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Zombies, eh? I'll have to check out your story once I have some time to read. I'm working on a zombie story myself, although I haven't gotten far enough in it to post it yet (as a rule, I always write the first ten to fifteen chapters before I begin posting. Right now I think I have about six chapters written). Anyways, it sounds interesting and I'll be sure to look into it sometime this weekend.


1/15/2010 #61
1.21 Jigawatts

Good day all.

I'm limited. I found this forum in the same manner that I found the other one I've been poking my head around: K.M. Simpson invited me. So thanks K.M. Simpson!

My screen name represents my position in writing for as long as I've been doing so. From many writers that I've met, I've found that I have quite a different attitude toward writing than many.

Namely, I don't really write my stuff to be effective, I write them kind of just however I write them. The whole prospect of having other people read stuff that I've written was only brought to my attention about two years ago, when one of my best friends found out about this site and repeatedly prodded me to post on it. I was really reluctant at first, I had never given any thought to letting other people read my stuff, but well, I'm here so we all know how that turned out.

Second is that I haven't really spent any time to edit / tune / polish anything that I've written. I've found that this aspect of my writing has really offended some writers on this site, because they take it as me saying that editing / tuning / putting thought into the technical details and all of that is not important, and that's something that the majority of writers have spent a lot of work on. But, I don't think that at all: I think refining the writing is very important to write something good, it's just that for me in particular they're lower on the priority list for me in particular than fleshing out the story. This is why: I'm a 1st year graduate student in engineering working on my PhD. That takes up about 40-60 hours a week (or more if its a really bad week). So I write mainly to let my imagination run wild and kind of get caught up in creating these stories and their worlds. It's a major mechanism of decompression at the end of the day after spending the majority of it in the lab running around and working with computer models, turbines, biodiesel fuel, tanks of hydrogen and solar panels. So what engages me the most about writing is not so much the craft itself, but the indulging in and fleshing out / imagining of my story concepts. That's my first priority when it comes to writing, which is why I say that I want to finish a story first before I go back and do any editing.

Think about it this way. I have n hours of free time to write per week. Sometimes, n = 0. But otherwise, say it's finite. Now, if I wanted to both write my stories to a fulfilling level of progress and put the time to edit / polish / etc... the writing and make it more effective, that would require at least 2n hours of free time. But I only have n. So in order of hierarchy, I'm going to use that n amount of free time on the aspect of writing that I get the most fulfillment out of - which is story concept. If I had more time, I'd edit and put more thought into making the writing all nice and shiny, but I don't, so that's why my stories are all unedited first drafts. So to summarize, I think getting the writing 'right' is very important, I just don't have time to do it, and it's not the central focus of why I write.

Some people still find it offensive, but oh well, that's just how it goes.

If I put some more thought into refining my writing, and some time into polishing it, yea, my writing probably be more effective. It won't be anything amazing, but it would be at least respectable compared to what it is now. And contrary to popular belief, I'm not a complete d*** when it comes to writing elements, I've thought about many conceptual things regarding it quite a lot. I just don't really execute them that well, but I haven't really gone at lengths to include them in my stories at this point. Although, since there has been a mounting pile of suggestions, I am considering taking the 1st chapter of "The Voice in my Head" and actually editing / fixing it just to see what it would turn out like. As soon as I get over writer's block.

You may also notice that I'm very careful in my speech, and I tend to include a lot of disclaimers. Needless to say, my experience on FP during the first few months of me being here was less than stellar, because I happened to get unlucky enough to run into some very unfriendly writers. I realize that the majority of people here are nice and all, but I have seen the other side quite extensively, so that's why there tends to be an initially defensive undertone to the things I say. Don't read too much into it.

Anyway, nice meeting you all.


1/17/2010 #62

Guess i'll say hi also =)

My names Alyssa, but i would prefer Aly please, i despise my full first name with a passion. I'm here because i love writing stories and reading them and there is so much choice here to read, it's also free, which saves me buying numerous books =') (not a cheap skate but if i don't like the story then i haven't wasted money, lulz)

I'm in my final year of high school and i hope to take English Literature at A-Level as it's something i'm passionate about (along with photography), blame my mother, she was reading me Shakespeare when i was three and still recites it to me all the time. Grrrrr.

