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We're going to have to write in html?

Okay, everyone, here's the most basic of primers on HTML:

- <p/> Paragraph break.

<a href="http://fictionpress.com/rest/of/url">Your link goes here.</a> (This link goes nowhere.)

- <b>Bold.</b>

- <i>Italics.</i>

- <u>Underline.</u>

Please note that, for reasons known only to FP admins, most of the rest of html out there won't work...

Also, note that you must not use the preview button. Doing so will cause FP to interpolate (fancy word for substitute) the HTML code above for actual characters in the editor window, so posting after previewing will not do what you expect.

So how do you preview? Write the HTML in another editor, such as Notepad++ or Notepad2 and copy-and-paste from there to the FP compose/edit window.

lastly, if anyone is interested in how this is done, these are the character strings used:

- &lt; creates the < character.

- &gt; creates the > character.

- &amp; creates the & character.

2/23/2010 . Edited 2/23/2010 #1

It gets better. Not only can't you preview, but you can't edit a metacharacter post, either. Fun, fun, fun.

2/23/2010 . Edited 2/23/2010 #2

We also can't highlight or quote text easily. Here's what we need to do:

<p class="quoteStyle">Quoted Text</p>

<p><span class="hiliteStyle">Highlit Text</span></p>

Why aren't they the same? Because hiliteStyle can be used within a paragrah.

2/23/2010 #3
Thankyouthankyouthankyou Kitty, this is awesome and very beneficial!
2/23/2010 #4

Thankyouthankyouthankyou Kitty, this is awesome and very beneficial!"


Ta Kitty ^_^

2/23/2010 #5
yay! thank you! ^-^
2/23/2010 #6
Thanks very much, taerkitty! =)

There'd better be a good reason FP is leaving the forum posting thing like this. Like, upgrading the site or something.

2/24/2010 . Edited 2/24/2010 #7
Quite welcome. I'm guessing that they tried to do it 'behind the scenes' and broke stuff badly, resulting in times when forum post notifications broke, and then a brief period where I couldn't log in, and that lovely two or three day span where we couldn't post to forums.
2/24/2010 #8
Anise Cary
Kitty you rock!
2/24/2010 #9
Thank you so much, taerkitty! I was confused about what was going on for a while. Just ignore the rest of this post- I'm just trying to see if I can make the url thing work.

Paragraph break

Italics Bold Underline Let's see if it works! :D

2/25/2010 #10
Looks great, but the way they're 'stacking on top of each other' makes me believe you're not closing your tags.

<b>open tag close tag </b>

<i>open tag close tag </i>


2/25/2010 . Edited 2/25/2010 #11
I was wondering what I was doing wrong... Alright, thanks for the advice!
2/25/2010 #12
Here's a work-around for those of us who (used to) use the PF editing window for our stories, but are doubly damned by the current borkage. Composing a post isn't easy, but it's possible. Editing a story chapter after it's been mashed together into HTML in that tiny window is just too much.

The solution is to use a WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) HTML Editor. There are a few out there, but SeaMonkey seems to be the easiest to use. It's easy, but still a little complicated, but bear with me.

1. Go to the home page for the 'SeaMonkey Internet Suite'. It's at http : //www.seamonkey-project . org/

2. (Of course) Download and install it.

3. (Optional, but recommended) Uncheck the box that asks 'Make Seamonkey the Default'. That's just obnoxious.

4. It looks like a regular browser, but File | New | Composer Page will bring up a saner editor.

5. First thing first - make sure SeaMonkey generates <p> tags and not <br> tags.  FP doesn't like <br> tags.  Edit | Preferences | Composer | Return in a paragraph always generates a new paragraph.

6. It has four tabs on the bottom. Write in the 'Normal' tab.

7. Or, if you're editing an existing chapter, go to the '< HTML > Source' tab and delete all the existing text (SeaMonkey will put it back, but that's fine, FP ignores it.) Copy your existing chapter or story out of the horrible sliver of a window, then paste it into the '< HTML > Source' Tab.

8. In the Normal tab, edit to your heart's content, but try to keep the formatting simple. I suspect FP will not barf on any of the fancy stuff (such as font size, color, indenting and all) but it won't show up - they have some pretty uptight filters on what they store vs. what you enter into the compose window.

