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Name: Liex

Age: 148

Apparent age: Looks as if he's in his mid-40's

Race: Human

Element: Necromancer

Good or Evil: Evil

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 180


Hair color: White

Eye color: Light Green

Clothing: A dark purple robe, underneath he is wearing a simple black shirt and pants with sandals.

Weapon: A staff made out of bone with a small skull of a dragon on top of it

Scars, tattoos, etc.: None

Etc.: He is very pale, his staff can shoot out fireballs from the skull at the top of the staff.

Personality: Doesn't show much emotion, doesn't care about other people except himself and what he can gain from others.

History: The staff he has wiped out his memory once he got it when he was 44, in return the staff granted him a longer life-span and caused him to look the way he is now, after he got it he worked as a mercenary.

8/9/2010 #91

Yayz! (Necromancer was already suggested as an element by the way, so you can use it. :P)

8/9/2010 #92

yeah I know lol

8/9/2010 #93

Name: Rhey Valentine

Age: 19

Race: human

Element: Storm

Good or Evil: good


Weight: thin

Appearance- pale skin and very shapely. her lips are plump and she has freckles littering over her face and shoulders

Hair color: dark brown, almost black and is cut just below her shoulders

Eye color: violet

Clothing: light clothing that hugged her frame. They are usually darker warm colors

Weapon: daggers

Scars, tatoos, etc.: a tattoo of a star and sun on her shoulder with an intricate design surrounding it, scars littered her body

Personality: shy and quiet but fierce if threatened, a good kind of sarcastic and giggles alot

History: saw her entire family killed from a vampire and got scared and angry, accidently causing a tornado to rip through the area and severally hurt her. Months later, she went into search for answers to her newfound powers woken up inside of her.

8/31/2010 #94

She sounds so cool~! So in other words she'll hate Luna?

8/31/2010 #95

lol yep

8/31/2010 #96

XD This'll be fun!^^

8/31/2010 #97

Name: Sitara

Age: 19

Race: Risen Demon (Opposite of Fallen Angel)

Element: Wind and Dark

Good or Evil: Good


Weight:very thin

Appearance:Pale and almost anorexic frame, surprisingly delicate hands and graceful. Light grey dragon-like wings coming from between her shoulder blades. Her tail and horns vanished after she was disowned.

Hair color:Black with blue, violet, and purple tips/streaks.

Eye color: Alternates between black and dark blue

Clothing: Skinny jeans, a shirt, and a black trench coat. Black boots that lace up her calves.

Weapon: Sabre, daggers, or hands.

Scars, tatoos, etc.: One prominant scar across her cheek. And the number thirteen tattoo'd on her neck, just above her pulse.

Personality: Quiet, reserved, yet passionate. Is really happy around her friends.

History: She used to be a demon, but befriended an angel, who was killed by her family. She refused to do anything evil again and was kicked out of hell. The end.

9/17/2010 #98

Nice character, their profile seems quick and to the point.

9/18/2010 #99

And certainly original. I like her!

9/18/2010 #100

:) Thanks.

9/18/2010 #101

Name: Barrien

Age: 28

Apparent age: N/A

Race: Human

Element: Fire(Primary) / Storm (Secondary)

Good or Evil: Neutralish

Height: 5'11" ish

Weight: 170ish


Hair color: Brownish

Eye color: Deep blue

Clothing: Regular clothes, shirt, pants, with a duster-style coat over it all.

Weapon: Dagger / short sword

Scars, tatoos, etc.: None

Etc.: Alright I'm going to combine everything under here into one large go at what I envision this guy being. Basically it's a light-hearted edition of a DnD War Mage I once had, so instead of just straight Fire with a side of Storm, when fighting he's a bit more martial, infusing his sword with Fire, Lightning, etc(Though he's certainly capable of blastings things with traditional magic if needed, the sword is almost more of a focus vice a weapon of steel, and I'm more than happy to play him as a more traditional mage if required.) Fair warning though: I'm a US Navy sailor currently deployed onboard the USS Princeton, so my time, and Internet use itself is.....iffy at best. Time between posts may be as little as 3 minutes or as much as a week, depending on what we're doing, and if our satellite Internet even works at all.

10/6/2010 . Edited by Catorrina, 10/6/2010 #102

Eep, sorry for the horrid formatting on the last post, dunno if anyone can fix it :\

10/6/2010 #103

It's alright. I'll fix it up right now. :) Welcome!

10/6/2010 #104

Hello, your character sounds awesome!

10/6/2010 #105
Spooky the Stranger

Name: Jack Samhain. Known as Spooky.

Age: no clue

Apparent age: 19

Race: Shapeshifter

Element: Water and darkness

Good or Evil: chaotic

Height: 6 ft even

Weight: 190lbs

Appearance- here's his true appearance [center][img]

Hair color:black

Eye color: black

Clothing: whatever is around and comfortable.. or whatever he feels like wearing. Most common attire would be a suit or some dressy outfit.

