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1 *Paleopulp
2 *Dieselpunk
3 *Lost World
4 *Sword & Sorcery
5 *Swashbuckler
6 *Western
7 *Horror/Weird
8 *Noir
9 *Space Opera
10 *Spy-Fi
11 *Superhero
12 *War
13 *Victoriana
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I'm thinking about running my own pulp-themed RPG, so tell me; Which pulp subgenre would you most enjoy as the setting for one? Please vote for your favorite choice, then your second.

Also, if you think of a subgenre I've overlooked, post it.

11/4/2010 #1

So I know when/if everyone's got a chance to vote, will those who have please post that you've done so? Thanks.

You don't have to tell me what you voted for, but feel free to tell me that, too.

11/7/2010 #2
Lord Monbodo

I took space opera and horror.

11/7/2010 #3
Cam S

I've put my two cents--votes, rather--in.

11/7/2010 #4


11/9/2010 #5

I voted. Sorry I haven't been on much lately. I've been having dealing with some health problems. Finally getting over my sickliness this week.

I voted for Paleopulp and Dieselpunk, myself. I guess the latter is just the Fist of the North Star and Road Warrior fanboy in me speaking out.

11/10/2010 #6

Hmm. Alright, so the current lead subgenre-Dieselpunk-is a bit more ill-defined than I had originally thought. I'm wondering if some of you could give me your impressions as to what sorts of things dieselpunk should/should not include and what type of PCs you'd anticipate playing in such a setting? It'd be most helpful. Otherwise, we might have a re-vote or I could just adopt a more universally pulp concept for the RPG.

11/11/2010 #7

Post-apocalypse? Biker gangs? Leather? Mohawks? Wastelands? Crossbows?

Well, if I were to participate in a Dieselpunk RPG, I'd want to play as the leader of one such outlaw biker gang. A real scumbag's scumbag, so to speak. Of course, I haven't role played since high school...

11/11/2010 #8

It's my understanding that post-apoc is not strictly dieselpunk, but rather one potential facet of it.

11/11/2010 #9

Post-apocalyptic dieselpunk is one kind (and a not terribly prominent one, at least as far as I'm aware). Various stylistic/thematic examples of Dieselpunk: Bioshock (contains elements of steam- and biopunk, but the art deco style and Randian philosophy are pure dieselpunk), the C&C: Red Alert series (gonzo Cold War), and Fallout (sure, it's all nuketech, but the style is pure dieselpunk--incidentally, you will note that dieselpunk is far more popular in games that literature or film). I think that dieselpunk has much more of theme of technology/science gone mad, compared to the steampunk/cyberpunk theme of technology as a tool of oppression.

I could get behind post-apoc dieselpunk, or noir-deco dieselpunk, or (seeing as horror/weird was #2) some sort of cthulhupunk or UA-styled dieselpunk horror. I'm willing to try all three, though I'm not terribly excited about dieselhorror.

For the first, I'd want to play as either an explorer/archaelogist trying to recover lost technology and knowledge, or else someone trying to rebuild a society from the ashes by any means necessary--extremely ruthless, but not an out and out villain. For the second and third, either a gangster or private detective.

11/12/2010 #10

Thanks for the feedback, CB, though I'm afraid it may be a bit moot. Despite the fact I set up a poll asking what subgenre people are up for playing, it's looking like I'll just be going with a broad-spectrum pulp setting. So, sorry to inadvertently spit in all your eyes.

I'd also like to point out that I'm hoping for a fun and fairly light-hearted tone to this game-to-be, so no need for any Serious Business. It's pulp! Also, let's take it easy on the grimdark, soulless/amoral/sociopath PCs.

Also, what does "UA-styled" mean?

11/12/2010 #11
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