A Foreign World
November, 1862. A last battle is held in Lexington, Kentucky, cornering the Union army against the Appalachian Mountains. A surrender is filed and the Civil War ends. Now it is the middle of the month, and reconstruction has begun...
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Star the Foxhound

Once again, Bailey gave a small nod. "Yes, I fought for a year, until I was wounded."

Back then, he'd never pictured himself being a Senator, instead he'd thought that he'd be a soldiers his entire life. That's what he had attended West Point for. Although the wound had changed that, and he knew that never again would he lead men into battle.

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SnowClaw of Windclan

"Hm." Senator Flynn set a hand on the side of the table, pushing up his glasses. "I served from the beginning, not wounded." He mulled over a bit of parsley that had caught in his teeth with his tongue, freeing it from where it was wedged between a canine and a molar. He wondered what the reaction of the host was right now, even if the interest was only vague. Aloof and independent, he did not always care about the business of others as much as he acted like.

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Star the Foxhound

For a moment Bailey was silent. "Being a soldier was my job, even before the war. I went to West Point."

He wasn't sure if the other man was really interested, was really just making conversation.

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SnowClaw of Windclan

"I went to the Georgia College, in Athens to study law. The war started three months after I graduated." His answer was fairly minimal, as he wasn't one for pointless or even too social conversation. The room was mostly empty, but there were a few senators that were here and there, speaking amongst themselves about the bills and other matters on the agenda. The Pro Tempore was working on papers at his desk, speaking to the clerk.

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Star the Foxhound

Bailey nodded, although he didn't say anything, looked around the room for a moment. He wasn't sure what else to say, leaned back in the chair he was sitting on.

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SnowClaw of Windclan

Senator Flynn noted his posture, saw the man's weak build and form clearly from behind the rectangular lenses. He strode across the room to a bookshelf against one of the walls, withdrawing a leather tome covered in a thin sheet of grayish brown dust. As he returned, and opened the book, a cloud rose from it. The pages made an audible sound, stiffened from age. "Have you read any of the records, preserved here?"

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Star the Foxhound

"No." Bailey shook his head and leaned forward slightly to look at the book.

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SnowClaw of Windclan

"They are quite interesting." A long finger traced the numbers, handwritten in black ink, until he reached the figure on the bottom of the column. Ornate letters were scrolled across the top of the paper, making a note of the topic of the list, TAX EXPENDITURES. "These are from the eighteen forties," he stated, turning the page. There were two columns on the paper, titled, BIRTHS AND DEATHS.

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Star the Foxhound

Bailey looked at the page, looking down the list of names. He wasn't quite sure why Flynn had pulled the book out, a book that he'd never really looked at during his time in the Senate so far. While he looked, he didn't say anything. Remaining quiet was usually more his nature.

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SnowClaw of Windclan

Flynn continued to turn the pages of the tome, moving past hundreds of columns of numbers before finding the one that he needed, one of the American Revolution and its taxes. "You will notice, Senator, that the American Revolution started because of taxation without representation," he set a finger on the last of the numbers, "Not necessarily the fact that federal taxes increased." Two could play at this game, and he desired the man's vote. After a few minutes of small talk he had moved back to the point of his coming here, politics.

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Star the Foxhound

"Of course, because the citizens of the colonies did not have representatives in Paliment," Bailey said, "I know my history Senator."

He smiled faintly. "The Colonies did not like being taxed because they didn't have any say in what the taxes were, and so they repelled. In this last war, we left because the Union was threatening the rights of our states. It is more a problem of keeping the taxes fair that we are dealing with, because without taxes, our nation cannot survive. Earlier, when I was talking with Senetar Cromwell, he explained that he wants to get all the taxes from the state governments. It isn't a bad idea, but we need to make sure we have enough money coming in. Federal taxes are an important part of our income."

As soon as Flynn had mentioned the reason for the first war of independence, he had known exactly what the other Senator wanted to talk about.

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SnowClaw of Windclan

"Federal taxes are needed," he stated, raising his glasses so that they would be closer to his eyes as he spoke. "Some things can only be handled by Federal taxation. How else would the Senate and the House be paid for? And the President, the Vice President?" His voice was unemotional as he sank into the politics, something that he was good at.

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Star the Foxhound

Bailey nodded. "If we allowed everything to be run by the states, then we would hardly be a country at all. The Federal government keeps us tied together. There's a lot to think about when it comes to the bill we've been discussing. I can see both yours and Senator Cromwell's point of view clearly and both of them make sense. We need to allow the states to make the decisions that involve their states, and let them do that without trying to tell them what to do. But we need the Federal government to make the larger decisions for the entire country. It could be possible that the idea of the states only collecting the taxes could work, but it would take a lot of time to make sure that it works as well as the Federal taxes. In the present, Federal taxes are the best choice."

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SnowClaw of Windclan

"They are." Pushing up his glasses, he had what he needed. "Senator, who did you serve under? General Lee?" A former corporal, he had served in a Georgian division, leaving his hometown of Atlanta to defend it. It had helped him obtain the seat as well, stating that he was a veteran. Light filtered in from the plantation blinds, dappling the desk. He was seated in his normal position, now sitting next to Bailey.

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Star the Foxhound

Bailey nodded. "I served under Jackson, which was under General Lee. And how about you? Who did you serve under?"