Weapon: he uses a giant black scythe. and like daggers as well

Scars, tattoos, etc.: none

Personality: Jack is your general lost lamb. He knows nothing about where he came from but he's all for finding out what's happening next. He likes everything and he hates everything and his more specific focus is always changing. He doesn't have a set personality as it changes as often as he does. Just by changing his eye color can change all of his interests. He will normally maintain a standard respect for his companions but the level of kindness or respect shown is subject to change on a whim. Jack will nearly always like to sneak about and scare or surprise people. He's good at that and only that. Jack isn't always a violent person but it is definitely one of his many dysfunctional and shifting personalities. He also has a sad habit of losing his train of thought and blacking out time periods. Jack will remember something one day that he will forget the next and vice versa. He can be cold and calm as the peaceful sea and then as wild and wrathful as the Indian ocean in monsoon season.

History: Jack woke up on all hollows eve one day and that's simply where he starts. He wasn't taken in by some happy family and he wasn't taken care of by some strange master. He simply woke up and started walking down the street. The night was warm and children ran about in costumes and face paint. In his state of awakening he shifted through the many face lucidly, taking first the shape of the children, then the creatures they imitated. Eventually he was roaming about terrorizing the towns for the comedic effect as the very beings they dressed as. Great winged demons and Dragons. No he wasn't as powerful as said beasts but it was the principal of intimidation that matters in these cases. Jacks powers seem to work only in his natural form, he has no elemental ability in the form of another. He found himself enjoying the skill of disguise and surprise and he played the part of a trickster to perfection. He would take the shape of a woman's lover for weeks as the original lay bound and gagged somewhere else. He would confuse companies by posing as there boss for the day or anything else to cause disorder and desecrate the sanctity of human sanity. Jack has no real past, and he won't always remember the day past, so he simply enjoys the now and the upcoming.

10/9/2010 . Edited by Catorrina, 10/9/2010 #106

I edited so that each fact was a new line, but everything is in order. Spooky seems like he'll be fun. :) Welcome!

10/9/2010 #107

Hi! Cool charas.

10/10/2010 #108

Name: Maximilianus (Max, for those of you who don't want to type the whole thing)

Age: 29

Race: Human

Element: Energies

Good or Evil: Good, if somewhat cynical about his cause.

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 138 lbs.


Hair color: Red

Eye color: Green

Clothing: A plain tunic and pants, both bright, bright green, though not neon. A floor-length traveler's cloak, equally green. Rimless eyeglasses

Weapon: None. Prefers to rely on his powers.

Scars, tatoos, etc.: None

Etc.: None

Personality: Smart, cynical, with a very dry sense of humor

History: Maximilianus was born of scholars in a family of scholars, his father a historian, his mother a magical theoretician. Bred from an early age to follow in his father's footsteps, Max showed a true love for history. While he loved it, his inner core itched for action. He wanted to make history, not study it. So, much to the chagrin of his parents, Max learned the Art of the Energies from the tomes of ancient masters and set off on his own quest. For what, he has no idea whatsoever.

10/15/2010 #109

Awesome! :D

10/15/2010 #110

New person! Hi! (Sorry if I comment here its cool to get new people though.)

10/15/2010 #111

I feel special. You have no idea how hard it is to find an active roleplay. Anyway, quick question. How shall I jump in? From the summaries you guys are in the midst of something epic, therefore I'm completely lost.

10/15/2010 #112

Well, actually we're at a character named Seth's house. (He's cattorrina's character.) Pretty much everyone is sitting around there or is doing something near there because a lot of people have entered into the story and we've had to give introductions here and there. Right now I haven't really had any of the bad guys that I made re-encounter any of us. The one's a made include:

Greste Fearlocke, evil elvish necromancer.

Kiara Fearlocke, evil kitsune wizard and his wife.

Claude the Tormentor, evil demon trapped in a book that was recently released by Cyrus for the purpose of trying to get rid of a bargain he made in the past.

Prince Abizier Rashek, prince from the country of Alamar who blames Serelians (Who all our wizards are unless stated otherwise) for burying his country under the sands.

Anyway, there might be other evil people but these are just a few I have made. Um... I know cattorina has a dark army she has wanted to put in this. Claude and his army might constitute for this unfortunately, and lovelytoxic as a phoenix character named Avery who has an evil phoenix ruling over her country.

Cattorrina might tell you to start at Seth's house, but you might be able to start somewhere nearby it at least. I'm about to release demon mayhem and finish a part of Claude's deal in the story, or get it actually chugging again.

10/15/2010 . Edited 10/15/2010 #113

And away we go!

10/15/2010 #114

Just so you know heads up to all characters and players, demons are approaching en mass!

10/15/2010 #115

Name: Exile Millennium

Age: 18

Race: Fallen Human

Element: Magma

Good or Evil: Evil

Height: 6ft 2

Weight: 130lbs


Weapon: Dual Blades Axe that he carries on his back in the form of a small metallic shield. By throwing it in the air, it changes shape and strength to an double bladed axe that he can carry with one hand, showing his strength

Scars, tatoos, etc.: Black Red Dragon Tattoo on his back. A few scars across his body.

