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Cool Monsters

Dalrasser moved sideways, avoiding her swing, and brought up his axe, attempting to brain her.

5/20/2012 #31

(Oo, violent!)

Granios heard someone walking through the woods. She drew her weapon and moved into a lunge, just in case it was an enemy. Seeing Meeleena surprised her.

"Little girl, what are you doing here alone in the woods?"

5/20/2012 #32

Granios stares at her. Could this be her sister at last? The age was right, but she didn't look the same.

5/20/2012 #33

Meeleena back away.

"Please don't hurt me!"

5/20/2012 #34

Karlotta walked up to the bartender and asked about the notice.

(Come on! We got to get everybody together to make this work!)

5/21/2012 #35

Anneesa blocked his axe with her sword. She tried to kick him in the shin.

5/22/2012 #36

Meeleena runs away.

5/23/2012 #37
Cool Monsters

Dalrasser cursed as her foot collided with his shin. He backed away, limping. "You will pay for that!" he hissed. He swung his axe again, trying to hit her shoulder.

5/24/2012 #38

(I so want to join this one!)

5/24/2012 #39
Cool Monsters

(Look over the existing characters and make one to fit what's going on.)

5/25/2012 #40

Meeleena hid behind a tree. Who was that? Was she going to hurert her?

5/26/2012 #41


"Hey, is this job still available?"

(You forgot to reply to her.)

5/27/2012 #42
Cool Monsters

Jake polishes glasses while he talks to her. "It's still available, in fact you're the first person that's responded. People in this town are looking for the soft life. That's the problem with city life, no one wants to do anything but loaf around and drink." He starts cleaning another glass. "Anyway, there's been some activity in the area that sent these cowards in town into hiding. Goblins have been seen raiding farmhouses outside of town and taking livestock and slaves. There's also talk that they have a deal with slavers to sell people into the arena. Quite a few have vanished without a trace. If you're interested in the job you're welcome to it, but you might want to wait and see if anyone else signs up."

(I'll bring someone else in to join in the adventure soon.)

5/28/2012 #43

Meeleena couldn't stop crying. She was so scared!

6/1/2012 #44

Granios had followed her.

"Don't run away, little girl! It's not safe for you to be running around the woods alone!"

6/2/2012 #45
Cool Monsters

(We need to figure out how to bring these characters all together eventually.)

6/3/2012 #46

Karlotta goes and sits down, annoyed that no one else has replied to the ad. Well, she'll wait a bit and see if anyone else shows up.

(They'd better! You don't expect her to handle it all by herself do you?)

6/4/2012 #47

(Maybe Granios will go there and join her. Once she's gotten her new little sister that is.)

6/4/2012 #48

Anneesa ducked as he tried to hit her shoulder. She brought up her sword and hit his axe.

6/5/2012 #49


"My name is Granios. What is yours?"

6/5/2012 #50

Meeleena was covering her head.

"I'm Meeleena! Pleese don't hert me!"

6/12/2012 #51

Karlotta was still waiting. She was getting impatient.

(Me too!)

6/12/2012 #52

Anneesa attacked again and again. She just had to win!

6/14/2012 #53
Cool Monsters

Dalrasser snarled and cursed as he kept swinging his axe.

"I'll kill you! Kill! Kill! KILL!"

6/15/2012 #54

Anneesa backed away but kept fighting. He was crazy!

6/20/2012 #55


"Why would you think I'd hurt you? Have people been mean to you?"

6/20/2012 #56

Meeleena nodded.

"Uh huh..."

6/20/2012 #57
Cool Monsters

Dalrasser kept hacking and slashing at Anneesa.

"Die! Die! Die!"

6/25/2012 #58


"You won't hert me?"

7/18/2012 #59


"Of course not. Tell me who's hurt you and I'll hurt them!"

7/25/2012 #60
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