I'm utterly obsessed with Torchwood and Doctor Who, it's such a shame John Barrowman is gay however! (why are all the good looking guys either gay or taken!?) and i know i'll open up a whole can of worms here but i don't like it that Matt Smith is the new doctor. David Tennant is by far the best Doctor (L)

I love rock, metal, indie and 8-bit music (Y) My favourite rock/metal band is Avenged Sevenfold and my favourite 8-bit artist is Henry Homesweet =)

And I love Gaspard Ulliel, something about french accents on gorgeous men just makes me melt!

~ Aly xoxo

1/18/2010 #63
Mizzuz Spock

Welcome, Limited! Nice to see your face around some more. :]

Ah, and welcome, Aly! Shakespeare is love. So is 8-bit music. x]

Hope you enjoy your stay here at The Gossip Forum!

Don't be afraid to come and drop us a line in theChit, Chat, and Gossip thread. (I'm usually always stalking that place...But don't let my nerdiness and stalker tendencies scare you away!) xD

1/18/2010 #64
Arctic Shadow

Hi...I'm Ven... I got invited.

1/19/2010 #65

Welcome Ven - head over to the Review Request thread and pick one (or more) requests to critique before you post your own request, please.

1/19/2010 #66
Kingdom Hearts

Hello, I am not new to fictionpress, but I am not a vry active member. I am trying to get more active now however.

I am a student at university, trying to get my degree in Journalism, while I try and finish my novels. I'm twenty-one...and that is all I can think of. I'm a shy person I suppose I could share. I like to be on my own. I take critque very well, as as long as it has at least a little positive feedback. I need to have some positive feedback or I just quit. Its an emotional response I know I need to work on.

Um...yeah. Nothing else I guess. Hope to be active and get to know a lot of you!

1/20/2010 #67

Hello all, I'm Drew.

I am currently attending school, hoping to get a degree in Electrical Engineering (ask me nicely and I may help you with your math homework :P). I'm only working on one story at the moment, and as an engineer, I'm very analytical; my work tends to reflect this (its a fantasy story, but I partially explain the science behind the magic used. Sorry about that, I really can't help it). I'm also quite cynical and that tends to get reflected in my work as well.

Other than that, there's not much to tell. Glad to be here.

1/20/2010 #68

Hello. Y'all can call me Dix or Dixxy, from what you've read about me so far, I believe that you can deduce that I am from the south. This is indeed correct. I am a junior in highschool. I have been on this site for about four years now, but I haven't been all that active until recently.I've been writing since the fifth grade and I mainly write (attempt to write would be more accurate) poetry. But, I love fantasy fiction and I hope to put up a story on here soon.

1/20/2010 #69

Hey everyone!

I'm Xen, you may know me from rare sightings in the iconic forums of The Roadhouse and my one post at the RG. Not to mention The Globe, which isn't so iconic but we do alright.

I like... watermelon, Graham Greene, coloured paper and slice-of-life stories over in the General section of FP. I'm currently working on my nano project from last year, a couple un-finished stories and a new one that I just started, about love and sex and all sorts of other fun things that I haven't quite figured out. I found this place because it's on taerkitty's profile (who was nice enough to send a few brilliant reviews my way), and I decided to introduce myself because I'm in serious danger of turning into a complete hermit. Meeting people is something that I have to force myself to do, I'm really bad at it. In real life, and on the interwebs! So, here I am.

My current obsession is with the Southern Vampire Mysteries, and the tall hunk of burning love known as Eric Northman ;)

I'm also listening to too much Pixies, Led Zep and David Bowie, as well as re-watching Joss Whedon's Firefly for like, the fifth time. And planning on getting a Literary Tattoo! Yep...

1/21/2010 #70


I'm YasuRan and it's nice to meet people who love writing as much as I do. I'll read just about anything and am always open to constructive criticism on any of my work. Um, I like a lot of things, dislike a lot of things and get inspired by the strangest things. I'm in my second year of college at the moment and am pretty much the stereotypical Scorpio. I write fanfiction to appease my dorky side and good music is always welcome to my iTunes :)

1/21/2010 #71

Hi new people!

Welcome. I'm also a student so not as active as I'd like to be. There are some good stories in the "Want a Review" thread. Dig in and enjoy!

1/21/2010 #72

Hi, I'm relatively new to the forum. I'm also a fan of manga, so like Tomoyuki Tanaka, I spend much of my time in the manga section. I also tend to write manga stories, so yeah...

