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But you won't, right? Pleeeeeze?

1/17/2010 #31
Mizzuz Spock

But you won't, right? Pleeeeeze?

That was one of the things I considered before writing Dusk. So no worries, there is no spoon with Mermaid Twilight. xD

1/17/2010 #32
Mizzuz Spock

Dacey awoke to the sound of the flowers humming softly. "Good morning! Good morning!" the daisies trilled in harmony, while the chrysanthemums chirped in unison: "'Bout time, sleepyhead." He scratched the back of his head and groaned. Those flowers. He hated those flowers. "Would you like some breakfast?" He didn't have time to answer "no" before an apple hit him right on the head. He hated those trees even more than the flowers.

1/18/2010 . Edited 1/18/2010 #33
Mizzuz Spock

It's really embarassing when you've got the ability to fly...but you're terrified of heights.

S'all I got for today. *yawns*

1/18/2010 #34

A widow lives in a haunted house, but the ghosts give her someone to talk to. One day, the sheriff brings bad news - the house is about to be condemned, and she needs to move to a home. How will she tell her only friends goodbye?

1/18/2010 #35
Mizzuz Spock

Concerning the Ellie idea:

Erm. It really happened. Kind of... o.o

TVGuide.com: Walk me through the chain of events leading up to Rozlyn getting booted off the show this week. Chris Harrison: It all happened that day. The producer confessed to the relationship with Rozlyn ... there was a code of ethics that was breached and couldn't be tolerated so he was fired. I didn't find out until I showed up to the rose ceremony and was pulled aside, was told what happened, and then told I was the one that was going to bring the news to her. You saw it play out on Monday night's episode. I watched it four times just to see and there is no glimmer of confusion, denial, anger ... A line was crossed that couldn't be and she accepted it. They weren't very secretive about it; in fact, they were brazen about it.

1/18/2010 #36

Darn. So even being the producer isn't enough to keep from being fired for having a dalliance with a contestant.

On the set of "Roommates 24/7," the phone rang and Serena answered it. "Mr. Kuznetsov, sir. Korovin's dead, just like you ordered." She hung up the phone, and announced "It was a wrong number." She prayed everyone in the house, and watching, would believe her.

1/18/2010 . Edited 1/18/2010 #37

The artist assemble, and paint their rivals, then paint over them, causing them to fade. The writers assemble, and write their rivals, then extend the stories, causing them to fail. The sings, the actors, every artist attacks, wounds, and even kills hir rivals by way of hir art. In this world, what's a mime to do?

1/19/2010 #38
Mizzuz Spock

A coffee mug is taken to The Shelf and plots to escape Wal-Mart before he can be bought by...bargain hunters. Join him on his wild adventures throughout the store: helping the Pizza Mafia, escaping crazed blenders, having fun at Barbie parties, and making it out in one piece after passing through the mysterious Aisle Thirteen. Oh, and did I mention outwitting the security claw and automatic doors? Well. Now I did.

1/19/2010 #39

The sorceress appears to the protagonist, demanding her payment for his decade of success: his firstborn. "Ha! I have trumped you, old hag! I have remained my own man all these many years, and have no wife, no child." Oy, that's going to cost him.

1/20/2010 #40

You dont mind me taking some of these ideas for my summaries do you?? Cause I think they'd suit it right.

1/20/2010 #41

I'm posting them for people to take! I'm too wrapped up with my existing fic and R/Rs to use them.

1/20/2010 #42

Here are some animal prompts, for those who have yet to join in KM's challenge:

A dog starts to suspect that a member of hir family is Not Who S/He seems: a pod person, a robot, a hologram, something.

"You knew I was a snake when you picked me up" told from the snake's perspective, including a reason for that mutually fatal bite.

Animals have been known to behave strangely prior to a natural disaster, such as an earthquake. Describe these misbehaviours in a way to maximize unease in the reader.

In a lab, the aging alpha male in a dog pack faces his most dangerous challenge yet - a 'litter' of his own clones, all in their youthful prime, and, because they were cloned, a hint of telepathy.

A whale, outmatched while fighting a giant squid, escapes for the surface, only to see a whaler approaching.

One cat decides to stop aging, and Bast granted her that wish. At this time, she has outlived six generations, mourning them much like how we mourn our deceased pets. Now her seventh person is ailing, and she pleads with Bast to take back that ill-conceived wish.

During a messy divorce, they decide to give the dog to a friend. But, no one asked the dog, and she escapes to her home, where she finds the divorce has escalated violence and mayhem. Which side will she take?

A vampire bat chooses the wrong target - a real vampire. What happense then?

In a strange twist of fate, on this path with this brick house, which sits next to a pile of straw and another pile of sticks, someone left a freshly-born dog-wolf cub mix at the door.

The Red Queen has ordered the White Rabbit to bring her an Alice. Up the rabbit hole, back in our world, he emerges next to an all-girls school...

In some cultures, cranes are thought to bear the souls of the deceased, this one deader's got a fear of (insert applicable complication.)

"Timmy, you keep finding wells to fall into. You know, one of these days, I won't be around to save you. Maybe I should let you sit down there for a bit and think about this a bit."

