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"Not until you've healed. Just lay there and rest so I can rest myself. I'm tired, you're tired, Cyrus is tired. You won't miss anything so please stop struggling." Luna's thrashing was taking its toll on Aura, who had to recreate the ice binds every time she pulled.

5/5/2010 #361

"I told you I'm not tired!"She yelled agin."I'm fine."She said in a softer voice."You rest now.I can take care of myself."She said.

5/6/2010 #362

"Judging from the way you almost killed yourself in the beginning, I don't believe that. I'm sorry, Luna, but I'm keeping you on this table until you've at least recovered enough to get rid of the ice," Aura replied gently.

5/6/2010 #363

Cyrus, woke from his short slumber and mumbled, "Whoever is making the racket please go to sleep..." He then drifted off to sleep for the last time.

5/6/2010 #364

Luna began to twich even more vilently then before."LET UP ME!LET ME UP!LET ME UP!"Luna yelled jerking back and forth."I DON'T DO WELL WITH RESTRICTION!!!!!!!!!"She yelled even louder.The hole in her back began to spread causing blood to spill everywear.The pain in her back was a sharp burning from the wood.But she just needed to be set free."AURA I'VE LIVED TWO YEARS ON MY OWN I THINK I CAN TAKE CARE OF MYSELF!"She yelled."I CAN TAKE CARE OF IT!!!"She yelled.

5/7/2010 #365

Releasing the bonds, Aura instead put a block of ice over her mouth. "Shut up! Cyrus needs sleep. I'll let you go, but if you even think of moving, I will freeze you again, Luna. You CAN'T get up."

5/7/2010 #366

Cyrus was fidgeting in his sleep unable to hear the yelling coming from next door.

5/7/2010 #367

Luna looked over at Cyrus and noded.She shiverd.I HATE travling with people!She thought.Godess why didn't you just let me die peacefully.AND IT'S FLIPPEN COLD!She yelled inside her head.

5/7/2010 . Edited 5/7/2010 #368

"I'm sorry about the cold," Aura said, guessing that that was what Luna was thinking. "Since you heal fast, I believe I'll be able to get rid of most of the ice by tomorrow morning, if you don't move around. Sleep will let it heal faster still."

5/7/2010 #369

"I'm not sleepy."She whisperd."Just let me ask one more thing of you.Where are we?"She asked.She coul hear a high buzzing noise."Are we in a graveyard?"She asked not waiting for Aura's answer.

5/7/2010 #370

"You're in my library and my house, so while you're here you should follow my rules." Greste said as he entered the medical lab again. He heard quite a bit of yelling while he was trying to finish his dinner and came to check on things in the lab. Following behind him was Kiara who looked at Luna and then peered into the side room where Cyrus was sleeping.

"Honey, are these all the guests who will be staying in our house?" Kiara asked her husband as she wrapped her blue and black furry tails around his waist. "Two of them I have seen briefly I might have heard your name's too, but I can't remember. You must be... Uh... I actually would like to know your name, you, the girl who has the black and purple stripped hair and crimson, yeah..." She demanded looking at Luna and Aura. "While you're at it tell me the boy's name that guy with the brown hair and gray eyes who's sleeping."

5/7/2010 #371

"We're not in a graveyard, Luna," Aura said quietly before turning to Kiara and Greste. "My name is Aura, this is Luna, the..." she tried to think of a word to describe Pyra, "...mentally unstable one is Pyra, and the boy you're talking about is Cyrus."

5/7/2010 #372

"It seems there was one more..." Kiara muttered to herself, "You really need to tell me from now on how many people there are coming to this house from now on."

Greste smacked his head and replied to her to comment with, "Like you said before you met them all briefly, so you should know their names and who they are as you have spoken or seen all of them." He quickly unwrapped Kiara's tails from around himself and walked up to Pyra.

"We got off on the wrong foot... I'm Greste elvish necromancer specialist. You must be Pyra..." he grabbed her hand and shook it, "If you ever need training in the dark arts despite how crazy I may seem I am an expert at that kind of magic."

Kiara decided it would be best to now introduce herself properly to Luna and Greste soon followed behind her. "Hello, I'm Kiara, what kind of magic are you good at? I've not heard much about you." she said taking Luna's hand. "The guy behind is Greste so that you firmly know this."

"Hm..." Greste thought aloud seems we have one more proper introduction to make, but he's asleep. Too bad..."

