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Lots of topics now but I can't help that I guess. Just type in the name of the area and a brief description, for future reference.

4/27/2010 #1

Here's a brief summary of the ones I know. You're probably more suited for the last few than I am though:

Bandit Camp: A camp that is, or was, home to a large group of bandits that terrorized the local villages. It's a crude place, mainly tents atop a hard, grass-less ground, with the leader living in the largest of the tents. They were killed by Mortho and companions after he was hired to exterminate the leader.

Elvin Forest: An ancient, dense forest filled with many (dangerous) creatures, ranging from deer and birds to the territorial elves and flat out evil ghosts and sprites. The farthest edges are protected by a thick fog which prevents sight for more than a few feet ahead, leading many travelers back to where they began or otherwise to a quick end. Only the luckiest few survive to the center, home of the elves.

Elvin City: A quiet, fragile city located in the heart of the Elven Forest. Here, peace is kept by the palace guards, who are headed by Aero. The houses and stores are carved from the trunks of massive trees, with the palace, an enormous blossoming tree, even by elven standards. The streets themselves are kept clean and most of the buildings are elaborately decorated. The currency for the elves is leaves.

Ghost Cave: One of the many caves scattered throughout the forest in which lives a restless, dark spirit, which feeds off the souls of the living and delights in torturing its captives. The cave is deep, and no sunlight can reach for more than a few feet in at any time during the day. Because of the death that inhabits it, it is constantly cold, with a musty, choking scent in the air, and no life can be sustained here.

5/4/2010 #2

Swamp: This is the area that is above the Library of the Dead. It is a place that is often swarming with spirits because they are attracted to this kind of seemingly lifeless environment. Greste Fearlocke created this place by cutting down the forest that used to be there because he wished to build a library there that would attract the spirits he needed to use to keep his necromancy in check among other things.

Library of the Dead: Greste spent 500 years trying to build this place above ground. It was meant to be his new family's home and place where ghosts could gather so that he could fill his library with the knowledge of the living and the dead, but the first one was torn down by his fellow elves because they saw it as sign of his growing power. He then had his Kiara wife help him build it underground so that he could keep it out of the sight of elves. He now runs the place with Kiara and has a variety of floors for books, an armory, guest rooms, a dining room, a kitchen, a medical center, and private quarters. There are twelve underground floors to the building and a great measure of security systems within the building.

6/3/2010 #3

Alamar: A far off country in the desert west of Serelia it is where Abizir once lived, but was forced to leave due to his kingdom being destroyed through Claude and a mysterious wizard from Serelia. It is hot and has very little rain fall. Oftentimes people get assailed by scorpions, bandits, vultures, and sandstorms.

5/17/2011 #4

Morress: A large city focused on the training of magic to people in Serelia. It is home to the Academy at Knolls a great center of magic learning.

Bashabamb: A market city at the edge of the Alamar desert.

Scorpion Rock: A dangerous rock shaped like a scorpion where many scorpions live.

Johoto Ka: A sand dune shaped like a snake where a water hole is.

Mudun Nush: A small town that used to make spell books, but was buried in the desert sands.

Xa: A market city on the far side of the Alamar desert.

Valash Dan: A mine in Alamar where many metals are found.

5/26/2011 #5

Temple of Lydia: A place where people go to worship and praise Lydia a goddess of the world.

Farquest Sea: This borders one side of the country of Serelia. People travel it by boat to get to foreign countries.

Buckwheat Hills: An area outside the Elven Forest where many grain products are grown.

Cape Saltrock: A large cliff near Farquest Sea where fishing is popular.

Witching Grounds: This is an area where witches and many eviler beings gather and live.

Glide Mountain: This is where many air mages come to hone their skills over the wind.

5/26/2011 #6

Valley of Thorns: A valley filled with many briar plants that protects the Witching Grounds from intrusion.

Murdock Castle: A place filled with vampires. Its location is a secret.

Luetz River: A river that is on the border of Alamar and Serelia.

Grimborn Island: A place of cutthroats and thieves located in the middle of Farquest Sea.

Mermaid Rock: A place where mermaids live. It is located in Farquest Sea in the southern section.

Toy City: A strange place in Serelia where everyone who enters is turned into a sever year old.

Hermit Crab Beach: A wonder sandy area at the edge of Farquest Sea. It is a popular vacation spot.

5/26/2011 #7

Cloud City: A secret place near Glide Mountain where many wind mages live.

Jahtunga: The jungle at the far edge of Xa.

Glenheart: A lake near the mountains where Cyrus and Cici believed they lived until Isaac Hawkins revealed the truth about them being simple light frames of his own construction.

Kitsune Caves: This is where Kiara believed she lived and was ousted from a couple hundred years ago before meeting Greste. The truth was she, like Cyrus and Cici, was a light frame controlled by Isaac Hawkins.

Great Falls: This is the source of the Luetz River.

Bandit's Glacier: A place near the mountains where Cici and Cyrus live. It is a regular meeting place for bandits around this area.

5/27/2011 #8

(Can I borrow these locations for my game I'm- slowly- putting together? It'd fill out the map and make things more interesting.)

Hurricane Tower: Tall tower southwest of the Elven Forest that is surrounded by storms. Only storm mages may enter at will.

Kyrrin Village: Northern village where Aura was born. Actively persecutes mages and kills any associated with them.

5/30/2011 #9

Korosachi: An island country divided into four smaller territories, the Empire of Vampires, Werewolves, Dragons, Deities, and humans. It remains relatively isolated from the outside world. The four Empires are nearly always at war, and to defend themselves the humans formed the Vampire Hunter Organization.

6/11/2011 #10
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