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Aura sighed and looked back at the cave. She didn't want to leave Luna but she couldn't convince her to stay on her own. Once Cyrus got well again, she might be able to help her friend, but for now, she'd have to face her troubles on her own. "Time to find the general store," Aura sighed, walking back to the city. "And hope I'm not walking into a trap."

4/25/2010 #91

"Mr. Fearlock those people should be on their way here shouldn't they be?" Zak Efar pondered as he and a very tall elvish man in a blue cloak stood in front of store that had a large sign that said "General Store".

"They are already on their way at least one of them is anyway." the man replied looking at Zak with his golden eyes. Underneath his hood was a head of wild orange hair.

"How do you know?" the elf boy asked looking at him with green eyes.

"I have my ways Zak, they will be here in the next few minutes."

4/25/2010 #92

"I hope I'm not interrupting anything, but are you the person I've been asked to see?" Aura said, stepping carefully up to them.

4/25/2010 #93

"Yes, my name is Greste Fearlock and I came here to personally take you to my library. However, it seems your friends are not here. Though that is quite understandable when you think about it, you have been traveling around this forest in quite unorthodox manners, and have experienced quite a lot of events. Before you even ask how I know, to put it simply, I have necromantic powers and some precognitive powers. With these necromantic powers I can see into the souls of people and what they have experienced thanks to little hourglass in my cloak's pocket." He pulled out a small half inch hour glass with silver trimmings on it. It was attached to a steel chain that was hooked to the inside of his cloak.

"You must be Aura, my, my to finally meet you in person is truly an honor. Do you perhaps know a magician named Pyra? I recieved a premonition that she would come to see me. You might find it strange that an elve dabbles in dark magic, but we're not all very nice people are we Zak?"

"I'm not about to answer that. My job's is done, so can I go home now?" Zak asked.

"Go and don't let me catch you at my library again!"

The boy started to walk away, but before he did he stuck his tongue out at the dark wizard and then left.

4/25/2010 #94

Aura looked warily at the elf. "I will do well to remember your name Mr. Fearlock. And I've not seen Pyra for a while now, though she can't be far behind me. I deeply apologize if I sound rude, but there's quite a bit I must sort out at the moment, so would you mind if we skip pleasantries and get to the purpose of this meeting?"

4/25/2010 #95

"All right, there is an evil army that will descend upon these lands, but I don't know who they are specifically or who leads them. The demon that Cyrus told you about, Claude, could be apart of them, but he may not be. I have simply come here to make your lives easier. I have come to give you what you all lack. Lost memories, ways to escape deals with people you don't really like, possible chances to regain your true selves. All I ask for in return return is your book Aura, and your consent that I may humiliate you all through these exercises." He explained, he had a smile on his face and paused for a moment before continuing.

"Let me give you an example of what I mean by humiliation. If you were to agree that I would return your memories, as an example, which would you rather do, would you: have me tap you on the forehead and allow your memories to resurface through the simple act of me using my necromancy on you, or would you let rather eat a slice of cake filled with my magic and allow yourself to slowly re-digest your old memories. It's entirely up to you... You can either do one or the other, a little bit of both, or neither. I'm not about to force to do anything uncomfortable. Of course had you decided to pick anything in this situation I would say you would not want to go with the cake. It's actually quite hard to swallow old memories and can make you quite sick if you eat them too quickly. Then again having your memories resurface inside your brain at faster rates than normal which can cause quite the headache. Anyway, all you have to do is let go of that book you carry and I can give you mostly everything you all have lost. I need that book though as a historical reference, it's not everyday you get to meet the heroes of the world. The more I know about you all the more I can deal with the coming threat, and you probably have the most comprehensive document of the people who are meant to save the world. Who knew writing a book on your new friends and old memories would set in motion the wheels of time." Mr. Fearlock ranted on and on.

Many of the elves who saw Aura standing in the streets with him were a bit fearful of the two of them. They really did not like that an exile had been allowed to return on consent of their king. The elves had willing gotten rid of extremely large libraries like the one he owned now because all they seemed to do is produce super intelligent radicals. That's what they thought of him as because he used to walk around the streets and attempt to predict the end of the world. Elves did not like to dwell on bad things, who would want to do that?

