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Start the RP here! Enough said.

2/15/2010 #1

(WOW that's a long paper, my schools so boring were studying fault lines and I fell asleep and slipped out of my chair. Then my teacher yelled at me and I got detention for two day!!!!!!! (lol its probably because I've done it more then once, but it's not my fault his voice is so calming )

(Today I also accidentally said my dad had grandma lips in front of him because I swear he said he did last week,but apparently he didn't and now he's mad at me. today is just not my day. Oh and I read the rules MURDER O'NOES.))

Andres walked casually through the hall of the school trying to find out where his first hour was.

Crap, where am I going? He thought passing by the gym fast trying not to run into his brother James.

(sorry it's so short)

2/15/2010 #2

(wow. Once I called my friend Grandma by accident. Were learning about atoms (obviously), the judicial branch, polynomials, and Romeo and Juliet. Fun....)

Micheal ran through the halls of the school trying to find his first hour class. It was the first day of semester and he really didn't want to be late. crap, crap, crap! He didn't pay attention to where he was going and tripped, running into some one. "Ouch! I'm so sorry! Are you okay?" He asked.

2/15/2010 #3

( (cough cough) Well, school sucks but, ya got to do it right? After I'm out I think I'll be a chef. Like friggin' Bobby Flay XD.)

Andres body got tackled to the ground"Git off me James!!!!" He screamed in a deafening voice. But, looking up he sew a much more pleasant face then his brothers." Oh, hey how you doing?" he said oblivious to the fact that he was entangled in a male sandwich.

2/15/2010 #4

(Oh i was thinking we could make James and Mable meet)

James slowly walked inside the convenient store grabbing a coke and a bag of chips. Then he yawned slipping a pack of gum into his pants, shifting his eyes to see if anyone had seen him a triumphant smirk lacked onto his face.

2/15/2010 #5

(Cool. I love cooking. But I think I'm either going to be a literature teacher or a librarian. I love books more. Ow. My throat is so sore... All because of bastard Johnny... )

Micheal stood quickly, kind of flushed. "I'm sorry! I'm such a klutz..." He went about gathering his books that had scattered in the fall. "Again, I'm really sorry!" He went to pick up his last notebook, which had fallen near Andres.

(To the convenience store!)

"Put it back." Mabl said to James, casually flipping through a magazine.

2/16/2010 #6

(WOW that's cool. you must be a smart person!!! Today I didn't go to school my stomach hurt, its ok now. Why's your throat sore???? I was thinking do Andres and Micheal know each other?)

Andres not thinking leaned down to pick up the book at the same time, accidentally touching the other boys hand. Then looking up he noticed how close the younger boys face was to his.

(at the convenience store)

James smirk left his face only long enough for him to think of something sarcastic then it reappeared bigger then it was before.

"Why don't you reach down and take it" Then he laughed and started his way to the door.

(I swear I'll make my post bigger soon!!! XD)

2/16/2010 #7

(I'm just the slacker that gets straight A's and B's. So I guess I am smart... My stomach hurt this morning, too, but it stopped after second hour. This one upperclassman at school keeps touching me and bugging me. Today on the bus he stopped at my seat when he was getting off and hit me on the head for around half a minute. It hurt! It didn't help that I was listening to a head set. So I went home, sat in my closest and screamed. So now my throat hurts. And I'm out of cough drops...)

(I don't think so, considering Micheal is a freshman and new to the school and Andres is a senior. Oh, and speaking of Andres, I drew his head on my civic notes... I drew James but I totally butched him.)

Micheal blushed at how close he was to Andres. He quickly grabbed the notebook and broke their contact. "Sorry! See you later!" Micheal said, running off, keeping his head bowed to hide his blush.


"Fine." Mabl said, reaching in his pocket and pulling out the pack of gum before putting back in it's place on the rack.

(Don't worry about it. Mine aren't much bigger. XP)

2/16/2010 #8

(LOL me to, I get A'S and B'S. That guys a jerk,you should of slapped his nose off.( It's ok I think of this things but never do them) It's like I'm awesome and funny around my buds but in front of new people I'm all quiet and stand-offish. The only reason I can stand school is because of my home-dog Tegan. She has the same awesomely funny but weird personality I do.)

