Ancient Roman Roleplay Game
The clatter of hooves and the din of salespeople surrounds you as you enter the heart of the great city. Plebeians and Magistrates intermingle, clad in tunics and togas; beautiful women speak to each other and share the local gossip.
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1/13/2010 #1

This looks like a highly interesting RP... :D

Name: Sorina Vasilescu

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Social Status: Patricians

Occupation: A musician - playing the lyre and the kithara

Physical Appearance: Like most women, she wears a stola. But her sleeves are straps and are part of her stola and she wore a green palla. She has rich chocolate brown semi-curly hair that reaches a few inches below her shoulders and her eyes are a bright green. Her skin is fair with a the only mark being a beauty mark on her cheek.

Personality Traits: Sorina is usually kind and gentle to most, though at times she can have a feisty attitude towards others. More clever than she is given credit for, however she is very stubborn and has a lot of pride. She'd never admit to be afraid of something.

History: Sorina is the daughter of an honored man of law. Her mother died in her childhood and she has no other known sibilings. She expressed an interest in the art of music from an early stage and was taught the instrument, lyre, and later the kithara in private lessons. She grew closer to her music and had more of a passion for it after the death of her mother. Grew up like most Romanian women do. Her father is ready, though, to marry her off.

Home: Sorina lives in a very well established home due to her father's status and wealth. It is large and mansion-like with a garden front and back full of different kinds of plants and flowers.

Other Important Info: Skilled, of course, in the art of music. Despite her occasional feisty ways, she is intimidated by her father and will obey him to avoid punishment or worse.

There we are~ :) I thikn the History and the Home might need some help to get it up to date with Ancient Rome ways ~ Tell me to fix whatever necessary. I have caught up more so on my Romanian stuff, but I'm no expert. ;)

1/14/2010 #2
Del Vento

My apologies there, lol.

Name: Praenomen; Seius, Nomen; Marcus, Cognomen; none. Goes by Seius.

Age: 26

Gender: The opposite of female, which would of course be male.

Social Status: Patrician.

Occupation: Seius holds no occupation on account of the fact that he began life with a large inheritance and has increased it due to careful investments.

Physical Appearance: Seius stands at five foot eight and weighs 319 kilograms, the American equivelent would be 145 pounds. He has a lean, slender build and is the slightest bit out of shape due to his lifestye. His eyes are almond shaped and have an intelligent, calculating look that is accented by his slightly angled eyebrows, giving him a felinesque appearance. They are dark brown in color, with highlights and darklights within that give them a certain complexity. His skin is pasty, pale white, and his hair is sable, a deep, almost molasses color with barely visible amber highlights. His hair is kept in a fairly long haircut; surprising considering that Roman males of the time tended to keep it cut short, and it falls to about two inches past shoulder level. Seius has sharp, intelligent features and is considered fairly attractive, and makes minimal gestures. His gait is catlike and graceful.

Personality Traits: Seius is, in essential personality, suave and intellelligent. He tends to be able to react to awkward social situations with the same ease as a trained horse changing paces, and has been notably well brought up, enough to make him an elitist, looking down on others if the thoughts are not interrupted. He is a good public speaker and knows what to say to persuade others to do what it is that he would like them to do, and tends to get along well with most companies. He keeps an aloof, strong hold on his anger and makes his best attempt to show only the best parts of himself. He is, however, self serving and doesn't do anything without an ulterior motive, something that will benefit him. Sardonic, clever, and slightly rude in the way that he speaks to others, Seius is well known in the community.

History: Seius grew up like any other Partician male would, in essence, raised with luxury and never truly knowing what work was. Nothing exceptional has happened to him, as of yet; he grew up as an only child as his older brother died of disease before he was born.

Home (Put a name and description. A topic will be created for your character's house.) Seius' home is large and luxurious, with the central stone paved courtyard in the middle of the house. Various servants move about, taking care of things in the home that he has finally come to posess; four large columns greet visitors from each side of the home, which wraps around the courtyard. There is a fountain in the centre.

Other Important Information: ...

1/14/2010 . Edited 1/16/2010 #3
Del Vento

Accepted. Welcome to TARRPG.

1/14/2010 #4

Name:Castor Prefectus

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Social Status:Highly privlidged (Equestirian class)

Occupation: Centurion of Urban Cohort

Physical Appearance: Strong and Bronzed skin with a few scars on arms.Blue eyes

Personality Traits: Kind guy unless you're a sloppy soilder or a theif.Very friendly but can be rough.Any theif who got on his bad side no longer lives

History:Joined the scorpion legion and rose through the ranks.Quickly was premoted to Urban cohort.

Home:Lavish Centurion's Quaters.

Other Important Information: Hates slavery due to heavy beatings from his dad as a child.

6/21/2012 . Edited 6/21/2012 #5
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