Boarding School for the Exceptionally Gifted RP
You arrive at a special school. A boarding school for people like you. Everyone here isn't exactly what we would call "normal". I guess you could call them supernatural.
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Princess Zathura

This is where we'll post our roles, let's get as much detail as possible, okay?

Here's mine:

Name: Goldwin, Autumn

Age: 13

Hair: brunette. Touches her shoulders in a ponytail.

Eye Color: Bright green

Powers: Controls air and matter. She can choose what she wants to touch and what form it takes.

Personality: Very hyper, very energetic. She literally bounces off of walls.

Talent: Has a lot of energy for physical activity.

Skills: Speed. Everything she does has to be fast.

Name: Reign, Aster

Age: Unspecified

Hair: Platinum

Eye Color: Red

Powers: Unspecified

Personality: Mystery

Talent: Unspecified

Skills: Unspecified

-The headmaster of the school. Heir to an ancient race of vampires. His speech is in bold.

2/17/2010 . Edited 3/27/2010 #1

name: Ty

age: 15

hair: dirty blonde

eyes: gray-blue

skills: works well with his hands

powers: can change the will of inanimate objects with hs mind (aka can move inanimate objects and some plants with his mind)

talents: reads like super fast

personality: very....... complicated

other: likes high places...

2/17/2010 . Edited 3/23/2010 #2

Name: Locke, Kylie

Age: 14

Hair: Chestnut brown with a jet black layer underneath.

Eye Color: A very dark violet, almost black.

Powers: (( I'm not so sure, yet. @_@ ))

Personality: Slightly isolated and to herself. But coming to the school, she craves to gain friends and happiness that she hardly seems to find.

Talent: She's very artsy, so she likes to paint mostly darker pieces.

Skills: She tends to see things from a whole different perception. This helps her art flow with creativity. She also has a thing for abstract photography.

Name: Cardell, Logan

Age: 16

Hair: Blonde.

Eye Color: Bright, light blue eyes.

Powers: Can control ice and such.

Personality: Definitely isn't shy. Can be smug and take himself too seriously. Big confidence, no doubt. He thinks it pretty useless to go to this school. So that he isn't happy about.

Talent: Since he's pretty athletic, he finds non-team sports like track and surfing or skateboarding to be relaxing in it's own way. And finds himself to be damn good at it.

Skills: He rather fist-fight than use his powers when it comes down to it.

3/23/2010 . Edited 3/28/2010 #3

Well, snap~ I didn't know I had an account here. xD Time to join you, Za-chan~

Name: Mitsuki, Takuya

Age: 15

Hair: Messy black hair, just touches his shoulders.

Eye Color: Onyx; big, like a child's.

Powers: Half-demon, can control fire.

Talent: Despite his cute exterior, he's smart and a good strategist. He's always thinking ahead in a fight, preferring to outlast his opponent.

Skills: He uses his demon skills only as a last resort, making him quick on his feet.

Personality: Quiet to people he doesn't know, but once he opens up he sometimes acts like a little kid. The people he lets in are the ones he'd protect with his life.

Brief History: Abused by his father as a child, he shut out the world in both anger and fright. Even after he ran away, his cute face and small body always causes him trouble. He wears baggy clothes and covers his face as much as he can, despite hating having to wear them. He likes cute things, but is afraid of giving into that side. He owns a lot of lolita clothing and accessories, but only wears them in private.


Name: Yamamoto, Keitaro

Age: 15

Hair: Medium brown, goes an inch past his ear

Eye Color: Brown

Powers: Lightning

Talent: He's smart and doesn't anger easy.

Skills: Can create storms depending on what mood he's in.

Personality: He'd rather observe others then get involved, unless it directly involves him or pipes his interest. This is his second year at the boarding school, but he lived in America with his mother several years before.

3/26/2010 . Edited 4/20/2010 #4
Jade Lin Zheng

Can I join this Rp?

6/3/2010 #5

Sure! I don't see why not~

6/3/2010 #6
Princess Zathura

The more the merrier (seriously, we only have a grand total of four people two of which are never here).

6/5/2010 . Edited 6/5/2010 #7
Jade Lin Zheng

Alright then, I'll make my character.

