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Jade Lin Zheng

An eerie place, from which many legends are born along with horror stories. Some say that those who enter are killed by a monster. Others say that they got lost within the vast labyrinth of the ruins. Even still some even say that those who entered found a treasure beyond imagination and never came back due to their greed. What say you? Will you risk everything to settle the mystery surrounding the Ruins?

((This is where you will post first. Give us a feel for your character and go through the ruins to discover where your allegiance lies.))

1/18/2010 #1
Jade Lin Zheng

Cidney huffed in irritation. She had hoped to find something interesting and worth all of this wasted time. But there was nothing. She continued walked down the moss-covered walls. Small signs alerted her that she was in the right ruins. Rusted pipes followed along the contours of the walls. Her gun was holstered, as there was nothing that had made itself out to be a threat. Something flashed at her eye, and her head snapped up to glare at the hole of sunlight that was directly in her face. Her body tensed. 'Wasn't I supposed to be underground?'

1/18/2010 #2

Velus hunched down low, squinting in the near darkness. He had heard rumours about this place, some good some bad. He didn't mind those, rumours were rumours. But what he was interested in was the hundreds of plant types he'd hope to experience in this old ruins. He'd hope to discover some rare breed, or something supposedly extinct. He could experiment with those. But so far, no such luck. Velus stood and stretched, he muttered a few words in ancient Latin and a vine shot out from between the cracks of the walls and formed a comfy chair for him. Velus sat down and just then, he thought he saw a beam of light from somewhere further up front. Velus squinted and stood slowly. The air around him felt different, and the plants gave off a musty smell all of a sudden. They were warning him... Yet, he moved towards the light.

1/18/2010 #3
Jade Lin Zheng

Cidney suddenly broke into a run, hoping to find an exit that would lead to where she was seeing the sunlight come from. As she continued down the hall she faltered. It was just for a moment, but she could've sworn that she had literally jumped out of her body. She turned around back to the hall where she came, and was about to continue running when something caught her attention. The cracks in the walls were covered in some sort of black substance. It looked dangerous, but that didn't keep Cidney from touching it, and when she came in contact she once more had that disembodied feeling. "What the hell is this?"

1/18/2010 #4

Velus heard a whisper. I was faint, but it was there. He hurried and all of a sudden, he felt as if he had left his body. He stopped short and looked at his hands. He waved it in front of his face and frowned. He couldn't see through it. Was his sudden out of body experience a figment of his imagination? He scoffed loudly. Not cool. Velus was about to retrace his step when he saw a figure in front. Without thinking, he snuck closer to that mysterious shadow.

1/18/2010 #5
Jade Lin Zheng

She could feel the presence of someone behind her. Casually placing a hand on her hip she inched her fingers close to her holster before pulling off the clasp and spinning to face the person who thought they could sneak up on her. Aiming her gun with one hand she faced the human-shaped shadow. "Who are you?" She didn't like him already, didn't even have the decency to announce his arrival.

1/18/2010 #6

Velus threw up his hands in surrender, and a wall of thick vines blossomed between him and the sharp shooter within a mere second. He slumped against the wall and let out an audible sigh. "That was close. Crazy female."

He said louder, "Put down the gun and we'll talk. What the hell is wrong with you?"

1/18/2010 #7
Jade Lin Zheng

Cidney blinked in surprised before her temper took over, "What's wrong with me?" She scoffed, but didn't lower her gun, "I should be the one asking that! Surely you're not dumb enough to think you could sneak up on someone and not expect them to do anything?" Even the stupid idiots back in the city knew better than that!

1/18/2010 #8

"It was dark, I couldn't see whether you were friend or foe... as a matter of fact, I cant tell whether you're friend or foe now!" Velus frowned. He opened his mouth to say something else when a soft jumble of tinkling music reached his ears.

"Do you hear that?" He whispered. He felt a cold draft then, it felt like it was wrapping around his legs and.... tugging...

1/18/2010 #9
Jade Lin Zheng

Something unseen wrapped around her wrists, forcing her to point her gun at the ground. Her legs began moving of their own accord, but she dragged and held back as much as she could. "What the hell are you doing to me, bastard?!" Her focus immediately turning to rage at the thought of the man with the vines controlling her movements.

1/18/2010 #10

"Hey! You may have a fine body, but your foul mouth is going to get you killed one day! And I didn't do nothin'. Here, I'll bring down my vines." Velus dropped his arms and the vines sank below the ground.

Velus looked at the struggling girl and frowned.

"The mist is wrapping around your wrist... How o-" Before Velus could finish, he felt himself being yanked to the ground.

1/18/2010 #11
Jade Lin Zheng

Cidney struggled as much as she could, fighting to try and turn around. So much of her strength was being used against this force she couldn't even spare time to yell at the guy for commenting on her body aside from a strained insult. She gave up on trying to lift up her gun, at this point even if she brought back up to level, she had no target. Since the vine-guy was also being manhandled by the mist she could safely assume it wasn't him controlling the mist. Lucky for him he wouldn't have a bullet lodged in his head today.

1/18/2010 #12

He was being DRAGGED!

He didn't like it, but he didn't hate it either. And he realised that the more he struggled, the more it tightened its grip.

He voiced his observations to her, "Stop struggling, it isn't helping. It's making it worst even. Let it take you where ever, it's not hostile."

1/18/2010 #13
Jade Lin Zheng

"How the hell would you know if it's hostile or not?! It could be dragging us to be lunch for some monster!" Digging her heels into the ground she groaned, "I'm not ready to die yet!"

