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Highbrow the Goat

A bay on the other side of London. Many fish are caught around the sea near this particular bay. It may smell but it's profitable and thats what matters to the workers.

8/17/2010 #1
Highbrow the Goat

The waters were still as a young man with a white hood hiding his face walked across the moon-lit moss covered pier. Straight in front of him, with his back to the professional killer, was Reilly's target: Mike Howard. As silent as a shadow, Reilly walked over to the hooded ex-assassin.

Howard opened his eyes as his instincts kicked in just in time to knock aside a hidden blade attack and dodging another. Reilly stabbed numerous times, each one being blocked or dodged before all of a sudden Howard stopped. Seeing the oppourtunity, Reilly lunged one more time and felt the blood of the traitor coat his hand. Retracting the hidden blade on his other hand, Reilly pulled him closer with the blade already loged in his gut and yanked off Howards hood. Howard gave a laugh that sent spittle and blood onto the ancient floor.

"I guess you want to know where the documents are and if i'm the real Howard," Howard whispered in what was probably his last moments. "Well... Tough Luck."

And on that note, the Howard slide himself off of the weapon that had killed him into the dark waters with a quiet splash. Howards parting smile was still on Reillys mind as he retracted the bloody weapon and walked away as silently as he came.

(Sorry if that was against fictionpress rules concerning forums as it was my character as well as I play the enemies, I'll try not to in future and try and pear up with other assassins)

8/17/2010 . Edited 8/19/2010 #2
Yuki Kuran

(from rooftops)

Tatiana opened her eyes under the water, blinked a few times, and found she could make out Reilly's form before her. She glanced back quickly and saw that blur of Miles behind. She propelled herself forward since she knew he was following to ketch up with Reilly. She surfaced very briefly for a quick gulp of air before making her way to Reilly's side. She was still cautious around him, as she would be around anyone, but she reasoned he wasn't too bad of a guy, for an assassin.

12/19/2010 #3
Alexander Starkiller

Miles shivered. The water wasn't the warmest and it was the dead of night. He shook his head and started the crawl to catch up with the others. When he did so, he stopped, keeping himself just above the water facing the two--he was near Tatiana, but to the right.

12/19/2010 #4
Highbrow the Goat

Reilly was already standing on the nearest pier that curiously had blood on it. He smirked and held out his hands to pull both Miles and Tatiana up into the dry.

12/21/2010 #5
Yuki Kuran

Tatiana again denied the hand, but this time she had nothing to do any cool flips or moves off of, so she just pulled herself out of the water. She wrung out her clothes as best she could, but she didn't mind being wet at all. "What's that all about?" She pointed to the blood and examined it to see how fresh it was and if any crucial marks were left in or around it.

12/21/2010 #6
Alexander Starkiller

Miles grabbed Reilly's arm, instead of his hand. Not because he wanted to, or needed to. But because when he got onto dry land, he pulled a little extra, letting go. He returned the smirk Reilly had just given as Reilly was put off balance. Miles pretended not to notice, and walked over to the blood, staying far enough back that any dripping water wouldn't hit it.

12/21/2010 #7
Highbrow the Goat

"That guys is the blood of the fake Howard that I killed, It was on this very pier that he had his final breath or maybe under it. I'm not sure"

12/22/2010 #8
Alexander Starkiller

"Okay...? Is this... important? Just showing off? Or are we just using this as a starting point to find the files?" Miles asked, standing up straight.

12/22/2010 #9
Yuki Kuran

"You left quite a mess behind," Tatiana scolded. "It's a good thing violence happens often in places like this."

12/22/2010 #10
Alexander Starkiller

Miles nodded in agreement.

12/22/2010 #11
Yuki Kuran

(. I'm so bored)

12/25/2010 #12
Highbrow the Goat

"Well, unlike you two I'm like an assassin of old. Not one of those who hides their kills but a warrior who kills his enemies and strikes fear into the hearts of those who are most likely to die from my blades"

12/26/2010 #13
Yuki Kuran

"You'd be surprised how many people know who I am and a terrified of me," Tatiana muttered. "Where are we going now."