(That's so freakin' cool that you drew them because I did to today cuz i was like really bored. Sadly I can only draw James side way so you're not alone.Are you good at drawing?)

Andres was stuck in that same position with his mouth hanging open

"what are you doing Andres"snickered a voice behind him.

Andres flushed twisting around" Oh hey Dillon I was just thinking."

"Whatever, come on your in my first hour and after that we have gym"

"Ok, um.... is there a new kid or something, you know blond hair.....really cute?"

Dillon gave Andres a weird look"Oh ya, there's a new girl I think"

That just made Andres flush even harder then he stopped talking about it.


James eyes grow big and he was speechless. No one had ever challenged his authority before.

"what the...who the....h*ll do you think I am?" He sneered putting his full attention on the Mable.

(I didn't know if we could cuss)

2/16/2010 . Edited 2/16/2010 #9

(I'm pretty good but not as good as my bestie Hannah. I can upload a few later and send you the link.)

(I drew Andres from profile view (sideways) and same with James but I couldn't get the hair right so I scrapped it.)

(Next time he touches me I'm gonna slap him so hard that is great grand children will feel it.)

Micheal left first hour math with a sigh. Math had never been his strong point. He quickly shoved his books in his locker, grabbed his gym clothes and headed to the gym for his second hour class.

He was one of the first ten to arrive for class so he stood against the gym wall and waited fort the other students and coach to arrive. After he had stood there for a minute or so, he glanced at the door and saw Andres walk in talking to someone who was probably his friend. He quickly looked at the floor and prayed to god that Andres wouldn't notice him, but then again, god never seemed to do as he asked.


"Well, I think your a cocky teenager who thinks he can do what he wants, but is terribly mistaken. Or some shit like that" Mabl said returning to the magazine.

(Go ahead and cuss, I don't care.)

2/16/2010 #10

(that would be really cool if you could upload some of the pics and I hope you slap-the-crap out of that kid!!!!)

Andres loved his next hour it was a period were he didn't have to think.

"And I was like bitch say whaaaat!!!!!!!!! Right, Andres?......damn it aren't you listening to me?" Dillon said smacking Andres behind his head.

Andres flinched"Why did you do that?" Then his eyes brightened up."Hey, there's that kid!"

Running over to the kid he smiled and said"Hey, I never got a change to say sorry for running in to ya, by the way my names Andres.


James normal smirking face appeared as he leaned against a shelf"So now that you know me, shouldn't I know you?

2/16/2010 . Edited 2/16/2010 #11

(Alright! I'll get it done tomorrow after school, I don't really feel like it right now. When he messes with me tomorrow I'm going to confuse him by yelling at him in Japanese. ^_^)

Damnit! He saw me! Micheal thought laughing nervously. "I'm Micheal. But it was more like I trip and ran into you..." He trailed off. "I'm kinda sorta really clumsy." Micheal smiled nervously.

(Back to the store! Wee!!!!!!!!! I think I'm hyper on grapes... *is a semi health nut*)

Mabl put the magazine back on the shelf after deciding it wasn't worth buying. "No." she stated simply. She grabbed a small packaged cake and checked the price. "Hmmm. Micheal likes these, maybe I'll get him one..." she muttered and started towards the cashier.

(Oh, I meant to tell you earlier, but her name is spelled without the 'e' on purpose.)

2/16/2010 #12

(HAHA, I love confusing people, after that steal his wallet!!!!!lol jk XD)

Andres was about to continue but the couch started talking" Alright today we will be running laps around the school so, you don't slack off choose a partner!!!"

Andres looked back at Dillon who gave him a dirty look for being ignored"Well guess he's not going to be my partner, damn snob."


"You know" James yelled" you're the only women who's said no to me to so many things. You're more of a tight ass then Andres."

Not waiting for an answer he waltzed out the store snicking a look at Mabl on his way out"Bye tight-ass lady"

2/16/2010 . Edited 2/16/2010 #13

(Lol. I could steal his wallet, but I not only would be in trouble for 'disturbing the peace' (what peace is there in high school) but also thievery. But if he doesn't know I took it... XD. nah, kidding.)

