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(Wait hold on does this mean you want us to keep rping in hear?)

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Lysander began to shake violently as his talons grew sharper than they were before. His beak grew larger and rows of teeth started to appear in it. His feather turned to scales, his wings shifted to his back and became leathery and his tail feathers turned into a long slithering tail. His total growth from head to tail was six feet, he was very small for a dragon, but his black scales accented his violent nature. He also tried to knock Aura to the ground.

"Lysander!" Cyrus roared as he whipped a powerful gale into the dragon's face. It closed its eyes quickly to block out the debris flying into its face and stopped swinging its tail at her. Instead it wished to target Cyrus. It opened its mouth and lightening began to surge through its body. Cyrus thought very quickly and decided to drop a heavy tree branch on Lysander's head. It worked, but Lysander was not happy.

"Good booy..." Cyrus cooed as he got the dragon to roll on its belly, "You have to show him who's boss otherwise he'll eat you. I've been digested quite a few times.

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Aura dropped the ice shield she had conjured and sighed. "I'll....keep that in mind." She wondered for a brief moment what it felt like to be digested.

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"He has the ability to shoot lightening, by the way, that's why he opened his mouth at me and lightening was surging through his body. Anyway, sorry about having his tail nearly smash you." Cyrus apologized.

4/23/2010 #7

Aura shrugged. "I don't get much chance to use my powers anyway. Now let's find Luna."

4/23/2010 #8

"Find Luna!" I ordered Lysander quickly putting the apple she had held onto up to his nose. Lysander sniffed it and barreled through the forest in the direction Luna had been headed. "We had better hurry," Cyrus told Aura, "I'm going to grab onto your hand and we're going to run, got it, don't let go."

4/23/2010 #9

(Oops too much of an in-character moment there I used "I".)

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Aura nodded. "Let's hurry!"

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Cyrus grabbed Aura's hand and could feel the wind whipping around him. He felt like running and so he did, yet he was careful not to let Aura trip over things on the forest floor. He soon caught up with Lysander. He was standing in front of a cave scratching the ground and roaring at it. There was something in there that he did not like.

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Aura turned white, and she looked sickened. "There is death in that cave...and darkness. So much darkness." She shuddered once before drawing a deep breath to steady herself and muttering a spell which caused her staff and cloak to glow brightly, filled with the power of light. "Be prepared, Cyrus. Ordinary will not work against such a thing."

4/23/2010 #13

Luna could do nothing.She had no enrgy to move or even cry out in pain.She just sat there and waited for death to swiftly end her never ending pain.The woman shuved wooden steaks into Luna's shoulders,arms and legs.Aparently making shore she couldent escape.In front of her burned a fire.The woman was planing to burn her at the steak.And make shore she went out in pain and misery.I'm so glad there not hear to see me like this...She tought.The little bit of blood she had left was seeping from her wounds.Her head felt fuzzy.The only images of her life were the ones she had seen in the last few hours.Cyrus,Aura,Lysander,Praya everyone.There smaling face warmed her heart.Even if this ment the end she was happy that she got to know these people before she died.

4/23/2010 #14

"Luna! Are you all right?" Aura cried as she ran into the cave and pulled at a few of the stakes, using ice to cover the wounds. Then, she turned to the woman, who had at first been forced to draw back from the light at first, and slashed quickly with her staff, smirking with satisfaction as she watched the blade fly through her. "Then you are a spirit after all," she said.

4/23/2010 #15

"Don't worry about me, Aura how about we give our guests a welcoming party." Lysander bowed his and Cyrus quickly got on top of him with a simple high jump. "Lysander, you might have to do all the work for me because I think that was the last bit of magic I could use for today." Cyrus noted as he clutched where his heart should be. The dragon nodded knowing that its master's body was in pain. Lysander did not like being under Cyrus's command, but until they found Claude that would not change. Right now he knew Cyrus needed him for something extremely important. Lysander rushed forward into the darkness while Cyrus gripped tightly to his back.

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"Oh-no I'm late!" Cyrus cried.

