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Are you fed up of having writers block? Do you need help? Call on Gossip Forum today the number is 077784358. Lol. Okay, getting on from the joke, here if you're stuck with writers block you can have a discussion with someone with the same problem. Tell each other the causes and help each other out. It's a common fact that alot of people get writers block. Your thoughts, and your opions matter, to each other. Discuss here, and improve on the writers block virus.

1/16/2010 #1

Depends on the underlying reason for the dreaded block:

- If it's because another idea popped up and won't get out of the way, consuming your every conscious thought, but you can't integrate it into the current story, then start a new story with this hot idea, just to get it out of the way.

- If you're bored with the story, pick up one of the other ones you have lying around, or start a new one, just to stop thinking about the block. Lots of times, the more you worry about it, the stronger it gets.

- If you don't know where to go next, grab a random plot - steal one from some current medium: a book you're reading, a show you saw, or some drama from real life on the news. Crowbar it into your story. It'll suck, but it will get you thinking about what -does- work.

Once you have something better than this dead end, chop it back to where you were when you were b locked and write the better idea.

- If you've written yourself into a corner (which is different from where to go: 'in where to go', you're aimless. In 'into a corner', you know where you want the character to be in the future, but no idea how to get hir there from here.) This is bad. Junk the last 10% of what you've written by word count. Okay, start from here. Still in a corner? Junk the last 25% and start it from there.

Still in a corner? You're treating the wrong symptom. You're not in a corner, you're just bored.

- If writing just doesn't thrill you anymore, don't. Find a new hobby, or resume an old one. You wrote under orders enough times for school. If you're really unlucky (or maybe lucky) you'll find yourself in a job that requires you writing more stuff under orders. Enjoy another hobby.

Just remember to come back, hear?

1/16/2010 . Edited 1/16/2010 #2
Vulpine Ninja

Whenever I'm experiencing writer's block, I go read someone else's fic, read comics or watch a movie/anime in case I suddenly got some sort of inspiration to write again. Sometimes I wanna go out and do things I've never done before to see if the new experiences can inspire me.

Problem is, even if I have loads of ideas, writer's block may still be stuck on me.

Factors of my Writer's Block:

1. Don't know how to start the story (for fantasy themes especially). Should I start with a typical prologue? Should I start with a dream? Should I start with a dialogue? Should I start by formally introducing the main character (describing him, what she does etc)? I'd write many samples of the 'first chapter' to select the best intro...

2. Inconsistent writing style. I like to write in a poetic manner, describing even the minor things in a particular environment. It may sound like I'm forcing myself, but I'm not satisfied if my narrating is too straightforward. As time passes, or as chapters progress, when the characters are already interacting with each other more, the poetic mode deteriorates. When I'm not happy with it, I abandoned it. I deleted one of my stories i published here because of that. But nowadays, I give it a rest and will resume writing once I get inspired. However, that slows down the story updates.

3. Already have a solid story in mind, but the content of the events (in each chapter) is still vague. I've determined the main objective, but how do i present it is still uncertain. I have the first chapter ready, but the upcoming ones are on hold because the details of what's going to happen is not decided yet. This also includes the characters' names (there are times when I use "???" as a temporary name).

4. Ideas overflow when I'm depressed, emo or angry - as a result (I think) I write better poems in that state with angst as a theme. Also coming up with interesting thoughts useful for any of my stories. When I'm alright and happy, I can't seem to put it in words. The idea gear stops working. My writing will sound more like an elementary school kid's essay. i'm weird.

5. This is lame but.... I could stop writing if I don't get too many reviews. not that I crave for it, but just a drop of comment is fine if you don't wanna criticize. I appreciate the faves and alerts, I'm happy to get them. But it doesn't really encourage me to write some more. I just wanna know what people think of the plot and my writing style (just don't be so destructive).

taerkitty's suggestion to try another hobby is useful. I'm glad I have more than one hobby. I love to draw, so I can draw out my characters the way I imagine them.

1/16/2010 #3

Supposedly some cops use the following name instead of John and Jane Doe: Fnu Miu Lnu.

First Name Unknown

Middle Initial Unknown

Last Name Unknown

I've ever had to use it, but it's a funny bit of trivia.

1/16/2010 #4
Mizzuz Spock

Alright. So I have a problem. It's not exactly a Writer's Block, but I think we can consider it close enough.

