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"You'll have to ask Kiara, I have no idea what we're eating." Greste told Pyra. "I make such a horrible host..." he thought aloud as he led them to their seats. Aura and Pyra had the honor of sitting with Greste and Kiara, so many ghosts envied them for this reason. Their stares were targeted at them and definitely quite unhappy and unpleasant.

"Would you kindly relieve yourselves of your staffs?" Greste asked Aura and Pyra politely.

5/5/2010 #301

Luna's eyes opend widely."Cyrus!"She called."I know this is gonna sound crazy but you must let me fall!"She yelled.

5/5/2010 #302

Pyra's expression turned from content to suspicious. Her mouth twisted in uncertainty as she cautiously retrieved her staff from her back. "Not to intrude, but may I ask why?"

5/5/2010 #303

"Uh, could you repeat that?" Cyrus demanded as he strained to keep his magical air buffer going. He thought he heard her say "fall", maybe she had said "you must let me fly!". In order to confirm this he waited for her response.

5/5/2010 #304

"Safety precaution... Can't have people walking around the library with weapons. We have plenty of ghosts here for that. Now that we know your friends are most likely stable you have no need to protect them." He patted the table top indicating for them to sit down. Kiara gave them a warm, friendly smile. "Please do sit down..." they pleaded.

5/5/2010 #305

"Let me fall!"She comanded."Trust me!Theres a way out I can feel it!Wait until I've dropped and jump in yourself!"She called up to him.

5/5/2010 #306

Pyra hesitated and glanced over at Aura then back at her staff. She finally shrugged and placed her staff onto the table. Still not too sure if she made the wise decision or not, Pyra peered over towards the table. "So... Where should I sit?"

5/5/2010 #307

"That's crazy!" Cyrus cried out, "You want me to let you fly into the air!" He had obviously not heard the message. "I think you'd hit the ceiling of this place! I think I'm gonna' let you drop!" He gave her a thumbs up and stopped using his magic. He then ran to the pit and looked down. "Wow, that's deep," he thought to himself, "I better follow Luna... Before she gets herself really hurt."

5/5/2010 #308

Luna could feel the air all around her.The light grew brighter and brighter the further she went down she looked up to see Cyrus falling abouve her."See that?"She asked pointing to the light."Were gonna make it!"She yelled.

5/5/2010 #309

Cyrus was blinded by the light, but at least he could see that he and Luna were all right as they dropped towards the unknown.

Meanwhile in the dining hall...

"Please you must sit down, you can sit right across from my wife." Greste told Pyra, "I assure you everything is fine."

"My, my look at the wonderful meal!" Kiara exclaimed as a couple of ghosts dressed as waiters brought out empty plates.

5/5/2010 . Edited 5/5/2010 #310

"That seems to be a reasonable request, though a rather uncomfortable one on our parts." Still, Aura sighed and lay her staff beneath the table, trying to keep it out of the way. "May we sit here?" She asked motioning to the empty seats next to their hosts.

5/5/2010 #311

Assuming that taking a seat just about anywhere was fine, Pyra sat a seat away from Kiara. She crossed her arms coolly and sighed from anxiety.

5/5/2010 #312

Smiling in an attempt to show gratitude, Aura did the same, sitting opposite Pyra. She found, surprisingly, she was only slightly cautious towards Greste and Kiara, who seemed rather pleasant for all their evil purposes.

5/5/2010 #313

Soon Luna's feet clicked on rock floor.She held her arms out waiting for Cyrus to fall into them.The fall may not of killed her but it just might kill a human.

5/5/2010 #314

"You may sit where you please..." Greste grumbled taking a seat next to his wife. He assumed everyone was comfortably seated and then his wife interrupted him...

"My, my aren't they delicious!" she cried hysterically. Suddenly the seats they were sitting wrapped around Aura and Pyra.

"I'm sorry I have had to do this..." Greste cried. "She really wants to eat you guys and there's nothing I can do about it."

