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Here's a running list of updates for the site, so that those who've stopped posting know what's been going on (due to the casual nature of "Announcements," it will now be for members' personal announcements/questions/whatever.

What will be posted (and the order):

-----New members and the name of their first characters (Names will be Underlined)

-----New topics and a brief summary of their function (Topic titles will be in Bold)

-----Additions to locations and elements, but only mentions of their addition to the list, no details (Line will be italicized)

-----Alterations to the topics (changing rules/reworking format) will be posted. (Details will be marked by a before and after)

I'll take care of the updates personally, and they'll all be on one post, to avoid spamming emails, so anyone who's been "absent" should check here. Any questions can go below.

August 17 2013--

  • Complete revamp of the site. Old topics and characters will be kept for records, but all of the unused topics will be wiped completely, and the story (more-or-less) started anew.
  • Staff change: Luna-the-Vampire and Writing-Is-Fun are no longer moderators, due to the inactivity. (If they come back on the site and want the job back it's open). Bloodra will be on the staff now.
5/31/2011 . Edited 8/17/2013 #1

September 3, 2013--

  • Rules are adjusted-- there is now a character cap of 10 characters per non-staff member; this does not include deceased or NPC/supporting characters, but does include inactive characters; exceeding the cap will only be done if given explicit permission
  • Characters will now be posted in the thread "Active Characters" and unused characters will be relocated to "Inactive/Deceased Characters"
9/3/2013 #2
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