A Foreign World
November, 1862. A last battle is held in Lexington, Kentucky, cornering the Union army against the Appalachian Mountains. A surrender is filed and the Civil War ends. Now it is the middle of the month, and reconstruction has begun...
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SnowClaw of Windclan

We would like to keep interactions between all players courteous to avoid arguments or problems in the future; due to this, we ask that you please look over these rules.

Go along with the predefined plot, please. A map will be posted soon to show exactly where the territories lie. All of the historical people are, unless otherwise stated, alive. I have no problem with you playing a historical figure as long as you keep them in character. This means that we will not be having happy go lucky sunshine loving versions of W. T. Sherman, loves. ;D

Please, leave the drama somewhere else. We will not tolerate arguments and if you continue to cause problems you will be banned. We have a three-strikes-and-you're-out policy. Please don't swear in off topic or make mentions to any profanities. Let's leave politics and religion for somewhere else and just enjoy the game, okay? It's perfectly fine if your characters don't like each other! That's what makes it interesting, after all!

Roleplaying is done in the third person limited omniscent point of view in this forum, meaning that roleplay is in third person with the thoughts of all of your characters if there is more than one in the area. Please use proper grammatical functions or we'll have to ask you to leave. It isn't that hard to go onto Wikipedia, dears. No playing other peoples' characters or giving yours special laser beam abilities. Keep it PG13 and we won't be having any sex scenes. Thank you.

If you want to be a moderator on this forum please contact me via Personal Message or send an inquiry on the questions topic. You'll be given a code if I deem you eligible, or you will be rejected if I don't.

You may only have one character in the Senate with the exception of a Pro Tempore, a Clerk, a Whip, or a Vice President, and may only have two House representatives. Please follow the procedures that are listed on the next post.

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SnowClaw of Windclan

Senate Procedures

Introdusing a Bill

VP/PT: The first(/next) order of business is bill #__. Would the clerk please read the bill?

Clerk: ____ (Reads bill.)

VP/PT: The floor is now open for debate.

The speaker(s) will go to the secretary's desk and speak on their bill. When they are done?

VP/PT: Will the representative yield the well?

Speaker: (Yes/No)

People now line up at the secretary's to go to the well. They do not go up until they are recognized. (ie: The speaker recognizes seat __)

To ask a question:

Senator remains seated.

-Raises sign.

-PT: Mr._____ (introducer of bill), do you or do you not wish to yield to questions?

-Introducer: Yes/no.

-Question is asked.

To move a bill to voting:

-PT: All in favor of moving the bill, say aye.


-PT: All opposed, say nay.


-Objection may be yelled. If so the yeller goes to the Well, explains, and a vote is reheld.

To make a statement:

-Raises sign.

-PT: Mr.____, do you wish to speak for or against this bill?

-Senator: I wish to speak for/against this bill.

-PT: That is your privelege.

-Explanation at Well.

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SnowClaw of Windclan

Pairing Helper


Father John Lawrence: Roman Catholic Priest. Forbidden to marry.

Thomas Jackson: General. Married.

Samuel Morganson: Plantation owner. Widower.

Wade Thomas: Farrier. Single.

Ulysses Grant: General. Married.

Walter Davis: Teacher. In love with Bella Leon, but the affections are not returned.

Lewis Armistead: General. Widower.

Curtis Williams: Soldier. Unspecified.

Robert E. Lee: President. Married.

Walter Taylor: Unspecified.

Joseph Johnston: Vice President. Unspecified.

PGT Beauregard: Speaker of the House. Unspecified.

Ulysses Merle Flynn: Senator. Single, but no attraction to either gender/asexual.

Victor Cromwell: Senator. Married.

James Bailey: Senator. Single.

Jeremiah Flanchard: Senator. Single.

AP Hill: General. Married.

Riley Simon: Texas ranger. He's socially the leader of about thirty five men, and has recently been appointed colonel. Single.

Shannon Ragazzo: Texas Ranger. He serves as a medic. Single.

Wesley Raiford: Texas Ranger. Single.

Raul Alvarez: Mexican Immigrant. Single.


Bella Leon: Not Employed. Single.

Pauline Harper: Not Employed. Single.

Natalie Markson: Not Employed. Single.

Esperanza Alvarez: Mexican Immigrant. Single.

Marilyn Ivanov: Resident of small Texan town. Married, but in love with Riley.

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