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Okay, just to get started this started-

Aura walked quietly through the forest, pausing to draw a few sketches, ignoring the mage she sense behind her.

"Who's there?" she asked at last.

1/19/2010 . Edited by Writing-Is-Fun, 4/27/2010 #1

Pyra stayed behind the tree with folded arms, leaning against the bark.

"Only I..." She replied in a smooth tone.

1/19/2010 . Edited by Writing-Is-Fun, 4/27/2010 #2

Mortho jumped through the trees, frost forming where he stepped, he noticed the two mages on the ground and he stopped and watched them hoping to see a fight of some kind.

1/19/2010 #3

Pyra slowly stepped out from behind the oak and suddenly stopped to stare at Auria. "Have we... met before?"

1/19/2010 #4

Aura smiled and raised her staff slightly, prepared to defend herself.

"What purpose do you have here? Or have you just come to keep me company?"

1/19/2010 #5

"I wouldn't remember. I've no memory of my past years."

1/19/2010 #6

Pyra frowned and shook her head. She held her staff behind her back as she spoke once more. "Nor have I... I didn't mean to stalk you but... You seem so familiar like you were in a dream I had."

1/19/2010 #7

"How...odd indeed. Well, I've no current grudge against you. And as for you," she turned to the other mage, "what reasons do you have for being here?"

1/19/2010 #8

Damona leaned against the tree, but she didn't rest at it's base. She stood, rather, on a thick branch high above the glossy forest floor.

In her hands gently rested an ocarina, and out of it came a soothing melodic sound that matched the harmonies of the forest as she played.

1/19/2010 #9

Mortho was slightly surprised at being found, "Nothing just passing by and saw the two of you and I was hoping for a fight." He shrugged.

1/19/2010 #10

Pyra tilted her head but showed no emotion. She brought her staff to her face as she looked at the mage through the fireball on the staff's chain. "A fight you say? A violent type, are we?"

1/19/2010 #11

Aura looked at him for a minute. "I bear no grudges against you, or the other two." She glanced up the tree at the other mage who appeared. "And what brings you to this unexpected party?"

1/19/2010 #12

Mortho shook his head, "No I'm not violent I was bored and I was hoping to be entertained."

1/19/2010 #13

Up in the tree, Damona released only a smooth chuckle, "Brings me? No, nothing brings me. Though, it just so happens a few mages stumble upon the tree I happen to rest on,"

1/19/2010 #14

"I can juggle for you, if you're that bored, sir."

1/19/2010 #15

Pyra was tempted to give a light chuckle but held her demeanor. "You're all a humorous bunch. Usually people tend to annoy me."

1/19/2010 #16

"I'm glad you're having fun." Aura gave her an over-dramatic bow.

1/19/2010 #17

Damona merely smirked, shaking her head slightly and swiftly leaping, or stepping it seemed, out of the tree and landing right before the other three mages. Already her ocarina was tucked away somewhere unknown.

1/19/2010 #18

Mortho chuckled softly, "No I don't want to see juggling, I was hoping for a fight but since there isn't going to be one I might as well be going." He said turning to go.

1/19/2010 #19

"A fight, you say?" Damona mused as Morthor turned to leave, "Why, aren't you one to prefer action,"

1/19/2010 #20

"Wait! May I ask your names first, before you leave? I've not had company for months now."

1/19/2010 #21

Pyra thought to herself for a moment, judging the people before her before she replied. "My name is Pyra. I don't know my last name or my entire purpose but... I an evil mage who controls darkness and flame. I'm usually not this 'open' towards others." She smirked. "There must be something that makes you seem friendly."

1/19/2010 #22

"Mortho." He said simply. He turned to Damona, "Yes I am, but at the moment I prefer watching one rather than being involved in one." He released more energy into the air making it colder, "Unless you wish to fight?"

1/19/2010 #23

"I'm not a destructive type," Damona mused, looking over the other mage, "Though I do feel rather restless," she then gave a shrug, "Whatever you please. I'll have a little playfight if you desperately need such entertainment," she smirked, "Or not. It makes little difference to me,"

1/19/2010 #24

"My name's Aura." She turned to Mortho and Damona. "Maybe someone should fight him, just to entertain him a bit."

1/19/2010 #25

Mortho chuckled softly, "I am not desperate for a fight, as I said earlier if they is no fight I will go my way." He made the energy he released return to him and he jumped up onto a tree to go to where he was originally heading to.

1/19/2010 #26

"I'd fight but unfortunately I've worn myself out by practicing spellshalf an hour ago." Pyra gave a fake yawn and sat down indian-style in the grass with her staff sticking straight up by her side.

1/19/2010 #27

"Perhaps some lunch then? You two are welcome to join as well, while Mortho decides if he's in the mood to fight."

1/19/2010 #28

Damona gave a curt nod, "Then so be it," she said to Mortho.

Her eyes then strayed to the other two mages, both of which posessed staffs, "I'm not at all hungry, but I'll join regardless," she grinned.

1/19/2010 #29

"Sounds... good." Pyra replied in suspiscion. She couldn't help but wonder if these mages were to be trusted. Or, if she should treat them with hatred.

1/19/2010 #30
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