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So some of you have PM'd me asking what to do and that.

Ask questions here, and all will be answered. Or if its about stories on here or questions others can answer, then feel free to ask.

1/6/2010 #1

I have a question, why do people leave anonymous reviews, I mean honestly? What's so bad about being tagged by your own words?

1/6/2010 #2

well you can go to settings and disable anonymous reviews...

those are really shy people I deem

1/7/2010 #3

Some stories allow to write a review, even if you're not signed up here. Some people might just come on here to read a few stories. Or they don't know how to sign up (like when I first started, I didn't know what to do) Or maybe they can't be bothered to sign up.


1/7/2010 #4

Here are some possibilities, in order of descending probability:

- I can imagine someone dragooning their friend(s) into posting reviews, and said friend(s) is neither a writer nor avid reader so sees no point in joining FP.

- It could be the author either shilling the work, bumping the numbers, or actually using the anon review to respond publicly to a previous review. This would be obvious upon reading the review, however.

- Some people might not want to 'leave traces' if their stories are too similar to the one they're reviewing.

- There might be cliques and clans that have rivalries and an independent-minded member of one gang may want to actually comment on the work of the rival gang.

[soapbox] As authors, we should challenge ourselves to consider these questions and come up with what we feel are viable answers so we can train ourselves to think like others do, or to devise situations that logically lend themselves to these unorthodox, but internally consistent answers. [/soapbox]

Besides, it's fun to ponder these questions. Anyone else have any possible answers?

1/7/2010 #5
Vulpine Ninja

I don't mind getting anonymous reviews, than not getting a review/comment at all.even if it's a destructive comment, I wouldn't go take 'revenge' on that person whether he's anonymous or not. So it's no big deal for me, this is the internet anyway. But i'd be more honoured if I know who the reviewer is.

I agree with taerkitty there. but I'd like to add a lil more.

- it might be a person who DOES have an fp account, but probably a lil lazy to login becos of internet problems or that s/he hasn't been updating for a while. or they could be using a public computer to leave a comment. They don't wann risk forgetting to log out before leaving the internet cafe if the ever login.

1/10/2010 #6
Vulpine Ninja

sorry double post, but I have questions. More like a request.

1. will the mods open up a "Help me find a title" topic? It'd be useful for those having trouble thinking of one ^^

2. and open up a topic providing useful websites/url that relates to fiction and poetry writing.

1/10/2010 #7
June's vampire

I think that would be a really good idea, i always have trouble coming up with titles. is anyone any good with summary writing?

1/11/2010 #8

June there is a topic going on for summary ideas, go check their hun. http://www.fictionpress.com/topic/4244/1522649/1/

1/11/2010 #9
Mizzuz Spock

*shyly raises hand*

Miss All-Powerful Modess, will we be having game or contest threads in the future? Or are you going to keep this a strictly Help With Writing and a Review Forum?

Also, K, I want you to know that I think this Forum is doing really well. I was sad when you left RH, but you've done a great job here. Gratz! :]

1/12/2010 #10

What kind of game or contents? (I'm curious as well.)

Hey, like your avatar (for today.)

1/12/2010 #11

Yes. Once the forum is properly up and going, and there's more people, then we will proabably do challenges and some games, but just for now, we are just going to start up and running.

And thanks yeah, I thought the roadhouse was loosing it's touch and it really needed a mod there. I said if Dolvich ever comes back I would, but if he don't the forums going to be completely messed.


1/13/2010 #12
Mizzuz Spock

Vulpine Ninja brought up about starting a topic about Writer's Block. What are your thoughts on that, K?

1/16/2010 #13

Explain what you mean?? In futher details.

1/16/2010 #14
Vulpine Ninja

Something like... a discussion on how to handle Writer's Block or what do you do when you get it? what are the causes of it? a random RP topic just to overcome Writer's Block? Or a topic that provides a remedy to cure from that illness?

something like that...

1/16/2010 #15

Writers block is now up!

1/16/2010 #16
Mizzuz Spock

K, will the time to enter the writing challenge last until midnight?

1/21/2010 #17

perhaps this is the better place for the discussion? do americans say a animal, then? that was the only alternative i could think of, but it sounds weird as hell to me. am i missing something?

Oh, and while I'm on the topic, I never know whether to use mould or mold to differentiate between the fungus and the noun or verb connotating 'a cast' or 'to shape'. is there a consensus one way or the other or is context thing?

1/21/2010 #18
Mizzuz Spock

Thanks, K! I just might enter yet!

*goes back to half-finished story* x]

@sophiesix: The correct American way is "an animal," and, while people will say "a animal" often, it isn't the correct way over here. xD

And I think you can use the same "mold" and "mould" are the same, except "mould" is the British spelling. :]

1/21/2010 #19

yay mizzuz Spock! go! go! go!

:waits with baited breath for story:

:peers at own neglected work:

:goes back to waiting hopefully:

:thinks Wolverhampton is a really cool name:

That's shame there's no rule for mold/mould then. I can't stand fungus, it seems a pity two words with such different levels of pleasantness can't be distinguished. Ah, English, :shakes head sadly: ;)

1/21/2010 #20
Mizzuz Spock

I doubt I'll win the Writing Challenge this time around. xD

But I have a question, in case I should win in the future:

Could I give my prize reviews to another FP author?

1/23/2010 #21
J.S. Hopkins

Is anyone else having problems uploading chapters?

1/29/2010 #22
Mizzuz Spock

What kind of problems are you running into when trying to upload?

1/29/2010 #23
J.S. Hopkins

This is what it says. I haven't done or use a different program.

Processing Error

We are unfortunately unable to convert your document. This could be an internal error or a problem with your file. Please try again. If you contintue to receive this error, please forward your file to site support for further assistance

1/29/2010 #24

Yep. However you can work around:

1. Click on 'Login' in the upper right of the screen.

2. Click on 'Publish', then 'My Stories'

3. Click on one of your stories.

4. Click on 'Content/Chapters'

5. Click on the 'exp' link, any 'exp' link.

6. You will have created a new document in your Document Manager, titled "Export:Chapter1" or somesuch.

7. Now, you can delete all your content in that document and copy/paste your new chapter or story from your desktop.

8. After you're done, you can append this chapter to your story as usual.

1/29/2010 #25
J.S. Hopkins


(on hands and knees bowing.) You all are the best.

1/29/2010 #26

Thank you for the inspiration, Cagirl95 - I popped that into my 'About FictionPress: FAQ and Help for New Users' forum.

1/29/2010 #27
J.S. Hopkins

It will help us out so much too. I'm really glad I joined this forum. You learn so much too.

1/29/2010 #28
Mizzuz Spock

A friend and I are working on a story together, but the story is under his account.

Is it against the rules for me to ask for requests on it? Or does he have to post here requesting?

1/29/2010 #29

Just make sure you specify which story you've reviewed when you ask for a review. :)

Seriously, it's fine to ask for friends, so long as you give someone a read.

I feel it's really sweet to read when someone says, "Can someone give UserSoAndSo some review love? S/He's new here, and feeling a little neglected."

1/29/2010 #30
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