5/5/2010 #315

The feeling of suspicion faded as soon as Pyra saw the waiters come in with their plates of food. Or rather, plates of nothing. She was bewildered by this and gawked over at Greste. "I am terribly sorry but... What kind of food are you serving here?"

5/5/2010 #316

"Apology accepted," Aura said, allowing ice to grow between her and the seat and forcing the chair to shatter. With a swift, she picked up her staff. "Although I would have liked to eat dinner first...Pyra?"

5/5/2010 #317

Pyra's calm demeanor vanished ever so quickly after realizing that she had been betrayed. The glare she gave the two hosts were enough to scorch their souls into nothingness. Her voice turned into an irritated growl. "You'll be sorry..." She whispered venomously. "I'd suggest you let us go."

5/5/2010 #318

The chair burst into flames around her, not burning her at all. She hastily grabbed her staff and surrounded herself with dark flames. Her expression? Plain out devious.

5/5/2010 #319

Sighing, Aura looked at Kiara. "Couldn't you have let things be? She's really, really fun to deal with when she gets excited."

5/5/2010 #320

"Don't you both realize you're the food!" Greste burst out in a fit of sorrow. "You're wrapped up in chairs no thanks to my wife's twilight magic being amplified by her ability to use earth magic. This whole building is made of stone. And sadly anyone caught in it uninvited or who has stayed past their welcome tends to become food for a whole bunch of people, or I should say ghosts. Since your friends are probably now alive in the medical lab my wife has decided to eat you tonight. I even tried to offer her a dragon's soul to spare your lives, but she didn't want it!"

5/5/2010 #321

Pyra grabbed Greste by his shirt, an aura of fire surrounding her arm so he couldn't simply swat her away. She pointed her staff at him and licked her fanged teeth. "Would you, KINDLY, lead us out of here...?"

5/5/2010 #322

"Oh, crap!" Greste cried as he realized Pyra and Aura had broken their chairs. "Honey, are you sure you want to kill these two?"

"Yes..." Kiara began to cackle. She refused to change her decision. "You see..." She continued, "Greste told me what he had read in your book Aura and I don't like what's written in it either. It speaks of you being far too dangerous for our household. You are the world's total opposite to us. I doubt there is a drop of evil in your soul and for that I need to feast on you before you become too dangerous. As for you Pyra, you broke through Greste's wards with ease that must meant there is great evil within you. For that reason I must eat you so that my family shall become the world's greatest series of magicians. Dark and Light finally combined into one true balance."

5/5/2010 #323

"Well that's certainly a wonderful reason," Aura replied before jumping over to where Pyra was standing and whispering, "Pyra, you think you can manage bringing along a few extra people in that transport spell?"

5/5/2010 #324

Pyra scoffed and let go of Greste, turning towards aura. Her sinister complex almost disappeared as she replied in a quiet mutter. "Probably, but it will be incredibly hard since it uses up a lot of energy and I've just used that spell a few minutes ago."

5/5/2010 #325

"If you need an extra boost, I can probably spare some energy," Aura said, looking much more energized from the excitement around her. "But first we have to get Cyrus and Luna."

5/5/2010 #326

"Lead the way." Pyra almost demanded, reverting to her 'older' self when she glanced over at Kiara. "But I don't suppose it will be easy getting there with these two on our tails."

5/5/2010 #327

"Yeah. They're on floor 6 I believe. You can get down by the stone platform, watch out for the spikes. I'll see if I can keep them busy until you get our friends out. Just so long as you give me a hand okay?" Aura raised her staff and looked back at Greste and Kiara. A small glow came from the inside of the staff, and her cape, as she focused the light magic.

5/5/2010 #328

Pyra settled down and gave Aura a curt nod. "Fine. We'll meet outside of here but you better be alive the next time I see you." She said in a humored tone. Pyra held her staff in both hands as she stepped onto the stone platform.

5/5/2010 #329

"That was my plan," Aura replied.

5/5/2010 #330
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