Boarding School for the Exceptionally Gifted RP
You arrive at a special school. A boarding school for people like you. Everyone here isn't exactly what we would call "normal". I guess you could call them supernatural.
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Princess Zathura

This is where everyone first arrives. "Norms" are not allowed past this point. Say goodbye to your parents kids.

2/17/2010 #1
Princess Zathura

*steps out of her mother's car* I promise I'll write you every day.

Mum: *hands Autumn her suitcase* I'll miss you. *hugs her daughter and gets back in the car*

*nods and waves goodbye as her mother drives off* ... Am I the only one here? ... It's so quiet...

3/23/2010 #2

((Haha found it XD))

*Walks away from parents who are saying mushy goodbyes, completely ignoring them.*

3/23/2010 #3
Princess Zathura

*spies someone and wavyes* Heey!

3/23/2010 #4

*waves* Hiya!

3/23/2010 #5
Princess Zathura

((O.O ... so this is complicated?))

*grins* Hey, are you here for school too? Where is everyone? Are we the only ones here? What's your name? I'm Autumn!

3/23/2010 #6

((*nods* very))

So many questions... Yes, no clue, no clue again, and I'm Ty.

3/23/2010 #7
Princess Zathura

SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hi Ty!!!!!

3/23/2010 #8

You seem very... Hyper.

3/23/2010 #9

(( *nervously strolls in* ... Hello~ Za-chan~ :D ))

3/23/2010 #10
Princess Zathura

*realizes that she's still holding her last can of Mountain Dew in her hand and hides it* Hyper? Me? Nooo~ what makes you say that?

((*gasp* Senpai???? *glomp*))

3/23/2010 . Edited 3/23/2010 #11

Well the fact that you just yelled SQUEEEEE kinda gave it away.

3/23/2010 #12
Princess Zathura

*pouts* Well you did it too!

3/23/2010 #13

Well you did it first. *smirks*

3/23/2010 #14

(( *glomps back* :D I have a lot of different usernames... I tend to get bored with them easily. :3 ANYWAY, as I asked in the Ouran forum, do I have to start the character intro just yet? I tend to progress better in my ideas when I improvise. ))

3/23/2010 #15

(( APSH. You just answered it. @_@ Nevermind~ Hmmm... where to start... ))

3/23/2010 #16
Princess Zathura

But you still said it!

3/23/2010 . Edited 3/23/2010 #17

Well- *runs out of comebacks* Whatever

3/23/2010 #18
Princess Zathura

*has a look of satisfaction* I win.

3/23/2010 #19

(( Well... I guess I could BEGIN the character intro... brb~ ))

3/23/2010 #20

*is about to say something* Wait that applies with numbers.... Never mind. I don't have a comeback for that either.

3/23/2010 #21
Princess Zathura

Haha! Epic win! *jumps up and down*

3/23/2010 #22

It's not epic... It's just a win. A plain ol' win.

3/23/2010 #23
Princess Zathura

Hmph! I say it's epic.

3/23/2010 #24

Well I say it's not. Nothing is epic unless I do it.

3/23/2010 #25

(( *keeps on wanting to type "NG&G"* Eheheh... Anyway! Some of the intro has been created. Do I just pop her in? ))

3/23/2010 #26
Princess Zathura


What makes you so special???

3/23/2010 . Edited 3/23/2010 #27

Well first of all... I'm me! And second... I can do this! *a bird lands and starts eating a cracker* I didn't do that! I did this! *a bag he just happens have levitates*

3/23/2010 . Edited 3/23/2010 #28
Princess Zathura

OOOoOOOOh floaty. Can you fly? Can you make me fly? Can you rob a bank with your mind? Can you make the birdie go upside down?

3/23/2010 #29

Again with the questions.... No, no, I suppose I could... Never tried it... and no.

3/23/2010 #30
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