"Well, I don't know anyone here besides you, so I'll be your partner if you don't mind." Micheal offered.


"I heard that, ya little bastard!" Mabl hollered after him, chucking her shoe at his head. "Learn to respect your elders!" She turned back to the cashier, muttering "Damn teenagers, so frickin' cocky"

2/16/2010 #14

(lol Kitty only if he doesn't see!!!!!)

Andres smile broadened" Cool,will be running buddies" Then he started to shift out of his shirt, Had forgotten to change earlier" play any sports?"


James chuckled walking out side the store.

"Hey kid you better be with a parent because if i think correct it's school hours."

James eyes shifted to two cops sitting on there car"crap" he hissed"My parent's inside"

Running inside he found the girl he was talking to and in a desperate voice said"I need a favor?"

2/16/2010 #15

(Yeah. XD. You'll have to wait a bit longer for the drawings. My scanner won't work...)

(Grgh. My cat seems very content to stand on the keyboard while I type.)

Micheal shook his head. "Nah, too clumsy for most sports. I wouldn't mind playing tennis, though, but freshman aren't allowed to be on the team." He sighed. "Personally, I think that it's a stupid rule, but I'm sure they have their reasons. Do you play any sports?"


"What, get caught by the cops?" Mabl guessed, glancing at the cruiser outside. "What's in it for me?" she asked after a moments thought.

(There actually are some schools that won't let certain grades play certain sports.)

2/17/2010 #16

(LOL I can't wait to see the pictures. Cool, you have a cat I want one but my mom said they stink. Well, I had one when I lived in South Carolina His name was Oreo, we gave him to a farm when we were about to move and he walked 20 miles back to my house. I was like we have to keep him, he has a frinkin' battle scar above his eye from his trip. But they took him back to the farm anyway, man that cat was awesome. :( )

Andres smiled "well, I compete for the wrestling team that's about all. I wanted to join football but, James is there and his a jerk. I wonder were he is I think he's suppose to be in this

Then andres began to stretch"So, do you know anyone yet because if not I can be your guide around the school?"


I don't care what ever you want. I just can't be arrested again.........not that I've be arrested but I really can't just help me please? he pleated all most getting on his hands and knees.

Then the two cops shuffled inside"were the hell did that kid go?"

(Sorry it would be longer but I got ta go :] )

2/17/2010 #17
(I'm sooooo sorry I haven't posted on few days! School's been burying my in homework, fictionpress had an error and I couldn't post, then I was sick! (for about the seriously twentieth time this school year.))

"Well, if you want to play football, you shouldn't let one person keep you from playing. Besides, if you were on the team, you could keep him in check and maybe prove you're better than he is. Plus, if you were on the team, I might even come to the games." Micheal gave Andres a reassuring smile. "And, no, I don't know anyone here except you... I think I'll take you up on your offer. By the way, what grade are you in?"


"Fine, just follow my lead." Mabl rolled her eyes. She grabbed her shopping bag and approached the cops. "Good morning." She said putting on an all to happy smile. "Good morning, ma'am." They said. Then they gestured towards James. "Are you this boy's guardian?" "Yes I am! I'm sorry if he caused you officers any trouble. He really doesn't know what he's doing. Ever since our parents died, his mind has been deteriorating." Mabl started to fake cry, but the cops bought it. "Plus he's had mental issues since he was born. I'm sorry I don't mean to cry." she hiccuped. The two looked uncomfortable. "Uh... Well, uh, sorry to cause you any trouble." one said before the two bolted out the door. Once they were gone, Mabl stopped her act and snorted. "Typical. When a woman starts crying, men make an excuse and take off." She turned to James. "There I saved your ass." she head out the door.

(Ok, well, I gotta go to school now, but I should have those pictures up for you this afternoon.)

