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Vote for the best forbidden love, remember look for the rules they have followed.
1 A Love That Could Not Be - Anise-Cary
2 80 Proof Love - Lee Daniel
3 Nochnoya Lyublyu - sophiesix
4 Aishiteru, Mr Broken Piano - BRIGHTeyes.X3
5 Loving the Black Cat - empurple
6 Obsessive Devotion -Vulpine Ninja
7 Kuro Ai - ArmariaSeole
Unique Voters: 9
Lee Daniel
So...is there going to be another challenge anytime soon?
3/2/2010 #91
Anise Cary
yeah inquiring minds want to know
3/2/2010 #92
is there another one?
3/8/2010 #93
Anise Cary
It's March how bout something about leprechauns or luck or spring, "in like a lion out like a lamb"
3/9/2010 #94
Lee Daniel
Leprechauns are a good idea. I could probably come up with something nice and twisted for that. Spring? I am not so sure. Still, if I reached deep down inside I could probably think of something dark enough to satisfy my need for psychosis. Just as long as we don't have to do something that is all happy go lucky.
3/10/2010 #95
Anise Cary
I may have to play with a story idea for leprechauns even if it's not part of the challenge. I already have the beginnings of an idea floating around the periphery of my brain. I was actually thinking of going a bit dark for once too, well dark for me anyway.
3/10/2010 #96
Okay, let's fire one off. Theme: St. Patrick's day. Let's have it end on 3/17, with voting closing 3/24. On or after the 17th, I'll set up the survey and attach it to a topic here. Judging criteria - story that feels like it best captures the spirit of St. Paddy's day, be it parades, drinking, etc. Yes, it's subjective, but that's half the fun. Besides, it's win by vote, so it's not any given judge's opinion. Rules: If you enter, you have to review all stories in the contest, and against the criteria (why it does or doesn't capture the spirit of the holiday for you.) Also, if you enter, you have to contribute to the 'prize'. Prize: Winner gets R/Rs from all entrants on story of choice (can be hir own, or one that s/he wants to get some more exposure.)
3/11/2010 #97
gah. I don't even celebrate St. Patricks Day. I don't know what it is. Is it an irish holiday? nevertheless, its a new prompt, and i want to be up for a challange. let's see how it goes. QUESTION: word count? format? how loose can it be around the theme (unless i do some researching im thinking preeeetty loose) i shall try!
3/11/2010 #98
Anise Cary
hmmm will be thinking about this one, I may have to do some research of my own
3/11/2010 #99
Here's a quick primer on the holiday

I don't celebrate it either - I'm just posting something so our challenge thread doesn't fall to the dust of ages.

As for word count, let's keep it below three thousand, please. If you want to submit something that's a drabble or flash.fic, feel free.

Oh, and if anyone else wants to take over tossing out challenge prompts, feel free. If not, I'll warn you that the next one will be April Fool's Day. :)

3/11/2010 #100
Anise Cary
oh I think I could have fun with April Fool's Day
3/11/2010 #101
Mizzuz Spock
Fractured holidays are totally my thing...

Even if I don't have time to officially enter the contest, I'm using this prompt. :D

3/11/2010 #102
Lee Daniel

I could use a bit of a challenge right now to stimulate my imagination. Are there no new writing contests?

5/16/2010 #103

hear hear!

5/16/2010 #104

I could use a bit of a challenge right now to stimulate my imagination. Are there no new writing contests?

If the Gossip doesn't come up with one (and I'm not trying to be mean or advertise, I'm just trying to help out other writers), the RG has a monthly Writing Challenge Contest that will open for participants on the 1st of the month, so it should open up with a new prompt and competition on June 1st. The link is here.

Some of the award sites also do monthly challenges, La Campanella and SKoW...

I'd look forward to a Gossip challenge too ^^

5/27/2010 #105
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