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Mizzuz Spock

A young man is always falling apart. Literally.

2/9/2010 . Edited 2/16/2010 #91

I am a dream. I have no shape without you. I am but thoughts, images, sounds. I need you to give me life and purpose. I need you, but I don't want you. I search for you, but dread the night I find you.

2/10/2010 #92
Anise Cary

ugh thanks MS now I've got Pat Benatar playing in my head LOL

I don't know what to do anymore. These kids are going to be the death of me. The talking never stops, they seem to be completely incapable of closing their mouths. If they don't shut up soon the phrase will no longer be known as "going postal", it's gonna be "going teacher."

2/10/2010 #93
Mizzuz Spock

ugh thanks MS now I've got Pat Benatar playing in my head LOL

Ur wlcm. xD

Love Note, A Death Note parody:

The human whose name is written in this note shall fall in love.

You'd definitely need to know your Death Note before taking this on, but I think it'd be a fun little parody. If someone could pull it off...

2/10/2010 #94
Anise Cary

Celia had lived many lives, too many. She could remember them all, that made it worse. The memories constantly played in her head, she called people by the wrong names and forgot how to drive calling instead for a horse and buggy. That's how she ended up in lock down.

2/11/2010 #95

The problem with pretending to be in love for the foreign national for reason of God and Country is that there is always a chance of falling in love.

2/11/2010 #96

"to preserve you is no gain, to destroy you is no loss." This was the motto he lived by for an insane decade. Regret now fills his heart, but how will he ever voice it? And to whom?

Inspired by sophiesix's trip to the Khmer Rouge Torture Museum, S-21.

2/15/2010 #97
Mizzuz Spock

I was just another teen, y'know? Depressed, disgruntled, mad at the world and feeling like it owed me something. I was consumed by hate and anger for everything. Friends, family, work, play... But that was before Fate handed me the backpack. And everything changed.

2/16/2010 #98

I am a dream. I have no shape without you. I am but thoughts, images, sounds. I need you to give me life and purpose. I need you, but I don't want you. I search for you, but dread the night I find you.

May I work with this, taerkitty? I find it quite intriguing. Although I do hope I don't muck it up...

3/20/2010 #99
The Maiden

Sorry, i'm new here, so if i done something stupid, just tell me to go and sit in the corner. Anyway, this is the summary for my story (The Grey Omen), is it any good, or just another horrible crime?

A murder has an occurred; leaving a child without name. Now many years later, during the first war, Esther had faced many changes, but she had never expected her fourteen year to take such a turn for the worse.

7/20/2010 #100

Your summary has a few mistakes. I have fixed them as best as I can, feel free to use this revised summary or not, as you choose.

A murder has occurred; leaving a child without parents? a family? loved ones? . Now many years later, during the first *world* war, *the first war ever?* Esther has faced many changes, but she had never expected her fourteenth year to take such a turn for the worse.

I'm writing to ask the same question about my own novel. Its called Sharle's quest, and its supposed to be a slight deconstruction of the average fantasy novel. I haven't been able to get that many hits, however. Its not like I have a thousand hits at chapter one, and zero at chapter two, I just haven't been able to get up that much interest, and am wondering if the summary is the problem. Its posted below. If it interests you, feel free to check ou out the novel itself!

A homicidal alien, a schizophrenic nobleman, a manipulative college student, a suicidal ex soldier, a drug addicted wizard. Tipical cast of characters for a tipical fantasy novel. The implication, obviously, is that it isn't average, but perhaps this isn't clear? Anyway, any help would be apreciated.

8/12/2010 #101
The Maiden

Thanks for that, i really should work on my gammer and spelling.

The problem with your summary is that it doesn't even utter one line of a plot, it just characters and that doesn't catch the readers. Put a few lines of plot within your summary, it may help.

8/12/2010 #102
Kendall N.S

Yes, finally, I found a forum for this. -happiness-

Here's my plot summary:

At the beggining of the Twenty-first century, the United states is still simmering from the reveal of vampires coming out into the public eye. These aren't the sort of vampires that are incredibly soft and forgiving. They are hardened and ancient beings that don't have mercy unless they have the courtesy to bond to a human, but only to have the worst come about. The bonded, otherwise known as dhamphirs, usually come to the worse ends or become vampires. Unbeknown to humans, vampires have split their DNA amoung them, making several weak and slim. Back to the main plot. A regular girl named Lucy Black who doesn't fill the normal image of the girls in the small town of Collinsville, GA. (She's curvy and plus sized.) She has an almost extreme prejudice against vampires.

Unable to be even close to them or think about thinking about them as things other than evil and damned creatures. She was always a bit strange. Having flashbacks that aren't even from her own past. Then a strange docter, Wyatt Jones, takes her away from everything. Knowing more about her than she does herself. And charming her to the point of where she questions her own motives and morals to her parents, her friends and herself. Whether she truly loves him or is just under the terrible influence of stockholms. Especially a condition that she didn't even realize that she had. Something that made her live for nine lives. A cycle of reincarnation.

When a vampire bonded to her past life and wasn't able to keep her, stalks her and vows to kill her or change her the same way her past life tried to do to her.

To turn her, to stop the Cat Syndrome process in it's steps.

That's the plot for the first book of it, there's another underlying plot that's barely touched in this one and it's better expressed in the second and third books. I know this sounds choppy, but I'm not very good at summerizing things. And this is already written. I just want opinions. (Such as whether you would read this kind of book or not.)

1/1/2011 #103
Bloody Red Moon

Wow, don't say that you're bad at summaries, K.N.S. It sure explained more than I ever would in a summary, even if it is far longer than 255 characters.

I don't know what it is precisely that I have against vampires, but I just like to avoid them. I don't think they're evil, but, I can only think pathetic thoughts when someone mentions vampires. I suppose I, under strange circumstances, might read it, but it isn't a very high chance. But, it's only my negative outlook that would force me not to read; it's an excellent sounding start!

My own summary of my not-yet-started-yet-over-a-year-old story is just:

"Why is he after you?" shouted Héng, as she dashed along beside Wèi, both dirtying their gowns in the freezing rain and dank air. She gasped for air, her legs beginning to fail her. "I—I don't know! I don't know what he wants! I…why am I always a target?"

Anyway, I read through the entire forum before posting this, and was thinking about a summary I could put up for adoption.

"You're a fool," the last sneered. "I will destroy you, limb by limb, piece by piece, cell by cell. You have no strength to fight me." "No, I promised someone victory; I made an unbreakable vow when I became an avenger."

All I got at the moment. Most of my summaries are actually quotes taken from a chapter deep in, right at the climax, or a smaller climax. ~Bloody

2/15/2011 . Edited 2/16/2011 #104
Summary- Amber Leung is the new girl at Busan, High School in South Korea. Everyday she keeps seeing a shy, young girl with blood-stains on her school uniform and nobody even help's her or notice's her...so why is it that only Amber can see her? Is this okay for a summary? Should I add more to it? =o Also what would be a good title for the novel? I thought about naming it 'I'm Friends With a Ghost' or something like that :shrug: Sorry if the word's on here are bunched up, for some reason I can't seperate them on this site.
3/22/2012 #105
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