Boarding School for the Exceptionally Gifted RP
You arrive at a special school. A boarding school for people like you. Everyone here isn't exactly what we would call "normal". I guess you could call them supernatural.
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Princess Zathura

Welcome to the Girls' Dorms NO BOYS ALLOWED

2/17/2010 #1
Princess Zathura

*finally finds it* Yaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!!! *checks paper* we're not assigned rooms, sooo.... *dumps her stuff and goes exploring*

-twenty minutes later-


3/27/2010 #2
Jade Lin Zheng

Reilly entered the dorms, and set her stuff down on the empty bed closest to the window. "We'll see how this year works out."

6/7/2010 #3

Violet flew into her new dorm. Literally. Her luggage hovered about three feet behind her. Vi immediately noticed another girl putting her stuff on an empty bed, so Vi flew behind her and announced, "Hello! I'm Lady Violet, of the Seelie Court. But you can call me Vi, I hate titles, don't even get me started on the official titles." Violet concluded her last thought with a cringe.

6/7/2010 #4
Jade Lin Zheng

"Uh-huh, name's Reilly, no titles." Barely giving the other girl a glance, she continued putting away her stuff, "What's your ability? Telekinesis?"

6/7/2010 #5

"I'm an empath...and a healer... but umm no. No telekenesis. I have wings... sometimes." With that Violet lowered herself to the ground and let her wings disappear.

6/7/2010 #6
Jade Lin Zheng

"Empath... Well, you won't be feeling anything from me." She and her brother had very unique powers, and when they weren't together, her brother had her emotions, while she had his strength.

6/7/2010 #7

"Oh, I can feel them. But its like they are coming from a different direction and are kinda static-y. I can't explain it. I've never felt this before. I'm kinda freaking out." Violet was extremely confused and a headache was beginning to form.

6/7/2010 #8
Jade Lin Zheng

"Don't bother trying to feel around me. My emotions are... disconnected right now... It's a bit difficult to understand." Unable to get the knot out of the plastic bag holding her shoes, her hand began to melt and change into the shape of a talon, cutting through the knot like a knife through hot butter, before melting back to human skin as if nothing had happened.

6/7/2010 #9

"Nice trick. What's your secret?"

6/7/2010 #10
Jade Lin Zheng

Reilly smirked dryly at the fae, "Beast Take Over. I copy the features of creatures from both my imagination and of reality and apply it to my own body." Turning to face the girl, she pulled out a deck of tarot cards, "I can also predict things, not necessarily the future."

6/7/2010 #11
Silently Singing

Harper walked in while the two girls were talking. She set her stuff down on a bed and went to go say hi. darn tank tops she thought I'm always cold but you can access your wings another voice inside her head argued. She sighed and walked over to the girls. She tapped one's shoulder and said "hi I'm Harper"

2/14/2015 #12
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