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This is a playground where chaos takes place. There are few rules, and those few are slack. From serious, to hilarious, to jumping across the board! You can enter freeplay, or follow an RP with a storyline. You can make a storyline in freeplay, even!
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For all us serious Roleplayers, I'm sure we all want to know what is going on in the forums that we roleplay in. Sometimes, maintenance will be run, and though this is never actually closed, you might see things appearing, disappearing, or changing. Also, every now and then, the stats of the forum will be posted.

10/15/2010 #1

We are now # 29 on the list!

10/18/2010 #2

#25!!!!! And congrats KJ, your forum is #7!!!

10/21/2010 #3

Now we are number 19!!! Our next goal, I say, should be becoming #15 on the list.

11/7/2010 #4

Number #16!!! We're one away from our next goal!

11/14/2010 #5

We are now in the top 15!!! Let's aim for the top ten!

11/23/2010 #6

You know you can technically double post anyway? Anyway, this is announcments, let's try not to spam it :)

Also... We are now #14 on the list! Yay! One more closer to our goal of being in the top ten! (my goal, anyway ;)

12/9/2010 #7

So, now that I actually have some mods (only one right now, but the two of you will figure it out eventually...) then I can probably make the topic button open to anyone. That way, spam topics can be deleted and I don't have to take care of ALL of it. Remember, being mods, you have responsibility too ;)

12/11/2010 #8

The mod volinteering conversation is over, the messages will be deleted so that only actual announcements show.

12/11/2010 #9

Anyone who comes to the Playground is welcome to go to this website to chat!

12/11/2010 #10
We are 13th on the Fantasy forum list.

Keep on posting, and we'll be there in the top ten in no time at all. We'll just have to go from 3,692 posts (adding my own post here) to 6,377. Probably more by the time we reach that, number nine, which we gotta pass, is still active. But who cares.

Considering that this forum hasn't been in existance for all that long, and we also recently got some new members... And also counting the fact that 6 of the top 10 haven't had a post since mid-november, I'd say we're doing excellent.

I hope there's no problem with this new moderator picking up some of the duties ;P

12/14/2010 #11

^none at all ;)

I'd like to add to that... we are aiming for the top ten, right? Are we gonna be one of those forums that gets big, then just stops altogether?! NO! We must keep this alive for as long as we possibly can. As people go out, people will come in :)

And never worry about your dear admin- I'm too devoted to leave you all stranded ;)

HOWEVER. If I die, then I appoint my mods to continue on in my memory! Not that I plan on dying anytime soon so... yeah. :P

12/15/2010 #12
We are number 12.

Congratulations. Two to overtake before goal is reached.

Also: WOOO! YEAHHHHH! Top dozen! Wewt!

12/29/2010 #13

We are number 11

Only one to go until we're in the top ten! Win of the epikness! FTW!!! Hooray, hurrah!

Only one more to overtake... MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

1/1/2011 #14
I have the privilage of informing you all that WE ARE NUMBER 10!

Goal achieved. Dare we reach higher?

We sure ain't gonna stop posting!

*Knock on wood*

1/2/2011 #15


1/2/2011 #16

Number 9 in 1550 posts, we are aiming high!

Gonna take a while to go up numbers now.......

1/2/2011 #17

We have gone back to being number ten. Keep up the posting, people!

1/3/2011 #18

We need a.....private room for me so i can post random remarks.......i have lots of remarks, and i'm very consistant!

1/3/2011 #19

Well... that's kinda what random is for. Er... A topic labeled flurdyburginderg :P

1/3/2011 #20

Yes, but if you want a list of random remarks that you can't find anything in, be MY GUEST! MUAHAHAHA

1/3/2011 #21

... I have nothing more to say...

1/3/2011 #22

Me either......but we should be closer to our goal.....

1/3/2011 #23

I would like everyone to state what time it is their time, and how different it is from FP time, so we can synchronize.

It is 9:00 my time, and it is three hours after FP time

1/4/2011 . Edited by GangstaG169, 1/4/2011 #24

I am the same: 9:08, 3 hours after.

1/4/2011 . Edited 1/4/2011 #25

2AM in the morning for me, 5 hours after.

1/4/2011 . Edited 1/4/2011 #26
Didn't notice this.

I'm living in FP time, I believe. It's 3:27 when I post this.

And 3:30 when I edited. Wait... *finger hovers over edit post button....*

1/7/2011 . Edited 1/7/2011 #27

OMG!!! Your living in FP WORLD!

What's it like there?

Are there rainbows?

What's the food taste like?


1/7/2011 #28

I have an announcement. -_-

Please stop spamming the announcements topic. It is strictly for relevant stuff! Not random comments! This is an informational topic for the forum, not a chat. So please, only post something I specifically ask for or make sure it's something relevant and important. Thank you.

1/7/2011 #29
We are number nine.

That relevant or important? :P XD Nomba nine! Hoo yeah!

We're in a golden stretch right now, everything from number eight to number six only has like five hundred more posts than us, number eight having only two hundred more.

And remember, half of them are near-dead.

You know, the number six is a dark number. The number of the beast, the number of Friday, the number of great civilizations in the world influenced or struck down by Christiandom, and the number of active RPs on this forum.

The Playground of Chaos is destined to rest at that place, six. Tee-hee.

1/23/2011 #30
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