((Did you get my PM?))

1/18/2010 #14

"If you'd close your eyes and listen to what the plants are telling you, you'd find that there's no monster here and that all is calm. Look, I stopped struggling and the mist is gently lifting by body from the ground."

Velus was enjoying the weightless feel.


1/18/2010 . Edited 1/18/2010 #15
Jade Lin Zheng

"Listen to the plants? What drugs are you on?" Reluctantly, Cidney let up on the pressure, glaring at the vine-guy as she was lifted into the air, "If we die I'm gonna spent eternity annoying the hell outta you." And she's enjoy it.

1/18/2010 #16

"Im not on drug you poorly informed sex-on-legs. I'm eh..." Velus was reluctant to tell the truth.

"I specialise in plants. Bothany if you may, and look, this isnt all that bad huh?"

Velus realised he was being drifted deeper and deeper into the ruin. He often saw rotten corpses and skeletons strewn across the place. They looked like they were struggling. Against the mist perhaps?

"That could have been you." Velus whispered to the violent chick.

1/18/2010 #17
Jade Lin Zheng

Cidney hissed, the mist having released her enough for her to re-holster her gun. Angry purple bruises marred her wrists and she glared, "Stop making comments about me like that." Varefully rubbing her wrists she avoided looking anywhere else, loathed to admit she had been wrong.

1/18/2010 #18

Velus laid back and enjoyed the ride.

They soon entered a long narrow hallway that was unfamiliar. He frowned. And took out the blueprints of this ruin.

"This hallway isn't listed here... What is this?" Velus's eyes widen as they reached the end of the hallway and the mist released them standing in front of a massive door.

Velus tucked the blueprint back into his backpack. He glanced at the red head beside him.

"Do we knock?"

1/18/2010 #19
Jade Lin Zheng

"Who cares about knocking?" Bursting through the large doors she took one look around before yelling, "I want answers! Who the hell came up with the bright idea to drag us here?" It only came a moment after her declaration that she realized the room was empty. "Eh?"

1/18/2010 #20

((you can play the old man, babe))

Velus shook his head and stepped into the room.

He glanced around and saw what appears to be a bedroom. Fascinating.

"We're not here to hurt you or to cause you any discomfort. We thought you might want to speak with us because you dragged us here... literally. So please, show yourself." Velus spoke politely to the empty room. He headed towards the bed.

"Care to explore this bed with me, foxy? Wanna see where it creaks?" Velus leered cheekily.

1/18/2010 #21
Jade Lin Zheng

Cidney scoffed, placing a hand on her hip, "Don't think me to be so easy as to sleep with a stranger not even an hour after I meet him. Not to mention I don't even know your name." She was getting a little tired referring to him as vine-guy the whole time.

Watching from a hidden panel a pair of sharp blue eyes watched what would happen next. Unknown to the two, the moment they stepped inside, their test has begun and every move they made was being judged.

1/18/2010 #22

Velus walked over to her and stuck out his right hand, "My name's Velus. Velus Vedavone. And you are?"

1/18/2010 #23
Jade Lin Zheng

Cidney stared at his hand as if it were diseased. Swallowing her discomfort she tentatively grasped his hand and answered, "Cidney. Cidney Dessans."

1/18/2010 #24

"Cidney, nice name. You're really beautiful you know? Just cool down the temper and you'd have miles of suitors waiting for you." Velus smiled at her. He looked around.

"What does the mist want from us? Leading to a bed. Inviting. Been spending hours searching for plants a- OH LOOK!"

Velus rushed to the bedside table and kneeled beside it. He caressed a lone flower in a vase gently.

"This is a Vendal Miss Joaquim. An orchid found only in asia. It's rare. What is it doing here?" Velus smiled at it with glee.

1/18/2010 #25
Jade Lin Zheng

"Keh, does it look like I want miles of suitors? I have to beat off the ones I have now with a stick." Ignoring Velus's sudden glee over a flower she moved towards the opposite side of the bed, looking to see if there was anything of value.

1/18/2010 #26

"Wha- what are you doing? You shouldn't rummage around someone else's stuff." Velus frowned.

"See this Orchid? It's alive and fresh and in water. Someone's taking care of this stuff. So stop meddling around."

1/18/2010 #27
Jade Lin Zheng

"It's not like I would steal anything. I was just looking to see if he had any books." Sitting down on the bed with her back facing Velus she sighed, "The owner probably isn't even here right now, the least he could've done is leave something out to invite us as guests." He was the one who brought us here.

He continued watching, amused at her behaviour, as well as minutely curious about Velus's fascination with plants. It certainly seemed like much more than just a hobby. Yes, yes, something to look into indeed.

1/18/2010 #28

"Well I suppose he is kinda rude." Velus walked over to her side.

"Did you notice that the door's closed itself? I'll bet it's locked. And guess what? The flower isn't real... this is all an illusion. I feel no life from the orchid. What is going on?" Velus frowned.

1/18/2010 #29
Jade Lin Zheng

"Illusion?" Lifting her wrist to eye level she pressed a finger onto the bruise and winced at the shot of pain that traveled up her arm. "It can't be an illusion. Physical pain should've broken it." She was beginning to feel a little freaked out, a hand going to her gun for comfort. Unconsciously sliding closer to Velus she carefully unclasped the safety, eyes darting around for any sign of danger.

1/18/2010 #30
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