6/5/2010 #8
Jade Lin Zheng

Name: Reilly Teresia Haraldr

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Appearance: Shoulder-length layered black hair with purple and white streaks. Her shorter layers spike out randomly, and halfway covered her multi-pierced ears. Her face is elegant and ends in a softly pointed chin and prominent cheekbones. She has a tongue ring, and a nose piercing, but that's all. She has only two tats, one of her brother's initials with a weasel and the other of japanese kanji for 'Courage'. Here's her face and here's her body

Clothing: She normally wears a paint-splatter design tee with sleeves that stopped at the shoulders and elbow-length gloves with no fingers, and metal covering over her knuckles and the back of her hand. Covering her legs are slightly baggy cargo jeans held up by two studded belts and ending over black and teal combat boots.

Personality: Crude and blunt, and despite her looks she's highly intelligent. She loves music, and has great memory. She's not very social, and isn't sure how to interact with other people, but she is great with a computer. And she prides loyalty above all else.

Power: Beast Take-Over- She can temporarily change any part of her body to that of any beast of her imagination. Magic Card- The ability to predict parts of the future, learn the past, or understand the present through the use of cards.

Talent: Skilled with anything that requires memorization.

6/5/2010 #9

Feel free to start posting anywhere you want! :D

6/6/2010 #10


Her simplified name is: Violet Titania-Sinclair

Her royal title is: Aine Tertia Rhyannon Eolande Nata Titania, Ambrosine, of the Seelie Court (Roughly translated Third born f*** queen, the pure maiden, Violet, who loves to dance, the immortal. Titania is a name passed down the Seelie royal line. Faeries names are very complicated.)


Half Human Half F***.




5' Pale skin that tans quickly, but she wears SPF 50 to prevent this. The dress she is wearing is 60s vintage: black lace with a thin slip that was open so that on her back, only the lace covered her. The sleeves were to her elbows and the neckline was oval shaped, revealing her collarboned. Wears only her a gold ring that she has had since birth (enchanted to always fit her) and her Grandmother's gold locket.


Large Almondish Gold with violet specks


Long black hair that falls in waves to lower back. Shines violet

Defining Feature:

Frequently gets intricate Henna tattoos on her back. Currently she has a cherry blossom tree and "strange" written in Chinese. Has an enchanted tattoo saying "fate" above her right hip bone.

Wings, when she wants them. Because she is of the royal line, she can make her wings appear and disappear at will. Wings are opalescent and very attractive as wings go.

Body type:



Smart, sarcastic, quick-witted, strong opinions, compassionate to a fault, sees the best in others, quirky, very sensitive emotionally because she is an empath. Tricky.


Half f***. Grandmother is the queen of the Seelie Court. Second in line for crown, even if she is half-human(fae royal lineage flow through the mother) Vegetarian. Very artistic. Obsessed with music. Dancer. Has the ability to lie because she is half human, though she is very honest. Her mother and father travel back and forth between realms.


Glamour, Empathy and emotional transference, Healing, trained in hand to hand combat and knife/sword fighting


Prolonged exposure to iron will weaken and make very sick and vulnerable, though can't kill her alone. Vampires are more attracted to her blood because it's half fae

6/7/2010 . Edited 6/7/2010 #11
Ink and tea-leaves

Heya, can I still join this?

7/15/2010 #12

I don't see why not~ We're in need of more people. :3

7/15/2010 #13
Ink and tea-leaves

Yey! XD

Name: Kerryn Orenda

Age: 15

Hair: Long, almost waist-length, plack, straight, usually in a braid or loose.

Eye Color: Purple!


Powers: Aura/mind sight/control; she can 'see' other people's auras or thoughts as a range of colours, and read them, and sometimes control them and so the person if she's really trying, although she can't retain control for much more than a few minutes or so. In adition, she can fight using this, as she can use what she calls shadow matter, aka malable thoughts and feelings to hurt people, or as defense. So, basically, she could make someone hurt just by her thoughts if she wanted to, but she found that out by accident, the hard way, and hates that about herself, so will never ever use it volentarily. The upside of this however is that she can talk directly into someone's mind.

Personality: Tough, will not back down, but very loyal and trustworthy. She makes friends easily, and is very energetic. Proud, but will laugh at her own mistakes and admit it and appologise whan she's in thw wrong.

Skills: Agile and fast; shes a very good runner, and also does martial arts and loves horse riding.

