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"Wow, do I feel lightheaded..." Cyrus murmured as his gray eyes slowly fluttered open. He suddenly felt like he had no strength to lift himself up from the bed he found was resting on. He looked around as best as he could and saw many elves scurrying about a hospital setting. In front of him he could just barely see Aura and Luna.

"I've been saved by some elves and two magicians talk about luck." Cyrus spoke sarcastically. He suddenly felt pain in his chest and arm and began to cough heavily.

"I forgot I ordered Lysander to rip my arm open." he remembered. He looked at his arm and fortunate it had not scarred, however, it was not fully healed.

4/24/2010 #61

"Good..."She whisperd angerly.She was still shaking with anger."Please exscuse me!"She said stepping out of the hosbital and out into the forest.Once she was shore she was alone and away from the village and tore her claws threw the bark on the trees.She split a few in half and a few in the middel.When she was done she sat down breathless.

4/24/2010 #62

(Did I step in too early?)

4/24/2010 #63

(Perfict timing actully!^^)

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Cyrus was trying to lift a glass of water with his uninjured arm, but was having trouble with this. For a moment he almost lifted it off the table next to his bedside, but it was too far for his arm to reach across and grab. He ended up knocking it off the table and decided it would be better to go back to sleep.

4/25/2010 #65

After awhile Luna closed her eyes.Her wounds we're fully healed but her friends's....Were not...This is why vampires don't run with humans!Luna thought.There lives we're in danger the moment she joined them.She had foolishly hoped that these strangers held the key to finding out who she really was.Thats it....Luna thought.I'll go back to the village and make shore Cyrus is ok...Then I'll leave them...There better off without me anyway.It's too dangerous for humans even with the powers of a mage to share the path that I must walk.Luna pulled out a slip of paper from her cloke.She poked her finger with her fang drawing blood.She wrote,Dearsist friends,Please know that I cannot walk this road with you.Though I will miss you I have to know who I really am.To find this I may have to go it alone.Please forgive me Aura it is more important to know who you are now then who you were.So insted of worrying about the past focause on the presant.Cyrus please take care of yourself and you rooster.I'm sorry that you ad I never got to really know eachother.Thank you for saving my life.I owe you.Heal up fast and grow strong.With my love,Luna.

After writing the message she walked to the hosbital and into Cyrus's room.

4/25/2010 #66

Lysander the Aitvaras had been left unwatched by the many busy elvish doctors for quite some time. He noticed that Luna was entering Cyrus's room and decided to follow her. He attempted to squeeze through the door, but his six foot long body had trouble getting through the door door because he was actually quite fat. He almost ripped the door frame apart before suddenly turning back into an ordinary white feathered rooster with a red crest of feathers on his head. He started to make crowing sounds and strut around the room. Eventually he flapped his wings a bit and attempted to on Cyrus's bed. He was successful in getting up there, but ended up sitting on top of Cyrus's face.

4/25/2010 #67

"Lysander!"Luna whisperd placing him at the foot of the bed."So that wear you were then."She said.Luna placed the letter on the table next to his bed and petted Lysander before ducking out of the room.

4/25/2010 #68

Lysander had not liked suddenly being touched by the stranger he had been ordered to help earlier. He began flail about and his sharp talons cut through Cyrus's bed sheets and into his scream.

"Ouch! Man Lysander why'd you have to do that!" Cyrus cried as he woke, found the strength to sit up, and stared at the flesh wounds the bird had given him. He took a look around him and saw a letter on the table beside him.

He snatched it and began to read it very quickly, "Ah, man come on! I cannot believe this!" Cyrus exclaimed, "Luna... You better not be gone already."

He unsteadily placed his feet on the ground and stumbled out of the door to his room. He quickly fumbled past a couple of the hospital attendants and tried to reach the outdoor area where they had previously been. The attendants were quite shocked and had never seen a patient try to escape in his kind of condition. They were more than willing to try and stop him, but that just made him want to run faster. The elves tried to use some plant magic to block the doorway, but he forced opened a small hole through the vines with his air magic.

He reached the outdoors and was now within the elvish city's main paths. He began to pant heavily and was feeling quite dizzy. Had he made it in time?

4/25/2010 #69

Luna took a deep breath before slowly stepping out into the forset agin.She blinked tears away as she pulled the hood of her black cloke over her head in attempt to go about unnoticed.

4/25/2010 #70

Cyrus saw someone in a black cloak in the distance, maybe it was her? He wasn't sure, but he wanted to make sure somehow. He decided to hit this person was a blast of wind. He began to gather all the air the around him into his good arm. When he was done he shot it at this person and hoped it would hit them. What he did not count on was the violent coughs that wracked his body. His legs shook and his body felt heavy.

"If I keep this up I'm going to go unconscious again." Cyrus murmured, his voice cracking as he spoke. He was dehydrated because he had not been given any water since the doctors had brought him some. Sadly, that glass of water had been knocked over. He was silent as he finally fell to his knees and lost consciousness again.

4/25/2010 #71

There was a lot of comotion in the village.Thinking that maybe someone had spotted her Luna began to run at full speed.Once far beyound wear she had slashed open the trees Luna stopped running.Her stomach burned with hunger.In the distance she could hear the thumping of a rabbit's heart.She spotted it and charged after it.Luna was too quick for the rabbit she snached it up and snapped it's neck and drank.Once she was done she threw the rabbit's cropse into a bush and started off agin.

4/25/2010 #72

"Where is Cyrus?" Aero asked one of the doctors at the hospital.

"He just ran out of the hospital; we tried to stop him, but..." the doctor explained.

"He got away, where was he headed?"

"We don't know he went into the city probably, however, the reason for that is unknown." the doctor replied.