2/23/2010 . Edited 3/3/2010 #18
Here's the site were you can view what I've drawn:
2/23/2010 #19
(YAY!!!!!!!!!!! I was wondering about you. I sa the picture you drew it sooo frickin' awesome. ^_^) (Ok so today at school one of our power lines caught on fire and knocked out all our electricity, and we had to empty the school. So we all had to go on the football field while my school was beginning to burn. But, at the time I didn't know this and walked around asking people what was going on. One kid said the school was on fire,another said it was a drill, and the third guy said it was a BOMB THREAT!!!! So I was freaking out when a news helicopter began to circling our school. So, maybe my school will be on the local news!!!!!!)

Andres smiled" Well you say that because you don't know James, he puts the ass in asshole, he puts the dick in dictator. " Then Andres laughed hes never had a friend that wouldn't run off in tell James every time he insulted him."Oh, and I'm a Senior what about you? (can't remember if I wanted him a senior or not)


Wait he yelled running in front of Mabl and giving her a sincere crooked smile"Well, don't I owe you something for that lady." Coughing he exclaimed" Maybe I could keep you company while you drive me to school.

2/23/2010 . Edited by I'm.Running.Out.Of.Ideas, 3/3/2010 #20
(I know! It's so annoying! lol, maybe it will. Last week the circuit that half of my school was on kept going out so for three days we had to go with out light. I had a freakout today... I was absent yesterday and we apparently started another science project today that was due at the end of the hour. The sub made me turn it in even though I was gone. Since I have lunch in the middle of that hour I was rushing during lunch to finish it. I then find out I colored the wrong squares the wrong colors so I had to start over, but I still got it done.)

"Freshman. Or as I've heard most upperclassmen say, fresh meat." Micheal replied, rolling his eyes. "Wait, they aren't gonna try to eat me are they? But I probably wouldn't make a very good meal. I'm too skinny, I'd be better as a tooth pick..." At that moment the coach stopped stretches and led the class to the track/football field. "But anyway, again, if you really want to play football, don't let this James guy get in your way, no matter how much of an ass he may be."

(*drum roll* TO the store!!!!!!)

Mabl laughed. "You think I have a car. That's funny. Most I can do is get you a taxi. But there is something you can do for me." She said rummaging through her purse, pulling out a set of keys and piece of paper. She scribbled a quick note on the paper. "You go to Smithton High right? Give this to my brother there. His name is Micheal Strand. He's short, blonde and skinny. Shouldn't be too hard to miss if you don't account for the height." She flagged a taxi. "and if he doesn't get that paper and that key I'll track you down and skin you alive." She shoved him in, payed his fare and the taxi drove off.

2/23/2010 . Edited 3/3/2010 #21
(Woo, that sucks about the school project thing. I hate subs, there's only been one sub I've liked and he was blind and had the most beautiful hair. lol)

Andres was happy walking down to the field with his new friend until he spotted a hefty male with blond hair walking his way. a grin spread across James face in seeing his brother" Well, howdy" he mused grabbing Andres into a head lock. But, before continuing his eyes fell on Micheal. "hum-you wouldn't happen to be Micheal would you?"Before continuing he put on a big wolf like grin "Because if you are, I got a present for ya.

2/23/2010 . Edited by I'm.Running.Out.Of.Ideas, 3/3/2010 #22
(My favorite sub was my ex's mom. She was awesome. I loved her. but they moved to Oklahoma a couple of months ago. I think you mentioned the other forum that you lived in Oklahoma. I believe you were wondering about time zone differences, but if I'm correct we have the same zone. I live in Missouri. To me it sounds an awful lot like misery...)

Micheal gulped. He didn't like that look. "Uh, p-present?" Wow, he looks like the type of guy who does eat freshman... "W-what, uh, i-is the p-resent e-exactly." Micheal stammered.

(Ya know what I hate? Stuttering. I stutter, a lot. I even stutter in my mind, My mind! According to my aunts and mom my dad stuttered, too. I seem to get a lot from him. I look like him, I talk like him, I'm short like him. Only difference is, I'm female. All I get from my mother is a love of books, and my grandma's hair.)

2/23/2010 . Edited 3/3/2010 #23
(OMG I used to live in Missouri,On the Air Force Base White Men. LOL are you stalking me or am I stalking you jk!!!!! It does sound like misery and Oklahoma is just ok. At least that's what we say we say in Oklahoma!)

