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"It's good to see you too." Cyrus told her as he accepted her hug and then began to tell his tale:

"While you were gone Aura healed my arm somewhat, yet it did not completely heal, so she wanted me to be careful with it I guess. During this time I lost track of Lysander because I was sleeping a lot. I think Aura went off somewhere to meet with someone, I really don't know what happened there. It could be she went to the person I wanted to visit. Anyway, after Lysander rudely woke me up I found your letter and tried to stop you from running away. However, I was too weak and ended up in the hospital again where we were detained by the nurses for a short time. Aura came back and told me she had met with an elf named Greste Fearlock, I think... He left us a map to find his library, and even though we wanted to look for you we felt we should get some information from him in hopes of finding you. It ended up being a bad situation though when your sister entered the picture, you know, Thorn, she led us around with her horse Sora and was trying to help us find you. Unfortunately, I think she nearly killed you by stabbing you. The last thing I remember is some guy saying "Night-Night Cyrus" and I ended up wherever it is that we are now. I think he sucked into something because I remember him holding an hourglass possibly."

He paused and looked at her trying to understand how Luna would react to this tale. "Look, if it makes you feel better, though she probably attacked you for some kind familial reason, Aura and I will surely do our best to help you with this problem however we can. Are you certain we are still alive though?"

5/4/2010 #271

Luna stared at him for a long moment.Anger flaring inside her."So your telling me that you went after the likes of me when you were so close to death!?"She said as camly as possible but there was still a huge hint of anger in her voice her fists began to shake with anger.The last few hours had been so much.Luna snapped her head up in attenchion."Yes were very much alive I'd say."But please would you tell me this?Why would you ever go after someone like me in your condition?"Her voice was ragged hinted with so much anger and sarrow.

5/4/2010 #272

"You were becoming what I hate. A person who's enraptured in how they bad they think they are or act, and how that is perceived by the world that they forget what they could offer to the world and stop acting like themselves. Just because you are a vampire does not mean that have nothing to offer the world. I used to think and act a lot like you, I still might a lot of the time, but in the end I always know I have something to offer to the world and know how to act like who I am meant to be. Now if you don't mind I'd like to hear about you. You have already said anything about yourself to anyone as far as I can tell. Why? Because Aura and I were kind of surprised you had a younger sister." He crossed his arms as he replied to her questions and sternly looked back at her.

"If you tell me truly whom you are I will make sure not to injure as badly as I have from now on." Cyrus promised this hoping Luna would finally say something about herself. "You worried Aura and I when you left, and you still seem to make us worry. I know you're worried about me at least. You gave me a letter about how you would leave us now, what was that about, huh?" he stepped back to give Luna some space. He seemed to be a bit to close to her personal bubble for his own comfort now.

5/4/2010 #273

Small tears welled up in her eyes and she looked down."I'm sorry."She said and paused for a long moment."I have nothing to really tell you about myself.I only know I had a life once.Before I was turned into what I am now.I have no memory of my life before then."She swallowed."I only left you because I was affraid to hurt you.Vampires just simply don't run with humans very well.Because we can be stabbed,hung or burned and we willl heal ourselves.Me being anywear with you could kill you.So I guess I thought if I left you you'd be safer."She paused for a long moment."But I can tell you one thing.I have a sister who will not stop until I die."She looked up to see his reaction.It felt so good to tell someone about her.It felt so good to khave proof she had a life once.It overwelmed her.She wanted to fall to her knees and cry.

5/4/2010 #274

Cyrus stared at Luna and saw how much pain she was feeling. He decided to wrap an arm around her waist and had her sit down. Then he let her go and began to comfort her a little and tell her information about himself, dark secrets he had only told Aura so far, "You have no need to worry when you are with all of us. Listen, there's something I have not told you yet, even though I told this to Aura. Well here it goes, Lysander wears a black hood over his head because the kind of dragon he is called Aitvaras. There's old legends that go with them they can bring people good and bad luck, but it depends on the situation. As in the legends Lysander cannot remove his hood because if he is outdoors he will turn into his natural dragon form. When he is inside the house of a friend he turns into a chicken. To keep him from constantly transform him I keep him under a black hood so that he cannot tell whether he is indoors or outdoors. The funny thing is also like the legend I got him when I made a deal with demon by selling my soul. In return he gave me a 9-12 year old rooster egg and bolstered my wind powers so I could fly before I was old enough to. That was two years ago, wind magicians in my family aren't supposed to be able to do this until they are nearly 20. Anyway, at the time I was lost in the mountains and became extremely frightened that I may never get home, so I took the demon's deal by letting him have my heart. In the process though I developed a phobia of nature and Lysander ate my heart. If he dies, I die because Aitvaras turn into sparks of light when they die, if that were to occur you could probably guess what would happen to my heart, it would be electricuited. Anyway, as soon as I made my way home with Lysander my family were scared by the presence of a dragon in their home, but soon realized what he was when I brought him into my house. They told me to keep a hood over his head and find books on demons. I came upon a village eventually who talked of a demon named Claude and showed me his book, the Book of Claude, the moment I opened it Claude jumped out and frightened the village to death, literally. I'll never forget his wooden clogs and the steam that rose from the earth as he stepped across the village grounds. He might have been some kind of fire and water demon, but that's besides the point. His deal let me go home, but in the process has set me on the path of my own death. That is why I need to cancel his deal with me. I cannot keep Lysander because he was never mine to begin with. He was probably just a wild dragon taken from its home. That is the story of my life and I have been cursed by a demon for the rest of my life probably. I might have it worse off than you though I cannot say that for sure." Cyrus sighed as he finished speaking hoping he had made some impact on Luna's mood.