"Well, I am off to find him," Aero stated, "Can I check his room first?"

"Certainly," the doctor obliged.

4/25/2010 #73

The further Luna got the more tears that fell.They porbabily didn't even care that she left them."Good ridence!"Aura's voice played around in her head."I'm glad!I don't wanna die just because of some stupid girl!"Cyrus's voice said."STOP IT!"Luna cried holding her ears as if to silence the voices around her.Luna collapsed at the foot of a near by cave.

4/25/2010 #74

He had heard a commotion at the hospital had occurred and few of the guards were deployed because of this. He and the guards stood watch over the hospital has they searched every inch of the hospital in hopes of finding a missing patient. That patient had been Cyrus.

"Sir," one of the guards voiced as Aero was looking over the bedsheets where Cyrus had slept.


"We've recovered Cyrus sir, but he's unconscious again." the guard reported.

"That figures... Isn't that his rooster?" Aero inquired pointing at a bird now walking on the wooded floor.

"I wouldn't know sir." the guard spoke honestly.

"Have this place locked down for now, they might be too dangerous to keep around in this city." Aero ordered, "And do not forget to tell that Aura this, we don't want any outbursts from them about this. I don't want to do this, but we may have to. Also we need to send them to Greste Fearlock, he's the only one who can train them and help them."

"But sir he's an exiled person."

"I know, but he sent a little friend by named Zak Efar and the boy told me that he wanted to meet them at the general store tonight, or else."

"That's right..." Zak stated as he climbed through the window of Cyrus's room. "You don't think I just come here to play with the children here do you Mr. Guard?"

"No-no!" the guard stuttered.

"As much as I loving play with the other children here that guy sends me on all sorts of boring and menial tasks too." Zak pouted, "It's so tiring... I just want to be a normal child, but no he has 'things' for me to do all the time."

4/25/2010 #75

Aura stepped up to the cave where Luna ran too. She hardly had the energy for it, and her headache had yet to subside, but like Cyrus, didn't want to see her friend leave. "I hope you're done running from us," she panted. "Because I don't have the energy to chase you right now, and neither does Cyrus."

4/25/2010 #76

(Dramatic part!XD)

Rain started to fall hevily.Luna looked up as it started to pour down harder.She stood under a large rock that hung over a large moutan.She sat there are cried until she drifted into sleep.

4/25/2010 #77

(Wow... I don't know about you guys, but I think the story might be getting a little out of hand maybe? I'm just saying this because if writersmusic, Bloodra, Billy Bill and Avery get back on this rpg they are going to be like what in the world?)

4/25/2010 #78

(XD Sorry internet is being mean!XC)

Luna looked up to see Aura."LEAVE ME AURA!"She yelled."I don't want to be with either of you!I hate humans!!!"She yelled standing up.

4/25/2010 #79

(I don't really think they'll be coming back but if they do we'll just say they were in a cavern waiting to see what is going on.I kinda like the story plot though!^^)

4/25/2010 #80

(Bloodra won't mind, and as soon as I see her in school on Monday, I'll be able to tell her we're back on. As for the others- their characters were come-and-go so if they want to rejoin, they could pop back in without much difficulty)

Aura stared for a minute. "Luna...don't leave, please. You are my friend and...and I don't want to be alone again!" She hadn't meant to say that out loud. She didn't like admitting it, it made her feel weak and childish, but she had been alone for so long...

4/25/2010 #81

This is the only way!Luna thought.She clenched her teeth and after a long moment she spoke."You have everyone else!"She said."You have better friends then I will ever be..."She wanted to cry.But if she cried now she would never get rid of them.They would never be safe from HER."J-just go!"She said.

4/25/2010 #82

Aura glared at her. "Will you just please, please stop trying to shove everyone away. You are my friend, you are Cyrus' friend. That won't change, no matter how hard you try to push us away. And as your friend, I will not let you hurt yourself because of guilt. I won't let you push us away because of that- or because you're sitting around feeling sorry for yourself. I don't know who you were before- where you come from, what you did, nor do I care. You have helped me, believe it or not." She paused and drew a breath.

4/25/2010 #83

(Has anyone seen something like this before?XD I think I have!)

Tears welled up in her eyes."Your no friend of mine!I only see humans as a meal!"She yelled.Ouch!She thought.She was cutting her up badly with her tounge!It didn't matter!As long as she was safe!

4/25/2010 #84


Aura shrugged. "You and I both know you're lying there. If we were only a meal to you, you wouldn't have bothered to drag us both back to a hospital."

4/25/2010 #85

"So for a split secound I felt sorry for someone!So what!I pity you!"She said clemching her fists."I HATE YOU!I WANT YOU TO JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!"She yelled.It bounced off of the rock walls and came back like thunder.

4/25/2010 #86

Aura waited for the echoes to subside, not even blinking. "That's the last thing you really want, Luna. Now, please, let's just go back to check on Cyrus."

4/25/2010 #87

"Yes I do!I won't ever go back!I won't go anywear with you!"She yelled.

4/25/2010 #88

Aura met Luna's gaze. "Luna, I can read people well, even if I don't talk to them much. I know you're lying. You're hurt right now. For stupid reasons, I might add. But if you'd prefer running in a corner and hiding like a coward, be my guest. We all have our problems, and I'm tired of watching you pretend like yours are the worst." She turned around and left, trying to hide the pain of walking away.

4/25/2010 #89

When she was certin Aura was gone as punched the rock wall sending shards of rock everywear.Now she felt real pain.That was better then feeling her heart break appart.She sat down and cried.She wanted nothing more then to fallow Aura.See Cyrus one last time.But they were better off without her.

4/25/2010 #90
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