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Pyra turned towards Auria. "Honestly, I'll have to agree with you on that one."

1/27/2010 #271

Avery nodded, ''okay, well bye bye, I will most likely see you all around so,'' she shrugged, wings formed and she shot high up in the air.

1/27/2010 #272

Aura watched Avery fly off. "That's a really awesome power," she said.

1/28/2010 #273

Damona grunted, but remained silent.

Katana didn't give eye contact to any of the surrounding people, she kept her head turned away.

1/28/2010 #274

Aura turned to the others, choosing to ignore the girl, as trying to talk to her was going nowhere. "What do we do now?" She asked.

1/28/2010 #275

"As though I'd know," Damona stated with a shrug, "There isn't a leader among us, nor are we a group. Do as you please,"

Katana slowly rose to her feet, thinking of running off, but she was faintly hesitant.

1/28/2010 #276

"I...don't know what to do," Aura said, sadness tinting her voice at the thought of going back to wandering the forest alone. She began drawing again in her journal.

1/28/2010 #277

Pyra shifted her weight onto her left leg and sighed. "Well if it interests any of you, I know a village near here that was thought to be a myth." She then lowered her head and mumbled. "Even though I wasn't supposed to release that information..."

1/28/2010 #278

"Well what have you been doing?" Damona then questioned.

Katana was close to bolting for it, but she paused, her ears sharp as she dug into the conversation.

1/28/2010 #279

Luna stood in the shadows.Bending them around her like cloth.listaning to there conversation.Luna smiled to herself.

1/28/2010 #280

Aura looked at Pyra. "What myth?" She asked.

1/28/2010 #281

Damona's eyes strayed to Pyra, waiting for the response.

Katana remained still, listening.

1/28/2010 #282

Pyra twisted her mouth, slightly concerned. "The village of elves, who decided to hide away. I woke up there, completely clueless of who I was."

1/28/2010 #283

Damona arched an eyebrow, "Is that so? Well, that's not myth, I can tell you that,"

Katana was slightly interested. Elves? She's heard marvelous things about them, peaceful and kind. Or where those all lies like so many other things?

1/28/2010 #284

"Elves?" Aura asked.

1/28/2010 #285

Pyra paused. "Is that so...? What do you know about the elemental elves?"

1/28/2010 #286

Damona then smirked, "It'd be a shame if I didn't know my own kind of blood, don't you think?"

1/28/2010 #287

"You're an elf?" Pyra's eyes widened.

1/28/2010 #288

Damona lifted her hair, showing the pointed tips of her ears, "Proof enough for you?"

1/28/2010 #289

"Hm." Pyra nodded. She wasn't too surprised to see one in the open.

1/28/2010 #290

Damona's hair then fell, shadowing the well-known elf quality once more, "The village is not a myth," she repeated, "It very well exist, it is just very well hid,"

1/28/2010 #291

Mortho turned to jump away and get his pay, "That's interesting but I must get going, I have some money that needs collecting."

1/28/2010 #292

luna's eyes widend with amazement.then a loude breath exscaped her mouth.She coverd it quickly to muffel the sound.

1/28/2010 #293

Damona waved her hand dismissively, "Go and get your money," she said, her tone near careless.

1/28/2010 #294

Damona then turned her head towards the hiding figure, "Are you done spying? You could at least come over and talk to us, you know,"

1/28/2010 #295

Luna stepped back frightend."I'd rather not!"she said politely

1/28/2010 #296

"Then don't listen to buisness that isn't your's," Damona stated in a firm tone.

The small child kept in her position by the tree, she was known to them, but at last they ignored her. Though she didn't leave just yet.

1/28/2010 #297

A hiss escaped from Luna's mouth.but the woman was right.Why should she care for theses strangers?But she was still to afriad to go back to the forest alone."I'm sorry!"Luna said.

1/28/2010 #298

Pyra caught glimpse of the girl's teeth when she hissed. With little emotion, Pyra turned her gaze towards the purple and black haired female. "You are a vampire... Am I not correct?"

1/28/2010 #299

"If that's so, then either come out of hiding and speak to us directly or go off and do your own thing," Damona said, giving a shrug.

1/28/2010 #300
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