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Jade Lin Zheng

Alright, topic title is self-explanatory. Make your character profiles here and if you want to have a character of a higher level than human please wait for approval from any Mod.

Name: (What is your character named?)

Age: (How old is your character?)

Appearance: (What does your character look like? Picture or description. Slip in height and race somewhere in there please.)

Gender: (Male or female?)

Sexual Preference: (Hetero, Bi, or Homo?)

Alignment: (Good, Bad, or Neutral?)

Personality: (How does your character act? The more information, the better.)

Motivations/Goals: (What motivates your character?)

Background: (Your character's past. Optional.)

1/18/2010 . Edited by Melarade, 1/19/2010 #1
Jade Lin Zheng

Name: Juvia Loxar

Age: 26

Appearance: An epitome of beauty, she is often praised for her looks but she passes on all compliments as gifts from her goddess for being faithful. Silver white hair falls down to her hips and straight locks, framing a heart-shaped face decorated with almond-shaped eyes and aristocratic features. As a sign of her loyalty to her goddess she has a single tattoo from her right eye that extends into an elegant curl. Her shape is womanly and full, curves enticing temptation. As Shrine Maiden she wears the standard uniform, a floor-length golden skirt with embroidered silver butterflies, and a sleeveless shirt that ties into a large bow at the back. Her skin is soft and pale, but another gift allows her to not feel the negative affects of the cold.

Gender: Female

Sexual Preference: Hetero

Alignment: Shrine Maiden of the Light

Personality: She is demure, but she knows when to be stern and is quite the force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. She loves nature and hates those who simply regard its beauty as resources. She believes in working to achieves ones goal and when she is not at the shrine she is working to help train the fighters.

Motivations/Goals: She is motivated by everything she sees. She dislikes pointless quarrel.

Background: Not much is known about her before she was adopted by the former Shrine Maiden.

1/18/2010 #2
Jade Lin Zheng

Name: Cidney Dessans

Age: 24

Appearance: Cidney is someone who picks fights just for the fun of it. The thrill of battle. Because of some of the odd times she chooses to fight, she has taken to wearing her custom-made armor at all times. She dresses simply, going more for functional than for fashionable. Though she prefers to make kills quickly, she fights with whatever is available to her.

Gender: Female

Sexual Preference: Hetero

Alignment: Soon to be found out.

Personality: As said before she loves to fight, constantly forcing herself to grow stronger. She is a bit short-tempered and doesn't take well to being flirted with, believing that the only things guys are good for are good fights. She has a bit of a habit of swearing, but she is fiercely loyal and always remembers to pay her debts.

Motivations/Goals: She wants to be strong. When she was a child she was too weak to save herself, so when a hooded man saved her, she vowed to become strong like him. Her goal changed when she met him again and lost terribly. Now her goal is to beat him.

Background: Brought up in a home of fighters, with three brothers and only a father.

1/18/2010 #3

Name: Lelaunt

Age: 666

Appearance: Fair skinned with red eyes and dark hair. He stands at a proud 6'2 with a toned body. He looks like an imposing human except when he smiles. Long pearly white canines glitter in the moonlight before his victims sees nothing but pain. A vampire never smiles, if they do, you'll never live to tell the tale. He always wears a traditional vampire's long black cape which flutters in the wind as he walks, the inside of the cape, red. His shirt is of Victorian times, with a charming ruffle collar, black. Black pants and knee high leather boots.

Gender: Male

Sexual Preference: Bi

Alignment: The Prince of Darkness

Personality: He kills for pleasure, moans when he hears tortured screams, and practically climaxes when he drinks on the sweet life nectar from his 'pets'. But he is not without a heart...

Motivations/Goals: Bloodlust, revenge

Background: He cannot remember much before 666 years ago. His heart was shattered, he was hunted for a murder he didn't commit. That night, he opened his mind and his heart to the darkness. Begging them to consume him, to fill him with hate and the drive for endless revenge. The darkness took him in, and ever since that night, he has ruled mercilessly. Did it matter what happened in the past? Not any more.

1/18/2010 #4

Name: Velus

Age: 25

Appearance: Shoulder length Blond hair, straight, falls around the face. Purple eyes, pale but juicy lips, aristocratic nose, high cheekbones. Fair, skin like the moonlight. Tall, 6,2, lean frame, charming, eloquent, ruggedly handsome look, unshaven. fascinated with earth magic.

Gender: Male

Sexual Preference: Anything goes.

Alignment: About to find out

Personality: Flirty, full of nonsense sometimes, when serious, he's strict. Charming, sarcastic; eloquently so. Is open to both men and women. Very sexual person and is not ashamed of ANYTHING he does. Though he has morals.

Motivations/Goals: Survival. And sex.

