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"All right, all right..." Greste responded trying to calm everyone down, mainly himself, "Kiara, will you please eat the dragon so everyone can be happy."

"Fine," Kiara unhappily replied to her husband, "I can't see why you won't let me have some more fun tiring these two mages out."

"That's not what we planned to do."

5/5/2010 #331

Aura blinked at them. "I would like to be a part of this conversation," she said. "Are we going to be eaten, or what? Not that I really want to be eaten...but..."

5/5/2010 #332

Pyra was already on the sixth floor. She entered the room rather violently and almost trampled over the two bodies in front of her. Her eyes widened. "Oh, Luna..." then she turned to Cyrus. "And... other person..." Not bothering to ask useless questions to herself, Pyra tried her best to grab up Luna and Cyrus at the same time. It wasn't working out well.

5/5/2010 #333

"We planned this as a test." Kiara told her, "If you could escape your chairs then we decided we wouldn't eat you. We do this sometimes to our guests to determine whether or not they will be a good meal or not. Unfortunately, since Greste has told me you are absolutely not to be eaten I will obey his wishes and not eat you." Kiara responded to Aura's confusion. She summoned up two new chairs made from rock and indicated for Aura to sit down.

"Bring out the real food." Greste ordered. He put his hourglass on the table and a dragon's soul appeared on Kiara's plate.

"Yummy!" she cried as she began to scarf down the dragon's soul. Greste shook his head he doubted she would ever have good manners.

He then turned to Aura and said, "Where's Pyra? Look, Kiara doesn't like it when people change her environment. Every time someone enters the library they usually tend to mess something up. She was afraid that you had gotten too much blood on the medical lab's counter tops, so she wanted a slight bit of revenge. She would determine whether or not she would eat you by whether or not you could escape from your seat at the dinner table. She likes to see people who are unruly, so since you passed we decided that we would not eat you, this is a 100% percent promise compared to our 93% percent promise. We've come up with this based on the fact that only 7% percent of the people ever escape the library alive. You can't come in here without a library card I mean that would be just wrong and an invasion of private property. So we're going to give you library cards."

5/5/2010 . Edited 5/11/2010 #334

After several times of trying, Pyra still couldn't get Luna and Cyrus out of the room without dragging them out individually. She also refused to leave Aura behind to die. Making up her mind, Pyra pinched the bridge of her nose and went towards the stone platform. She stopped on the floor where she was almost eaten and stood next to Aura with an annoyed air. "You know what? Screw it." She looked at Kiara from the corner of her eye. "I hope I'm dessert."

5/5/2010 #335

"I would have cleaned the blood up," Aura defended. Somewhere in the depths of her mind, she was aware that this was the least important part of the conversation, though she decided that after the words came out of her mouth. "And I somewhat understood the whole percent thing...but if you don't mind, I'd still prefer to eat in my own chair, which should not trap me." She conjured an icy chair and sat down. "Now can we get Pyra back up here before she kills my friends through sheer force of mental instability?"

Even if this is all another ruse, I'd rather not move them unless absolutely necessary. She added to herself.

5/5/2010 #336

Pyra's mood changed. Confused now. "So wait... What happened now?" She asked Aura.

5/5/2010 #337

"I have no idea whatsoever," Aura replied. "At all."

5/5/2010 #338

"If you want to be a meal so badly then go right ahead, and kill yourself. I only eat dead people for right now." Kiara told her.

5/5/2010 . Edited 5/5/2010 #339

Pinching the bridge of her nose, Aura turned and walked to the stone platform. "I'm going down to see the damage you caused."

5/5/2010 . Edited 5/5/2010 #340

Pyra folded her arms and snickered. "No thanks. Life is looking rather up for now."

5/5/2010 #341

"You both need to understand this was a test." Greste informed them. "A test that will maybe shed some light on yourselves because there are only a few people who would dare trying to attack us and survive. I'm glad you thought of the other dinner guests Pyra they should be awake soon. I want to offer your book, Aura, and translated notes for you to read as a measure of my good faith that we won't eat you. I also grant access to the full usage of this library since your friend Cyrus insists upon finding a certain book. The least I can do for Luna is offer a temporary safe haven although, you'll all have to put up with the ghosts."

5/5/2010 . Edited 5/5/2010 #342

Turning around, Aura stared at him. "A very, very odd and rather uncomfortable test to put it lightly. Still, thank you for returning my journal, although I would prefer my own memories to a translated book, I'm glad to have it back, and the access to the library sounds nice as well."