4/26/2010 #96

Aura bit her lip nervously, unwilling to relinquish the book which was her prized possesion to a stranger, and also wary of the powers of necromancy. "I never knew it was quite so powerful- it's just an old journal. The only thing odd about it is the old text I've written it in," she said after a long deliberation. "How long would you need it for? And why is it so special in the first place? But most importantly, and I apologize if I offend you in any way, but how can I be sure I can trust you- a perfect stranger to me?"

4/26/2010 #97

"I am honestly not offended by the simple question. There is no way you can trust me because as you said I am a perfect stranger, yet so were your so called 'friends' originally. I am not asking you to trust me you must be willing to trust me because only you know the answer to your own dilemma. I can only help guide you through this dilemma, the same as your friends would do, but I can promise you that no harm shall come to from me. At least that's what I hope happens life tends to throw unexpected problems at us all, so if I do something that does harm you only I can erase that guilt because it is my own fault that you ended up, however, it is that you would. I am wondering if you are willing to openly trust me, even with my seemingly dark nature." the elvish necromancer tried to explain.

He pulled out his hour glass, "Something may occur soon I don't know what, but it will be significant. Do I look like a lizard to you? People say that I do with these weird colored eyes."

He pulled out a folding walking stick, "I must seem like the eccentric fool to you that you often here about in stories, we do not get much in the way of recognition, it is unfortunate because we are often the ones that seem to help people like you and the world with its troubles. Do you care to be an independent person capable of your own thoughts and actions? Then you must willingly trust the people around you and let go of the fears inside your heart and mind. Do not be afraid of your memories at all you will come to live them. But in order to access them I might need to separate you from your book for a while. You said its an old journal, so you're going to need a great scholar like me to decipher it... I own the most extensive library in the world, I might be bragging but I've read of enough of the books in it to probably recognize whatever has been written in there even if I cannot read it. If I don't know what's in it then I don't know who would."

4/26/2010 #98

Aura nodded, relaxing slightly. "I suppose you are right in that I've already placed my trust in other strangers, and your answer has served to relieve some of my doubts. I will give my book to you- provided I will get it back once you're done- however long that may be. And..." she hesitated for a moment, "if you can, you will help Cyrus as well?"

4/26/2010 #99

"You will get your book back when I am done," Greste conveyed, "I was hoping that you might say something about Cyrus. I would like to remove his heart from Lysander's stomach and fix his arm, but to do that would almost immediately incur the wraith of Claude once you left my presence. To get it out of Lysander's stomach I will either have to fine his funny bone and make him laugh until he gags, or I would have to stick my hand through his soul and pull it out. Messing with souls is dangerous, but I really do love messing around with them, so I really cannot refuse helping you. There is actually very little I can do against that demon he only fears me because he believes me to be smarter than him, however, I am not. You will not ever tell him that will you?"

4/26/2010 #100

Luna walked out into the the heavy rain.She'd apparently broken her fist when she had hit the wall."Wear are some bandages when you need them?"Luna growled.Then she stopped.I wounder if Cyrus is ok....I wounder if hes even noticed I'm gone....Luna thought.She looked up at the sky.I wish I woulda stayed to say good-bye in person...She held her brused fist in her right hand and walked on.Walked alone.Agin.

4/26/2010 #101

(Psst- Are you gonna put this guy on your character list? He seems to be playing a pretty big part in all of this)

"No, I wouldn't dream of telling him," Aura replied. Reluctantly she held out her journal. "Hopefully, once I get my memories back, I'll be able to read my own journal. And write down the script so this doesn't happen again." In a half-joking, half-nervous manner, she asked, "You will ignore any personal comments in here, won't you?"

4/26/2010 #102

(I will put Greste Fearlock on the character page hopefully soon.)