12/26/2010 #14
Alexander Starkiller

Miles looked over at Tatiana. He agreed with her type of work. Keeping low, hidden, unknown to most, save for the underground of Europe. And those who know, know so little besides a name, and what is associated with that name, that it terrifies them. That, that was the best reputation. He nodded in her direction, and turned back to Reilly.

12/28/2010 #15
Yuki Kuran

(you seen Highbrow?)

12/30/2010 #16
Alexander Starkiller

[No. This is the only thread I know he hangs out in, and I don't know him IRL {being American, that makes sense}, so I have no idea. He'll be back sooner or later, though.]

12/30/2010 #17
Highbrow the Goat

(I'm British and sometimes I'm just lazy though i always come back)

"Well, first things first, I believe that the three Howards was a distraction and that we were meant to be mislead to the apartment. That would mean Howard is still alive and that he still has the document"

1/2/2011 #18
Alexander Starkiller

[I know, that's why in makes sense that I don't know you in real life.]

"Okay, makes sense. But why? Why do you think Howard would go through all this trouble, when he could've just stayed in hiding?" Miles asked, rubbing his chest for warmth.

1/2/2011 #19
Highbrow the Goat

"Because maybe Howard dosen't want to be found" Reilly said. And without another word he turned around headed off down the pier.

1/3/2011 #20
Alexander Starkiller

It made a strange sort of sense. Howard, with no risk to himself, sent out three copies to die, knowing they would. During the time when three people looking for him, elites in their own rights, were busy, he snuck off, deeper into hiding then he had been. Good tactic, and it meant that he had the kind of money that could pay off three people to get surgery to look like him, and send them off to attack assassins. A lot of money, so Miles started to wonder where Howard could be hiding now. Could be anywhere. He looked over at Tatiana, shrugged, and began following Reilly.

1/3/2011 #21
Yuki Kuran

Tatiana simply followed, there was nothing else she could do right now. At this moment, Reilly was there only lead.

1/4/2011 #22
Alexander Starkiller

[I'm here, waiting. I think I'm stuck for now. I suppose I could do some character development, but I want to wait for character interaction, and just having Miles talking to one of them is too random for me.]

1/5/2011 #23
Yuki Kuran

(I understand...)

1/5/2011 #24
Highbrow the Goat

Reilly led the others to the front of an old run down cafe and gesturing to the boarded up door asked the others "Shall I or do you want to have the honour?"

1/8/2011 #25
Alexander Starkiller

"Let's let Tatiana do it. She's the master break-in artist out of us, and I'd prefer we do this quietly," Miles said.

1/8/2011 #26
Yuki Kuran

Tatiana smirked and stepped forward, not waiting for a reply from Reilly. She first took out a bobby pin and picked the lock. "It's a classic that always works," she commented before she got down and examined the door. It was old rotting, but the hinges were a little newer, that was good. She took out one of her many tools and carefully pushed the metal bolts inside the hinges out. She then turned the handle and gave a gently tug. The boards loosened from the wall. "You can help now," she told the others, not quite able to lift the door herself. "We need to lean this over very carefully so none of the boards fall of. And it can't be dragged." She placed a particular note of urgency on her last sentence.

(I didn't have much info about the door so I made it up, hope it works)

1/8/2011 #27
Alexander Starkiller

Miles walked over to the door, on the opposite side as Tatiana. He felt which boards were loose, and quickly pulled them out, laying them aside. He then placed his left hand on the top, with the other near the middle. He hooked his fingers in the crack at the top and gave a quick pull with his that hand. The door leaned toward him, and he gently guided it to the ground with [I assume] Tatiana's help. He stepped back, smiling at the ease and efficiency--and also the possibility of replacing the door if they needed to--of Tatiana's plan. Not that Reilly couldn't have thought of this, but given his MO, he would just kick the door down.

1/8/2011 #28
Yuki Kuran

"Careful not to step on it, we wouldn't want it to break," Tatiana said, straightening up. She nodded to Miles as a thanks.

1/9/2011 #29
Alexander Starkiller

Miles dipped his head in return and waited for Reilly to resume control.

1/9/2011 #30
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