tell me how I can improve. Recently I've started writing fanfiction as well, it being a nervous first-foray.

In addition, I am an avid fan of House MD.

1/8/2010 #36
Lee Daniel

Hello, thanks for letting me know about this forum. I haven't really spent much time checking out forums before and maybe that is why I haven't gotten as many reviews as I would like. My pen name is Lee Daniel, but I will not tell you my real name. As I have a publishing contract out under my pen name, I would prefer to keep as much anonymity as I can. After all, I do like to keep my private life to myself as much as I can. I love this site. Even though I have not recieved as many reviews for my stories as I would like, they have still generated a lot of traffic, and it is really amazing to see that I have readers is 16 differrent countries. Only a year ago, I would have never imagined that I would have that kind of following as a writer.

I write mostly thrillers, but please do not think that means that I write horror. There is a lot of crossover in that regard, but I prefer to stay out of the realms of beasts and vampires. I like to read all sorts of fiction, but thriller is just where I have found my little niche.

My favortie Authors of all time are Dean Koontz, Michael Crichton, and Clive Cussler. One day I would like to find the name Lee Daniel listed among them as a peer, but for now that is only a bit of a pipe dream.

unlike a lot of the writers I have encountered on this site, I am not a teenager. I am 29, married, and have a daughter. In other words, most of you might think I am an old man. In spite of this, I have found that most of you young uns that have read my work do enjoy it, so I would urge all of you to check it out.

For every review that I receive, I promise I will provide a personal reply and will in turn check out your work. In addition to supplying a review, I just might find myself hooked to one of your stories. Who knows, by simply reviewing one of my stories, you may jsut end up with me being a loyal fan of your work.

1/8/2010 #37


I've been writing on this site for a few months now. I've just finished a story for the first time ever. I'd quite proud of myself. My real name is Charlotte; but I prefer Charli. I'd like to say thanks; I didn't know about this forum. I'm learning something new about this site everyday. I'm quite a scatter-brained person; so if you remind me to check out your work and reply to your review then I'll make sure I do that (if I don't already. I have a memory like a sieve. Does anybody else have this problem?) My writing typically goes all over the place. I have a very short attention span, which is why I've never finished a story before. It's also why I write from so many different genres. I read and write a lot (those are the two basics after all) but I've done Judo, Archery and Swimming in the past, even though Swimming wasn't competitively; so I'm not a complete anti-social person. I do -however- spend more than five hours on my laptop a day, whether I'm reading or writing. My favorite authors of all time just happen to be L.J.Smith and Richelle Mead. I'm into vampire stories at the moment. I love the forbidden romanace thing as well; but I'm quite picky with how it has to be written. I also only read completed stories, because cliff hangers make me go completley bonkers.

1/8/2010 #38

Hiya. I've been on the site for a while I suppose. I write funny stories (I hope) and poetry. Every now and then I disappear altogether and then come back to write some more. I enjoy reading just about anything, but I'm absolute crap at remembering to leave reviews.

1/8/2010 #39

hey, i'm katie but everybody calls me toxic. :]

1/8/2010 #40

*took some time logging in because she forgot her own password*

Anyway. I'd like to thank K.M. Simpson for inviting me over.

I prefer not to divulge my real name, since I don't want to turn into a stalkee---if that's even a word. But you can call me Spica. It's my nickname.

Heard of Fictionpress through FFnet. My account name over there is "troubadour12," so if you want to read my stories, you can always click on he link in my Fictionpress profile.

I like: Books, writing, music, computer/laptop, new gadgets, clothes, TV. Yes, in that exact order. Actually, I don't think TV should even be there, since I'm not much of a TV person.

Can't think of anything else right now, so I guess I should be going.


1/8/2010 #41

Hiya! I'm Kristen. :)

I'm seventeen, from Texas. In a few months I'll be graduating from high school (thank god...I hate it here.) and moving to Louisiana for college. I want to major in Creative Writing and minor in History, hopefully being able to somehow emphasize the literature of the Lost Generation of authors from the 1920s...Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Gertrude Stein, etc.

As for personal stuff, I'm a gigantic music nerd. I listen to literally everything. I love alternative rock/emo...my favorite band is Dashboard Confessional. I'm also a big fan of things like Jack's Mannequin, Rise Against, Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, Panic at the Disco, Paramore, A Rocket to the Moon, Lights, Owl City...stuff like that. I like classical music, too! My favorite composers are Holst and Rachmaninov, and my favorite players are the cellist Yo-Yo Ma, and the pianist Moura Lympany.

