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Hello and welcome!

To start off with, let me explain that the layout here is a bit different than your normal forum. By that, I mean that this forum is designed to be as open as possible. This means that if you have a new idea for a race, a location, or an element, you're free to add it to the cannon, provided you get my approval. (This is mostly to make sure you got all the details in, and you're not copying something already existing.)

And finally, I would like to note that "Supporting Characters" is another title for NPC Characters (characters that can be used by anyone). I used that title back when I was just starting out, and I don't see much point in changing it.

Some places to check out: Summary will fill you in on what's been going on, Locations gives some ideas for where characters are from/going to, Elements gives a rundown of what magic is used here (and allows you to make your own suggestions), and Updates will include changes to the forum. You don't have to hunt around-- if there's something you need to be aware of, it will be in the first post of each thread.

Now, for a few simple rules:

1.) No god powers. In other words, no one invincible or unbeatable, or even one with no weaknesses or flaws.

2.) No killing someone else's character without their permission. And no permanent scars/missing limbs unless permission is given.

3.) Don't leave people out of a post. If three people are in the middle of a conflict and one has to, say, eat dinner, the other two should not leave them out. Like in a story, characters do not just fade into the background or vanish. Give them a few days, and if they still don't show, say something like "Bob ran off to investigate a sound up ahead" or something like that, so they can have a chance to reenter later on.

4.) No harassing people. Don't badger them about grammar/rules/etc... it's okay to give reminders, but it's the staff's job to police this. If you have any trouble talk to me first, before taking action. Courtesy is a beautiful thing.

5.) It's okay to misspell a few things, so long as you get your point across, and if you want, ask a moderator to proof things for you, but dont talk in txt plz, unless you're in a chatroom. It's not only annoying (especially since it is a website for WRITERS), it's hard to understand. Proper grammar helps too, unless your character is a six-year-old.

6.) No walls of text. If your post spans multiple paragraphs or takes up more than the screen when at regular view, it is too long. Especially if it is dialogue/action-- remember, there are other characters that have to respond. Break the post after 1-2 lines of dialogue (if playing multiple characters, make sure they don't have a conversation on their own) or one action to give the others a reaction time. And if it's all exposition... break it up into multiple posts... everyone else will be skimming/ignoring anyway... Single-line posts are permitted (I bold this because it's commonly against the rules... but as long as you're doing something, you shouldn't be obligated to pad the post.)

7.) There is a 10 character limit for all non-staff members (Staff members will only be allowed to break the cap if more characters are needed to drive the plot). This includes inactive characters. This is to avoid the mess that was the old character board-- there were some 15 characters belonging to one person, and only 4 were used. If you try to exceed the limit, I will PM you, and ask you to kill an active or delete an inactive character.

Note: If you are an active member, and prove that you can effectively use 10 characters, I may permit you to exceed the cap. However, I reserve the right to make the final call (not other staff members).

8.) Inactive characters will be moved to the appropriate thread after 2 months of inactivity. I will PM the author. There aren't any special rules to use the character again, just PM me before relocating back to the active character forum. If you want to delete an inactive character, PM me. I will not delete a character without an explicit request from the author because I obsessively archive. In addition, other staff members are not permitted to delete character profiles.

Thank you and have fun!

1/6/2010 . Edited 9/3/2013 #1

As a separate notice, I will point out what this forum was designed to be: a sandbox. Characters have been vampires, phoenixes, demons, etc., and the elements list is constantly being edited. If you have a suggestion, send it to me or post it in "announcements/chat/related forum." Magic in this world is left up to the imagination of the user, so I won't limit the world to just MY imagination. Feel free to add locations and elements and characters- I'll look over them and tell you if they're okay, but they usually are. And you'll get credit too, don't worry.

Well, that's all,


5/31/2011 #2
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