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request, request~~~~ . and I have one too! Does anyone know a good vampire story?? A long, not one-shot story? It'll be better if the story is already finished but I don't really mind if it's still a work in progress~ please and thank you!
11/18/2006 #1
Truth that lies
Um, well it depends on what kind of vampire story you're looking for. There's the stupid ones full of kinky junk, the weird ones that no one really understand and then the ones that you come across every once in while. The type that might just be dark enough to do vampires justice. Mine's in the third category apparently. And it still has some way to go apparently; Drake's Inferno. So sue me, i'm proud of my work. :)
11/23/2006 #2
OHH~~~ I'll check urs out! ^^ but i also want to see more the ones u come across once in a while~~
11/27/2006 #3
"The V Word" by Lulai (I think that's how you spell it), is an amazing story. It was the first supernatural romance I've ever read and I had to put it in my favourites right away. I don't have the link available right now, but it's still in my favourites if you want to go have a look.
11/29/2006 #4
yay~ supernatural!! i'll go check it out, now.
11/29/2006 #5
IT IS GOOD!!! I read it all on 2 days!! thanks for the rec.
11/30/2006 #6
I want to find some good vampire stories too. Ones where the vampire ends up with a human adding that little twist of how there like not suppose to be together but they do it anyway kinda stories. I'm also looking for some good IR (interracial) stories. with all the romance and stuff. I'm a sucker for the mushy stuff :-)
12/17/2006 #7
who doesn't?!?!?! i couldn't find a lot of vampire stories here in fictionpress BUT there's a REALLY good oneyou can find at the library, first volume is called TWILIGHT by Stephenie Meyer then read the second one called NEW MOON. I accidently read New Moon first and now can't find Twilight! - -
12/17/2006 #8
My friend and I love Twilight and New Moon!! We argue about Jacob and Edward all the time, heehee. I am not a real big fan of vampire stories, but those two books are must reads!! Quincy
12/20/2006 #9
Long Island Iced Tea
Does anyone have any GOOD "Girl in all boys' boarding school" stories to recommend? I know that there are tons of them out there but they're all full of sappy fluff where gorgeous, determined only-girl-in-whole-school falls in love with archenemy dormmate male model. Excuse me while I barf. I've already False Facades but are there any other stories of that sort? Preferably with a MINIMUM of romance?
1/27/2007 #10
I can't think of any good girl-in-boy-boarding school off the top of my head. Since I usually judge a story based on the summary and all of those summaries basically sound the same.... Does anyone know where I can find any supernatural romances? Like, superheroes. I've been trying to write one, and I've gotten five chapters posted, but I've hit a writer's block and I would like to read what others have written.
2/1/2007 #11
Knightmare Elite
Can anyone recommend me a good werewolf story. By good I mean actual plot with realistic characters, and not an excuse to show pages and pages of pointless killings and wolf rage or whatever they call it. I've already written a vampire story, will still in progress, and I've always been curious about trying a werewolf fic, but nothing has interested me to that point. So can anyone help me out?
2/1/2007 #12
@WaitxForxMe r u a manga fan?? japanese comics i mean... because there's so many mangas out there that has a superhero plots with romance mixed into them. i'm not a fan on those kind of stories so i don't know what i can recommend u but ask a asian friend ^^; they know A LOT! maybe u can get inspired?? edit: ah! i know one that i LOVE with a bit superhero mixed into them. in english it's called 'Land of the Blindfolded' it's really good w
2/1/2007 . Edited 2/1/2007 #13
Long Island Iced Tea
Have you ever read The Contract and The Contract II by Bleeding Air, WaitxForxMe? They're supernatural romances and pretty good too.
2/2/2007 #14
Just Breathing
Requeeest! Alright, so I'm in one of those sappy moods and looking for a story that's gonna make me flood my house. Don't ask, I'm just feeling uninspired to write my own fics right now after doing two essays for english and literature. Anyway, and recs?
2/20/2007 #15
Request!! I really really need a romance story that is humorous but not cliche. I am so sick of wading through piles of junk! Help!!!! Does such a story actually exist?