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SnowClaw of Windclan

"I served under General Hood, although he was far from Georgia." The Senator said, setting his hand on the table. He hadn't known Bailey to speak this much before, as this man was introverted and quiet, with few exceptions. Interesting, to some degree. Standing up, he moved back across the room, sliding the tome into the appropriate sized gap amongst all of the other dust covered recordbooks.

1/28/2010 #76

Flanchard hobbled from behind Bailey and Flynn, placing a large heavy hand on either of their shoulders. "Quite a session, eh? Jus' cleared out my mind from that there meetin', tends to make me a little numb talkin' 'bout such serious articles." His soft accent slurred his words like a drunk, but the clarity behind his eyes proved his sobrierity. Clueless to any previous conversation between the two, he decided to just start his own.

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SnowClaw of Windclan

Not a fan of physical contact, Senator Flynn stiffened in his chair, pushing up his glasses with his dominant hand; his left. The light from the window reflected in just the right way as to make the rectangular lenses, set in thin black frames that matched the color of his hair, opaque. He did not appreciate being interrupted. "Mr. Flanchard, the purpose of the Senate is serious matters, unless I am wrong."

1/28/2010 . Edited 1/28/2010 #78

Flanchard dropped his arms and bit the inside of his bottom lip, an old habit for when he was annoyed. "Sure it is, pardon me for the slip-up, madam." He mock bowed as much as his bad leg would allow, before straightening and releasing a hearty laugh. "You looks much a lady with those cold hard eyes, ain't I right?" Flanchard nudged Bailey, who he had barely heard talk, with his elbow.

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SnowClaw of Windclan

Ulysses glared at him from behind his glasses, pushing them up again, and set a hand on the table. The senator was rather irritating to him, in more ways than one. He lacked the accent of an Atlanta gentleman, the tone of one who cares only because it is polite to do so and has a cut interest in the other's sentiments, or even the one of a Virginian from the coast. His accent was just...Mississipian, and nothing further than that. "You're hysterical."

1/28/2010 #80

Flanchard smiled, crinkling the skin around his eyes and showing off his missing canine. "ah, I try, I try" he said, shaking his head with the same sadistic smile. He looked up at Ullysses, noting his glare. Internally he smirked, then said, "Why, sir, I'm beginnin' to git the feelin' that you don't care much for me." He knew his answer, and was simply purposefully being a pest now.

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Star the Foxhound

Bailey glanced at Flanchard, not sure whether he really liked the other Senator's arrival. He'd been enjoying the conversation with Flynn, more then he remembered enjoying one with many of the other senators. But he didn't say anything, instead just listened to the other two talk.

1/28/2010 #82
SnowClaw of Windclan

Flynn turned back to Bailey, continuing the discussion. Aloof, he didn't ultimately care too much about what Flanchard said, and was easily able to abandon conversations in general with regret--hence why he had been able to walk out on Cromwell without another thought. Detatched, perhaps, could be used to describe the senator in seat 5. "I take it you were present at the Battle of Kentucky."

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Star the Foxhound

Bailey shook his head. "No, I wasn't in that battle...."

He looked down, wishing that he'd been there to see the end of the war instead of in a hospital bed with people wondering how much longer he would survive. It was true that he knew how lucky he was to still be alive, but he didn't feel lucky.

1/28/2010 . Edited 1/28/2010 #84
SnowClaw of Windclan

Ulysses nodded, setting his hand back on the desk. Some men may have set a hand on his shoulder, but, as previously displayed, he did not like physical contact. "I'm sorry about that, senator." The statement was as close to empathetic sayings as Senator Flynn usually came. Ulysses Merle Flynn had grown up in an aloof, cold household and therefore reacted to most situations as his parents would have.

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Star the Foxhound

"It's alright." Bailey looked up and attempted a small smile. "I'm lucky to even be alive."

He wondered how life would have been different for him if he'd never been shot. He wouldn't have run for the Senate, that was for sure. Instead he would have stayed in the army, and hoped to go up through the ranks to one day become a general. But that dream was a dream of the past.

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SnowClaw of Windclan

Senator Flynn nodded. "It was good talking to you." He didn't like long conversations even if they were interesting, mainly because he knew what the person was going to say before they said the last few words of their sentence, as almost all humans did. For him it tended to become boring to wait for said words. The Pro Tempore got up and walked to the records, taking one of the books back to where he sat with the clerk.

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Star the Foxhound

"It was good talking to you too," Bailey said, nodding as he glanced towards the Pro Tempore, watching the other man for a moment before looking at Flynn again.

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SnowClaw of Windclan

The man looked up at him, giving him a brief nod as the senator left the room to go to his home in Richmond. Seeing as Vice President Johnston was off on work, the Pro Tempore had needed to take over the chair's duties until he returned. The man looked over the long columns of numerals, setting a finger on the ones that he needed the clerk to copy.

1/28/2010 #89

Flanchard used the chair to lean upon, still in denial of his need of a cane. He was highly tempted to continue to pester Flynn, he didn't like him, as a man, but thought highly of him as a decision maker. But the meeting had been adjurned after all... His conscience got the better of him and he decided to leave him alone, a man could only take so much before they would snap. Flanchard walked out of the hall chuckling, thinking that it might not be soon, but one day...one fateful day, Flynn would not be able to take it anymore, and would just...snap.

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