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A band of normal people all over the world have been trained by an ancient organization - to become the ledgendary assassins of the past. Modern Day Assassin Role Play.
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Highbrow the Goat

A famous 5 star hotel that contains 100's of rooms on 5 different floors including a dining hall, a main hall, a giant swimming pool and a courtyard.

3/26/2010 #1

Riley sat in a corner booth at the hotel's restaurant, sipping a cup of coffee and surveying his mission dossier, cleverly disguised as the latest issue of MAD magazine.

Sir Edmund Wright. A royal a-hole, by all accounts. But a rich, well-connected royal a-hole, by all accounts. Wright had checked into this hotel hotel the previous day; such was a matter of public record. While some of his compatriots were fond of the Altair Style (named so for an ancient master of the Order) which entailed a dramatic walk-up-to-gut-stab, Riley had an altogether more subtle plan.

Riley finished his coffee, stowed the dossier-er, MAD-in his attache case, and boarded the elevator for Wrights penthouse suite.

(Did I do this right? The assignment wasn't too specific.)

11/11/2010 #2
Alexander Starkiller

[An assassin's job is to use the information he has, and improvise a plan from it. As such, I think you've succeeded.]

11/11/2010 #3
Highbrow the Goat

(you're doing great, just continue on as your doing fine and i can't really think of any actions until you post a little more)

11/12/2010 #4


The elevator dinged when it reached the top floor. Wright was in the presidential suite, not at all hard to find.

Wright was a Wall Street mogul, and in the current state of the economy he was floundering in the water. Numerous highly paid executives in his companies had been fired in cost-cutting measures. One was a notably philanthropic CEO (they did, in fact, exist) by the name of Philip Durham. Wright had fired Durham due to their disagreeing ideas. The moment Riley had come across this in his research, he knew he had a perfect cover. There were, after all, certain perks to being an attorney.

Riley approached Wright's door and knocked.

11/12/2010 #5
Highbrow the Goat

"Come in," a deep voice sounded from within and the door was opened by a large (or very fat) man with a ginger goatee and bags under his eyes dressed in a suit.

11/16/2010 #6

"Sir Wright? I'm Riley MacLean. I represent Philip Durham. He has filed suit for wrongful termination." He reached into his attache and pulled out a stack of legal documents. "You've been served." The legal documents were authentic, even if the details typed upon them were not.

11/16/2010 #7
Highbrow the Goat

Sir Wright laughed and stroked his goatee.

"Nice try Assassin but Durham wouldn't be able to file a complaint on the fact of him being so dead"

And as he said this the fat man pulled Durham from behind the desk and threw him into Riley.

11/17/2010 #8

Riley calmly caught the corpse and gently laid him down. After closing Durham's eyes, Riley began muttering something in Latin. Catholic last rites. Despite his line of work (both of them) Riley was a man of faith. He then crossed the threshold of Wright's room and closed the door, methodically fastening all of the locks.

Riley turned to Wright, flicking his hidden blade back and forth, in and out. "Sir Wright, you're a Scot, so you'd be a Presbyterian, yes? Tell me, are you familiar with the Seven Deadly Sins? There's sloth, wrath, envy, gluttony-" Riley paused here to survey Wright's giant gut "-lust, pride....what am I missing? Ah yes....avarice."

(I know I stole the last rites thing from Ezio. I just think it's cool.)

11/17/2010 #9
Highbrow the Goat

(u still there?)

12/14/2010 #10

(Uh, yeah. It's been your turn like, forever.)

12/14/2010 #11
Highbrow the Goat

"Die Assassin!!!" Sir Wright yelled. He looked around for an exit and found that Riley was blocking the door - the only way out. In his desperation Sir Wright jumped through the glass of the window of the top floor smashing it into a billion tiny pieces. Riley was about to follow but his way was blocked by the large man.

12/15/2010 #12

Riley tut-tutted. "Oh, now we can't have you running off and hurting yourself, can we? No, that would be my job." He calmly removed his Walther from its concealed holster within his suit jacket and fired at Wright's ankles. "Now stay. By the way, how does an asshole like you get kinghted, anyway?"

12/15/2010 #13
Highbrow the Goat

(he already jumped out of the window unless you were shooting at the large mans ankles)

12/16/2010 #14
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