5/5/2010 #343

"Quite interesting..." Pyra thought to herself. Something then struck her. Quickly she reached into a brown pouch and pulled out her dark themed spell book. She held it out to Kiara. "You can decipher these books, right?"

5/5/2010 #344

"What is this?" Greste said looking at the book and trying to focus on the text of the front cover. It was extremely to read. But he managed to make out two letters on the cover.

"This looks far different from the old writing I use to take notes." Kiara commented. "I don't know if we'll be able to help you decipher this book."

"No..." Greste butt in, "We can decipher this, but I don't really think any creature should. I think I know what's written here, but if I try to decipher it bad things may happen. I can tell at the very least this looks like a book filled with dark magic. Of course all books like this should never be deciphered, yet people still do it. Talk about breaking moral codes."

5/5/2010 #345

"I always thought the cover of the book showed my full name..." Pyra informed no one but herself. She them realized what Greste told her. An innocent but evil smile crept across Pyra's face. "Of course it deals with dark magic. I am a black mage, am I not?" Shrugging off her dark exterior, Pyra took the book back from the hosts. "Anyway, thanks but Aura is right. I should try and figure it out with the help of my memories."

5/5/2010 #346

"Suit yourself," Greste replied curtly while handing her back the book, "It would be much easier if I translated it."

5/5/2010 #347

(g2g guys, sorry!)

5/5/2010 #348

Luna cought Cyrus in her arms and set him down.There was a large door built of stone.She opend it and the light shone even brighter."We've found it!This is the way out!"She exclamed and stepped through the door.

Luna opend her eyes.She smelled blood.Not just any blood but her and Cyurs's blood.Luna jerked up causing the hole in her back to open agin causing a ripple of pain to spread through her.She bit her lip.She looked over at Cyrus and hoped he had made it through the door.She could feel the warm red liquid running down her back."There gonna kill me."She said and stood up.Another ripple of pain went through her."Aw!"She cried.

5/5/2010 #349

Nodding, Aura turned back to the stone platform and went down to the hospital. When she saw Luna, she shouted, "Luna, lie still! You're smashing the ice. You'll bleed out!" With a swift motion, she pushed the vampire flat on her back and allowed the ice veins to return.

5/5/2010 #350

Cyrus found his way through the door. In doing so he woke up in a startled manner and saw Luna and the blood dripping down her back. He forgot that one his arms was still injured and tried to help her stand with this arm. It was too much to for him to bear he could feel his arm coming off under her weight. "No, offense Luna," he thought to himself. He quickly switched to his better arm and was able to get her to her feet successfully. "Great, now what do I do, I really have no medical experience, yet it seems we're in a hospital again." He told himself. He lifted her onto an empty table even though it proved quite difficult. He was panting quite heavily when this task was complete.

"Luna, can you hear me?" he asked her hoping she hadn't slipped into unconsciousness again. "We made it back!" he cried aloud hoping that a loud noise might distract her from her pain. He noticed Aura and realized how stupid he had been. He had placed a large coat rack on the table.

5/5/2010 . Edited 5/5/2010 #351

(Argh you are all posting ninjas! I cannot beat your posting speeds!)

5/5/2010 #352

(You just type more than me)

"Cyrus, leave this to me," Aura said. "I don't want to heal your arm AGAIN."

5/5/2010 #353

"Don't worry I think my arm's fine." Cyrus joked. "Oh, and did I just move a coat hanger without realizing it?" He really needed to get some sleep.

5/5/2010 #354

"Just get some sleep Cyrus, you're exhausted." After making sure Luna was firmly on the table again, and sealing her wrists and ankles so she wouldn't move, she guided Cyrus to another area. "Lie down here, and rest."

5/5/2010 #355

Cyrus flopped onto a comfy looking cot and closed his eyes.

5/5/2010 #356

Sighing, Aura turned back to Luna. "Luna, can you hear me?" She called.

5/5/2010 #357

Luna was twiching."Aura you have better let me up or you will have worse to deal with then me bleeding a little!"She Yelled.Restriction did not suite well with her."I'll be fine!"She added.

(Yay posting ninja!!!)

5/5/2010 #358

"You'll tear yourself up. Lie still and I'll unbind you, but you are not going to move right now. Sleep, heal, do something, but you can't so much as twitch or you'll snap the ice veins, and I'll need to start all over," Aura said with much irritation. "And I have absolutely no energy for that right now."

5/5/2010 #359

"I'll be fine!"She yelled irritated."And I don't wanna sleep!"She said."Just for the love of the godess would you please let me go!"She said.It wasn't a qestion.

5/5/2010 #360
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