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Poll has been closed for voting. Displaying poll result:
Vote for the best forbidden love, remember look for the rules they have followed.
1 A Love That Could Not Be - Anise-Cary
2 80 Proof Love - Lee Daniel
3 Nochnoya Lyublyu - sophiesix
4 Aishiteru, Mr Broken Piano - BRIGHTeyes.X3
5 Loving the Black Cat - empurple
6 Obsessive Devotion -Vulpine Ninja
7 Kuro Ai - ArmariaSeole
Unique Voters: 9
Anise Cary

looking forward to reading more entries

2/11/2010 #61
Vulpine Ninja


Obsessive Devotion - I'm sorry it's slash. But don't worry it's not N***. Nevertheless, it's 'forbidden love' to the core!

2/13/2010 #62

im in. im obviously not sure i can finish it by tomorrow, but i shall try, and would love to do some major reviewing anyway.

good luck everyone.

EDIT: i know i left it a little late (** so sorry, but was wondering how, well, how to advertise that i have a piece written, and who is voting, is it everyone in this group? and do we read all submitted work and then vote?

EDIT TWO: i was just re-reading the rules and wanted to say sorry if offence taken i read someones taking the love in a different language and just wanted to say i had the same idea, and the similarity is pure coincidence, although mine isn't very major. ummm so yeah :)

EDIT THREE: okay, mines up, i pretty much made it from scratch a few hours ago. i didnt meet the 'depressed' characters part, and i didnt realise until i re-read the rules once i realised i had a 20 minute deadline until 14th feb that its supposed to be OVER 2000 words. :L aaaahhaa. so mines like 2440 or something, which makes it lucky that it isnt under, because i would never be able to narrow it down -400 words in less than 10 mins- theyre all precious.

HERE IT IS: Aishiteru, Mr Broken Piano

Catie has been waiting for a long time. The TV tells her fate will come and at the drop of a hat, he will be there. But the TV doesn't specify who, when, where. Or that he's over 80 years old. More than three times her age, at least. Will the love last?


do we read/review now or...? :D Writing Comp virgin i admit *blushes*

2/13/2010 . Edited 2/13/2010 #63

That's Fine I just hope we don't have the exact same title. Now that would be freaky. :)

EDIT: I'll have mine up tonight feb. 14. That's okay, right?

2/13/2010 . Edited 2/14/2010 #64
Vulpine Ninja

do we read/review now or...? :D Writing Comp virgin i admit *blushes*

you can R&R now or during voting time :3

2/14/2010 #65

During voting time.

2/14/2010 #66

I'm done! Here it is: http://www.fictionpress.com/s/2774076/1/Loving_the_Black_Cat .

Story is "Loving the Black Cat". Sorry. Dunno how else to put in the link :)

Please and thank you???

2/14/2010 #67

Finally done. Hope you guys think it's good.


(I don't know how to put it otherwise)

2/14/2010 #68
Vulpine Ninja

there's a mistake in my review on Armaria's fic. I sent you a PM btw. After the problem's solved I'm gonna resent the proper one. Just letting you know in case I broke a 'reviewing' rule or anything.

2/14/2010 #69

phew hope i made it. my entry is Nochnoya Lyublyu (Night Love). good luck everyone!

2/14/2010 #70

Vulpine Ninja: I got what was posted. I don't know if that helps you or not.

2/15/2010 #71
Lee Daniel

When do the polls open and close?

2/15/2010 #72
Anise Cary

Ok I think I've reviewed all the pieces, please let me know if I missed you. So when do we get to vote?

2/15/2010 #73


POLL is now up!

Vote for your favourite.


2/15/2010 #74

have just voted.

so everyone votes who is on this thread then?

2/15/2010 #75
Vulpine Ninja

I think everyone should be reminded that participants need to review all of the entries. Just to be sure every one of us did read 'em. I'm looking at the reviews section for each entries right now.

Oh, we can only vote one this time? Wow, now I'm in a dilemma. =/

2/15/2010 #76

No the point in this was to read everyones stories and to review the winner. But you lot reviewed each others too lol.

2/16/2010 #77
Vulpine Ninja

oh I thought we must review first before voting.. sorry.

2/16/2010 #78
Anise Cary

No the point in this was to read everyones stories and to review the winner. But you lot reviewed each others too lol.

I'll still review the winner, I just thought it would be best if I reviewed each entry so everyone knew I'd read them, and not just voted blindly

2/16/2010 #79

I forgot, do we vote for one or two

2/16/2010 #80
Lee Daniel

One. I learned that the hard way. I meant to vote for two and ended up voting for my second favorite.

2/17/2010 #81

whoopsie daisy there, lee.

haah. must say I was taken aback by all of these, and we all did them at such reasonably short notice! wow, I should start using deadlines like these for PBI. Hmm, yeah I am liking that idea. V. V. GOOD stories. Look up to you all! *blushes*

thanks as well, to everyone on the thread.

k bye :)

2/18/2010 #82
Lee Daniel

Yeah, I guess I should have paid more attention. It is hard for me to do though. I am sure by now that everybody is aware of my ADD. I can hardly sit still sometimes, let alone make sure that I fully understand the rules if they change on me. By the way, when do the polls close?

2/18/2010 #83

Can't wait for the next challenge~! I hope I can write one in time, though...

2/19/2010 #84
Vulpine Ninja

Whoa congrats to the winners. No matter, cos I believe I did my bestest!

2/20/2010 #85

Congrats A-C!

2/20/2010 #86

well done dudes! ;)

this was fun, thanks everyone for just being awesome people.

2/20/2010 #87

Congrats! Sorry I didn't have a chance to R/R the entries. Looking forward to the next one!

2/20/2010 #88
Lee Daniel

Congrats A C. I told you that you deserved to win.

2/20/2010 #89
Anise Cary

thanks everyone, I was impressed by several of your pieces. I'm already looking forward to the next one.

2/20/2010 #90
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