I love writing and I hope it will get me somewhere. If you're really that interested in me, check out my profile. :)

1/8/2010 #42

First off, I'd like to thank K.M for inviting me. I just recently started posting some of my work, but I've had this account for longer than I can count on my fingers XD.

Anyways, my name's Jin, or Colonel if you get it confused with my story.

Interests are obviously writing, or I wouldn't be here, but I'm also into the martial arts. Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate to be exact. I just recently acheived my black belt. I'm also an avid reader and really enjoy the prospects of this site. It just kind of drew me in when I found out about it.

I like rock music, heavy fight scenes, all the tough guy stuff. However I can switch from that to being the sappy emotional guy who can totally break out in really romantic stuff in two seconds. I can be a little random at times because of that.

I've also thrown myself too far into my writing. Jin's my Schizophrenic double, but more on that later. Anyways, thanks again to K.M for inviting me, I'll be around. I look forwards to reading everyones work.


1/8/2010 #43
Anon Author

Hey, I'm Lily. Thanks to K.M. for inviting me. I've been on the site since about last July, but I didn't start using up until a couple mnths ago.

I read a lot and after pretty much cleaning out my town's library, I came here. I also figured out that I should start writing about the random stories that come into my head. I probably have about 15 right now, some based off other things, some only half-formed. I think I only have about three ideas for stories right now that are developed enough to start putting them down.

I like reading almost any type of story, especially fantasy or sci-fi stuff.

Thanks for introducing me to this forum :)

1/9/2010 #44

Hello all of you newbies. I'd like to say big thankyou to you all who have joined in the pas couple of days, I hope you use the fourum well. And get what needed help you need given.

1/9/2010 #45

Hi, I'm Jesse Daro, I've written one story so far, "The F*** Knight," over in Young Adult. I really love online writing communities and think FictionPress is one of the best!

1/9/2010 #46
Vulpine Ninja

Hi. I'm not gonna tell you my real name either, but you can call me VN or whatseover.

I'm currently working on an MxM fiction called "These Falling Apples" - a slice of life fic, and I have another BL project (which is still under construction). I write poems too, check them out some time ^^

1/9/2010 #47


My name's Cassandra. I'm a third year college student. I've been on this site since about 2005, I believe. Before that, I started off on FF, doing stories about Meg Cabot's Mediator series. I had a pretty nice following there. And in the years I've been on FP, I have written off and on, depending on how busy outside life is for me. I love to read. I love to write. And I love people! Anyways, you all are more than welcome to look at any of my stories: I have one-shots and full-length stories--whatever strikes your mood--in a variety of topics: romance and fantasy, tragedy and sci-fi, teen and adult. Anyways, I look forward to seeing what all this site offers! Thank you so much for the invite!


1/9/2010 #48

Thank you for inviting me here.

My name's Mark (please don't ask my age, hehe). You can find me here in Fictionpress and in Soompi Forums. Glad to be around!

1/10/2010 #49

Hello there, Gossiping FPies!

Glad to meet you all. We don't need real names, ages or anything else here except a love of words and an adventuring spirit!

Thanks for joining, and we're looking forward to see lots of forum posts and creative writing from you.

1/10/2010 #50

Hi, and thanks for inviting me. I go online mostly by the name knittingknots. I write poetry and some original fic, and have a lot of stuff over at fanfic as well. I seem to have somehow specialized in flashfic, although I am working on doing longer pieces. What I post here are usually sketches of story ideas I am working on. Nice to see a forum like this here.

1/11/2010 #51
June's vampire

Hi, I'm Denicia. i love writing and reading but i never have any faith in whether my stories are any good so i would really like people to read and tell me what they think. I also want to read more!

1/11/2010 #52

Hi, I'm Misplaced Destiny--call me Kit, though. I don't exactly have faith in my writing abilities, and even less in my ideas, but I still love to write. I also love to read, and school is such a drag. Yes, I'm an Anime/Manga Obsesse.

Happy reading!

1/11/2010 #53

Greetings, folks! I'll post something about getting confidence in the The R's: Reading, Reviewing, Writing and Revising thread, but the short form is: don't worry, get writing!

1/12/2010 #54
Mizzuz Spock

'Lo, all. Mizzuz Spock here. Call me Mizz, if you're lazy. x]

I like to write. And I write what I like. Says so on my profile.

For those of you who know me from other threads, it's no mystery how I found my way here. :]

1/12/2010 #55
J.S. Hopkins

Hey, how is everyone. I'm Jaime I've been writing for a long time now. I get the point across but I suck at grammar. Sue me. That's one reason I never would let anyone read my stuff. So now I decided since I did so well at fan fic I would start putting on my own stuff. A lot of people have called out my grammar in my stories but never offered to Beta for me So please if you're interested let me know need the help. So that's about it for me look me up.