James smile grew bigger walking closer to his prey, Andres still at his side muttering curse words and punching James in the back. James licked his lips, shoving his hand in his left pocket." I really think you'll like it. I got it from someone that you know." James laughed, he really did love messy with freshmen,especially ones that were his brothers friends.

(I don't stutter I yammer on and on. My friends say most the time they don't understand me because I talk low and yammer. Sometimes my buddy will look at me and be like what are you taken about And I'll say"crap, I don't know!! ^_^)

2/23/2010 . Edited by I'm.Running.Out.Of.Ideas, 3/3/2010 #24
(Are part of the ISA? (International Stalking Agency; or was it Association?) or unregistered? Lol. In Missouri we say stupid 'Show me' puns and banter. Like "This is the Show Me state right? So show me the *insert whatever you were trying to find/see, but were disappointed to find was not there*)

"Uh, well, if I'm correct in assuming it's from my sister it's probably important, s-so if I could h-have it, please?" Micheal held his hand out tentatively and nervously looked up at the huge predatory senior.

(I can yammer on and on, but I always trip over S's and sometimes L's or R's or W's. When I get freaked or stressed out, and my friends find it hilarious, I start to talk really fast and really high pitched.)

2/23/2010 . Edited 3/3/2010 #25
(How did you know I was a member!!!!Well I had fun in Missouri besides the lack of a good winter storm every once in a while.)

James made an annoyed face having the freshmen ruin his fun by knowing what was in his pocket. But smirking he got an idea and threw Andres to the ground. Looking off toward the field he started walking backward" If you want it so bad why don't ya come and get it. Then with a burst of speed he body flew down the hill where all the other students were at. Andres set up a look of embarrassment"Well look like you met James, I think he likes you"Then Andres smirked standing up" I'll go get your stuff, James runs fast but I run faster!!!

2/23/2010 . Edited by I'm.Running.Out.Of.Ideas, 3/3/2010 #26
(Do you work office or field? They had me working field, but I'm too clumsy so they put me in office. But I think it's worse... I accidentally stapled Bob to his cubicle... Rofl XD. Oh we've had some good storms the past couple of years. But this year it was just a lot of slick snow.)

"But it's my stuff, you shouldn't have to go get for me!" Micheal protested. "And what gave you the impression he likes me!? He took my only way into my apartment until two in morning!" Micheal ran after the two, easily keeping up with Andres.

(Back at the track)

The P.E. coach watched with tears in his eyes as Micheal, Andres, and James ran around for reasons unknown to him. "It's does my heart good to see three young men take such and interest in running." He sniffled. "Tommy, I need a tissue." "Yes, sir." A bored looking junior hand him a tissue.

(I thought it would be funny to add that last bit)

2/23/2010 . Edited 3/3/2010 #27
(I love the word cubicle for some weird reason. So, ya I work office, it's because I'm new. Oh Bob's cool.)

Andres was surprised by seeing how fast Micheal was. But, then a smirk appeared on his face maybe if they tried both of them could take down James. Andres started to speed up. seeing if the freshmen could keep up

(OMG that last part was so funny when I read it I laughed so hard my dog though I was crazy)

2/24/2010 . Edited by I'm.Running.Out.Of.Ideas, 3/3/2010 #28
(Bob's afraid of me now... I didn't mean to staple him! I'm just really clumsy... Oh man, I'm sick again. Blehg. I feel like crap.)

Micheal increased his to keep up with Andres, he found it a bit harder but not too bad. Finally the two were gaining on James. "Have any ideas on stopping him?" Micheal asked, glancing at Andres.

(I'm glad you find me funny. =))

2/24/2010 . Edited 3/3/2010 #29
(Ya, I always wanted to work the field like James bond ^_^)

"I don't know" Andres said huffing" The only way to take down a buffalo is with a gun or with a detraction!!!" Andres held his hands up to his mouth screaming" James I can see your thong!!!" James eyes went big turning around to look, this gave Andres a advantage leaping up like a tiger he tackled his brother knocking the air out his lungs. James looked up defiantly" Your an ass I don't wear a thong!!!

2/24/2010 . Edited by I'm.Running.Out.Of.Ideas, 3/3/2010 #30
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