5/4/2010 #275

Luna looked down lisaning to his story.When he was done she looked up to him with bright eyes."Then I'm gonna do all I can to help you!"She said in a determined voice."But first to do that we'll have to get out of hear!"She said standing up offering him her hand.

5/4/2010 #276

He grabbed her hand and nodded in acknowledgment. "And I will help you, but I have no idea how we can leave this place." Cyrus responded to her words.

5/4/2010 #277

Out of nowhere a large black flame burst in front of the group and from it stood Pyra. She appeared much more mysterious from last time for she had a thick black scarf wrapped around her mouth with her velvet midnight cloaked draped around her. "I have been absent for quite a while... The reason, I shall not tell you." Her eyes wandered, confirming her surroundings though they did confuse her so.

5/4/2010 #278

Luna noded and looked ahead.She looked down to ralize she had not yet dropped Cyrus' hand.She blushed."Sorry"She said dropping it.

5/4/2010 . Edited 5/4/2010 #279

(In your brain! Lulz no, I'm with Aura.)

Pyra pulled her hood over her eyes. "I've arrived at an awkward place... Mind I ask where I have been transported to?"

5/4/2010 #280

(Told ya we'd get our fire mage soon)

Aura, who had been asleep on the floor, jumped up suddenly. "Pyra! You' the underground library and home of Greste Fearlock, and evil and eccentric necromancer who is currently reading my journal in exchange for returning my memories, and his kitsune wife, Kiara, who may or may not eat us during our stay.

"More specifically, you're in the medical room, where I'm waiting for Luna and our newest companion Cyrus to awaken after a very long day," at this last sentence, she was more than slightly irritated. Pyra chose the WORST time to leave. "Then, I believe I will need to find some food. I've hardly eaten in the past few days, and I've spent more energy than I can spare healing." She looked at the pair, concerned. "They've been out of their bodies for a while, so they have to find their way back to the world of the living before regaining full consciousness. Then, Luna will be on bed rest for at least a few days- even taking into account her vampire blood." She sighed and rubbed her eyes. "I'll need to sleep for a bit too, I think. I'm exhausted."

5/4/2010 #281

(Right, Bloodra, we can't stay after school until Thursday, kay?)

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(That's fine. As long as tomorrow's good.)

The dark mage chuckled softly and lowered her hood, finding comfort in seeing her old friend. "That seems to be a mouthful of experiences I've missed out on." Pyra then noticed the agitated glance Aura gave her and frowned at herself. "I... also apologize for abandoning the group for some time. I felt that if I left then I would no longer endanger the others. I always alienated myself from you guys because I thought I could regain my memories on my own." Pyra's eyes lowered.

5/4/2010 #283

(No, she's busy tomorrow with something.)

Aura smiled. "It's all right. I'm just tired right now, which makes me somewhat irritated."

5/4/2010 #284

(Oh, that's alright. Sorry 4 the trouble.)

"Ah, I see..." Pyra silently took a seat next to Aura. "I guess there's not much to do but join you." She finished with a half-hearted smile.

5/4/2010 #285

(What trouble?)

"Finally, someone who's conscious!" She leaned her head against the wall and sighed. "Everyone I've talked to has either been badly injured or really, really mad at no one."

5/4/2010 #286

(The trouble for asking? ^^'' Anywayz, I g2g to bed. Night guys!)

A growl of amusement hummed in Pyras' throat. "You've been losing your sanity then? As if losing our memories was bad enough?" The young fire mage's eyes found themselves growing weary. "The journey from the forest to this mad house was certainly tiring. Transportation spells truly do wear you out. Excuse me as I nod off for a moment..." She smiled and then relaxed her muscles as she laid against the wall. It wasn't long after that Pyra's breathing had slowed to a rhythmic pace, confirming her state of slumber.