Background: Since young, coming from a family of merchants, he always wanted to learn magic, but he learn the hard way that magic is a gift, not acquired through learning, however, one of his herb plant saved a wizard, but died in the process. In order to return the favour, the magician gave him some of his powers. He's still learning and harnessing.

1/18/2010 #5
Jade Lin Zheng

((Doubly good characters. I'm sure Cidney and Velus will get along quite well. *wink*))

1/18/2010 #6

i'll bet.

1/18/2010 #7
Jade Lin Zheng

Hehe, anyway sent you a PM on what's next. From there we just let it flow.

1/18/2010 #8

copy that.

1/18/2010 #9

Name: Liliac

Age: unknown

Appearance: Long red hair, Piercing red eyes, of a slight build, and petite stature. Heart shaped face and skin is flawless and as perfect as porcelain.

Gender: Female

Sexual Preference: Unknown

Alignment: Dark

Personality: Eerie...

Motivations/Goals: Lelaunt, The Prince of Darkness

Background: Unknown

1/21/2010 #10
Jade Lin Zheng

Name: Lucy Heartphilia

Age: Unknown

Appearance: Shoulder-length blonde hair that is usually pulled into a side-ponytail. She is very busty with sexy curves, and usually wears a tight blue shirt, with short skirts.

Gender: Female

Sexual Preference: Hetero

Alignment: Light

Personality: Bubbly and innocent, but when she is alone with a man she is quite the seductress....

Motivations/Goals: To grow the greatest flower shop ever known!

Background: Unknown

1/21/2010 #11


1/21/2010 #12
Jade Lin Zheng

Does it sound weird?

1/21/2010 #13

odd. but its cool. I like odd things. ok, chat in chatterbox.

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Zina Nevirone

Name: Ena

Age: Hundreds and Hundreds of years old, she can't remember exact numbers.

Appearance: Ena looks like Rhiannon, the Celtic God of Horses. .. .. She's extremely beautiful with her long, wavy golden blonde hair and pale, almost luminescent, white skin which is unique to her race, the vampyr. Her eyes are black, but bright and always shining. A smile is usually fixed to her face, but whether this is because she's happy or just up to something, it is unclear. Ena looks 18 and she likes to wear medieval dresses, but this doesn't always allow her to fight so she can often be seen in leggings of blue, red or green and tight tops of black which emphasise her bust, which is normally flatter when she's in a dress because of the corsets. Ena stands at 5 foot 9 but can seem much taller when angry, though she isn't. She's skinny and looks like you could snap her in half at any given moment.

Gender: Female

Sexual Preference: Bi

Alignment: Sympathetic Evil

Personality: Ena is not someone you would particularly like to meet in a dark alley way unless you were suicidal. Though she likes to pretend she is a dainty fragile thing, but really she is a fighter, and a damn good one, but she has lost many battles because she gets distracted very easily and loses her center. She can seem heartless at times, especially when she kills a human, but sometimes when she sleeps she remembers what it was like to be human, and so she feels guilt and/or sorrow for their death. She often fights this off with a "bit of fun" with anyone she can find though.

Motivations/Goals: Ena acts off of her instincts. She relies on them entirely. If they say kill and feed, that's what she'll do. Ena has always wanted to find a friend, but she has never been able to find anyone she can trust enough.

Background: Ena does not remember her past, when she sleeps she dreams and gets snippets of it, but it's never of anything really important, just of a time an emotion was running high.

1/21/2010 . Edited 1/21/2010 #15
Jade Lin Zheng

Approved, but one thing is her alignment sounds like she belongs on the Dark side. A sympathetic evil, you can start in the Ruins and go through the test to find the special weapon of your choice. Welcome to Chaotic Neutral!

1/21/2010 #16
Zina Nevirone

Should I change it to that? ? ? A sympathetic evil?

1/21/2010 #17
Jade Lin Zheng

If you'd like.

1/21/2010 #18
Jade Lin Zheng

One thing though, 'Beyond the Rift' is for the Light side, and 'Below the rift is for the Dark side.

1/21/2010 #19
Zina Nevirone


1/21/2010 #20
Jade Lin Zheng

Thank you!

1/21/2010 #21
Zina Nevirone

For what?

1/21/2010 #22
Jade Lin Zheng

For not making a fuss towards the technicalities.

1/21/2010 #23

Lol, agree on Jade on that one.

Hope you don't mind sex and gore.

1/21/2010 #24
Jade Lin Zheng

Hey, Mel, you're on earlier than usual.

1/21/2010 #25

hey love, yea sch starts early today

but tt means i gotta take long breaks in between.

Oh, and zina posted in training dojo first. lol.

1/21/2010 #26
Jade Lin Zheng

Yeah I know, but she's not on right now. Oh and I switched us over to the fantasy category.

1/21/2010 #27

perfect! Thanks babe.

1/21/2010 #28
Jade Lin Zheng

No problem!

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