My name is Vernelle, but one of my friends incessantly calls me Vernelley because of foreign teachers constantly mispronouncing my name. It's sort of grown on me. =)

Hope to improve my writing skills with all your help.

1/23/2010 #73

Welcome, folks. I've taken on the duties of being 'bad cop' in the review thread, so please, please, please

- Take a look at some of the recent review requests.

- Pick at least one that seems your cup of tea.

- Review it.

- Then post in the review thread that you've reviewed it, and the piece you want reviewed.

By 'bad cop,' I mean I'll be the one who has to hate myself for deleting your post if you just ask for a review without stating in the post what existing works you've already reviewed.

Please. The karma you save could be mine...

1/23/2010 #74
Mizzuz Spock

Aw, that's why we love you, Kitty. x]

Welcome everybody! Hope you enjoy your stay here at the Gossip Forum. :]

1/23/2010 #75


New to the forum! :)

I'm Precious-Ivory but I prefer Ivory (less of a mouthfull lol)

I'm into reading, writing, music and sports. I'm looking to improve my writing skills and hopefully read some awesome stories on the way


1/24/2010 #76

Hmmm...this looks interesting...

My real name's Jess (it's a common enough name, I don't need to be precious with it :P), but for the sake of internetiness, call me Improv.

I've been loitering on FP for a while, and I'm a regular at the Review Game, but this forum looked worth checking out ^_^

I think I recognise a few faces from the RG too...

or rather, avatars.

Whatever ¬_¬

1/24/2010 #77
Mizzuz Spock

OMG. Austen? :D

Welcome to the Gossip Forum! Hope you enjoy your stay. :]

1/24/2010 #78
Anise Cary

Hi my name is Kelly, I also go by Kel, my name here is the name I decided on as my pen name. I've been writing since I was a kid, and now I teach it, well sort of LOL I'm a middle school communication arts teacher. Just joined fictionpress a short time ago, learning the ropes of posting stories. I posted one or two and realized they were way too much in a section so I took them down and doing it over so it's easier to read. I've been bouncing around reading stories that catch my eye, but I'll be heading to the review thread to read some that people have made requests on. Just wanted to say hi to all.

1/25/2010 #79
Mizzuz Spock

Welcome, Kelly!

Feel free to read the rules and post requests for reviews in the Review Thread.

And don't be afraid to drop by and converse with us over in the Chat, Chat, and Gossip Thread.

Hope you enjoy your stay here! :]

1/25/2010 #80
Jess Miller

Hey guys!

Jess Miller here, although this is just a pen name. I'm a sucker for good romance stories and books. Also, I'm a big cry baby. You know the girl who would cry over the fluffiest cheesiest movie or tv scene or even a paragraph from a book? Yep, that's me!

I'm currently in love with Mark Salling (Puck) from Glee although he doesn't know me :( Lol. I love performing too, but writing is my number one passion tied with music.

1/28/2010 #81
Mizzuz Spock

Oh, a fellow crybaby! *high fives* I bawl my eyes out at the end of every single Pixar movie. xD

Welcome to The Gossip Forum. I hope you enjoy your stay here. :]

1/28/2010 #82

I'm a sobber, too, so you're in good company!

1/28/2010 #83
A. Barone

Hello all.

First, thank you to KM for inviting me to join! Second, as to all about me I'm just going to copy this from my profile because it's very long and I spent a good deal of time writing it. I am twenty-two years old and I’m a gal who wants nothing more to be a writer. However, I do know that being a writer doesn’t always pay the bills and therefore I am going to be the best teacher that I can be. To achieve this I am currently in Teacher’s College. The classes have been great and the Grade One class that I was placed in from Sept-Dec 09 was awesome and my Grade Four class this term (Jan to April) is great too. It has been an amazing journey thus far even though it has left me with scant time to write.

I go by A. Barone here and Anjirika on ff.net where I first started writing. If you want to know more about me and my psyche then I suggest looking at my blog entitled 'A Patchwork of Tales' and this is where I state my opinion on world events, interesting things, the television shows that I watch, the books that I read and of course my writing.