5/4/2010 #287

Greste was in the kitchen on the fourth floor with Kiara when he felt a strange vibe in the air. Someone had caused the wards around his library to go off and had come inside unannounced and possibly uninvited. He rushed to the stone platform and rose to the sixth floor where the lab was. It was time to investigate whom this person was. He summoned up a small pack of ghosts to surround him. He entered the lab with them and ordered for these ghosts to block the exit. He saw that everyone was asleep or unconscious, including a person he had not seen before, but seemed familiar. Could she be... Pyra... Well best to find out.

"Who has come into my library uninvited!" He shouted hoping to startle everyone who was sleeping from their slumber. It was not a very nice thing for a host to do, but he certainly could not have his guests in any danger.

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Jumping, startled awake, Aura looked up. "This is Pyra, who I believe you were expecting anyway" she said, "but did you really have to yell? I wouldn't have fallen asleep in the first place if she was a stranger to me."

5/5/2010 #289

"So... You are Pyra... I had a premonition you would come, but I did not know when, so I felt like you come wasn't actually going to happen." He addressed the red haired girl. "You set off quite a few of my wards when you entered the library with whatever teleportation or location spells you used to find your friends. For that I'm going to invite you all to dinner right now. However please do be warned my wife Kiara might take an interest in trying to eat you." He snapped his fingers twice and the ghosts whom were blocking the door surrounded Pyra and Aura.

"If you don't come to dinner with your friend, Aura, I might have reason to forcefully kick your dark mage friend out the door," Greste spoke with confidence in his voice. He would fight to remove this new person from his house, even if they were a friend of Aura's he didn't like other dark mages because they usually tended to press their authority onto him. He was the one who controlled them, not the other way around.

5/5/2010 #290

Luna looked at Cyrus and walked forword."Maybe if we start walking around we can find a door."Luna said looking around.Sundenly the floor around Luna caved in causeing her to fall threw the floor.She screamed and grabbedd onto the edge or darkness.

5/5/2010 #291

Aura looked at her friends. "I hoped to wait at least until they woke up...are you sure they'll be okay down here?"

5/5/2010 #292

"I'm sure they'll be fine it's not like anything could happen to them in the place where all dead souls go before they're allowed to go beyond the boundaries of our world. I mean the worst that could happen to them is that they will be swallowed by the darkness that surrounds them there or become trapped here on this plane as ghosts. Since your friends aren't technically dead then they should return to their bodies in an unconscious state. Though that is only up to them, are they willing to return to their bodies that is the question we must ask?" Greste tried to explain. "Until such time can be found that I can totally confirm they are there you two are going to come to dinner. Think of it as a distraction from the worst case scenario. As of right now their souls are partially in their bodies, but half of them is trapped in the darkness beyond a normal magician's view. I can see them with my necromancy and I'd rather not say what's happened because then you'll refuse to leave here."

Meanwhile in the darkness...

"Luna!" Cyrus cried as he saw her drop into the darkness. He thought she was gone, but soon saw she was barely hanging onto the edge of a jagged black precipice. Cyrus carefully inched his way towards her standing on the a good distance from the edge of the cliff that was between keeping her between life and death. He could not get closer though because the dark rock seemed very brittle and would break if he tried to stand on it. "Luna, I don't think I can get any closer to you than I am. I want you to let go, I'm gonna' try and use my wind magic to launch you into the air when you start to fall can I trust you to help me with this?"

5/5/2010 #293

"That's....reassuring," Aura replied. "But I guess we have no choice I suppose, and sitting down here will probably not accomplish much, so I suppose we'll join you."

5/5/2010 #294

"Dinner it is!" Greste exclaimed as he and his ghosts led Aura and Pyra to the stone platform. "Dining Hall on the fifth floor please!" The platform dropped and they entered a room that looked far too fancy to be a normal dining room. All the ghosts in this room were seated around very dimly lit lights at the center of small round tables. Because of this the room felt eerie, except the table where Kiara was sitting at. There were five empty seats there.

5/5/2010 #295

Luna closed her eyes tightly and nodded."Tell me when."She said her voice full of terror.

5/5/2010 #296

Cyrus began to gather a gentle breeze in the palms of his hands. He sent it out below Luna and formed a cushion of air underneath of where she was haning then he said, "Luna, I'm ready, go ahead and let go now."

5/5/2010 #297

Luna let go feeling the air under her.For a split secound Luna let one eye crack open slightly.She could see a small bright light.

5/5/2010 #298

Cyrus focused all his magic into making sure Luna did not fall into the darkness below her. He strained himself far past any limits he had ever gone while trying to whisk her away from the fate that could befall her. He could feel the cool air he had created rise, but had trouble seeing Luna from where he was standing.

5/5/2010 #299

Pyra was groggy as they entered the room. She wasn't too happy about being woken up so rudely but in the end she felt no offense. The hosts of this place made Pyra feel unwelcomed but alert. Then again, she has always been that way. She stifled a yawn before she spoke. "So then... What are we eating?"

5/5/2010 #300
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