Etc.: His Strength is strong, that he can concentrate his energy, despite his weak build onto his fists and punch, creating a shock wave through the air. He also has some speed, but he prefers strength and power

Personality: He may look calm and innocent, but he is a sadistic bastard, who will use any means to finish of his opponent. He can notice if his opponent's skill is above his, he will fight, if lower, he will not even move a finger.But said that, he will do whatever, the Lord commands, by creating or erupting volcanoes to wipe out towns.

History: Exile was born to a Fallen Angel and Human. His Father had come down to earth to stop Him from destroying a village on a volcano and saved a woman. He married her and they had Exile. Exile's parents died in an incident which the volcano exploded. He was the only one who survived because of his mixture of blood. He was reborn from the lava and vowed to bring down Him. He is evil and his personality changed after that incident, he was kinder and sweeter before.


Name: Kek Erebus

Age: 2000

Apparent age: 23

Race: Ancient Vampire

Element: Wind/Speed/Shadow.

Good or Evil: Good, kind of.

Height: 6ft 1

Weight: 100lbs


Weapon: A long Blade that is considered, well invisible to the naked eye

Scars, tattoos, etc.: A few

Ability Tre: He does not control all with precision, but combines each with each other. Wind, allowing him to fly, Speed, allowing him to move at fast speeds, and shadow, to defend himself and teleport.

Personality: He has an optimistic view of life. he will go about things with a smile on his face and try to see the best in people. But don't get him pissed, he will rip you to shreds

History: Kek is an Ancient Vampire. The first humans who pasted the limits of evolution to become the Vampires Today. They do not feed on blood and turn a human once a millennium. They are on neither side, but he likes the good, he wants humans to stay alive and not die out.

10/28/2010 #116

Awesome! You're free to jump in anytime.

10/28/2010 #117

ICHIGO! Wow, can't believe you used that image for part of your character. I love the manga and I hope the continuation of it plays out well in all the coming weeks. Despite what people also say Naruto rocks too. Personally, I cannot feel that Naruto and Sasuke are considered queer. They just have the deepest hatred for each other, after what I considered was a pretty friendly bond of friendship. Well, in the case for Sasuke the best he could offer Naruto. I hope your made up character isn't too powerful because I'm about to send two of my characters to attack you! And you're going to be owned!


11/1/2010 #118

Name: Xaphan

Age: 20,000

Apparent age: 21

Race: God of the Demons

Element: Destruction and Reconstruction

Good or Evil: Evil

Height: True Form - 200 m, Avatar 1.9 m

True Form:


Second Form:

Personality:He kills friend or foe. He only ever not kills to watch they do, since he is rather bored.

History: Xaphan was born from the ashes of 1000 demons, from the Ninth Ring of Hell, The Core, the flames came him power, the souls gave him life, the physical land around him gave him a body. His true form takes form over a large city, as all of them think it was a statue, that was built by the ancients and then incorporated their homes into it. He has now an Avatar, that is a six winged angel. He has a few minions, who focus on different elements merged together; Magma, Storm, Metal/Magnetism, Time/Space, Physics - Gravity, Diamond/Crystal, Fire/Plasma

11/2/2010 . Edited 11/3/2010 #119

Name: Rana

Age: 200

Apparent age: 18

Race: Half Elf, Half Vampire

Element: Storm

Good or Evil: Evil

Height: 6ft

Weight: 120lbs


Hair color: Redish Pink

Eye color: Green

Clothing: Very Few

Weapon: A whip that can be turned into a sword or spear

Scars, tatoos, etc.: A tattoo that marks her loyalty to Xaphan

Etc.: She is a female and will kill anyone who touches her. She is in love with another underling of Xaphan.

Personality: She is a tease, but is sometimes strict and cruel. You never know.

History: Rana was born in the electrical storms of Bertha , a magical forest filled with vampires and elves, never had they mixed and now they did, with her. She became evil, because her father's blood made her dark and her mother's blood made her electrical


Name: Zon

Age: 300

Apparent age: 19

Race: Human

Element: Bone

Good or Evil: Evil

Height: Tall


Hair color: Silver

Eye color: Red

Clothing: A few

Weapon: His own body

Scars, tatoos, etc.: None

Etc.: He is anti social

Personality: Alone. Anti social, hates being with and around people

History: Zon was alone all his life, outcasted and he found a home with Xaphan's true form. he now serves him.


Name: Mando

Age: 400

Apparent age: 20

Race: Necromancer

Element: Death,Darkness,Shadows and Beast-al Control

Good or Evil: Evil

Height: Tall


First Stage:

Second Stage:

Third Stage:

Fourth Stage:

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Red

Weapon: A long sword

Scars, tatoos, etc.: None

Etc.: He controls entity of beast and death

Dragon Wolf -

Fire Skeleton:

Wind Skeleton:

Warrior demon:

Personality: According to his Father's wishes.

History: He is the son, the spawned son of Xaphan. He follows his father's wishes and is here to make his power stronger. He is the true necromancer.


Name: Ramiel

Age: 18


Race: Dark Element Elf

Element: Time/ Space

Good or Evil: Double Agent,

Height: 1.8 m


First State:

Second State:

Etc.: Rana loves him

Personality: With precision, tactility and no emotion

History:He is an agent of the lights, send to infiltrate Xaphan and stop him.

11/2/2010 #120
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