So at the end of Chapter Five, I have my character, a vampire, getting arrested by the Light Patrol, which is kind of like the police for the supernatural. She's threatened with death because she (accidentally) assaulted an officer.

At the beginning of Chapter Six, I can't decide how to open it. The rest of the chapter is already written, it's just the first few paragraphs that are giving me trouble.

Right now I'm hopping between two different openings:

One: “Oh, please, Natasha. The poor dearie din’t know.”

Two: "I tried to rub the garlic from my eyes, but the woman with the sunglasses saw me recovering and graced me with another spray."

The problems:

One: It's a quote. And I hate opening chapters with quotes. Also, I don't know where to go from there. Mostly because my character has basically been sprayed in the eyes with vampire mace. So she's not really trying to pay attention to her surroundings and she can't SEE what's going on... I'm afraid too much dialogue would just be annoying to read, not to mention confusing.

Two: It isn't as appealing as the first one, even though the first one is a quote. It I wanted, I could even include the first opening here, but I still am having trouble with the not-being-able-to-see thing. How can I effectively describe the seen if SHE can't see it? And I can't avoid the spraying thing, because that would be going against the LP officer's nature, and I definitely don't want to do that, otherwise readers will see it.

Also, is there any way to make this look like it's not an obvious deus ex machina when someone steps in and saves my main character? :/

1/17/2010 #5
Vulpine Ninja

maybe you should try beginning a chapter with a quote for a change? if the first one is more appealing, just break the rule for once, then you resume doing the way you prefer in the upcoming chapters. I usually vary my chapter intro. It usually depends on the situation.

1/17/2010 #6

This might sound smug, but I've never had really serious writing block. Sure I'll get stuck but I find that there is nothing better to resolve a plot point or finding a way for a character to escape from an exploding building than thinking of something else. If I'm ever stuck I'll bang on a DVD, play me Playstation or even go out and get drunk with me mates. And by doing so I am immersing myself in a constatn stream of ideas and images that can kick start the old brain and spark an idea you couldn't believe you could come up with.

Failing that I just ask the question

"What would Micheal Bay do?" and all is resolved.

Hope that didnt sound pretentious or overly moronic.

TTFN Sputnik

1/18/2010 #7

What would Michael Bay do?

Blow some s*** up.

1/18/2010 #8

Precisely. He may be the stupidest film maker in the world, but he gives good explosion

1/18/2010 #9

Back to the Mizzuz' problem with maced vamps. Have her keep her eyes shut, ignore the pain and gather what other facts she can about her surroundings?

1/18/2010 #10
Vulpine Ninja

another problem of mine.

I can't write when I'm not alone. I can't write when I'm in a room with other people, who might glance at my computer screen, and wonder (out loud or silently) what I'm doing. I don't want them to know what the hell am I writing... where the hell am i surfing. I have so many ideas overflowing right now but I'm stuck like this because I feel uncomfortable. I can only write when I'm alone.

is this considered as a writer's block? I certainly think it's blocking me from writing...

1/20/2010 #11

Find some new mates that aren't so nosy, and won't give you guff should they find out you're writing stuff.

But also, find a way to spend time with people around you. They may be checking up on you to make sure things are all right - after all, you're with people, so why are you still nosed in a computer?

1/20/2010 #12
Vulpine Ninja

because I love privacy. =/

1/20/2010 #13

But you're going to post the story when you're done with it, aren't you? Isn't that as un-private as things can be?

1/20/2010 #14
Vulpine Ninja

yes, but I don't like to be observed when I'm working in progress.

Besides, my roommates know nothing of my writing hobbies. I don't think my fictions are suitable for them either.

1/20/2010 #15
Anise Cary

I don't write well when my husband is nosing over my shoulder but I have no problem when it's my friends or my students, though I only work on certain stories during writing time in class there are some things I write my kids do NOT need to see LOL.

when I get stuck I switch stories or go back and edit revise an old one. I have like 10 in the works now, some will never get completed they were just started to get an idea out of my head so I could get back to the ones that I do see an end for

1/26/2010 #16
Anise Cary

ok not sure if this question fits here but it seems the best place to ask: do you ever have stories just die?

I have about 10 stories in process, two that are complete and 8 that are not, of those eight 4-5 seem to be dead, I have no desire to work on them, I have no idea where they are going. Others take precedence, I remember starting all of them and being so sure what was going to happen, now not so much. Do you ever just let a story go or do you push yourself to keep working? I'm trying to decide what I should do and would like some ideas from others.