5/8/2010 #373

Pyra glared at Aura for the introduction she gave her. Then she nodded and gave a small smile to Greste. "I appreciate it. I could use some practice with my magic so I'll gladly take up on your offer. Pehaps some time later."

5/8/2010 #374

"Okay I'll be waiting for you my pupil!" Greste grinned happily.

5/8/2010 #375

Luna shook Kira's hand."I'm not mentally ill I'm just different!"She said glaring at Aura."I'm so very sorry for all the yelling we where..uh..having problems.."She said in a charming voice.She turned to Aura and said,"You need to get some rest!"She stood up ignoring the pain in her back to shake hands with the other unfamliar person."My names Luna thank you so very much for letting us come hear."She said taking his hand.

5/9/2010 . Edited 5/9/2010 #376

"You're quite welcome, everyone, since my husband hasn't been a responsible host I will tell you all where your rooms are. To get to the guests rooms take the platform down to the second floor. Be sure not to go to the third or to the first floor. Remember, the first floor is Greste and I's living space. The third floor is the library's armory. I would not go in their without someone who knows the room unless you want to end up injuring yourselves. Oh, and would someone gently move the boy in the other room while your at it. I know he's asleep, but he'll like the guest quarters better. If he wakes up and asks for his rooster, or I should say aitvaras, it has been sleeping in the guest room this entire time." Kiara informed Luna and the others.

She released Luna's hand and then said personally to her, "Now then, how did you get your hair to be such a wonderful color Luna? I quite like it because it's color is similar to my fur. Anyway, your loud voice speaks of your concern for others, that's what I think. Though I have so few manners that I can hardly consider myself lady. Did I tell you I almost ate your friends? I felt so horrible, but when you're nearly starved for a week and forced to eat morsels like pixies and elves one cannot help, but attempt to devour magicians with true power in their veins. Luckily, my hunger has been curbed by eating a delicious dragon, so I should not desire anything else for a week. Eh... I hope you don't see me as someone too horrible. I-I have done nothing except eat people my entire life. I have a love for nature, and so I hope you enjoy the swamp above us and the books in the library just be sure not to destroy the lovely scenery, or I will know. If you want you can also take a mud bath in the guest chambers. I hear Aura has already had one though."

5/9/2010 #377

Luna noded."I jst kinda woke up with it!"She said in a cheery voice.It really wasn't a lie after all."I'm very sorry to hear that I can only hope you have better luck with your food in the near futer.Thank you so much for the hosbitality!"She said.She looked over at Cyrus and slowly she moved her arms under him and pulled him to her like a mother carrying a small child to bed.She brought Cyrus closer to her and noded to the others and walked onto the platfom and whisperd,"Secound floor please."Within an instant she was gone.When she was up stairs she put Cyrus in the room secound furthest down the hall and pulled the covers over him.She slipped out of the door and into the room next to it.She sat down on the bed."Hes heavier the before...I must be getting weaker."She whisperd to herself.

5/9/2010 . Edited 5/9/2010 #378

(What time of day is it?I kinda lost track!XD Is it after noon or morning or night?)

5/9/2010 #379

(It's late evening I think or by now early morning because Greste and Kiara invited everyone to dinner only to have them escape. Well, Aura and Pyra anyway because Cyrus and Luna were knocked out then.)

5/9/2010 #380

(Ok thanks!^^)

Luna back back but quickly sat up because it stung a little.She walked over to the window and looked out.It was raining agin.But this time it was much worse.The winds hissed and howled and lightning boomed loudly in the distance.She setpped away from the window and sat back down on the bed.The horrible noises that cam outside frightend her.No not scared..She was terified!She closed her eyes tightly and coverd her ears.Please stop soon I DON"T need this!

5/9/2010 #381

(Oh, everyone by the way... He's how the floor system of the library works the floor levels descend, so floor 12 is the entrance with a large section of library books, 11 a large section filled with library books, floor 10 large section of library books, floor 9 restricted section of library books, floor 8 same as 9, floor 7 as 9 and 8, floor 6 medical labs and hospital, floor 5 dining room, floor 4 kitchen, floor 3 armory, floor 2 guest rooms, floor 1 Greste and Kiara's private quarters. I hope this has not confused anyone. I have been trying to introduce them through the story as well as I could. As you all probably know a clock goes clockwise. That's why I had it set up this way. And to enter the library you have to turn the clock handles back to 12 o'clock because the entrance is on the 12th floor, so in doing this one goes counter-clockwise.)

