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Stuff I learned and may be useful to you. This is an unofficial forum. I have no other way to contact the admins besides the same Help link in the corner. In fact, the absence of any response from the admin is what prompted me to create this forum.
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Like everything else, adding a hyperlink (a click-to jump to a new page) is easy. Just select the text, and look at the 'chain' icon to the right of the [Styles ] pulldown in the toolbar above. That will pop up a new window, the Insert/edit link window. Insert your hyperlink in the 'Link URL,' and you're done.

However, there are some other features you may find useful:


Target allows you to select if the page opens over the existing page, or in a new window. Usually, opening a new window is considered a little rude - you're deciding how your reader should browse, when most browsers will allow the reader to open the page in a new window by [shift]+clicking, or in a new tab by [ctrl]+clicking.


Title ... I have no idea what this does.


Class - format the link slightly differently.

Here's a standard link to Foster's Gambit.

Here's a quoted link to Foster's Gambit.

Here's a highlighted link to Foster's Gambit..


One note about linking to your stories. Here's the public URL to Foster's Gambit:


However, if you click on the link from Login | Publish | My Stories list of your works, it'll be something like this:


As you can guess from the 'secure' part of the URL, other readers won't be able to get there.


In case you missed it, FictionPress limits the sites you an link to. It's at the bottom of the 'Forum New Post' composition window, but for this posts' readers' convenience, here is the list at the time of this writing:

- http://fanfiction.net

- http://fictionpress.com

- http://youtube.com



Links to any other websites will be converted to plain text. This is a marked difference (and improvement, in my eyes) over posting verboten links in PMs, where the part is erased.


Note that unlike most other forum software, FictionPress does not automatically convert URL strings to links. I.e., most other forums that I've seen will automatically convert http://www.fictionpress.com/s/2756519/1/Fosters_Gambit to http://www.fictionpress.com/s/2756519/1/Fosters_Gambit.

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Thank you, This was very helpful :)

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