1/27/2010 #17

That's the difference between an amateur and a professional. As amateurs, we can afford to just 'blow off' a story for a while. If you're under contract, you need to get it done.

1/27/2010 #18
Mizzuz Spock

Dead stories are a thing of life, just like dead goldfish.

There are many reasons why a story might not want to cling to life anymore: plot problems, lack of character action (just reaction), the author's lack of knowledge on the subject, distractions, etc.

It's completely natural to wake up one day and find your story dead. But remember: do not mourn for your story. Chances are, if it couldn't survive, it has gone on to a better place. It's better off dead. That's not to say that it can never be revived or reincarnated into some other story, because that's usually what happens for me when a plot flatlines. I take the organs (stuff that worked from the previous failures) and keep transplanting them into my new stories, until, eventually, like Dr. Frankenstein, I will create a monster that LIIIIIIVES.

Personally, I don't like watching my stories die. But sometimes, it must be done, especially if the plot is too ambitious.

Overall, it's the writer's decision. Sometimes you just have to stop and ask yourself, "Why am I writing this? Is there a message I'm trying to send to people, or am I simply writing this for the sake of writing? Am I trying to find out more about myself? Do I want to get this published? Do I want to get better at my craft...?"

Once you realize why you're writing a story, it usually becomes obvious whether it's destined to be finished or join the stack of dead bodies in the Mass Writers' Grave.

1/27/2010 #19
Anise Cary

I hold on to my dead stories, I do occasionally harvest from them, usually though they just sit there. I've tried to look at them as practice pieces I use to hone the craft. Occasionally I do get a sudden surge and pick one up again, otherwise they just sit. Of course sometimes they were just a way to get rid of a recurring daydream that was distracting me from everything else. Writing for me can often be therapy. Just glad to know I'm not the only one :)

1/27/2010 #20

HELP! My mind is wandering and I'm getting an idea for a new story when I haven't finished my current work yet!

2/11/2010 #21

Indestructible13 wrote:

HELP! My mind is wandering and I'm getting an idea for a new story when I haven't finished my current work yet!

Let's be 'writing buddies' then - I won't start my side story if you don't!

2/11/2010 #22

I just had one of those nights laying in bed where I managed to figure out how to fix all my plotholes, but I was too lazy to get up and write them down.

Now I don't remember a thing.

2/11/2010 #23

For me, the knowledge that there is a way out is often enough to get me out of the pit.

My current pit is more of energy and stress than anything else. I'm about to embark on a week to Disney World, so there are plenty of chores to do...

2/11/2010 #24
Anise Cary

I just had one of those nights laying in bed where I managed to figure out how to fix all my plotholes, but I was too lazy to get up and write them down.

Now I don't remember a thing.

I have those nights all the time, problem is I usually just keep thinking about them and not sleeping, but then I do remember them in the morning. Good luck remembering yours

2/11/2010 #25

I get alot of writers block, I mean one minute I'm loving this story I'm doing and the next I want to make new stories which leave your other ones not finished. This is normally due to the fact that I struggle for more ideas for a story, I have learned over the years I have been on fan fiction and fictionpress that you have to have pateince with yourself and the story, and that alot of published writers have what we all have- writers block. I've read up on published authors before and how they have dealed with experience like this, it takes some authors years to write a book- just to get that pefect chapter right. So don't stress about it, if you can;t think of ideas ask your friends what they think would be good for the story or people on websites and their look on what your writing it does help - alot. I find midnight the best time for me to write because it's the time all the ideas start popping up in my head, and probably the most peaceful time of the whole day where you can actually hear yourself think.

I would recommend Tv shows to those of you that write around drama teenage stories. Because most of the tv shows going focus around story ideas like these. I have to admit some of my ideas have come from Tv shows and they have helped me out alot.

2/11/2010 #26
J.S. Hopkins

I have major writters block right now. I've walked away from it. Went to writing another story, still nothing. I've even resulted to going back to fan fiction writing. I've been reading other's writing and still nada. Any suggestions?

4/8/2010 #27

It's not fun having writer's block especially when you have an article or dissertation that's already due, but you can't just force yourself to finish a story when your brain is not up for it. You need to take a rest and find inspiration to kick up your creative juices. I always look through these tips— I feel writer's block creeping up. They're really helpful in overcoming the dreaded block.

11/3/2012 #28
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