5/9/2010 #382

(Very smart idea!^^)

Luna had enoughf!So she crawled under the covers and ploped down on her stomach.She could feel more blood coming out.She bit her lip and thought of going back down stairs and asking Aura for a little help."But all she would say was I'm being stupid and I should just take it easy."She said to herself."It'll be better soon."She whisperd to herself and closed her eyes in attempt to sleep.But her mind rased and she coould not once drift into sleep.

5/9/2010 #383

(I never would've thought of that!)

Aura walked quietly into her chambers and removed her cloak and boots, both still coated in mud. "I'll need to clean those later, on top of everything else," she sighed, setting them neatly beside her bed and dropping her staff on top of it. She scribbled the day's happenings into her newly returned journal, sketching several drawings from memory, before adding that to the pile.

"But for now, I'll sleep." She dropped back onto the bed, listening to the sound of the rain outside. The storm seemed more calming to her than anything in her weary state, and she found herself falling asleep rather quickly, despite the discomfort of the strange room.

5/10/2010 #384

Greste had secretly followed his guests to make sure they were all right. Seeing now that they were sleeping in the guests rooms he crept out of the hallway and onto the stone platform. He took it down to his private chambers on the first floor where Kiara was already waiting for him.

"You should get ready for bed." Kiara stated as she walked up to him in a bed robe.

"I was checking on the guests. Then I was hoping to sit up and do some thinking." Greste responded.

"Yeah, so what of it, could you not think about things tomorrow when you're not tired? Because you look tired to me." Kiara shoved Greste toward their king size bed and he fell into the the covers.

"Time to sleep," Kiara stated as she used her twilight magic to dim the room's candle light. She pulled down the covers of the bed and she and Greste crawled underneath them. He still wore his day clothes and Kiara looked a little upset that his dirt was getting on their bed.

"You really should wear sleeping attire from now on when you go to sleep. Goodnight Greste," Kiara told him cheerfully.

"Goodnight Kiara," Greste replied with a less happier voice. They soon drifted off to sleep for the night.

5/10/2010 #385

Pyra decided to get some rest like the others had. She entered the room she was given and propped her staff against the bed's footboard. She was too drowsy from the teleportation earlier that she simply plopped onto the bed and snuggled the pillow. With a sigh of content, Pyra drifted into a deep slumber.

5/10/2010 #386

Soon before the sun rose Luna finally found sleep.She was dreaming about the apple tree.There was mist all around.She was standing beside a small shadowy child.She bent closer to look into the child's face.The child's eyes grew bright red and before she knew it two snow white fangs where in her neck.Blood was everywear.

Luna sat up in her bed her chest heaving."What was that all about!?"She asked in pure horror.

5/10/2010 #387

Lysander wandered the stone hallways of the guest rooms' floor. His talons scratched the hard rock as he hopped about. He soon came upon an almost closed door and squeezed in between the opening between the door frame and door. In doing so his pristine white feathers got ruffled. Who he found on the other side was a quite a surprise. Luckily he was in a building his master seemed to find friendly, so nobody would become surprised if he were to thrash about as a six foot long dragon because of something he could have done. That is the magic of aitvaras they never turn into their true form unless outside a friendly building.

5/10/2010 #388

"Well I guess no one else is up yet..."She said streching.Her back shot up with pain agin."I'll just head to the library and get an early start on things.Then maybe I can have things exsplained to me..."She said getting out of bed ignoring her back's protests.She opend her door slowly careful not to wake Aura or she might start up agin.She creapt through the hallway and onto the platform.She mumbled the floor number and was on her way.

5/10/2010 #389

"Lysander where in the world have you been!" Cyrus cried as he turned around and saw the rooster sitting on the ground. He had just gotten up this morning and was putting on his orange shirt when Lysander barged in. Not that it mattered he was rooster, well... a dragon... but that still did not matter.

Cyrus quickly grabbed a brown leash that he kept within one of the pockets of his tan shorts. He put it around Lysander's neck and sighed with relief that someone had not removed the rooster's hood. Cyrus decided it would be a good time for Lysander and him to take a walk. Though it seemed he was in some kind of underground mansion or building it was okay for him. He quickly walked out the door with Lysander in tow and shut the door behind him.

After walking a bit he came upon a stone platform and stepped inside of it. "I wonder how this works? I wonder where everyone is at the moment? I wonder if they have a library?" He looked up the large tunnel above him, "I bet I scale this tunnel easily." He gathered some air beneath his feet and started to jump from wall to wall. He only made it one floor before he was out of breathe.

5/10/2010 #390
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