In terms of my writing, I've been writing for as long as I can remember and in Grade 3 when we had journal writing time I would have story writing time. In terms of my writing on the net I first started writing Sailor Moon fanfiction with my own senshi (the story is no longer up) and Buffy & Angel stories (not up either) before I found my fanfiction groove and muses with Stargate Atlantis (Elizabeth/John pairing) and Stargate SG1 (Vala/Daniel) to which I wrote an 86k novel which one day will be turned into original fiction. Lots of my more recent works on ff.net (from last year) are unfinished because I'm more apt to work on my original stories but still check them out if you like science-fiction and/or power rangers and/or PotC. Now, I love to write fantasy stories. Mostly, I write contemporary fantasy or fantasy based in the real world, but I do love high fantasy and science fiction as well even though I don’t write them very often, if at all. Recently, I have been inspired to go out into mainstream and even historical stories with a certain romantic base. I am a hopeless romantic and therefore the vast majority of my stories (if not all of them) have a happy ending. I usually only work on one story at a time but I'm trying something new in 2010 and I will have one story to finish and two to start/work on and complete in January alone.

To date I have completed three novels all of which are in various stages of drafting & editing and I hope that one of these days one of them will be in a good enough state to get published. Of these completed novels two are up here (DoE & Arela's Story) So please, take the time to read and review them and any story that I have up here. I’ll return the favour eventually because even though I don’t have the time, I am on the look out for new stories here on fpress.

Other things you should know about me—I am a total television, movie and book junkie. I don’t ask a lot from any of the mediums except for a good story and a decent romance sub-plot. Generally I prefer the fantasy/action-adventure/science-fiction genre but I do like crime show like NCIS and comedies like FRIENDS and GLEE. All I need is a semi-descent love story and a happy/pseudo happy ending and the things that I watch have those two criteria.

And finally, while I haven't started the process of querying agents I have signed up for Amazon's Breakthrough Novel Award with my first true completed novel 'Pen's Dreamscape' which unfortunatly was up on fpress in 2006 but isn't anymore and I have 1/5000 odds of winning. They're not the best, but I'll take them.

Other than that, I'm psyched to be here and I can't wait to get to know all of you. ^_^


~A. Barone (but you can call me Anji)

1/29/2010 #84
Mizzuz Spock

Welcome, Anji!

If you haven't already, I'd definitely recommend checking out the Review Request thread.

And don't be afraid to pop into the Off Topic thread, Chat, Chit and Gossip, and say hello.

Since you're thinking about pursuing writing as a career, I would definitely suggest you check out the various other Writing Tips and Discussion threads on here as well.

Hope you enjoy your stay here at The Gossip! =D

I am a total television, movie and book junkie.

*high fives* You'll fit in just fine here. :]

1/29/2010 #85
A. Barone

Mizzuz, I'm sure that I'll love it here and I've already checked out the review and request thread (and read and reviewed a story as well). ^_^ And I'm sure that I will enjoy my stay here at the Gossip! ^_^

1/29/2010 #86

Well it's about time I suppose I poke around here!

Hello! My name is Emily and I know some people from The Globe and the RG so I realized I should probably be checking this place out!

Pretty much who I am right now: A student! More specifically, I'm an English major with emphasis in Creative Writing and minors in German and Women Studies at the University of South Dakota. So I know everyone out there is really interested in the great state of South Dakota and please, one question at a time. I can also be sarcastic, apparently.

Other things: I love punk music, Harry Potter, and Invader Zim. I dislike Twilight, just so you know where I am on that side of the fence, and let's see...it's snowing outside.

2/1/2010 #87
Mizzuz Spock

Well it's about time I suppose I poke around here!

Yes. It. Is. xD

'Lo, Emily! Welcome to the Gossip Forum.

Hope you enjoy your stay. :]

2/1/2010 #88
Anise Cary

Hello and welcome Anji and Emily!

2/1/2010 #89

Hello everyone! U can call me Nenphis (just an on line fancy nickname). I'm in medicine school now but I've been writing since the 5th grade I think. The problem is I didn't improve much and it's hard to get past teenage level. But I still like laying ideas and cool stories, makes it fun and discharges the troubled, overstuffed mind and soul.

This site I think it's very useful but very hard to please everybody, just cause it's so much and so many. I didn't quite manage to make friends here, because I've been on and off, but oh well...and it's hard since English is not my native language :D

I get inspired by other people's stories, songs, movies anything I get in contact with but I like continuing the idea, adding and rearranging. I'm working now on something I think it's really cool, tons of things I wanna add and just wanna make it a fun project for my hopefully soon to come fans will enjoy. Problem is I don't have a title for it yet, bummer :(

Anyway, thank you for sending me the message to come here.

2/6/2010 #90
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