4/23/2010 #17

"Cyrus!" Aura called after seeing his wearied state. "Can you get Luna out of here? I don't want her to take any more damage!" She then swung her staff at the creature again, using a spell to strengthen it's power.

The ghost, however appeared unfazed. "Child, it will take more than that!"

4/23/2010 #18

He did not even have to respond when he heard those words he knew what to do. Cyrus quickly pointed towards the post Luna was sadly impaled to and Lysander grabbed it and ripped it out of the ground. He thanked whoever had created dragons for their immense strength. He kicked Lysander's sides and the dragon high tailed it out of the cave with Luna in hand. He hoped he wasn't too late.

4/23/2010 #19

Aura!Luna thought.But she was too weak to answer.Luna smiled weakly before falling into the black abiss of her mind.They had come to save her!

(Just woundering wear IS everyone!?Or is it only us left?)

4/23/2010 #20

Aura's relieved sigh turned into an agonized shout when the ghost struck her with an outstretched arm, sending sharp, hot pain through her body. She staggered backwards until her back hit the cave wall.

Her opponent laughed. "And I was hoping this would be a challenge," once again, she raised her hand, but was stopped by the young mage.

"You merely caught me off guard there," she gasped. Closing her eyes, she felt herself become enveloped with light, which soon filled the entire cave. She felt a sharp drop in energy from the spell. Light took far more power than ice. Cyrus, you better give me a hand if this doesn't work.

4/23/2010 #21

Luna was spinging.No she was moving.But wear?She only saw the swerling images of her friends.At the end of the black abiss was a tunnel.It looked bright and warm.There as something calling to her.Telling her she would be safe and happy there.Luna reached tords it.Something in the back of Luna's mind told her not to touch it.But she was coming tords it so fast.Don't let it drag you in!Something told her.What was this strange light?How could something so good looking be so wrong?

4/23/2010 #22

(I think it is just us on this forum that's why on my page I put information about the Mages RP. What about that other sight you made at proboards. com catorrina I know two days ago someone posted there, so I think that place is still active as well I just don't know how it fits into this story here.)

Cyrus felt something bad was going to happen, but he didn't know what. He quickly had Lysander lay Luna down on the ground and he began yanking planks out of her arms and legs. "Why is she being stabbed by so much wood, could she be... No, that's impossible if I were to say she were a vampire, I guess it isn't too far fetched though, I mean... Claude is a demon and I have a dragon." He knew it was no use to try and tell if she had a heartbeat she wouldn't have one.

"Lysander cut my arm open." Cyrus ordered. The dragon was appalled by committing to such an order, but gladly did it.

Cyrus held his arm to Luna's mouth and opened it with his free hand, "Drink quickly and please regain some composure otherwise neither of us can help Aura."

4/23/2010 #23

(Luna, Billy's not really active on RPs currently, though I may get HiddenMusic and Pyra back. And the proboards, since it has different members, doesn't really fit in with this story much, outside of the rules and character guidelines)

4/23/2010 #24

What was happaning?Luna was now moving backwords.The light and pleasant pictures faded.Her eyes flutterd open.Above her was Cyrus.She could taste the warm sweet blood in her mouth.Why!?She had been discoverd!She would have rather wet into the forbidden light!"C-yrus..."She trialed off.

4/23/2010 #25

(Double Strike! Cyrus get a second attack at the forums.)

"Come on please work!" He begged as he watched the blood pour down his arm.

4/23/2010 #26

(I see!^^ I was just woundering because I remember when we had all kindsa poeple!)

4/23/2010 #27

"You're alive and a vampire!" he cried. But then laughed.

4/23/2010 #28

(What are counting?XD)

Luna slowly sat up.She looked into Cyrus's eyes."H-how'd you know?"She asked her voice cracking.She just wanted to cry just run away like she had done with everyone else.

4/23/2010 #29

Aura staggered as the fatigue set in and the wound inflicted by the ghost continued to burn. The ghost, at least, was gone, saving her from another attack. Had she been alone, she would have rested but instead, leaning heavily on her staff, she wandered outside. "Is she...alright?" She asked wearily after seeing the young vampire lying on the ground.

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