Struck by cosmic rays while passing through the Van Allen belt during a solar flare storm, NASA's latest space-chimp becomes sentient. The good news - the capsule is designed for re-entry. The bad news - it's designed to return the chimp's body.

A man reincarnated as a snake encounters his wife, reincarnated as a mongoose.

1/20/2010 . Edited 1/20/2010 #43

lol, love teh vampire bat one!

and piranha mermaids... XD they look pretty til they smile...

ok here's one:

A particularly bad day Maths class culminated in the annihilation of the planet Earth,

and John can’t shake the sneaking suspicion he’s to blame.

I suck at writing summaries, but i really liked that one. pity the story flopped :)

1/20/2010 #44

Another prompt from KM's challenge. C'mon - you still got a day!

"On the internet, nobody knows you're a dog." Write it without a twist ending, such as, "Surprise, you're a dog!" Reveal it to the audience earlier, so that's not the one and only point of the story.

1/21/2010 #45


1/21/2010 #46

Okay, back to the usual random-ness prompts.

Mizumi opened the envelope she found in her locker. Inside she found a ring, a pen, feather, and a shell. Puzzled, she set the envelope down to go inspect the items, but noticed that it had writing on the front. She could have sworn it wasn't there before...

1/22/2010 #47
Mizzuz Spock

When Emma dies, she discovers she has a balanced soul: exactly fifty-percent good, exactly fifty-percent evil. God, Satan, the Limbo master, Death, and the mysterious Soul Collector all have their reasons for wanting her soul...whoever possesses it will receive ultimate power and, should she fall into the "wrong" hands, the balance as we know it could be destroyed. Along with the world, of course.

Eh. Another old idea I found in my memory warehouse. It's filled to the brim with cliches, but it was fun while it lasted. I offer it up to whomever may want to use it. :]

1/22/2010 #48
Mizzuz Spock

"On the internet, nobody knows you're a dog." Write it without a twist ending, such as, "Surprise, you're a dog!" Reveal it to the audience earlier, so that's not the one and only point of the story.


I've got the perfect plot to fit this. Yay for social satire!

Kitty, I will credit you. :3

1/23/2010 #49

T'wasn't mine, Mizzuz! The cartoon in the URL has been around for ... decades, maybe. At least 15 years.

That's another prompt:

On the eve of her quinceañera, the daughter of a retired Chilean colonel becomes the focus of a haunting. Two vengeful spirits claim they are her real parents, murdered by the colonel during his service to the government. They may even be truthful, but who will she choose?

1/23/2010 #50
Mizzuz Spock

T'wasn't mine, Mizzuz! The cartoon in the URL has been around for ... decades, maybe. At least 15 years.

Yes, but you gave the idea to write it without a surprise ending concerning the dog. That was what sparked my imagination. So when my piece is written, I shall give credit where credit is due. =D

Here's my summary/idea for today:

Imaginary friends don't like it when you grow up.

1/23/2010 #51

heh heh, like drop dead fred. I like that one with the dude killing teh parents and bringing up teh kid, because that actually happened a fair bit didn't it? O_O

1/23/2010 #52
Mizzuz Spock

The boy set down the book and glanced, once more, over his shoulder. "And what's behind that door, Mr. Jenkins?" The old man turned his head slowly to where the boy was pointing. "Nowhere," he said. "And everywhere."

1/24/2010 #53

I like it. I just wish I had time to start yet -another- story...

Just wanted to give you a thumbs up for that one. It's full of promise.

1/24/2010 #54
Mizzuz Spock

One doorkeeper always tells the truth, and the other always lies. But guarding the entrance to Certain Death and Paradise gets really bored really fast when you have to do it for Eternity. Sometimes, the keepers liked to mess with people. Their newest victim, however, might not be in the mood to play games...

1/25/2010 #55

Just a story starter:

What if you woke up and heard the a stanza from a familiar song? Now, what if it presaged the events of the day?

1/26/2010 #56
Mizzuz Spock

Five people stuck in an elevator. One very strange turn of events. Think "Lost" in an elevator.

There's a reason why this idea fell through, but I still like the concept. :]

1/29/2010 #57
Vulpine Ninja

Five people stuck in an elevator. One very strange turn of events. Think "Lost" in an elevator.

There's a reason why this idea fell through, but I still like the concept. :]

I could use this for my true story. My friends and I actually had this experience!!

1/29/2010 #58

Remember: The point of writing isn't to be real, but to feel real. A fic could be BoaTS (Based on a True Story), but still be a poor fic. Think of many movies, especially fictionalized accounts.

A (wo)man is at a restaurant, meeting an investigator, when s/he spies hir spouse also meeting someone. Aha! The infidelity s/he always suspected, right? Then the investigator recognizes the other party as a fellow investigator...

1/29/2010 #59
Mizzuz Spock

Everyone knows about the Chosen One, right? Unites the kingdoms, ends the war, saves the day, blah blah blah. But Hector didn't even do any of that. That was me. All me. But who took the credit? Who got the girl? The kid with the friggin' prophecy tattooed on his forehead. Nobody will even give me a second glance. Because I'm just the Chosen One's brother.

1/29/2010 #60
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