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Cam S

Two-Headed Monster of a Contest here, folks. Cthulhu/Mike and I will be the judges.

The goal of this contest is to write an Occult Western story, the main character of which is neither a gunslinger nor a soldier (current or former.) As such, you need the following:

One (1) Western story: This means the whole deal -- cowboys, saloons, potentially hostile natives, lots of wide-open and inhospitable territory, potentially an Ennio Morricone soundtrack.

One or More (1≤) occult elements: loathsome idols, demon-summoning cults, artifacts from Atlantis, Ultima Thule, Lemuria, Mu, Sorcerors, dabblers in the unholy and unclean, and potentially things best described using words like "squamous" or "rugose."

Unfortunately, your protagonist can't be a gunslinger or ex-soldier, that'd just be way too easy.

Some suggestions for inspiration: Jonah Hex (Marvel), Deadlands (Roleplaying game by Pinnacle Entertainment Group,) "The Horror in the Mound" (Robert E. Howard,) "Dead in the West" (Joe R. Lansdale,) and others of the sort.

Deadline's a bit fuzzy, because we're posting this in the middle of the month, so let's aim for February 15th.

1/12/2011 #1

Yay, it's up! =D I didn't get an update about it, though, did anyone else? Mike, Cam, we might have to send out individual emails if no one knows about the contest.

Anyway, since Mike tipped me off to this contest's theme a few days earlier, I've been able to search out some good tunes that ought to inspire some (occult) Western stories. Below are some links to OSTs and my personal favorites;

Deadlands "soundtrack" (fan-made): Desperados "My Gun and Me"; Vampire Clan "Blood on the Bluegrass" (lame video, but a good song with an occult edge), "(Lo Chiamavano Trinita) They Call Me Trinity"; Requiem "Fistful of Demons"; Zombie Ghost Train "Graveyard Queen"; The Coffinshakers "Black Sunday"; The Meteors "Johnny Remember Me"; Redwest "Cowboys From Hell"; "Dead Man (soundtrack by Neil Young"; "Desperados Waiting for a Train - Guy Clark - The Rise of Science - Cover"

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford: (I personally think this is the best soundtrack of the four, hands down, but that's just me) "Rather Lovely Thing"/"Another..."; "Moving On"; "Cowgirl"; "Carnival"; "Song for Bob"

Red Dead Redemption: "Born Unto Trouble"; "The Shootist"; "Horseplay"; "Estancia"; "(Theme From) Red Dead Redemption"; "Triggernometry"; "Redemption in Dub"; "Exodus in America"; "Already Dead"

Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare: "Zombie Corpseplay"; "Get Back In That Hole, Partner"; "Ojo Muerto"; "Four Horses of the Apocalypse"; "Undead Redemption"; "Showdown at Escalera"; "Bad Voodoo"; "Dead Man Walking"; "Dead Sled"; "Stinkin' Zombies"

I hope these help give people some ideas. Enjoy!

1/12/2011 #2

Oh, here also is a site of "legends, myths and campfire tales" which may or may not stir creative juices. I highly recommend exploring the site in general, as there's lots of stuff about the Wild West and the people who made it that way.


(Since I can't directly link it, just copy & paste)

1/13/2011 #3
Cam S

I also remembered that many of the works of Manly Wade Wellman might serve as inspiration, there are two up at project Gutenberg, but I don't believe that they're the right sort, but if you can track down his Silver John stories, those might also serve as good inspiration.

1/13/2011 #4

Just searched for some Silver John stories for you, Cam. From what I understand, all of the short stories can be found in "John the Balladeer" which, in turn, can be found here:

(Again, just copy/paste)

1/13/2011 . Edited 1/13/2011 #5

Hmm, I'm a little concerned no one knows about the contest. Unless Mike or Cam want to take it on themselves, shall I start alerting people individually? Either that or I hope people start posting their thoughts, story ideas, etc.

1/16/2011 #6
J.A. Fletcher
You can count me in on this one.
1/19/2011 #7

Oy! An idea is forming in my head for this one. I'll try to get something whipped up now that work's scaled back a little.

1/21/2011 #8

So, how's everybody coming along? Have my musical recommendations helped inspire anyone?

1/30/2011 #9

Only a few more days left before the deadline, so now's the time to ask if anyone would like an extension.

Btw, I really wish someone would give me feedback as to whether or not the forum updates are getting out to everybody. I'm still not sure. Also, please let the group know how you're doing so we can all help to keep one another enthusiastic. ;)

2/12/2011 #10

Well, personally, I'm getting emails still- I just haven't been around to check my inbox lately.

That said, I am actually done outlining my project and should have it up before the end of Tuesday. Unless some unforseen crisis pops up, I shouldn't need any extension. This contest has turned out to be a pleasant surprise; I've been studying my Westerns a good bit, although my story won't be following the traditional "badass gunslinger blows into town to clean up scum" format, as per the contest guidelines. I'm going for more of a "Doctor Strange in the Old West" kind of vibe, so we'll see how well it goes over!

Also, O Shelled One, I found your soundtrack suggestions to be quite fantastic, especially the Red Dead Redemption soundtrack. Great game, great tunes.

2/13/2011 #11

Thanks for the feedback, Bud. I'm happy to hear the story's going so well for you; it sounds pretty cool. I'm also glad you enjoyed my soundtrack suggestions. =)

2/13/2011 #12

Well, my increasingly ridiculous sleeping habits are forcing me to ask for a slight extension. Can I get until Thursday night? I can definitely have it done by then.

Because it's like 5 o'clock and I JUST WOKE UP. :|

2/15/2011 #13

If Mike and Cam don't mind me speaking for them, sure thing, Bud. After being pretty sick last week, I'm behind on my own entry, so it's not as if I'm extending the contest selflessly. If others want an extension also, or a longer one, please say so. As of right now, I don't have a specific new deadline in mind; let's just see what happens.

2/15/2011 #14
Cam S

As I'm having some issues with MFA applications, I'd be all for extending the deadline. Contingent upon Mike's agreement, I'd be happy to delay until next Friday.

2/18/2011 #15
Michael Panush

Hey, no problem. Just let me know when it's ready.

2/22/2011 #16
J.A. Fletcher

Are we calling this a bust, then?

3/24/2011 #17
Michael Panush

I don't know. Does anybody have a finished story? I know Jave does, but anyone else?

3/24/2011 #18
J.A. Fletcher
Well, I lost all my files for my story.
4/6/2011 #19
Cam S
I've only heard about Jave's entry, honestly. He appears to be the only one.
4/8/2011 #20
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