1/13/2010 #56

I'm Matt, Orchid, Stone or anything else you want to call me. I've been writing for ten of my nineteen years and I write completely from my own experiences and memories so beware if you click on my profile ... my fics are rated for language, drugs, sexual situation and graphic violence. I will rarely, if ever, request a return review for something I've reviewed but should the occasion arise the above warnings apply so DO NOT go delving into my fics if you're under the age of 18 or risk being shocked, stunned and totally misguided.

Pleased to meet you all and happy writing.

1/13/2010 #57

Hello all.

Thanks for inviting me here. ^_^ Unfortunately I'll be a lurker for now. I'm barely having time to update my own stories, so I can't review much. I'll try slipping in a few reviews here and there though! =)

Ah...well, I'm a 16 yr old gal from south-east Asia...I go by many names, Rish/Lady luck/that-quiet-gothic-girl. Bleh, I'm not really gothic. Infact, I don't fit into any cliques at all. Sometimes I'm a tomboy, sometimes a loony girly-girl, whatever. People assume I'm into 'goth/emo' because I'm this Rock/Metal music freak and like black. A LOT. =P

So, that's me in a nutshell for now. Looking forward to meet new people!

1/14/2010 #58

I'm, Sputnik, real name Chris. I started out on Fanfiction under the same pen name, but moved here to write original fiction, although I do have a short novel in the Day After Tommorrow universe that garnered some good reception but was hamstrung by the fact it took me five years to finish, and as such is all over the place.

Anyway, if you look at my Avatar picture, you will see me. I'm the half-unconscious bloke between the two lovely ladies and to my everlasting regret I don't remember that photo being taken. Gotta say - love Ibiza, hate San Miguel.

My writing style is best described as social realism meets Micheal Bay, if that makes any sense, in that its normal people in a normal town - generally down the pub and going 'Eee' - running away from explosions. I think I write good dialogue but I'm weak on characterisation, you may notice if you read all my stuff that I use the same stock group of characters and even when I do that I often let them act in ways they probably wouldn't. But I'm working on it.

I write for fun but not for profit, and I wish it were the other way round. Don't get me wrong, I love to write, but if someone paid me for it I'd love it even more. If that sounds greedy and grasping then I can live with it. If I can live with it a giant gold-plated mansion then so much the better.

Currently I am bashing away at my Rise Of The Dead tales. There's the central story titled 'Year One', and two other one shots that sort of exist in the same universe. Whenever I can I update Year One, and I have a number of ideas relating to various other characters and plots in the same reality, including one possibly completely tasteless tale based on the urban myth there were zombies in the Superdome during Katrina in 2005. If you like zombies I think you'll appreciated 'Year One' as the beginning of an epic zombie saga, and if you don't like zombies its funny and shocking in equal parts, and I just ask you give it a shot.

Obviously thats not all I write, but its all thats up here, although I have an alter ego called 'Sputnik Junior' ( http://www.fictionpress.com/u/694661/ ) where I post some old stuff of mine that I feel represents an early stage in my writing development and as such doesn't sit with what I do now. Still, I put it up because I thought it might be interesting to compare and contrast with what I've become, or failing that, you can have a laugh at how crummy it is, its up to you.

Think thats it. Any reviews will be returned, I promise, and I'll stick you on my Favourite Author and Favourite Story bits, because I love to read. I'll always be honest in my reviews, and I'd like the same back.



1/15/2010 #59

Ei. I'm Allysa. And, I'm named after Alyssa Milano.

But Alyssa and Allysa are pronounced differently... But, it's not like people usually get that, and I can't exactly teach people that from just reading the names.

By the way, I'd like to thank Kel (K.M.Simpson), who invited me to join.

So...I like reading stories, especially romance, because I'm a romanticist. Though, I believe I've set pretty high standards. But I also think I'm a hopeless romantic... Just because I'm downright hopeless. But I also like fantasy and manga stories---because I know that manga can really go wild!

I've been writing stories only since I was eleven-- when someone actually managed to force one out. And I never stopped since. But I've been writing poems since I was a kid... Although most of them are really embarrassing so I didnt bother posting them up here. I'm a lyricist--- I write lyrics to songs--- and I've just recently found out that I can compose the music as well. I'm fifteen, but I've been singing since I was five. I don't have a solo career, though, but I've been in a choir since I was seven so... That's a lot of singing.

I dont play much sports, but I want to learn how to play basketball :)

I'm always inspired by books and music. They're my treasure.

And I love the musical 'RENT'. I've never seen anything more touching.

1/15/2010 #60
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