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"Hey, I'm a writer, too! Did you know about [this link]?"

- We all have our set of tools. In this case, what are some reference and utility websites you find yourself hitting over and over? Please note we're not talking about a particular story, so please don't spam. Also in the name of un-spamming, please only post a tool once (and only make one post, see below.)

- Let's keep this one discussion-free, please. If you disagree with a link's usefulness, please feel free to discuss it in the Chit, chat and gossip thread. If you disagree violently with a link's usefulness, please PM one of the moderators. This will be a "list of references" type of topic.

- Please edit your existing post. Let's try to put the most information possible within the 50 posts per page that FP displays. Click on 'mod' in the lower-right of your post, then 'edit.'


http://docs.google.com - Google Documents allows you to edit your documents from any web browser, allows you to designate some accounts as viewers and other accounts as editors, and allows multiple editors to work on a document in realtime. You get to see what I write as I write it.

- Per the site, "Tropes are devices and conventions that a writer can reasonably rely on as being present in the audience members' minds and expectations." Think of them as genre conventions. They're not so overused that they become cliche's.

- We seem to have a lot of manga-aholics here (probably because of the overlap with FF.net).

- Regency names: the title on the page itself reads 18th Century Women's names. Dunno.

- Victorian (England) names.

- French Arthurian names - great for 'Warring Noble Houses' genre, such as Code Geass. Here's a random sampling: Gandelus, Marescos, and Blanchepart.

and - Exactly what they say they are: Welsh names.

- Jobs predicted in 2030. Good for near-future sci.fi.

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Vulpine Ninja

1. some of you may have heard of this. if you're stuck, you can find help here (other than Gossip forum).

2. this is where I find names when I run out of ideas.

3. you might run out of sad quotes for a sad scene, you could get some ideas here.

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It's been awhile since I've been present! I was chit chatting on the Books IMDb board and someone was complaing about the readability of this site (go figure!). He/She provided a link to help with that. I've just recently started using it and it's TERRIFIC! It makes reading on the web, especially things from here, so much easier! I recommend it EVERYONE who's reading stories, poems, etc. on both fictionpress and fanfiction!

Link: (Copy and paste)

Please enjoy and tell everyone you can about this helpful tool.

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If you're like me and tend to procrastinate . . . like a major . . . when it comes to writing, I'd suggest trying out Write or Die. This is amazing because you pick a time limit or a word count goal and just write. If you stop writing, there are repercussions. (As simple of having to hear an annoying song or as harsh has having words get erased in front of you.) This is especially helpful because you have to stay on the same page; ergo, you don't have the temptation of clicking off your word doc for a few seconds to check you facebook--and then manage to spend an hour doing pointless things online--this comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. (By me, but that's aside the point . . .)


(edited by mod: here's the link:

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Mizzuz Spock


This is one of my obsessions.

It's a generator site, mostly fantasy-based, but I find it really helps with my writing. There's a generator for near everything: clothes, worlds, names, plots, and even a generator to help you if you're suffering from Writer's Block. Granted, a lot of these generators will give you some nonsense, but I think it's great to spark ideas. And that's all a story needs; a spark to start the fire, right?

I think you should definitely check it out if you write fantasy. :]

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