"If I can read it I will ignore any personal comments that I find. However, there is a chance I might not be able to this, so do not get your hopes up. Its too bad the elves here exiled me, yet put me in charge of their library. None of the other elves would be fully willing to read such a journal I fear. But I am just saying this because they personally hate me. Its funny though a lot of the elves come to my library though to steal my magic. They probably want to destroy it or keep in safe place where people like me cannot use it. Ah, well I seem to have rambled on a lot today. I suggest that if you are done here with me you find all your friends and come back to this address." He quickly handed Aura a piece of paper, "These are the directions to the library."

(Make those directions as wacky or wild as wish them to be. He's pretty eccentric, so anything could be possible.)

4/26/2010 #103

"Its a pity Pyra did not come, but I guess not all of my predictions can be correct." Greste thought to himself.

4/26/2010 #104

(I'm liking him more and more)

Aura stared at the directions blankly before laughing. "You do realize that everything on here is spelled backwards, right? ...Never mind, I'll go check on Cyrus." Waving, she ran towards the direction of the hospital, still staring intently at the paper.

4/26/2010 #105

"To find my library you have to go back in time!" Greste called out to her. He quickly walked along the streets of the elven city and headed out to the forests beyond its borders.

4/26/2010 #106

"How am I supposed to do that?" Aura wondered to herself, as she stepped through the doors of the hospital and walked quietly up to Cyrus' room.

4/26/2010 #107

Cyrus breathed heavily as he opened his eyes and found himself on a hospital bed yet again.

"Not again..." he groaned at least this time he was not in a critical condition. "I need to get out of here."

He took note of the guards inside the hospital and realized this might not be possible in any way.

4/26/2010 #108

"I see you're awake," Aura said walking over to his bedside. "How's your arm?"

4/26/2010 #109

"I think I'm lost!"Luna yelled."But then agin Domina or whats her name said it was easy to get lost in hear..."Luna said looking around."I SWEAR i'VE PASSED THAT TREE OVER FIVE TIMES!"She yelled.The rain had not let up sice it all started.Her fist was feeling better at least.She heard a snap of a stick behind her.She whipped around to see what was following her.

4/26/2010 #110

"Better... But the guards around here bother me. I really want to start looking for Luna." He stated, "Also did you met with that little elf kid? I bet he did something really horrible like lead you in the wrong direction, or something like that."

4/26/2010 #111

(Lets make it so Luna thretend the gards with there lives not to let either of you outta the hosbital until you were fully recoverd!XD)

4/26/2010 #112

"I tried talking to Luna but..." Aura sighed, "she needs to learn to stop beating on herself. I left her to calm down a bit- I didn't want to fight her and she was pretty worked up. Then I met with that elf kid- who was surprisingly pretty straightforward. Unlike Mr. Fearlock, his employer, who is probably the most eccentric necromancer I've ever met. He wanted to look at my journal, saying something about how important my old notes were. Then, he handed me the directions to meet him at the library later- which are so odd it's almost comical," she held out the directions, "and said something about how we needed to go back in time to meet him."

4/26/2010 #113

(That sounds good. Guards tend to do things like that to people either keep people out, or keep people in. I would not be surprised to see a vampire starting to attack normal people or in this case elves.)

4/26/2010 #114

(XD Love it!)

4/26/2010 #115

"Go back in time..." Cyrus was baffled he had no clue what it could mean. He thought of something it could be, but did not think the elves had such a thing here in this forest.

4/26/2010 #116

"Will you be well enough to come? I could give you some of my energy if you need it, since I've already fully recovered," Aura offered.

4/26/2010 #117

(XD I thought you might!XD Images of an angry red eyed Luna pops into there head!XD)

4/26/2010 #118

That would be nice," Cyrus said with a big grin on his face. "You have done, so much for me that I feel I must pay you back somehow."

4/26/2010 #119

"No, no. I'm just glad I have company now, that's all," Aura replied with a wave of her hand. Now that she had recovered, she needed no spell to focus her power, instead she allowed her energy to pass to him without any indication, save for rubbing her head afterwords. "Although, if you have any way to relieve headaches, that would be nice."

4/26/2010 #120
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