9. When you're done editing, go back to the '< HTML > Source' Tab.

10. Select everything, copy it and paste it over the stuff you have in the tiny compose window FP gives you.

One thing to warn you: FP does not like characters like '<','>', and '&' and will mess them up. Best thing to do is to not use them. If you must, you have to write them like this: &lt;, &gt;, and &&. Of course, that doesn't make any sense to anyone who has any familiarity with HTML (usually you don't have to escape the & character in an escape sequence), so you have to do a manual search and replace for all the & characters in the HTML Source tab and replace them with &.

Don't ask.

2/26/2010 . Edited 2/27/2010 #13
Nicki BluIs
just wanna test
3/5/2010 #14

sorry I feel kinda dumb but I don't know how to post stuff on forums do you just reply to post?

2/15/2011 #15
hey if anyone still answers this, but how do you do the little line that seperates what the aurthor says from the actual story I know how to do the bold and all but not the little lind that runs across, help please
4/8/2011 #16

Great. Looks like the less-than (≤, without the underscore), and greater-than (≥, again without the underscore) symbols are now verboten.

We used to be able to generate they with HTML metacharacters (& l t ;), but no longer.

1/1/2012 . Edited 1/1/2012 #17

Hey mini! Was talking about in my PM how it only says < / p > instead of < p > and < / p >

2/26/2012 #18

oh yay it worked, will Pm :3

2/26/2012 . Edited 2/26/2012 #19
?_? (puzzled face)

I didn't use <_/p_> in my first post, I used <_p/_>. Sorry to be so dense, but could you email me at taerkitty (at) gmail (dot) com with what I should change?


2/26/2012 #20
What's the html tag for creating dividers in a story?
3/7/2012 #21
->P/> So..like this for the paragraph breaks? I've always wondered why my sentence's were all bunched up together :/ So do we have to use code's if we post on a forum?
3/23/2012 #22

Yes, you need to use basic HTML if you don't want it to be one huge block of grey.

Why? We have some theories, none of them pretty

- They're trying to 'encourage' us to move to FanFiction.net

- This is the 'beta' site for them to break before implementing the changes on FF.

Whatever the reason, FF gets much more admin.love than FP, so why not use it?

3/23/2012 . Edited 3/23/2012 #23
Ah I see...but if they want more people, to use Fanficiton...then why create FictionPress? *confused*
3/23/2012 #24

I suspect when the first created FF and FP, they had a clear idea in their mind what went where. Also, in some writing circles, fanfic is frowned upon as 'plagiarism' etc. Dunno. All I know is, we're the red-headed stepchild (and I don't like it...)

3/23/2012 #25
Fanfiction isn't 'plagerisim' in my opinion. Were just borrowing the character's is all. It's not like we are taking the whole show/manga/movie/anime whatever and claiming it as our own. Yeah it seems Fanfiction is more popular then original fiction doesn't it? *That's what you meant by red-headed stepchild right? I didn't understand it at first ^^;*
3/23/2012 #26

Red-headed stepchild I think means "the kid who is not in favour", but don't qoute me on it.

As for plagiarism or not, two factors play into that

- 'Derivative works' are considered by some to be intellectual property theft - we don't own the character, the original author does.

- 'Derivative works' are summarily rejected by publishers. This is important to 'serious' authors because they want to be published.

The fact that there are some who hold such views strongly means it's better to keep the two types of writing apart than let them mix. Those who like fanfic can join FF, those who like original stories can join FP, and those of us who enjoy both can join both.

3/23/2012 #27
Ah I see now. I joined both site's because honestly...I don't really have a favorite. I love writing fanfiction and original stories.
3/23/2012 #28

So sorry. I just wanted to make sure I understood these instructions right (since I have a tendency to misread things sometimes).

Bold Italicize Underline I still don't get how to do the link, however.

Thanks so much for this though! I'm relatively new and Fictionpress is so confusing... Gosh, why is this website so hard to use?

Signing off...

3/25/2012 #29
Ligeia Resurrected

I just wanna test myself.




10/4/2012 #30
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