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Seth nodded. "I didn't really want my powers at first,either. I was just a kid, in a town where...well, they would've killed me if they found out about it. I tried to ignore the powers at first, but then Aura and her old master came to stay at my inn, and she helped me hone my powers. And once you're in with the crowd then I suppose all the mages know, because after that, I found a whole bunch of people who had some kind of power. Once I found that out, I became more comfortable- I wasn't the freak I thought I was..and well, now I can't imagine living without magic."

10/25/2010 #451

Rhey smiled very lightly at Seth, ''thanks,'' she said quietly, looking at the battle, ''I don't know where I'm heading off after this, I don't really have a place anymore,'' she said, her eyes guarded.

10/25/2010 #452

Abizier shrunk down to a normal size. "Being small is great!" he shouted, "Now you're going to die..." he said as he pointed to Cyrus. He used his magic to form many of Claude's bleeding cuts and bruises into spikes. Then he snapped them off and began to twirl them around like swords.

"These should do... He uttered. As he gripped two of the longest ones in his hands.

10/25/2010 #453

"Neither do I," Seth pointed out, motioning to the ruined clearing. "But I'm sure we'll come up with something." He smiled reassuringly at her before turning back to where Claude/Abzir stood.

10/25/2010 #454

Abizier twirled his swords with bored expression on his face. "If I get any more bored by you all and the boohooing couple all the way over there." he pointed at Rhey and Seth, "I'm going to puke. Frankly, love is not my specialty I had a father who never was around because he was busy in other countries and a mother who thought an occasional box of chocolates and a beating on the head was something worthy of a person of my standards. Geez... If you two don't like what you have been given then I'm willing to beat you into an inch of your life and then find a way to take those powers."

"Don't do that..." Claude warned him, "I knew a necromancer named Greste who refused to bond with me, but learned how to do that. If you learn how to do that I might have to kill you instead of him first."

10/25/2010 #455

Rhey nodded and when the monster spoke, turned her attention on him, her eyes darkened dangerously and she felt electricity and the power of storm course through her veins.

Avery hissed at Claude/Abzir and circled around him but left enough distance for others to attack him.

10/25/2010 #456

"Shut up, would you?" Seth shouted. "It's your stupid fault that my home's totaled anyway. I'll send you the bill if you really care so much about my feelings."

"Don't you have some kinda 'revenge' to take," Aura muttered. "Don't annoy them because Luna doesn't find it worth her time to fight you."

10/25/2010 #457

"Wait a second did I just place Cyrus in a totaled house! The horrors! What if a roof beam collapses on him!" Cecelia cried as she rushed back to Seth's house to pull him out.


"I would fight Luna, but she's a fat, ugly vampire who only caught me by surprise the one time we actually fought. That's why I got the beating of my life from her. I was surprised she was able to toss a tree at me with such ease..." Abizier mocked. He then grabbed some saliva from his tongue and used used his water magic to make a long, sturdy string of it. Then he bent one of the longer blood spikes he had created and strung the saliva string to it. In a sense making himself a sword and a bow with which to defend himself with.

"In my country you know we were always great hunters, what do you guys do around here for food, oh that's right you're a bunch of lazy gathers and farmers. Well, most of your country is... It's a shame because I'll be turning them into demons. I might even think about eating a few after I question them since someone from over in Serelia here turned my country into a complete desert. I have nobody left."

10/25/2010 #458

(Whoa, whoa whoa, whoa! A guy loses Internet access for a few days and misses everything Did I miss the battle? D:)

10/25/2010 #459


"Hey, Luna I called you a fat, ugly vampire!" Abizier shouted as he notched an arrow on his bow.

10/25/2010 #460

Fire blazed in Luna's eyes. Crow stepped back slowly. Now terrified to get in the way. "Your gonna regret that one,princess. I'm gonna kick your a**!" She shouted lunging at him.

10/26/2010 #461

Abizier pulled the string back on his bow and fired the arrow notched at it at Luna. He used a little magic to let it catch on fire in mid-air. "You know Luna if one of these hits you, since they're made of blood, you might go berserk. I know you have so many latent vampire qualities. If you were to go berserk I don't even know what would happen to you. You could attack me or the person standing next to you, I really don't know." Abizier remarked as he watched the arrow fly. "But..." he continued, "if it were to hit anyone else these arrows would be extremely I feel you know with the high blood contamination, and the definite wound they produce along with the fire... I feel sorry for even having invented these just now. Sadly, it's now in within my demonic nature to kill everything that's a threat to me and you all are classified as that."

10/26/2010 #462

Luna stopped dead in her tracks. She qiuckly doged it and looked around see that it hit nobody. "God help you, Because when I get ahold of you I'm going to make you wish I had only killed you." She shouted though she was frozen to the spot. Terrified.

10/26/2010 #463

"Are you kidding me?" Seth called. "You, who have servants to lift your teacup for you called me lazy because I farm!?" In his anger, he watched as a small sandstorm break loose around Claude, with suffocating force.

10/26/2010 #464
Ink and tea-leaves

Kaleyn added lightening and heat to the sandstrom to make it a whirling inferno.

"Learn some manners Claude!" she yelled. "Tip #1: don't insult your host while you burn his house to the ground!"

10/26/2010 #465

Avery landed in the sand and added fire to the sand storm that Seth had created, letting it swirl with all the other elements. She let out a low, menacing growl, her wings arched.

Rhey watched and though about helping but knew she would make things bad so she stood there, watching. The clouds darkened up ahead and thunder rolled loudly, shaking the Earth.

10/26/2010 #466

"This is really bad..." Abizier thought to himself as he looked at the sandstorm surrounding him.

