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So you know how to post a story: Login | Publish | Document Manger | Upload to get the story into your profile, then Login | Publish | New Story and then select the chapter, etc.

Adding a chapter isn't that much harder: Login | Public | Document Manager | Upload to get the next chapter into your profile, then Login | Publish | My Stories | [story's name] | Content/Chapters | Add Chapter, then select the new chapter.

1/28/2010 . Edited 1/29/2010 #1

do you have to have a separate document in the Document Manager for this?

11/15/2010 #2

Yep. Each chapter is a separate document in the Document Manager. However, once it's been posted to your story, you don't have to keep it in the Document Manager anymore.

11/15/2010 #3

what you posted isn't exactly the problem I've been having, but it's similar. I haven't broken my story into chapters yet, but how do I edit what I've already published on the site without tearing the entire thing down and posting a new story?

11/16/2010 #4

So you know how to publish a story (otherwise you wouldn't be having this hassle.) Publish = My Stories = the 'Edit' link next to your story. Now you should see a line of links starting with 'Story Edit '. Click on 'Content/Chapters' - it doesn't matter if your story doesn't have any chapter, FP will consider it 'chapter 1'. Click on the link entitled 'exp' next to the (one and only) 'chapter' you wish to edit. FP will return "Chapter exported to Document Manager as Export: (your title)". Now go to the document manager, open that document, and edit to your heart's content. When you're done, come back to the 'Content/Chapters' page. At the bottom, you'll see 'Replace Chapter'. Select the (one and only) chapter on the left, and select the 'Export: (your title)' document on the right. Click on replace, and (maybe) wait 5 minutes. It sometimes happens right away. If it doesn't, go and look at someone else's writing, then come back and re-load your story.

11/16/2010 #5

thank you very much!

11/16/2010 #6

quite welcome.

11/16/2010 #7

I've done all of this but whenever I try to upload the document and hit "Submit Document", it doesn't want to take it. Do I need to change the label of the chapter and put (for example) "Twilight 2" instead of the first "Twilight"? Or...am I doing everything wrong? I'm pretty sure there isn't anything wrong with the document itself... Please help!

9/27/2011 #8
A twilight *shudders* fic is supposed to be in the Fictionpress sister site not here this is for original work
1/12/2012 #9

Well, the possibility exists that these were just chapters named Twilight, but ... nah.

On a tangentially related note, I'm tempted to start posting original work to FF because it's not half-broken all the time.

1/12/2012 #10
Haha, I know, I was just using it as an example because I couldn't think of anything better...(and I bad example, at that)
1/12/2012 #11

Well, if you're still having problems, this is what I do:

The files in your Document Manager are completely meaningless after they've been posted as chapters to your stories.

I just use one at random to paste my next chapter into, then attach it to the actual story. You can go to the Document Manager and click 'edit', then nuke the text. Paste in the new one, and it doesn't matter to FP if the file is named 'Twilight 1' and you have chapter 3 in there - when you add it to your story, you can name that chapter anything you want.

Does that make sense?

1/13/2012 #12
I can upload the fic into the document but I can't seem to EDIT it. I really want to add the page breaks and other things like that. But it's not letting me and this is my first story on her and i really want to post it...:/
1/28/2012 #13

Editing in the Doc Manager is useless. It truly is. Your best bet is to use a basic HTML editor, such as Kompozer (dot) org.

Copy the contents from the 'edit' Doc Manager window into the 'source' tab of Kompozer, then in the 'design' tab add your paragraph breaks. Because the way Kompozer and FP differ in how they handle italics and bold, that formatting doesn't carry across.

When you're done adding the paragraph breaks, copy the contents of the 'source' tab in Kompozer back into the 'edit' Doc Manager window, overwriting the original version.

1/28/2012 #14

what if it doesn't have the my stories option. It says i posted chapter 1 but i cant add chapter 2 to the story without the my stories option right

4/20/2012 #15

Same here:(

I just clicked on publish and didn't find the option my stories

1/18/2013 #16

Hello guys I've been having a HUGE problem. I'm new here and I'm so confused with all the buttons. I was just wondering how come when I click my story, a "Choose Chapter" button doesn't open up when I have already added a new chapter in. Does this site have a "3 day" waiting time for new members? I don't know if I'm doing it wrong but I've already added a chapter, I just couldn't see it in my story. I tried reading other member's stories and they have chapters just under their story's summary. When I go back to mine, I don't. Help?

Thankyou :)

5/15/2013 #17

How do you put 'My Stories' up?

11/27/2013 #18

Apologies to all for the silence. I've been having some problems focusing and has to step away from FP for a while, but I'm back, for good or ill.


If you're asking how to post a story, there are two phases. (I'm writing my phone right so I'm going from memory.)

First, you have to get it into the document manager system. Click on your name in the upper right. In next page, click on Publish in the menu to the left. Now click on Document Manager. You can write it on your local computer and upload it, or you can write it in the browser by clicking copy-and-paste. If you use the latter method, remember to save the document.

Note: you can't change the document name (they call it Label for some reason) but it barely matters - no one will see it as a separate file beside you. Also note: docx files cannot be used to post to stories. They are solely for you to collaborate with a beta reader or an editor.

Next have to publish it. Click on Guidelines first, (still under Publish.) Scroll to the bottom and accept the rules. Next, click on New Story. Enter title, categories, short description, etc. You will be asked for which document you wish to publish as the first chapter. Select the appropriate one from the list. Hit Publish and that should be it.

For a period of time your story will not show up in searches, bit it should show up on your public profile page under My Stories.

11/27/2013 . Edited 11/27/2013 #19

Question! I'm uploading a novel chapter by chapter. I successfully uploaded the Prologue and it's live. When I posted chapters 1 and 2, they don't show up. The chapter 'page' is there, it appears in the drop down menu in the Prologue. The actual chapter though isn't there, only the beginning of an HTML code and the first sentence. Here's it: https://www.fictionpress.com/s/3195442/2/The-Armor-of-God

Any idea on how to fix this? Thanks.

4/30/2014 #20

In your profile, Publish Doc Manager. What do the chapters look like in the Document Manager?

I'm betting FP 'improved security' in such a way that it broke the files being uploaded.

4/30/2014 #21

The files look perfectly fine in there. I open to edit them and they look fine.

4/30/2014 #22

Do you want to hear something strange?

In a separate browser window, go to the doc manager again, then create a new doc via copy-and-paste. In the first doc manager window, open chapter 1, then copy it all and paste it into the new doc in the second browser.

Save that, and replace your existing chapter 1 with that document.

4/30/2014 #23

Update -- I just went f**k it and re-uploaded them. They're working now. Thanks!

4/30/2014 #24

i'm new and I need a one on one on how to put my stories on here.

5/29/2014 #25
Nature's Serenity

I have an...odder question. That I suspect I may have to actually email FP for help with, but perhaps other people have experienced it, as well? I can create documents, no problem. But when I go to Upload Story, well--I can choose the category that my writing fits into, but no matter what I end up choosing, as soon as I hit continue, I end up with a completely blank page. This happens in two browsers, and after a restart. Am I the only one?

7/26/2014 #26
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