3/4/2007 #16
well first of all what did u already read?? hahaha let's start from there... OR you can read the winning stroy from you know those contest like and a past winner for Most Humorous was Boys Suck, They Do! Well Fine, Don't Believe Me! but i think it got deleted or something... but it won in the complete section. in incomplete Want, Take, Have won the award too. and for judges pick it was Sweet Little Lies hope that helped a little~
3/10/2007 #17
@ Just Breathing well in the recommendation topic, aprilsunshine suggested Tick, Tick Goes the Clock but it's a oneshot. it's emotional though~
3/10/2007 #18
Long Island Iced Tea
Hey ro2051! I recommend "Mother of the Heir". It's 15 chapters long and very interesting - though uncomplete. It's quite good actually.
3/13/2007 #19
Long Island Iced Tea
REQUEST!!! Can anyone tell me a good mafia story? Mafia as in evil gansta plots? I've already read the La Cinq stories and Like Father, Like Son.
3/13/2007 #20
I have a request too! I've read Harmonzied 'A Veiw From the Bridge' - but that was ages ago but I am failing to find an equally long, well-written story with same sort of plot line. any body know a story like this?
3/18/2007 #21
180 degrees
For those looking for a vampire story, I recommend "Bitter Blood" by kAIT REDFERN. It's somewhat violent in places, but she's got a very droll, strolling-through-the-park way of narrating that I like.
3/21/2007 #22
WaitxforxMe: Read the stories by the author Confusionlove, she has a series of three books that are amazing. All three books have been completed and they're a must read! The first story is Night Falls.
5/6/2007 #23
i have a request too!!!!!! i don't remember the title or the author, but it's a story about a high school student falling in love with her (english?) teacher. they date for a bit, but then he ended up leaving cause the girl's best friend made him feel guilty....there's also a sequel to this, it's 5 years after he left...she became his TA! i hope someone knows which story i'm talking about, i would really love to re-read it ^^
5/22/2007 #24
For the girl in an all boys boarding school, Yes Sir! I am a girl! by stephy 151 is a funny one, though isn't complete. Prescott Academy for Young Men by master-shadowhawk is one that I haven't read yet, but sounds good. And the one about Sam Westlane, can't think of the title right now, is a classic. I'm looking for the story that (sorry if I spoil it), a girl falls for the quarterback? I think, and all I really remember from it is her aunt gets killed, she adopts her nephew and she gets pregnant and the father wasn't going to help her, but when he decides to, she gets pushed down a pair of stairs by someone and looses the baby. I think there is a sequel, though I don't really know for sure. I want to re read it, but I can't find it anywhere.
7/5/2007 #25
I hope someone can help me. I was reading a story here but now I can't find it. It was about a boy who was from a proper, wealthy family, and a girl he likes. He ends up turning her stepdad in for abusing her. I also read another one that was about a girl at a boarding school. The entire story was written in the form of letters, diary entries and notes from the school to her parents, etc. I would appreciate it very much if someone knows the name or author of these stories!
7/11/2007 #26
I found the first one! It is To Run Away by four squared. But I still haven't found the other one.
7/11/2007 #27
could somebody please help me as well. there are 2 stories that im looking for i seem to have forgotten the title as well as the author of the story. the first one is, i believe in the final chapter (not the epilogue) kyle the hero made up his girlfriend (whose name i forgot as well) in the rain because of an incident that happened in prom where he suspects his girlfriend to kiss another boy so purposely told her that he had slept with another girl. the second one, is about a girl named morgan winters who has a fiancee and her parents forced to go to an all boys school where he goes in disguise as a boy her fiancee's name is merlin summers pls help me i really like to read it again
7/23/2007 . Edited 7/23/2007 #28
sweetcrystal: i heard something simliar to the first one but not sure about the name kyle... i'll try to find it! but if it's popular you might find it here:
9/5/2007 #29
thx for your effort but i found the second story i just sort of remebered it a few days ago
9/6/2007 #30
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