Other: Always wears a jade hummingbird on a silver chain around her neck, and leather ancle boots or none. (Hates broccoli ;-P)

7/15/2010 . Edited 7/15/2010 #14
Thomas Hartford

Name: Sebastian Antoche

Age: 15

Hair: Brown, usually a bit messy

Eye Color: Appears dark gray from afar, getting lighter the closer the you get, but is really a kaleidescope of colors, which can only be seen from very close.

Powers: Can summon a bow made of light at will, which can fire arrows of light. He can also scramble the thoughts of other people by staring into their eyes. He can't add new ones, but he can rearrange the thoughts already in the target's head, confusing them.

Personality: He is very intelligent, and loves to show it. Aside from that, he is anything but conceited and rarely brags about his accomplishments. He is an avid reader, and also an anime fan.

Talent: Archery

Notes: He occasionally writes poetry, though he won't share it with anyone. He is a Christian, and though he finds it hard to talk about his faith, he will speak up if those around him are doing something he knows is wrong. He often tells people "phobos ochi; fear not," when they are afraid.

7/24/2010 #15
Thomas Hartford

I propose the idea that we all post our characters' class schedules on here, and that we actually use the classrooms. Nobody seems to have done that yet.

I'll start it with my six classes:




Physical Education


Ancient Languages

7/25/2010 . Edited 7/25/2010 #16

Can i join too? 83?

Name: Zavien Len

Age: 19

Hair: Platinum blond cut in a rocker style

Eye Color: Electric blue

Powers: Animal Shapeshifter

Personality: Loud, rough and obnoxious. He deliberately drives people away and pretend not to care about anyone. He loves to fight.

Skills: Fighting, cooking, cleaning and other household skills.(a bit of a neat freak)

10/3/2010 . Edited 10/3/2010 #17
Princess Zathura

The more the merrier~!

10/8/2010 #18
Kuro TsukiH

(O_O) Interesting! May I join? (even though I don't really get anything, but I wanna try!) And ... the bio might be kinda confusing, but I couldn't resist as I saw the centence

(" This is where we'll post our roles, let's get as much detail as possible, okay? ") that began the topic -.-'

Name: Sayomi Kaylock

Age: 17 (( I'm thinking about making her 15, but I'm not sure. Give me your opinion? ^.^))

Specie: Dhampire

Blood (--%English/Corean, etc): 75 % Japanese, 25 % English

Rank (in family): 2nd in line to becoming the heir

--- Appearance

Lenght / Weight / Built: 173 cm ((sorry, I don't get inches etc)) / Unknown ((I SUCK AT WEIGHT!)) / She's got muscles, but her silhouette is still pretty slim.

Hair: Black, down to her hips with bangs down to her chin. She usually uses these bangs to cover her left eye, leaving her hair be. However, she does braid it into one long braid sometimes, as when she's training or studying late at night. But she never takes away the bangs.

Eyes: Her left eye's silver (not like 'grey' but like really silver) and has the pupil of a snake while her right eye's blue (something she got from her mother) and is completely normal. Her left eye was inherited from her father and has exceptional night-sight. However, this also makes her even more sensitive to light, as she gets an immense headache and gets blinded if her left eye meets sunlight (or any really bright light at all).

Skin: Pale, but not like 'vampire' pale, but the kind of pale you get when you haven't really had any contact with the sun for a couple of years. The fact that she's almost constantly lacking some blood also helps keeping the skin pale.

Unusual features (big nose, missing one toe etc): Her fingers are extremely long and bony.

Marks (tattoos, birthmarks, scars etc): She has countless small scars all over her arms and legs, but they're not really noticeable if you don't focus on them. There's a scar going right across her right palm, starting at her index-finger and then going down to the far left corner of the palm. She doesn't really have much more than that.

Special trinkets (necklace, ear-rings etc): She's ALWAYS wearing a bracelet made if three silver chains, one having been painted black, braided together. There's a small bell hanging from it disguised as the middle of a rose (so it looks like it's a silver rose hanging from it, but you can't see that the middle's a bell).

--- History

Sayomi was born as a love-child by her father, a pureblooded vampire (aka: he was born vampire) and her mother, a human. And so, she was kept secret from the family until the age of 12, when she had grown to understand and somewhat master her powers. It was then that she was introduced to her father's part of the bloodline, and was almost immediatly rejected by about half of the family. Not just because the was a dhampire, a cross between human and vampire, but becase of her wonderful ability to insult almost anyone she met.

