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First, write the text you want to appear and highlight it. Then, click the little chain-link icon next to where it says "styles" in the toolbar at the top of this box. Paste the link where it says URL and click save. :)

You can also do this in your profile, but there's currently a glitch that's keeping it from working.

5/30/2010 #61


Thank you! I'll try it out:

Persephone's Flight

Hopefully, this works. :)))

~Avid. :)

5/30/2010 #62

Oh, could somebody also tell me how to remove spam reviews from my stories?


~Avid. :)

5/30/2010 #63

You can only delete anonymous reviews, unfortunately. In your login screen, there's a link all the way to the right that says "reviews." Scroll over it and you'll get a menu that says "remove reviews." Then there's a drop down selection with all your stories. I don't have any anonymous reviews to test with, but I assume if you click on one of the stories, there will be a "delete" button somewhere.

5/30/2010 #64

thanks very much. :) I've decided that I hate spam. :P


I'm starting my quest to return the 8 reviews you gave me, lol.

~Avid. :)

5/30/2010 #65

Haha, please don't worry about it. It was my pleasure.

5/30/2010 #66

thanks very much. :) I've decided that I hate spam. :P

You can also ban users, and I think I know the spam that you're talking about, they spammed one of my stories too. I would ban the following, because I know these three users have been spamming:

Just go down from Account and then Block users:




all of them are fake accounts with robot spam review tactics. Hopefully you can at least stop the other two from spamming you! ^^

6/2/2010 #67

Thanks lookingwest! I've blocked those people you listed. :)


6/2/2010 #68

I got spammed by lili999 a few days ago. I reported it to FP but the things still there.


6/12/2010 #69

i have a question ..

can I submit fanfic stories in this site?? .

I made a fanfic story of soul eater, it's my first time writing one so I don't know if it's

alright to submit it here in fictionpress ^^;

6/13/2010 #70

well there is fanfiction.net...for fanfictions

6/13/2010 #71

yes, i know that but I want to submit it here for my works to be easily tracked ^^;

If it isn't allowed, then I have no choice but to submit it there in fanfiction.net ^^

6/13/2010 #72

Yeah, only original works are allowed here. The best you can do is put a link in your profile.

6/13/2010 #73

also on fanfiction.net, you can be easily tracked and just leave alink in ur profile here...

6/13/2010 #74

It is advised not to permit work that is not of fictionpress on here. Since fanfiction have there own groups for stuff like this, while fictionpress have there own groups. Helpful tips are too join a forum on fanfiction.


6/13/2010 #75

I see, that's too bad then ...

but oh well, thanks for those who answered anyway ^^

6/13/2010 #76
J.S. Hopkins

I have a little problem I'm trying to write in a flash back into one of my stories and I don't know how to start it. Or write in a prolog and I don't know how to start that either any suggestions would be great.

7/2/2010 #77
Old xRayneWolfx account

I have a small question- How can you tell if you're being flamed in a review?

9/20/2010 #78

Quick question, is there something wrong with the "hits" monitor? Because even though I got a review or two, there seems to have been zero hits on anything for about a week

9/24/2010 #79
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