"Do you think we can make it out of this one?" Claude uttered. "They've really said some insulting things about you, but I doubt they'd be able to hear you over the stupid roar of this-this burning sandstorm thing."

"They do do me a great honor by attempting to kill me with one of the harsher elements of Alamar. Give me a second and I think I should be able to get us out of this alive, it'll be painful though." Abizier stated.

"You're not thinking of-"

"Yes, I intend to do the one thing an ordinary creature could never do... Blow itself up and live." Abizier answered. He began to swallow the items he had forged as weapons. He would need all the blood him could get for this because attempting to reconstitute one's self in his mind is almost impossible. "Protein, protein the building blocks of life, I learned this in my early years and now I'm going to-" he exploded sending out a large amount of energy.

(I hope this is an okay action to do. It's a bit insane, but I tend to like those kind occasionally.)

10/26/2010 . Edited 10/26/2010 #467

The explosion caught Seth off guard. "Everyone down!" he shouted, using a tornado to redirect the energy around him and anyone nearby, but still felt the sting when some broke through.

Aura watched the energy burst, barely having enough time to throw up a shield of ice. She felt the explosion rip at the wall she created and found herself entirely focused on keeping it up. She wished she could see what her friends were doing, but couldn't break her concentration long enough to see.

10/26/2010 #468

Cyrus got sent flying by the blast he hadn't really done much because he didn't know what to think of Abizier or his insane threats. Unfortunately, he was thrown across the ground at a high speed, kind like how one would skip a rock across a pond, but then he was much bigger than a rock and a living being so it hurt him a lot.

Cici on the other hand was trying to shield to the still injured other Cyrus as the blast hit her.

10/26/2010 #469

Rhey fell over and got the breath knocked out of her and she gasped in pain, then squeazed her eyes shut. Her nose started to bleed and she swallowed back any noise of pain, trying not to show any weakness.

Avery let out a shriek and since she was near by, she got hit hard. She fell to the ground and went rolling, her wings arched over her eagle like body to protect her vital organs from debris.

10/26/2010 #470

Luna hit the ground in atempt not to be thrown off balance. She could smell blood in the air from her companion's wounds and cuts. Her head began to ache and pulse. If I don't do something quick I'm going to loose it. Luna thought franticly.

10/27/2010 #471

Cyrus eyes shot open and he sat up, panting heavily. After he'd managed to slow down his breathing he looked around at the scene of chaos before him. Claude was gone, but almost everyone else was down for the count. He tested getting up and found that he was actually alright, he felt like he'd just had a good sleep and woken up fully energized. Unfortunately he didn't know what had happened before he went unconscious, so he had no memory of pulling up the ground and glowing green. That didn't matter to him anyway, he quickly ran outside to assess the damage.

10/27/2010 #472
Ink and tea-leaves

Kaleyn had been thrown back by the blast, but by pure luck she had landed behind a rock that had shielded her brom the worst of it. She was covered in cuts and her head felt like hell, but otherwise she was pretty much unharmed. She saw Cyrus standing up and tried to stand up too, but there seemed to be something wrong with her legs. She sat down sharply, waited for a few seconds, and then tried again, this time with more sucess.

"Cyrus, are you ok?" she called.

10/27/2010 #473

Crow stood up after being knocked over. His shoulder bled from hitting a rock.

10/27/2010 #474

Cyrus barely noticed Kaleyn call out to him. In fact, for a few moments he'd spaced out, not like he'd forgotten the small amount of time, but as if he hadn't been there. He pondered this for a few moments that remembered that someone had called out to him. He turned his head toward the voice and saw someone that seemed to had gone through hell.

"I'm fine, thanks". He called back, still wondering what had just happened.

10/27/2010 #475

"What happened?" Cyrus coughed. For most of the battle he had really done nothing, and yet to think Claude and Abizier had done something this drastic.

"Something pitiful..." a voice whispered in his ear. Cyrus looked up to see Greste Fearlocke standing over him. "I wouldn't move if I were you the explosion really did a number on you. If I had a mirror I wouldn't even give it too you because you'd freak out you lazy complainer."

He walked over to where Kaelyn and Cyrus were. "You two might not remember me, I don't know if we met, but I came over here because there's no way any mage would be stupid enough not to know something went on here. Anyway, I was hoping to pick up a dead person and gloat at another." he told them. "Though, if you'd like to would you offer me your blood?" he opened up a his blue cloak to reveal many glass tubes and needles hanging from it.

10/27/2010 #476

Luna looked where Clude/Abizier once stood in amazment. "Princess! You better get back here so I can kick your a**!" She yelled clenching her fists. She glanced over in the direction where she herd the voices. "Man,you guys look like hell." She said.

10/27/2010 #477

"Ah, my little vampire how are we today?" Greste answered. "I still have quite a nice blood sample at home, and I came here because I had such a great feeling that you'd kill a bunch of demons today." He looked around, "Unfortunately, most of these won't do where's Claude I need to get a sample!" he pulled out a needle and one of his glass vials.

10/27/2010 #478

Aura picked herself out of the shards of ice- all that was left of her shield- and brushed off, wincing slightly as she touched a gash made by piece of the broken ice. "I feel like it," she told Luna, "but what happened?" She started picking her way across the unstable ground to where Avery lay, since she was the closest. "You alright, Avery?"

Seth moaned a few times, but his wind had barely stopped the force of the blast, and he found staying face down on the ground an appealing option.

10/27/2010 #479

Luna shot him a icy glare. She looked away to all of her wounded friends. "I would help but I'm afraid I might loose it." She said.

10/27/2010 #480
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