However, as none of the females in the family were able to get anymore children (the Kaylock family was famous for it powers, but that power came along with around 98 % of infertility), they were forced to place Sayomi in the lists of possible heirs even though there was already one in line. But you can never be careful enough, right?

So, Sayomi got to live the rest of her life (from the age of 12 up, aka 5 years) in the mansion of the Kaylock family. She was there taught about her powers, the history of the vampires and lots and lots of more stuff. Including how to play the piano, latin and all that uneccesary stuff that nobles were to learn. However, she surprised everyone and exelled in the subject 'martial arts'. So, it was arranged for her to have tougher classes and she learned more and more, until she was kicking trees to rid herself of her boredom. The family later determined that it was time for her to see the rest of the world once again, and sent her to the school.

It was under the 5 years she lived in the mansion that Sayomi's mother died, her father was already married to someone else and she learned that she had a half-brother (who is the 1st one in line to become the hair of the family).

Example of Sayomi's 'insulting' ((I'm usually writing posts like these, by the way)):

Sayomi was having her first meeting with the vampire part of her family, and was (secretly) VERY exited. However, her exitment was drenched the moment she entered the enormous dining hall. Why? Because she was told that vampires were beautiful creatures. NOT ladies that looked like toads in enormous ballgowns that didn't even match them.

" You look like a toad. " And so, half of the family (all the wimen, that is) started hating Sayomi. Simple as that

--- Other

Personality: Sayomi's usually kind of quiet, but she talks when it is needed. Her behavior tends to be described as 'calm' and 'collected'. She find it hard to really trust anyone, and therefore looses many friends (if they can be called that). However, when she gets to know you, she'll open up. She's got a tendency to be quite possesive sometimes, and it doesn't matter if it's an object or a human. It's all hers.

She's also got a less calm and collected side, which is the one when she's really angry. She then becomes a completely different woman, yelling and cursing at anyone in her way. She also tends to destroy lots of things when she's angry. And it is also then that her sadistic side comes forth. And, I promise, it is sadistic.

Powers: She's able to use shadows through making them into solid objects, forming them into whatever she wants them to be. However, the power dissapears the moment she falls asleep, or goes unconcious from the energy the powers draw from her body, and is therefore useless if used in the long run as this power takes lots of power and determination in order to be able to keep the shadows under control. However, she is able to 'carry' things with her using shadows, which is something she doesn't really need any energy to do. She does this through simply letting a shadow absorb something, and is later able to summon it out again. These things cannot be bigger than her own shadow.

She's also got 'familiars', animals and creatures which are willing to obey her as long as she's constantly feeding them. And in this case, it's blood that they want. This is also a reason for which she's almost constantly lacking some blood. However, she is also able to feed them with someone else's blood. And they don't need much, so she's still able to concentrate etc as they don't feed all the time, but only occasually. And when they do, it creates immense pain for Sayomi. But as she was blessed with the ability to handle pain pretty well, she's usually able to escape class (or whatever place she is at) and flee into a bathroom or something until the feeding is over.

Talents / skills : She's great at handling any weapon in between a sword to a gun (especially swords, as she's got a katana), she's also good at hand-to-hand combat. She can play the piano and paint too! (Although she's very shy when it comes to this) Reads really quick and finds it easy to memorize stuff from books. She can talk latin!

Sucks at: Cleaning, cooking, singing, dancing (although she's got great eye-to-hand coordination in combat, dancing is a completely other matter), can't really remember things people tell her (so if you want her to remember, write it down).

Likes: Roses, moon / star / people -gazing, playing the piano, training, reading, dark places, cool places (aka: COLD!), the night, the rain, the color combination silver & black, leather, tall people / things, soft hair (she loves playing with hair) & good smelling people / things.

Dislikes: The colors yellow & pink. Skirts, dresses, high heeled shoes, hot places, sunny places, the sun, loud noises, big groups of people (the noise, and doesn't people know how much body heat they radiate?!) & stench!!

--- Extra notes

Sayomi's got a katana named Miyuki (deep snow silence, or something like that) which is a katana that's completely white, except for a black rose having been carved into it's blade and the holster being black. It was formed as to not make any sound when slicing through air, or meat.

