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Okay, I have just realized I'm being a dunce. We all know that FP is brokkers while FF (FanFiction.net) is going strong, and they're both running on the same hardware and software. So, the easiest way to handle our forum posting problems is ... to use FF.net to compose our posts.

1. Go to https://login.fanfiction.net/registration.php and sign up for an account.

2. In your profile, create a forum. Go to this page https://login.fanfiction.net/forum/forums_tab_forums.php and fill out the 'Create New Forum' stuff. I'd recommend changing "Topics: All All (Registered Users) to Create Forum Topics" to the more restrictive "Topics: Only All (Moderators) to Create Forum Topics". Put some garbage in Title: and Summary:, the clic on Create New forum.

3. Go to that new forum and click on 'New Topic'.

4. In the resulting (functional, fully-featured) compose window, write, format and edit to your heart's content.

5. Click on Preview.

6. Now look at your borked FP.com forum post window (assuming it shows up at all.) If it has the word 'styles' in the upper-left corner of the window, copy and paste the contents of the FF preview pane, all nice and pretty, into the FP compose window.

If it has nothing in the compose window, click on the "HTML" button that's the rightmost of the menu bar that's directly atop the FF compose window.

This will bring up a separate window of HTML. Copy and paste that into the blank FP compose window.


Likewise, to edit an existing post,

1. Create a new post on FF.net, either a new topic or a reply to the existing one.

2.Click on the HTML button directly above the compose window. A new empty window should appear.

3. Open the post you wish to edit on FP.com, the broken one. It's all in HTML.

4. Copy and past the HTML into the FF.net HTML window, then press 'Update'.

5. Make edits, then upload back to FP.com as per above.

1/31/2012 #1

The same applies for the Document Manager. In FP, we can't edit our documents worth a (bleep), but it's working fine over in FF land.

0. This assumes you've already created an FF.net account. If not, see above.

1. Create a text document. Or Word, or HTM, or OpenOffice, or whatever the Doc Manager (Upload) over on FF.net says it will accept. The content is irrelevant - we just need a throwaway doc in our Doc Manager (Upload) screen.

2. On FP.com, open the doc you wish to edit. Lament at the alphabet soup of HTML code.

3. Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C to copy all of it to your clipboard. Mac users, you know to substitute the Ctrl with Command, right?

4. On FF.net, open the throwaway doc. Delete everything in it. Marvel at how clean it is. Click on 'HTML'.

5. Just like above, a new window will open. Ctrl-V to paste your clipboard into the HTML scree.

6. Click on 'Update', and it should, in all its former FP glory, be in the View/Edit Document window over on FF.net.

7. Edit to your heart's content.

8. Reverse the process. Still on FF.net, click on HTML, select all, copy to clipboard.

9. Back to FP.com, click on the document you wish FP was unborked enough to allow you to edit, if it's not already open. If it's all HTML gobbledygook, delete everything in the FP.com window.

10. Copy the contents of your clipboard ono that doc and save it.


1/31/2012 #2
This is amazing, you've saved my life. Thank you!
3/10/2012 #3
Thank you for this because now I can stop crying. I haven't been in my FF.net account for awhile so I couldn't have thought about this and I assumed FF.net has the same problem. Then again there are more people in FanFiction.net than FictionPress so they get more attention. Also other forums are discussing the same thing so can I put this information on them and I will promise to mention you.
3/18/2012 . Edited 3/18/2012 #4

Please feel free to forward these steps to anyone interested. Credit is welcomed, but not required - the important thing here is get the information out there. Thanks for doing that!

3/18/2012 #5
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