Thanks to her being a half-breed she's not sensitive to silver / iron, hates garlick as it makes her nose sting but it doesn't hurt her, is able to touch / bathe in / drink holy water and is able to wear crusifixes. However, she's sensitive to sunlight, although she's able to be in it without it burning her skin. It makes her weak though and if she's exposed to it in a really long period of time with no rest, she'll probably go unconcious. Her 5 senses are higher than the ones of a normal human, but not as good as a real vampire's. Her power however (as in how much weight she can lift etc) is just as good as any normal vampire's. Her hearing's really sensitive, so she's not good with loud noises. Her smelling is also sensitive, so she's not good with strong stenches either. Her nose is somewhat like the one of a dog, but she's also able to smell blood. And although she's able to survive with only feeding of humans every now and then, she finds it hard to restrain herself when faced with the blood of the opposite sex.

I'm not used to posting short thingies like I've seen when reading through the topics, and I'm usually writing through third person, as if it's a part of a fiction or book (ex: the second post in the 'Dungeon' that Princess Zathura wrote, counting the post that introduced the dungeon). So, can I do that? Or do you want me to adapt? 'Cause I can if you want me to O_O


I'M SO PROUD OF MYSELF! This is the longest profile I have ever written! And I'm sorry for the trouble ^^' And .. English is my 3rd / 4th language, so please don't hate me if I spell or write something wrong TT_TT

11/4/2010 . Edited 11/4/2010 #19
Princess Zathura

O.O ..... You're more than welcome to jump right in... Holy crap....

11/7/2010 #20
Kuro TsukiH

Yay! ^.^

But, before I jump in, mind telling me about who's where and what's happening in the Rp? My computer's kinda weird so it won't let me read through all the topics in the rp.

11/8/2010 #21
Princess Zathura

Well, Akane-senpai and Megan-senpai (I forget what they're characters are, but they're hardly on anymore so it doesn't really matter to me) were in the Boys' dorms, Autumn and Zavien just got kicked out of the headmaster's office and into the hall, Ty is currently about to be molested by the Headmaster, and there were two more people who were here for a bit that were in the Girls' dorms. plot-wise, the teachers have been turned into psychotic demons that are kidnapping students and the substitute teachers are dying a slow and painful death in the dungeons. ^.^ pleasant, don't you think?

11/8/2010 #22
Kuro TsukiH

Oh, such a wonderful plot 3

Lol, anyways, I guess I'll be ... posting in the main hall? Or something like that?

11/9/2010 #23
Princess Zathura

Pretty much. ^.^

11/9/2010 #24

Name: Liv Charmed

Age: 6

Hair: Short cropped black hair

Eye Color: Pink-purply eyes.

Powers: Has control over Chi energy.

Personality: Has a strange sense of humor. Tendancy to stalk things and cling to anyone she likes.

Talent: Good with animals. Super strength.

Skills: Able to sow

11/27/2010 #25

I hope I have permission to do this:

Name: Recca Sterling

Abilities: shooting fire out of her hands, controling peoples oxegyn (giving or taking air away)

Features: mid back length straight white hair, vivid green eyes.

Age: 13

Personalities: social, calm, friendly, slightly hyper at times when shes excited

Mental skills: smart in the subjects math and science

Okay thats all I can think of!!! Thanks

12/20/2010 #26

Name: Mail "Matt" Jeevas )Real name is pronounced 'Mile'(

Age: 17

Hair: red, kept pretty short and a little wavy,

Eye Color: Bright green

Powers: He's a techy

Personality: He is very aloof and laid back, and when he is playing games, he seems to be ignoring people, but he'll eventually answer a question

Talent: He is totally win at video games.

Skills: his mind works like a computer

Other: He smokes

Name: Mihael "Mello" Keehl

Age: 17

Hair: Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Powers: he's a Pyro

Personality: he's hot headed and can be kind of abrasive, and he hates that Matt smokes.

Talent: he's got a thing for guns and explosives

Skills: he's very quick on his feet, and can manipulate most situations so he can win

Other: his baby is his motorcycle

12/24/2010 #27
Princess Zathura

Death Note FTW. Welcome.

1/5/2011 #28

^-^ thank you~

0-0 no one is wanting to DNRP with me, so I try to bring them in everywhere else xDD

1/9/2011 #29
Princess Zathura

Lulz, I was a mod for one of my friends' DN forums, but she deleted it due to lack of members.

1/11/2011 #30
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